Crock Pot Oatmeal ~Breakfast In Bed!~


I’m not sure if it is popular or “in” anymore (I’m not sure if anything I do is popular or in anymore…) but I love and adore oatmeal. In fact, the only thing I’d rather have for breakfast than a creamy bowl of oatmeal is one of Mama’s ham and cheese omelets like she used to make me. Well, its been about fifteen years since I woke to Mama making me a ham and cheese omelet, so it only makes sense that I’d lean more towards the oatmeal concept at this point.

You know how you wake up first thing and its like your feet barely hit the floor before the day begins without you, with you rushing behind trying to catch up to it? That is precisely why this oatmeal is such a wonderful treat. We pop it in the crock pot overnight, fill a few lidded bowls with various stir ins and toppings, go to bed and when we wake its like the breakfast fairy has paid us a visit!

Now, before you start thinking that you could never possibly get your kids to eat oatmeal, hang on and wait until I get to the toppings part!

You’ll need: Raisins, Milk, Old Fashioned or Steel Cut Oats.
This is not the time to pop out those quick oats!

I admit, I am an oatmeal snob. What you see in this picture is what I bake with for cakes and cookies and such. I prefer to eat steel cut oats. Silver Palate is my favorite brand. I was out of those for this tutorial though and found out that not a single grocery store in my town sells them! Feel free to leave the raisins out if you are not a raisin fan. I prefer to bake mine in the oatmeal because I love how the plump up!

This is my crock pot. Its one of those deals with three different sized bowls in it. I LOVE MY CROCK POT. I got this baby for Mother’s Day. I asked for it over and over. I wrote the name down. I took my family to visit it at Wal Mart. Then, I saw on where kitchen appliances were in the top ten “dont’s” for Mother’s Day gifts! I closed out that web page and guarded my family’s internet usage until I knew they had bought it! Clearly, the folks at are not busy stay at home moms!

There are two ways you can bake your oatmeal in your crock pot. You can simply put it in and turn it on low and cook it overnight, or you can prepare a water bath. Each way works fine but you will have slight browning around the edges if you just put it straight in the crock pot.

A water bath is the solution to this. In my crock pot, I just use the largest bowl to hold the water and place my oatmeal in the smallest bowl, as pictured. If you have a traditional crock pot, simply place your oatmeal ingredients into an oven safe bowl that will fit inside your pot and fill the main pot with water enough to reach about halfway up the sides of your bowl.

Like so!

Place oats in bowl you will be cooking them in.

Add milk or water, your preference. I use both.

Add raisins.

And just a dash of salt.

Cover and cook on low overnight.

In the morning, have a set of toppings ready. I use lidded bowls so that I can just put the lids on and pull them out the next time I make this. For my toppings, I chose:

Chopped Pecans
Chocolate Chips
Brown Sugar mixed with Cinnamon

Here’s the trick to get your kids to eat it: Let them put their own toppings in. My son went ga-ga over this and let me tell you, chocolate chips stirred into hot oatmeal…..YUM!

Here are some other topping suggestions but the options are really limitless:

Colorful sprinkles or jimmies
Any type of chopped nut
Dried fruit (raisins, apricots, apples)
Fresh fruit (berries, bananas either sliced or mashed, peaches, etc)
Chocolate Syrup
Caramel Sauce
Peanut Butter
Jelly or Jam

Crock Pot Oatmeal
Prep time
Total time
  • 2 Cups old fashioned or steel cut oats
  • 4 Cups milk (you can substitute water for this)
  • 1 Cup water
  • dash of salt
  • Raisins (optional)
  1. Add all ingredients to crock pot or oven safe bowl if using water bath crock pot method.
  2. Prepare toppings in individual bowls. Cover and cook on low overnight.
  3. Wake up, dish out into bowls, and let your family prepare their own while you enjoy your breakfast!

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  1. Stephanie says

    What a great idea! I love oatmeal but don’t ever make it anymore because it’s more work in the morning than pouring a bowl of cold cereal. Well, not anymore! Yippee!

  2. Southern Plate says

    I’m the same way, Stephanie!
    I get up in the morning and I just want a few minutes to gather my wits about me, I don’t want to get straight out of bed and have to cook!

    I love quick and easy breakfasts, beyond pop tarts and nutra grain bars, but during the week there just isn’t time unless I get up at the crack of dawn. I usually get up between five thirty and six as it is.

    Still, I wish Mama would make me one of those ham and cheese omelets…….those were the days!

  3. Barb says

    I LOVE crockpot oatmeal! My husband is not a fan of raisins, so we add a handful of dried apple slices to plump up overnight!
    Keep those recipes coming! I was born a Northerner, but I prefer Southern cooking!!!

  4. says

    Angie haha, stick with me and I’ll keep you up to date on the latest and greatest in kitchen advancements! lol I just love anything neat that allows me to be lazy, who doesn’t? lol

    Snozzberries Me too! I often eat it for an afternoon snack!

    Mary Hope you enjoy it, thank you!!

    Barb Oh my goodness gracious, you have just bowled me over with talk of dried apples in oatmeal, it sounds positively HEAVENLY! Thank YOU!

    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read SP and to comment!!!

  5. Alisa says

    I just love oatmeal…never even thought about preparing it in the good ole crockpot. I’m so glad I came across this site & this recipe.

    I can hardly wait to try it with the dried apples & a dash of cinnamon.

  6. says

    Christy a spoonful of peanut butter and some sugar mixed with cocoa powder is great in oatmeal too. Just mix 1/3 c of sugar with a tablespoon of baking cocoa and store in an clean empty spice jar and sprinkle a bit on your oatmeal and wow! That is the only way I will eat it now. 😀

  7. Mary-Margaret says

    GREAT idea on the water-bath! I have been experimenting with crock pot oatmeal, and it always ends up burned around the edges overnight, even on low. Do you think a stainless steel bowl would be ok inside the crock pot? All of my glass bowls are too wide… they don’t fit inside my crock pot. Thanks!!

  8. Elisa says

    I have one of those Hamilton Beach slow cookers (mine has the different colored bowls as opposed to all white) with the 3 different sized bowls and I would have never thought of using the two different sizes to form the water bath. I’m going to try it ’cause I gave up on crock pot oatmeal a few years ago after all my efforts turned out dried up or burnt.

    Yum! I love oatmeal. Now to track down steel-cut oats (not easy in my small town).

  9. Melanie says

    Crockpot oatmeal is a great idea, anybody know how to do Crockpot grits (or cheese grits)? My kids won’t do oatmeal everyday, but if I could alternate between that and grits, that would work.

    Thanks for the great ideas.

  10. Cathy D says

    Hmmm. I wonder if the water bath would work in mine. I have a Rival crock pot with 2 bowls – one is divided for making 2 different things at once and fits only about half way down in the other bowl… Mostly just for storage purposes I think, though. Hmmm…
    LOL here it is 10:30 at night & you’ve got me wanting to experiment in the kitchen!!

  11. Annarose says

    I am so envious of your crock pot. Mine died recently and I would LOVE to buy one like yours. I originally saw it at WalMart a couple years ago and thought it looked awesome, but couldn’t justify buying it since mine still worked. WalMart no longer sells it though and only has ones with really ugly black bowls with free shipping. I hate black. It’s so dreary. They have the ones with white bowls and the ones with multi colored bowls (which is the one I would choose), but the shipping to Alaska is well over $100. No way! I’m trying to decide if I should just buy the black one while it’s still available- better to have an ugly one than none at all, right?!

    • Annarose says

      Oh and the crock pot that died on me was Hamilton Beach and black just like the one I’m considering buying. I always thought the thing was so ugly and was waiting to be able to buy a nicer looking one!

    • says

      You sound like me,I’ve always been opposed to anything black. I tell my husband “it is the color of death”. Lol
      But,I have relented and have mostly black and stainless appliances now and even use a black crock pot!
      Surprisingly,I now like my black one better. The food in it shows up better for photos.

      I’d go for it 😉

      • Annarose says

        Well, I managed to get my crock pot and I got a white one! Hooray! The black one on didn’t have free shipping anymore. I know this sounds crazy, but we had it shipped to my mother in Washington, then she took it out of the box and inspected it and plugged it in to make sure it worked before repacking it with extra padding and shipping it to me up here in Alaska. It took over a month, but my lovely crock pot is here now and steel cut oats are on the grocery list for tomorrow :oD Oatmeal will be the first thing I get to make with it! Then I’m going to make your tomatoless beef stew… and later this week I’m going to use the jumbo crock to make spiced apple cider. Can’t wait to use this thing. I have BIG plans.

  12. Susie says

    Christy, fresh chopped apples cooked in the oatmeal is another delcious add in. Very healthy as well! Add a bit of cinnamon and you’ve got not only a yummy breakfast but your house will smell YUMMY too!
    That’s a better air freshener than you will ever find at the store!

  13. Kristina says

    Thank you so much for putting this recipe out there! I prepared it last night and it worked perfectly! Can’t wait to do this more in the later fall for school nights as my oldest son loves and asks for oatmeal every morning.

  14. Rose says

    I add fresh fruit chunks (apples and pears) and a handful of dried cranberries about an hour before it’s done, and I put the cinnamon and brown sugar in at the beginning so the flavors infuse. We always have it for breakfast on Christmas morning, but with school starting, I am planning to start making it for my girls so they have a good filling breakfast before school (better than cereal and poptart, ick!)

    It’s also good if you sub eggnog for half the milk – especially for Christmas morning. :o)

  15. Nanci says

    Did you know whole grain oats will boost your milk production if you are breast feeding? I never had an issue in the beginning, but 11 months in, I’m getting a little concerned.

    I love oatmeal, but again, it’s a time issue thing. This may actually solve the problem.

  16. Meredith says

    Every year I bottle tons of sliced apples just so my kids can put them in oatmeal! We love the apples and a mix of cinnamon vanilla sugar,(it’s made with powdered vanilla). I’m so excited to make this!

  17. Phyllis says

    ANOTHER great topping for a HOT bowl of delicious oatmeal, is: a scoop of ICE CREAM! (Hey, it’s mainly just cream and sugar.) And it will cool off the oatmeal to just the right temperature. Eat your heart out, Goldilocks. Ha-ha!

    Private: Christy, Please let me leave comments on the Facebook page. :-)

  18. says

    I love the steel-cut oats with either blueberries or blackberries as we have both kinds in our garden and since I have diabetes, I throw some walnuts in for protein.Let me just say that I have just found your website, Christy, and I absolutely love it.Thank you.

  19. Doug Warren says

    I prepare my oatmeal the night before, water and all, in a Black and Decker Rice Cooker. So when I’m poring my first cup of coffee all I have to do is turn on the rice cooker and by the time I’m ready for another cup of coffee I have oatmeal.

  20. says

    Just heard about the crockpot oatmeal. I am anxious to try it. Problem is I read every comment which I love doing because it prepares you for everything that can go wrong and right. I have three crock (different sizes) but not one of them has an extra bow.

  21. Bonnie Pierce says

    i followed the directions EXACTLY and it was a pot of INEDIBLE GLOPPY GLUE. I had to scrape it in the garbage. It looked NOTHING like the yummy pic of yours, only a solidified crusty top and glue underneath. :( I was so sad. Ended up makin some french toast. Maybe the 8 hours in my costco crockpot was just too long….who knows. :/

    • Cheryl says

      Hello! I tried it and it was a gloopy yuckiness too, but I think the problem was that I used rolled oats and I was reading everywhere they MUST be STEAL CUT OATS, so I am trying that out tonight! This is an awesome way to make oatmeal, and I am so glad I found this webpage, it is GREAT! :)

  22. says

    I just followed your link from the Happy Housewife. We accidentally bough steal cut oats (in bulk) and where having a hard time using them as they gave our currently favorite recipes a grainy texture even after being soaked in yogurt for a day. Going to try this recipe this week thank you!

  23. PAM says

    Christy, I make this but I put in dried fruit like apples, craisens, blueberrys. Add a little brown sugar to it also and cinnamon if you want. Dried apples,raisen or craisens and cinnamon make a real treat.
    Love your recipes and your cookbook.

  24. Tracy says

    I work with a gentleman who is disabled. I wonder if this is something that warms over well or can be frozen as cooking two servings of anything seems to be such a waste.

  25. Wardana says

    Hi Allison! I’ve made this several times, and have not had it come out wartey! I don’t thaw them first If you feel they are too wartey for some reason slightly lift the lid at the end and this will let liquid evaporate hope this helps and Happy Crocking!


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