How To Make Homemade Banana Pudding


I LOVE and adore banana pudding, real banana pudding. By real I mean the kind where you make the pudding from scratch and pour it warm over a bowl of yummy Nilla wafers and fresh cut bananas. That stuff with boxed pudding mix cannot even come close to how this tastes. If you think you’ve had banana pudding before and it involved a boxed pudding mix…THAT was not banana pudding! THIS is Banana Pudding!

The complete recipe is listed at the bottom of this page. I always insist on Nilla brand wafers. I am not a big brand person (alright, I do have a thing about White Lily flour), but if you’re going to make banana pudding, might as well do it right. For my Banana pudding, we won’t be doing a meringue. I like meringue but know far too many people who don’t. Plus that adds an extra step, which may be a wee bit complicated for someone who has never made it before. If you want to make a meringue and don’t know how, just visit my Lemon Meringue pie tutorial for complete instructions along with pictures!

I just want you to make the pudding, I don’t want you to feel you have to sit through an entire culinary class. That having been said, if you put Cool whip or any type of refrigerated dairy topping on this divine concoction after we are done making it, I will personally hunt you down and haunt you for the rest of your life. ~sweet smile~ We’re going to do this right


Put a layer of Nilla wafers in the bottom of a medium sized mixing bowl. Slice a banana over the top. Repeat these layers until you’ve used up all your Nilla wafers and bananas. It really is important that you put Nilla wafers first, by the way. These are going to soak up all the yummy pudding that settles at the bottom of your bowl.

I use a mixing bowl because that is what my mother always used. She had this Corning green glass mixing bowl, it was enormous. She must have made at least two recipes of banana pudding each time she made it. Seeing that bowl on the counter was always a welcome sight!

Crack your three eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. Since we aren’t making a meringue, we won’t be using the whites. You can save them for another use or throw them away (which I did because….I just care about my banana pudding right now.)

Place 1/3 cup flour, 1/2 cup sugar (or Splenda), and a dash of salt in a saucepan. You can use a double broiler for this and not have to fret over it so much, but I just like living on the edge. Muhahaha! My trick for substituting Splenda for sugar in this is to always use just a wee bit less than the recipe calls for. If it calls for a cup of sugar, I might do a cup minus two tablespoons of Splenda. To me, that keeps it from tasting artificial.

Add milk to saucepan.

Put this on the stovetop on medium low heat and stir it really well with a whisk. You can also just use a spoon for this.

When you are done stirring it up it will look something like this.

Now settle in and BE PATIENT. You need to stir the pot constantly, scraping the bottom so none of it gets a chance to stick and scorch. This will take about fifteen minutes so I usually get something to read while I stand there and stir because I don’t think I’ve ever “just” done one thing for fifteen minutes straight.

Today I read a few articles from the new issue of PopSci. I love that magazine. This one shows you how you can turn your iPod or even iPhone into a projector that will project movies onto your wall up to 5′ x 7′! All you need are a small cosmetic mirror, a cardboard box, some tape, and a lense from an old slide projector. I actually want to do this. Anyone have an old slide projector? ~grins~

Seriously, be patient, keep stirring, don’t turn the heat up past four. This is going to take a long time and do nothing, but then ALL OF A SUDDEN it will be thicker.

Yes, I need to clean my stove. I started to photoshop that out but then decided…..”eh”.

Now, your pudding isn’t going to get super thick, but after about fifteen minutes of stirring, it will suddenly get thicker. The consistency will be about what that boxed pudding is right after you mix it before it sets well. TAKE IT OFF THE EYE! Quick! we don’t want it to scorch or keep getting thicker. Now if you end up with scorched pudding or lumpy pudding, just use it anyway and pay attention to me when I tell you to slow down next time!

Add a teaspoon of vanilla and stir.

Immediately pour over your bananas and wafers.

Let this sit for about five minutes so the pudding has time to soak into the wafers. THIS IS SO GOOD! Eat it warm, then refrigerate leftovers. I prefer to eat the leftovers cold. YUMM!

Homemade Banana Pudding
  • ½ Cup Sugar (or splenda)
  • ⅓ Cup Flour
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 2 Cups milk
  • 1 box Nilla Wafers
  • 5 bananas
  • ½ teaspoon Vanilla
  • dash salt
  1. Place a layer of Nilla Wafers in the bottom of a medium sized mixing bowl. Slice a banana over the top. Repeat two more times with another layer of wafers and remaining bananas. In sauce pot (or double boiler) on medium low heat, add all ingredients except for vanilla. Stir well with wire whisk. Allow to cook, stirring constantly to prevent scorching, until thickened - about fifteen minutes. Add in vanilla and stir. Immediately pour over wafers and bananas. Let sit for about five minutes or so before serving, to allow wafers time to absorb pudding. Top with meringue, if desired.




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  1. Dave says

    Thank you Christy ( and your Mama or who ever showed you this recipe ) , it is simple and delicious, just like I remember my mom made when I was a youngster. I had just about given up on banana pudding in my life time , you can find it in some restaurants and on buffets but you can tell it came outta a five gallon bucket prepared no less by some piece of equipment probably in China, so I got to where I just didn’t even bother to try it any more. Love your site and look forward to trying more of your hidden treasures, thanks and keep up the good work and maybe the south can’ Rise ‘again .

  2. A says

    The quantities are good in this recipe, the only thing wrong with it is how you instruct to incorporate eggs. You should temper the eggs to avoid the chance of having chunks of cook egg yolks or whites in your pudding. Also, if you have an immersion blender, you can cook your banana in the roux, sugar, milk, and vanilla for five minutes so it gets soft, then immersion blend it to “mash” the banana. It really help reach the desired consistency.

    Not sure why the vanilla goes in so late, but it can go in at anytime. Its flavor won’t be altered by the cooking.

    Lastly, to give your pudding some more depth, squeeze a quarter lemon, 1/2 tsp ground ginger (less if fresh), and 1 tsp cinnamon. I also added another pinch of salt and sugar.

    But thanks for quantities, used this to make a Banana Pudding Pie topped with Hazelnut Meringue. Your pudding worked great.

  3. says

    I have no way to thank you properly for this break. I have been trying for years to make this recipe (it used to be on the Nabisco Nilla box forever…my mother always used it. She left this earth last year before I could remember to ask her how to avoid the lumps I ALWAYS ended up with to no avail. You gave me the remedy and today I made a lump-free custard. Whew… and yes it took a long time but your 15 min rule helped, otherwise I am sure I would have given up. The first time it took me about 20 min possibly I had the stove too low…. second time (I was so thrilled I made more) it only took 12 or so min because I had the stove up slightly higher not over 4.5 and was using the double boiler…. thank you on this beautiful Thanksgiving as I greet you with respect and admiration.

  4. Catherine Taylor says

    This was excellent! I did not have anything but 1% milk but I used one cup of that and 1 cup of egg nog and then put a couple of slices of banana in the custard when I put in the vanilla. WOW! Very nice and fattening. When you go…GO ALL OUT! Thanks again :)

  5. Joy says

    I just made this recipe 30mins ago! I tasted a corner piece and I was in heaven. I can’t believe how perfect this is. I haven’t made banana pudding in years and I forgot some of the steps. Thanks, this was great!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Leslie says

    I just got done making this . The recipe was easy to follow… So I thought … My pudding came out wayyy too thick ! I had it on medium low & only had it cookin for 10 minutes because it was getting too thick on me quick & it get even thicker once it set with the wafers & bananas . I will admit I was missing one egg so I decided to use a little bit less of each ingredient . I’m guessing that was the cause :( soo disappointed . *my first time attempting to make this by the way

  7. Kaye.m says

    I just made this for Xmas dessert. It was just as my mom used to make. I did use some eagle brand sweetened condensed milk along with regular milk and some French vanilla coffee creamer ….. Heaven. After you separate the eggs, let them set out to warm up to room temperature. I used a double boiler and continuously stirred.

  8. Tiffany says

    Thank you for this post! I made this for our Christmas dinner and everyone loved it! I had never made homemade banana pudding before. This recipe was simple and easy to follow! Mine came out exactly like the picture! Thanks again!

  9. Dorothy Graham says

    Hi.Christy…this banana pudding is the way I like it…and I love my pudding hot..with meringue on it…and the pineapple is good when use them instead of your recipes..this is good eating.. Thanks for sharing..

  10. Cynthia Payne says

    This was so wonderful and simple. The only substitution I made was for the Nilla wafers. I chose organic vanilla animal cookies because Nilla wafers have soybean oil (GMO) and hydrogenated cottonseed oil, high fructose corn syrup and other chemicals that I like to avoid. They worked great!! It tasted like my childhood & made me think of my Dear Mama. I was thrilled to serve it to my own little one, who gobbled it down. Thank you for the recipe and adorable commentary.

  11. barb ricketts says

    If you are a faithful follower of Christy you know how her recipes work….. if you want to do her recipes different then go to another site…I love her just the way she is…. Faithful and honest and dedicated….

  12. Joanne Saunders says

    I googled baked banana pudding recipes and this is the one I chose.
    It read as if you were standing in the kitchen giving”me” the instructions. It was fun and easy as well as entertaining. Needless to say the pudding was DIVINE! Thank you so much!

  13. Stacey says

    We have dairy issues so I used coconut milk…though my picky son doesn’t like coconut milk so I added a few drops of lemon juice to mask/balance the flavor of the coconut. All good flavors that didn’t compromise the results. Think 5 flavor pound cake…banana, vanilla, coconut, lemon…okay so thats 4, but it totally worked!!!
    Banana pudding has become a tradition dessert at Easter and 4th of July in my family. My kids LOVE IT! And we LOVE this recipe,
    THANKS :)

  14. Janet Hurley says

    Thank you for these great southern, old-fashioned recipes! My mother died when I was 21, before I was old enough to realize the value of made from scratch recipes. I don’t know what happened to her recipe box, so I’ve been building my own for the past 25 years. I was stuck on the coolwhip/sour cream banana pudding for years. Now we eat organic only, and this is perfect, as I can get organic wafers at WHole Foods.
    I double the recipe, and my family of 10 eats one warm, and refrigerates the other for the next night=) Dessert two nights in a row–they’re in heaven.

  15. Karla D McKnight says

    I just love your website and your daily postings!!

    I am looking for an old recipe for a yellow cake that has the texture almost like cornbread, have you ever heard of something like that?

    Any help would be appreciated!!

    Thanks so much!!

  16. heather says

    The one and only time I ever attempted banana pudding (hubby’s fave) I poured it on warm and it evaporated my wafers! Was it too hot? It turned into banana soup and the family still pokes fun of me for it. So I just wait for potlucks and buffets to enjoy it. :)

  17. Judy says

    I make mine from scratch too but vary the recipe a little. One thing I do that takes more time is I layer the cookies and bananas pour some pudding over them and repeat till I have no more pudding. Then I top the pudding with vanilla wafers. More time comsuming. I like your ideal better.

  18. Carol says

    Don’t know what I did wrong – from all the comments this pudding when done right is fab. After cooking and letting the pudding cook till slightly thick, I took it off the burner as directed. However, I could tste the flour in it. Yuck. What did I do wrong? thanks for you response. Carol

  19. Priscilla Flores says

    My HUGE family and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe. It is so delicious and creamy!! I’ve made this for my brothers birthday for the past 3 years. I always have to double the recipe, ALWAYS!!! :-)

  20. Brian C. says

    Just came across your site looking for coconut meringue pie recipes.
    I ONLY use recipes from an all recipes site (wink)…until today.
    As soon as I saw your recipe for Banana Puddin’, I knew this was the real deal site.
    I grew up in SC and this is pretty much the same recipe my grandmother used.
    I’ve always said if I could make biscuits, banana pudding. fried chicken and gravy like she did,
    I could die happy. It looks like you may be able to help with that!
    I love your site and will definitely be heading over to Amazon to get the book!
    Thanks so much,

  21. Lin says

    My dear, sweet mom (soon to be 88) has been a master banana pudding and pie maker for my whole life. With the invention of the microwave, she began cooking the pudding part in it and you don’t have a problem with it scorching the bottom of the pan. On a side note, homemade is always best! Just made alfredo sauce from scratch, easier than pie it was! Won’t want to go to the fancy Italian restaurants for that dish any more. Going back to my cooking roots has been wonderful for our budget & yummier than ever!

  22. CandyAnn says

    I love you! I am so happy I found your page. I will have to convert this recipe for my egg and dairy baby’s allergies (we’re working on literally getting rid of those allergies). I can not wait to try this out! I so love popular science as well, my shoulders shook side to side and I laughed when you said you love it because I said that at the same time. Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to make your recipes available. It really made my day as I read your bubbly personality in your writing. Have a great day Christy!

  23. Katie says

    I made this last year and forgot to pin it. My husband said it was the best! I have tried a few recipes since then, and this is by far the simplest and tastiest! Thanks for the recipe!!

  24. matt says

    Super delicious recipe. It took me 27 minutes stirring on stove top (electric). The pudding recipe needs to be doubled for my liking. I like my NILLA wafers and bananas covered completely. I agree, good’ol southern banana pudding needs nothing on top. I will definitely use this again. Just more pudding next time. Thanks so much for sharing.

  25. Peggy says

    I grew up on homemade banana pudding but finally got tired of stirring the custard and updated the recipe cooking technique. Combine all the custard ingredients in a microwave safe bowl. Cook at full power for 2 minutes; remove from m’wave and stir or whisk thoroughly. Return to microwave, cook for 2 minutes, remove, stir/whisk, return, cook for two more minutes. In my microwave six minutes (or three repetitions) is just about right. SOOOO much easier than standing and stirring!!

  26. Morgan Crick says

    I have been making this for years. Ever since my brother in-law made it. I only got a small taste and feel in love!! I got the recipe from him and it is the only banana pudding my family has eaten ever since! I plan on passing it along to my kids when they are old enough. This is the way banana pudding is supposed to be!!!!

  27. Mable Carbin says

    The exact same ingredients and process mom taught me to make years ago, going to make one know but I need to go get some eggs. Once you do old fashion banana pudding you’ll never do box recipe again.


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