We Have Our Winners!!!


You didn’t even know there was a contest, did ya?
Well, I wanted to do something and have been racking my brain trying to come up with a way to give back. I hope to do so much more over time, especially once I finally get my cookbooks printed.

For now, I love to hand embroider so..VOILA! PRIZES!!

I went through the list and there were four people who tried my recipes and reported back the results. I’ve chosen ALL FOUR of them to make personalized hankies for. Hankies are a southern tradition. During our sweltering summers we tend to “glisten” quite a bit. You’d be glistening too if temps were over a hundred degrees and the humidity was so high you had to have gills to breathe……but I digress….

Having a pretty little hankie to blot ones face used to be the necessary custom. Modern times have given way to less decorum or perhaps we are just too darn busy chasing the kids and running all over town to care that much, but in the end – don’t we all need something pretty?
A little monogrammed floral hankie is just the thing!

Winners Are:

Tina from Mommy’s Kitchen: When did Tina come around? I swear it must have been my first day blogging or shortly thereafter. She has been a consistent source of praise and encouragement. She made Chocolate Gravy and Pizza Rolls so far! Being a Texas gal, she has her share of amazing recipes up her sleeve! Her enthusiasm and comments have meant so much to me, Thank you!

Stephanie from Fun Foods On A Budget : She showed up about the time Tina did! Stephanie is just great! Always commenting on things, always so positive, and has a photo of the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen plunging face first into a piece of cake on her blog right now! She tried our old fashioned peanut butter icing, my grandmother’s recipe. I think it was the smell of that which caused her son to dive in face first….

Debbie from The Friday Friends: Debbie just discovered Southern Plate recently and has been just wonderful with her comments! She tried our banana bread and her husband ate an entire loaf! I love to hear from you! She’s such a nice person and has a great blog of her own. So glad you came to visit, Neighbor!

Right Here In This Moment (I don’t think her blog is public): Currently on hiatus to Disney World (Boy am I jealous!), She tried our Banana Pudding and hit a home run with her Louisiana husband. Unfortunately, I don’t have her name right now so her hankie will be made as soon as she contacts me!

I just finished up the hankies this afternoon (I embroidered them all by hand!) and now you all know what the “T”, “D”, and “S” stand for!

If you’ll just email me with your mailing address, I’ll get these right out to you!

I hope you accept this small token as a thank you from me!

The next giveaway will be a drawing from among those who have left comments. I will at the very least give away another hand embroidered hankie, hopefully more!


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  1. Mommy's Kitchen says

    How exciting those are just simply beautiful! Great job christy, it gets so hot in Texas sometimes i think i need a shammey at times!!! LOL its so pretty i would hate to even use it to blot sweat.

  2. Southern Plate says

    LOL I think you and I are about in the same boat heat wise! Maybe we just need to hang a bucket around our necks….. Oh yes, that’s a very ladylike picture!

    If you won’t use it, I’ll just have to send you a plain one and the pretty one for visual effect!

  3. Stephanie says

    Wow, that’s unexpected and wonderful! What a beautiful hanky! Thank you so much! I have really enjoyed reading your blog every since I found you, and that really was incredibly delicious peanut butter frosting. :-)

  4. Southern Plate says

    Stephanie!! THANK YOU!!!!
    Stephanie gave me a blog award that I am going to post about later tonight. I just got in from Chucky Cheese with five kids, then Cracker Barrel with five kids plus eight adults….I need some iced coffee!!! ooh I found out how to make iced coffee at home just like Starbucks! I am an iced coffee addict in the summer and ever since finding out this method, I haven’t had a single iced coffee away from home. I imagine I’ve already saved enough to liberate a small country……Lord my tangents.
    THANK YOU STEPHANIE!!! I am so glad you read my blog!!!!

  5. Debbie says

    Oh my goodness! You are so sweet. This was totally unexpected…and a nice surprise. Thank you so much! In northern Nevada, we don’t really “get” humidity (I’m not even sure I know how to spell it…LOL. ) And I do mean , we don’t get it, as in, “it’s not humid here” and also that “we don’t understand it.” ~grins~ It gets hot, it’s just a ‘dry’ heat. BUT..having meanderd completely away from the subject: THANK YOU again, I love hankies, and think everyone should use them instead of those crummy old tissues.
    And Southern Plate has been so fun for me.

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