Rise and Shine Bananarita Smoothie


Today was my son’s first day of third grade. He has a fabulous teacher in a fabulous school so there were no qualms about summer ending at this house! Of course, my readers don’t have the benefit of knowing Brady, but he is a character if there ever was one. Brady is our little politician. He is a brilliant little boy who has never met a stranger and is just as comfortable addressing two hundred people with a microphone as he is addressing one person across the breakfast table.

A few weeks ago I was brainstorming different ways I could get my website known to more people. Despite the amazing growth, I’m always looking for ways to bring Southern Plate to a wider audience. I said “I need a gimmick, something I can give away with the web address on it.” Brady grinned and quickly chimed in “I got your gimmick right here, Ma, its me!”.

Today I found out that he wasn’t kidding. I got such a laugh out of seeing this worksheet he brought home from school today! Essentially, its purpose was to help the teacher learn more about her students through their own words. After answering various questions about themselves, each student got a chance to ask the teacher a question about her.
My son wrote “My mom has a website called Southernplate.com. Can you see it?”
That’s M’boy!(A scan of the worksheet is at the bottom of this post)

I always think of these smoothies when school starts back for a very funny reason. When I first made them, they were called Virgin Banana Margaritas. I started making them, fell in love, and always referred to them as “Banana Margaritas”. I would make them for breakfast when I had bananas getting too ripe and the whole family just loved them, especially Brady.

Shortly after he had started kindergarten, I made them for breakfast one morning. Brady drank his share and then some, filling up on the tangy smoothie and bragging about how good it was. I didn’t give it another thought until after I had already gotten home from dropping him off. Then it occurred to me that Brady would likely continue bragging once he had gotten to school, boasting on his Mama’s “cooking” and how he had a Margarita for breakfast. I was mortified. I made a hurried phone call to his teacher’s cell phone. My worried explanation was met with laughter as she said he had mentioned them but she figured there was something more to it and had known to give me the benefit of the doubt!

So here you go, one more way to use up ripening bananas, another way to keep cool, and a quickie breakfast on school mornings!

You will need: Milk, Sugar, Bananas, Lime Juice, Ice
Fill your blender up about halfway with ice cubes.

Add bananas

Add sugar (I used Splenda).

Add milk
Add lime juice
It will look like this now…

Blend that puppy and drink up!!!

Rise and Shine Bananarita Smoothie
  • 4 bananas
  • ½ Cup milk
  • ¼ Cup sugar
  • ½ Cup lime juice
  • Ice
  1. Fill blender halfway full of ice. Add other ingredients. Blend until frothy. Serve!

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    • Judy McCune says

      it’s a cute thing a child said. I’m sure teachers hear all kinds of stuff.

      right now I’m dealing with our grade school selling smoothies during the lunch period. One flavor is called Margarita. They don’t seem to see a problem with this? Am I the only one who finds this offensive?

      Looking for resources to help me.

      • Beth Sherrill says

        I only wish our school served smoothies for lunch. It would be healthier than the pizza, french toast strips and other less than healthy/yummy food! I suggest you unbend a little, kids are exposed to so much these days, I doubt any of them are dumb enough to think the drink in a bar is the same as what they get in school.

      • Michelle says

        It would bother me too. I don’t believe in drinking and do not want it promoted or seen as “normal” with my children. I’ve now buried an alcoholic brother, alcoholic father and have at least 2 more brothers who are alcoholics.

        My adopted son has fetal alcohol syndrome. I hate alcohol.

        • Michelle says

          Christy, I have no idea if you’ll see this since this comment since this post is “years old” by now, but I just want to thank you for posting this recipe without alcohol! I recognize that my own personal convictions are not everyone’s, but these are my convictions and I have them for good reasons.

          The thought occurs to me that my kids can read and try this recipe without me ever having to worry about them tasting a drop of alcohol.

          As I often remind my kids, “You can never become an alcoholic if you don’t touch a drop of the stuff.”

          Bless you!

  1. Mommy's Kitchen says

    That smoothie looks so delish Christy and so simple. I have some bananas i need to use so i think i will try this tomorrow morning. Dont kids say the funniest things LOL.

  2. Southern Plate says

    Thank you, Stephanie! Your recipes are just awesome, btw. Everyone check out her blog!

    Tina (Mommy’s Kitchen)- Let me know how you like them. They are addictive! I use Splenda so I can drink all I want with no guilt. I LOVE THESE! It beats an alcoholic drink any day!
    Lord, if I had a dime for every time my kids have said something to embarrass me….lol

  3. J'Ollie Primitives says

    Yippee, a recipe blog that Mr. Sweetie will LOVE….if I ever cook anything for him. I’m going to try several of the recipes you’ve shared.

    Loved the posts and the photos.

  4. Mommy's Kitchen says

    Christy we made the Bananarita smoothie this morning. I am happy to say we drank the entire blender full. Darn i was hoping to have some leftovers for just me grrrrrr. my dh said do I taste a hint of lime? I said yeah isnt it good he said yes. who’s recipe? I said Christy!! as if he knew who you were kind of like a old friend the way I put it. LOL. He said oh your blogging food buddy.

  5. Southern Plate says

    Leslie: Thank you! It really is good. I can get up and do the whole cooking breakfast thing, but I really hate to have to hit the ground running like that! On school mornings, its quick and easy all the way!

    Tina (Mommy’s Kitchen)- My husband calls you “That Mommy”, lol! I just love having you around!

  6. Anonymous says

    We frequently went out for Root Beer after church on Sunday. One morning when we picked up our then 2 year old daughter from Sunday school, she asked in a very loud voice, “Can we go to the beer store?”


  7. Southern Plate says

    Hey Nikki! Thank you, he is my sweetie, That made me melt and laugh at the same time!! LOL

    Swedie, OHMYGOSH how funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know, as my son started getting older, we laxed up a bit on his tv and let him branch out beyond kiddie channels as long as we knew what he was watching and approved of it. He was so proud and went and told his teacher that his parents had started letting him “watch adult movies”!!
    THAT took some explaining!
    Christy :)

    • Bev says

      I picked my first-grade son up after school one day, and he told me that I had to bring wine punch to the PTA meeting that night. I said that I didn’t think I did. He kept insisting that the teacher said I HAD to bring wine punch. When we returned home, I found a note in his book bag asking me to bring HAWAIIAN punch. More than 20 years later, this tale still makes us laugh.

  8. Leah says

    I’ve made the Bananarita Smoothie a couple of times this week. Delicious! My 7 year old, Stephen and even my 2 year old, Daniel, indulged in this frosty delight. What a nice twist to the smoothie. I’ve always made the berry and banana type of smoothies. The Bananarita is our new favorite! Thanks for sharing!

  9. jane gibson says

    Wow I love these morning smoothies.! In fact I love all your creative ideas and recipes. Thanks…. looking for to your book and I tell all my friends about your web and fb page. Blessings.

  10. Liz says

    I used a magic bullet for this recipe and my 2 year old and I are livin’ large drinking “fancy drinks” =) thanks for the great recipe! Next time I’ll try it with my frozen bananas I’ve been saving for banana bread (another great tip I learned from you)

  11. Annarose says

    I made a half recipe of this since there’s just my husband and I. Yum! I added a little extra lime juice and sugar because that’s how I roll. Usually my smoothies have 1 banana for 2 servings so this was quite banan-y and yummy. I may try adding more ice or some strawberries or a bit of frozen OJ concentrate to make an extra fancy Bananarita. Also, Christy, I’m going to school to be an elementary teacher and I would think it was pretty funny if a student came in and told me that :)

  12. Annarose says

    I tried this again but used sweetened yogurt (coincidentally enough, lime flavored yogurt though any flavor would be fine) instead of the sugar and milk. We liked it even better! Super tasty. Yogurt has more protein than milk and all those probiotics too. My husband hates the taste of Splenda (he can taste it anywhere!) but for some reason happily eats artificially sweetened yogurt, so using it instead of the milk and sugar works well for us :) My regular smoothies are made of a banana, some other frozen fruit, yogurt and fruit juice, so making it all banana and using lime juice is quite a lovely twist. I never would have thought of this smoothie if not for you, Christy!

  13. missy says

    ha ha my daughter wrote about going the beer store with daddy and illustrated it with a truck full of empties in the back. totally frameworthy. teachers really must see it all.

  14. Ronna Keenum says

    Another recipe that is great to use when the bananas get too ripe is money saving mom’s PB banana smoothies. Slice your bananas and freeze them till ready. Blend 1 cup of frozen bananas, 1 cup of milk and 1 tbs of peanut butter.

  15. Kentuckylady717 says

    Love your smoothie recipes…..can’t wait to make them…..I always have frozen bananas and milk and peanut butter….so now I can make them anytime I want to….and I either have lemon or lime juice in the fridge also…..so I am all set…..

    Thanks for posting…

  16. Gina says

    Hi Christy! I was wondering what kind of blender you use? Also, we love your blog! My kiddos (ages 5and 3) and I made monkey bread. They were so proud to make it mostly themselves :) Love your Splenda recipes – I’m definitely going to try them (better for me due to prediabetes). Now I can’t wait to buy your books. Thank you for helping mamas on a tight budget feed our families well Hugs :)

    • says

      Hi Gina!! The blender shown in that post is a Hamilton Beach that I got when we got married and its still going strong! I recently upgraded to a Hamilton Beach Wave Action blender that I got at Walmart for around $30 just because I am making a lot of smoothies and such and it crushes ice really fine, pretty much turning your smoothing into a milkshake consistency. I love my HB blenders AND they are affordable!


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