Slow Cooker Coke Chicken ~#1 On My List Of “Things I like to toss in the crock pot.”


I’m getting ready for Apple Week this weekend, preparing some last minute apple recipe tutorials and getting posts written up and queued for this and my other blog for, so we’re having a bit of a slow weekend. I wanted to post my mother’s tutorial on Buttermilk Cornbread, but she isn’t home right now and I’m missing a few photographs I need.

So, in honor of our Slow Cooker Giveaway (Congrats again, Beverly!), I am going to post this recipe. I hesitate to call this a recipe as it really is so very easy that there doesn’t seem to be any real cooking involved. The outcome though, is wonderful.

This works with pork chops, boneless breasts, ribs, and even roast. I ask that you first try it with a fryer if at all possible, though. There is a magic that takes place when you cook a fryer like this that just doesn’t happen with other cuts of meat, even boneless skinless breasts. The fryer, after slow cooking all day in this amazing blend of flavors, becomes completely permeated with the flavor and literally falls off of the bone. Every shred of chicken, even the inside meat, is tinted the color of your sauce, proving that it has completely saturated the bird.

The flavor is so amazing! I like to serve this with stewed potatoes in butter sauce and a simple dinner roll. The chicken steals the show.

*Yes, you can make this with another carbonated beverage, it just needs to be carbonated and have sugar in it.

Honestly, I’m embarrassed to post this because it is so simple. You’ll need: A whole fryer, Coca Cola, BBQ Sauce, An Onion, And A Lemon. I Like Capitalizing Today!
Peel your onion and cut onion and lemon into quarters. That’s all, just make yourself four wedges and you’re done!
Put chicken little in the crock pot. Raise your hand if you’re happy they finally quit putting the neck and all that mess up inside the bird? ~Raises hand and WAVES it energetically~
Toss that lemon and onion onto Chicken Little.
Pour whole bottle of BBQ Sauce over it.
Pour whole can of Coke over it.
Put the lid on and cook on low all day long or high for 3 to 4 hours. This is great to put on in the morning before you go to work. Your house will smell phenomenal when you come home.
For the record, I spelled phenomenal correctly the first time with no help from spell check! Go me!
Chicken Little! All cooked up and ready for your plates!
Slow Cooker Coke Chicken
  • 1 Fryer
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Onion
  • 1 Bottle BBQ Sauce
  • 1 Can Coca Cola
  1. Peel onion and cut into quarters. Cut lemon into Quarters. Place fryer in crock pot. Toss in onion quarters and lemon quarters. Pour in entire bottle of BBQ Sauce and entire can of Coke. Cover and cook on low all day or high 3 to four hours.

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  1. Melissa says

    The USDA does not recommend cooking frozen chicken in a slow cooker. Thaw your chicken before you put it into the slow cooker. The low, slow cooking style of this device creates an optimal condition for bacteria growth when the chicken is left at a low cooking temperature for an extended period of time before the meat is fully done. The highest heat setting on a slow cooker does not produce enough heat quickly enough to keep chicken safe from bacteria.

  2. Robert says

    Made this tonight, Turned out very moist with good flavor. I used 2 Tyson game hens about 2lbs. each and Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey Barbecue Sauce. Very good for an easy meal. My wife was happy that I cooked and that is was good.

  3. Mrs. V says

    My chicken still had all its parts. Good thing I checked before cooking! I’m glad someone posted a note for cooking times. 3-4 on low is not long enough! Bird is in the pot. Will let you know how it goes….

    • says

      I know it’s hard living day to day with a complaining and critical spirit but you absolutely can train yourself to look for joy and good in things – and it works!
      It will take time but eventually you’ll find you’d much rather go out of your way to say something kind rather than go out of your way to criticize and complain.
      You were meant for greater things but it is always up to us to rise to our greater purpose.
      Wishing the best for you.

      • Kim Stroumbos says

        Wow, just because someone made this recipe and it didn’t turn out, and they gave their opinion that was not what you wanted to hear, doesn’t mean they are negative or have a “critical spirit”!
        Unbelieavable that you would reply that way. Those are very strong words to people you don’t even know. You should be honored they tried your recipe at all and took the time to give you feedback.

        I made this recipe yesterday and followed it to the letter, as you instructed. It was moist and did “fall off the bone”….but no flavor to it whatsoever. This wasn’t going to deter me from trying other recipes in your book., but your response certainly has.

  4. Dusty says

    Can this be made without the chicken skin, and maybe 1/2 c. of brown sugar instead of a Coke? I havent made it yet and I’m always on the hunt for healthy options for delicious recipes. Thanks!

  5. Alicia says

    Fixed this on a busy day last week and it was amazing. We used a small chicken and I pulled it apart about an hour before serving. I’m not sure why people are having a problem. I only ladled sauce over the chicken maybe 2 or 3 times and I definitely didn’t need more BBQ. I even used all generic and didn’t have a lemon so I used some lemon pepper. This is such a good and easy dish . If u didn’t get it right the first time u should give it another chance.

  6. Bailey says

    I wish that there were some serving ideas with this! I’m really new to cooking, I know, kind of embarrassing. I was DYING to try this, it’s got an hour left in the crock-pot, and now I’m overcome with horrible anxiety because I have no idea how to serve this up?! I looked up videos on how to carve a whole chicken- I am also cooking some asparagus and mashed potatoes to go along with this (I don’t know how it will all pair, but it’s food so nourishment for the win).

    I really hope this is tasty! It sure does look great!

    (I would love to have seen some plate presentation of how you served it! Like, portion sizes or what sides you paired with.) Thanks for keeping such an awesome website!

    • says

      Hi Bailey!! We all have to start somewhere, not embarrassing at all! Your sides sound fabulous, you did good girl! As far as portions, I never really worry about that, I just throw enough on a plate for the person whose plate I am fixing. If they want more they can always go back for seconds!!

  7. Niki says

    I skimmed the comments and I hadn’t seen this question asked, so forgive me if it’s a repeat. I’m a beginner when it comes to cooking. What is the approimate weight of chicken I’m looking to get here? 3-5 lbs? or larger?

  8. Charlotte martin says

    My recipe -I wrap sweet potatoes in Reynolds wrap and put on bottom of cooker and coat my chicken with some unsalted butter and sprinkle corn starch over and sprinkle S & P – slow 6 hrs. AWESOME SWEET POTOES ARE SO GOOD.


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