Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole


Cheesy sauce, yellow saffron rice, tender chicken and broccoli, this casserole spells comfort food with a capital “C” for me. After a week in Disney, eating out at every meal, I came home longing for something from my own oven.

My mother used to make this almost weekly. It was one of her favorite casseroles to make (next to Country Casserole) because of how quick and easy it was to throw together. She usually made it the night before and left us instructions to put it in the oven around the time she left her office (she was a real estate agent at the time).

A comforting and filling supper awaited us on those nights!

You’ll need: Canned or cooked chicken, 16 oz jar of Cheese Sauce (such as cheez whiz or this generic like I am using), medium sized bag of Saffron rice, two cups of frozen chopped broccoli. My mother always used two large cans of chicken but I’m only using one because I am cheap :).
Prepare rice according to package directions.
In small bowl, stir together 1/2 C milk and 10 ounces of cheese sauce. I actually microwaved mine for a minute to make it easier to blend.
In large bowl: Add rice, broccoli, and chicken.
Pour cheese sauce over it. The recipe didn’t call for it but what the heck…go ahead and put the rest of that jar of cheese in there!
Stir all of that up really well until it looks like this.
Spoon into 9×13 inch casserole dish. Bake at 350 for thirty minutes or until bubbly.

Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole
  • 1 Jar Cheese Sauce (Such as Cheez Whiz. 10 ounces or more)
  • 2 cups frozen chopped broccoli
  • medium sized bag Saffron Rice (enough to make two cups cooked)
  • 1-2 cups cooked chicken (either canned or cooked at home)
  • ½ Cup milk
  1. Prepare rice according to package directions. In bowl, stir everything together. Spoon into 9x13 inch casserole dish and bake at 350 for thirty minutes or until bubbly.


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  1. BillGent says

    I love me some Broccoli and Cheese anything! Well.. except when I went to a certain restaurant and they had added beer in it.. That was a sin against nature.

    Yall click on my name and hear me attempt to sing and read some of my stories.

    I’ll be here all week.. try the veal!

  2. Southern Plate says

    ~blinks and sputters~ BEER? In broccoli and cheese? Sounds like my brother got a hold of that kitchen! Wow. I’m gonna go hear you sing first thing in the morning after I get the kids off to school. My three year old is sleeping up against me right now because I haven’t had the heart to carry her to bed yet!

  3. April in CT says

    Holy cheesy! I’m getting my first delivery of fresh locally grown veggies this Friday and one of them is broccoli! I’ll be adapting this recipe for the weekend! I might add some water chestnuts for crunch.

    I was going to get Velveeta for the cheeseburger soup so could I just use that instead of cheez whiz type stuff?

  4. Southern Plate says

    Oh yeah, Velveeta would be easy peasy to substitute! Just nuke that stuff and stir in the milk just like we did the cheez whiz. Don’t you forget to lick the bowl for me, now!!!!

    Ugh, I love velveeta……..

  5. Linda Goossen says

    I think I might have found a new recipe for our monthly church pot luck. I’ve taken chicken enchiladas for over a year, and I need a new recipe that everyone will “O-O-H” and “A-H-H” over!

    I hope the teenage boys will like it.

  6. Southern Plate says

    Holly Preach it sister! You KNOW What you’re talking about! LOL

    Linda Oh my lord, there is no food like church potluck food!!!! The best restaurant on earth could not deliver a meal as fine as a bunch of church ladies!!!!
    Hope they like it! I know my family descends on it like locusts!

    SJS Hey SJS! Thank you so much! All the credit for 90% of my recipes goes to my Mama! She’s been cooking for a family since she was thirteen! She would give most of the credit to her grandmothers, Lela Sanders and Adle Reed.
    I’m just very fortunate to have the roots I do. There have been a lot of great women in my family.

  7. Mama says

    I really love your blog! I love hearing about everything new and exciting happening, all the great new recipes and what you have done to the old tried and true recipes. It is great to have a fresh look at them and see that they can be adapted for the way that people eat and cook now. We are lucky to have you in the family so that we can sample all your creative efforts! It is also good to be reminded of a recipe that I haven’t made in such a long time. Keep up all the great work! Mama :-)))

  8. Linda Goossen says

    You are just too funny, girlfriend! Enjoy your mama every day! I miss mine so much, and when I come across one of her recipes that she wrote in her own handwriting, it feels like she is right here with me!

    Maybe I need to make cookbooks for my kids, that I write with my own hand instead of using the computer!

    I love your blog! :)

  9. citycowboy says

    Well Christy,

    Ya got another one that was a winner in my house. Survived Ike, took 11 days to get power back and the first thing I did was hit the website, and get another recipe to cook. (cold sandwiches get REALLY boring after awhile) Its nice to have a place to come to add things to my recipe repotoire. Send some more our way.

  10. Susan says

    Add some Ritz crackers to that chicken/broccoli recipe. It’s wonderful. Put the crackers on top. When they bake, they get a little crispy. Then when you serve the dish, mix them in, and the crunch is spread throughout the casserole. It’s delightful.

    From another gal who was raised south of the Mason-Dixon Line,

  11. says

    Looks SOOO yummy, Ive never heard of saffron rice? I wonder if we have it here, can I use plain ol white rice do you think? Or is it the flavor of the saffron rice that is a main taste in this recipe? Carm

  12. Sheila says

    We just had this for supper and my son licked his plate!! My little girl is very, very picky but she picked out the chicken and ate it (that was a miracle). I fixed her some separately before I added the brocolli or she would of refused to let it near her :0)
    I just saw Susans comment and think I will try the Ritz next time, we eat them by the sleeve around here!

  13. says


    I LOVE when I see simple easy recipes like the one you have here. I love the recipes that call for canned-this, or box of-that. And its even better when I hear “mix it all together”. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  14. Debbie Strum says

    Here I thought I had gotten ‘caught up’ with all your previous posts when I joined the SP family, but I don’t remember seeing THIS one! So much fun to read the comments from this recipe’s original appearance! And so great for Mama Janice to read your post and leave a comment! Enjoyed reading all the recipe suggestions, too! Will be putting this on my menu to make soon! So happy for you, Christy! Continued success to you!

  15. Liz says

    My mom always uses saffron rice in our holiday broccoli rice casserole!! Making it for thanksgiving tomorrow, we use velveeta and Monterray jack cheese (no chicken-just a side dish) and I’m so excited for them to try it!! Thumbs up to you!

  16. Debbie Williamson says

    Hi Christy,
    I made a recipe similar to this several weeks ago and now I’be lost it. Maybe you can help me out. It had 4 oz velvet a cheese in it, broccoli, cream of mushroom soup and either some sort of noodles or rice. There could have been additional ingredients, but that’s all I can remember. You posted it within the last month to 6 weeks ago. Hope you know what I’m talking about!! Help


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