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Hi, I’m Donna from Yellow Jeep Blonde and Christy invited me to be a guest blogger today on Southern Plate!” I am so excited!

My website is a fairly new adventure, but I have been having a blast. I’ve found some really incredible sites and met some really great people that share my insane, freakish obsession with Cooking, and more specifically CookBOOKS. I’m an addict. I admit it

I started my site because now that my boys are all grown up, I found myself with so much extra time on my hands that I just didn?t know what else to do with myself. The whole site started off without any real direction; I was basically stumbling around in the dark. But it’s quickly leaning toward Cooking. It’s what I like to do best, besides hanging out at the beach. I’m taking up Photography as a hobby as well and that is presenting itself to be more challenging than I’d anticipated. I’ll be sharing those lessons along the way. . . just in case there are other newbies out there too.

Before I ramble too much and wear out my welcome, I get on with the show. Christy invited me to be a guest blogger for one specific reason – my Peanut Butter Cornflake Bars. They are insanely delicious and her family is now addicted. I am so happy to share this recipe with everyone.

My original post started out as a tribute to one of my favorite cookbooks, The Red Hat Society Cookbook, because it had a similar recipe in it that I had never seen anywhere before except in my mom’s recipe box. She said that when I was in elementary school, my class each came home with the recipe, and a family favorite was born. It’s become tradition in my house to make them the first day of school every year. . . yet even though my boys are in school anymore, I still felt compelled to make them. They are so quick and easy and so so good.

Peanut Butter Cornflake Bars
  • 2 cups Sugar
  • 1½ cups Karo syrup
  • 2 cups Peanut Butter
  • 12 oz box Cornflakes
  1. Put sugar and Karo into a large pot, mix and let come to a boil on the stovetop. Remove from heat immediently. Add peanut butter and stir until smooth. Pour box of Cornflakes into the mixture. Mix very rapidly until Cornflakes are coated.
  2. Spread into a 12 x 16 greased cookie sheet.
  3. Cut into bars while warm.

NOTE: The “cut into bars while warm” is no joke. If you wait until these puppies have cooled, you’ll need to bring some serious muscle with you.
These things are the bomb-diggity! They’re a huge family favorite that spans many holidays, reunions and even backyard get-togethers. Once you make them, people will look forward to you bringing them again and again.
Oh – just a side note – I gain three pounds every time I make a batch.


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  1. Southern Plate says

    You make these in NO TIME! Honest! I had them done in five minutes! We were in the kitchen (the whole family – in my MICROSCOPIC Kitchen!) eating them warm right off the cookie sheet!!!

    I told my husband “Oh lord, you don’t want to taste these, we are going to make ourselves sick eating these!” because I knew we would NEVER be able to stop, they are SO GOOD! SO GOOD!! SOOO GOOOOD!!!!

    My sister in law made them the next day and her whole family went ga-ga, too! We used to eat these in the lunchroom growing up and OMG THEY ARE SOO GOOD!!! Did I mention that they are really, really good?

    Thank you, Donna, for being a guest blogger on Southern Plate!

  2. GailnGA says

    I started to share a similar recipe with Christy the other day when we talked about the haystacks. I do a version of the peanut butter bars but mine are called “no bake crunchies”. They’re so easy and SO good. First you “squiush” up about six cups of corn flakes. I just pour a BIG mixing bowl full of corn flakes and squish them up until they’re all broken up. You’ll have half as many corn flakes as you started with. You don’t want crumbs but you don’t want big corn flakes either.(I’ve never measured the exact amount of corn flakes) My boys used to love to squish the corn flakes up for me. Next you melt one bag of butterscotch morsels with one bag of peanut butter morsels and 1/2 cup extra crunchy peanut butter. You can add some chopped salted peanuts if you want to. We just like the crunchy peanut butter. Pour the warm, melted morsels into the squished up corn flakes and start dropping them onto waxed paper. This part always clears the room. For some reason my boys never liked dropping candies or rolling out balls. Just make little mounds sort of like the haystacks. Don’t make big gobs. Work quickly so your mixture doesn’t harden on you…you don’t have to go too fast. Once you drop them, just let them cool and watch them disappear.

  3. Joan says

    Okay. This is some serious comfort food that I am sure will be in our tummies before the weekend is out.
    I can expect a knock on the door anytime from Jenny Craig trying to do an intervention!!!LOL
    I wonder if I can put gravy on her food?!!! Ha!
    Aside from my babbling, that loooks really great and great tasting and fun to cook all rolled into one.
    Thanks again for another classic!

  4. BL in AL says

    My family has been making these since my mother was a little girl and we love them. The first time I made them for my husband, he was suspicious of cornflakes and peanut butter together, but after one bite he changed his tune. Now he could eat an entire pan if I let him. The only difference between yours and ours is that we call it “cornflake candy.” Yummy!

  5. Sheryl says

    First learned how to make these as a freshman in a home economics class We love these – they are a family staple at our house! 30+ years ago. My teacher called them “O Henry Bars.” The ingredients are the same just a slight variation on the amount. Only while they were warm she sprinkled chocolate chips on top, they melted from the warmth of the peanut butter mixture, and then spread them with a knife. I have 2 daughters – one likes chocolate and one doesn’t so I always had to make a pan 1/2 with and 1/2 without. Also I often drop them like no-bake cookies and then melt chocolate in the microwave and drizzle it on. Great to take places and easy to do some with and some without the chocolate.

  6. Irma says

    I make this same recipe, after spreading in cookie sheet I lay hershey candy bars on top and stick them in a warm oven for a couple of minutes. yum yum. thanks for all the good recipes Christy.

  7. Debra C says

    To cut into pieces easily when it is still warm you can rapidly use a pizza cutter sprayed with butter flavored cooking spray or any cooking spray will do. This will give a quick even cut. If you cut it in a slant you can make triangle shapes which are pretty on a nice decoratove plate.

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