Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake


Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake

You may recognize this as a “trifle” but here in the south, we call them “punch bowl cakes”. Any southern lady worth her weight in salt has at least one pretty glass punch bowl, usually reserved for this purpose.

This dessert is my husband’s absolute favorite. He wants this every year on his birthday, which is no small feat considering he was born in February. Easily made into a lowfat or lite dessert, it can actually be very diet friendly when compared to your typical dessert. I love to make it in the summertime, but it can easily be made in the winter provided strawberries are available in your grocery store, to help stave off your cold weather blues.

Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake

You will need: Angel Food Cake, Whipped Topping, Milk, Instant Vanilla Pudding, and Strawberries.

Cut all of the brown off of your cake. This is purely for cosmetic purposes. The brown part is perfect to give to antsy children as they watch you.
Tear your angel food cake into small bite sized pieces
Like this
Wash your strawberries. I just rinse them in a bowl of water…
Slice them all up.
In your mixing bowl, pour your milk…
add dry instant pudding
Mix until well blended and starting to thicken.
Add whipped topping.
Mix again until well blended and looking like this! Dip your finger in it and taste it and make a note to make double next time so you can have a bowl of just this stuff………
By the way, this makes a great lite topping for cakes if you ever need one. You can use light whipped topping and sugar free pudding and 2 percent milk – MUCH less guilt than icing!
Place a third of your cake bites in a bowl.
top with a third of your whipped topping mixture.
and 1/2 of your strawberries.
Repeat with a layer of cake, layer of topping, layer of strawberries, layer of cake, layer of topping, and a finishing strawberry to go on top!
Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake
Isn’t that beautiful?

Yum yum YUM!

Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake
  • 1 pkg Angel Food Cake
  • 1 pkg 3.5 ounce instant vanilla pudding mix (this is the small box and I always use sugar free)
  • 2 Cups milk (can use skim)
  • 1 (8 oz) carton whipped topping
  • 1 pint fresh strawberries, washed and hulled
  1. Trim brown from cake. Tear cake into small pieces. Prepare pudding as directed. Fold in cool whip. Place ⅓ cake pieces in a bowl. Top with ⅓ pudding mixture and ½ strawberries. Repeat and top with remaining pudding mixture. Garnish with strawberry. Refrigerate.


This is my week in DISNEY WORLD!! I have written up a series of great posts to go up while I am away. They are all part of this one special meal my mom used to make us so be sure you stay tuned to watch the meal unfold!

I will be checking in from time to time and responding to comments a little while I am away so don’t go quiet on me! I do hope you all have a wonderful week! I’ll tell Mickey “hi” for you!

You can follow my Disney reports and photos on my Twitter which is at the bottom left of this webpage.

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  1. scraphag says

    I think I lost my previous comment. Darn it, I think I said it so well

    I (we) got our cookbook today. Yes!!! My husband got a kick out of the autograph. Thank you for that! He spent about 1 1/2 hours on the couch going through it
    Regards to your mother. Some of my fondest memories of my own mother, are the two of us cooking. We used to SING—-really LOUD…..old Judy Garland songs and Mahalia Jackson.
    Now there is something to scrapbook about!!

    Oh yeah……GO UPSIDE DOWN at least once for me! Enjoy your vacation.

  2. BillGent says

    That looks wonderful! I made the Apple skillet Cake today and used tart green apples since thats what I had at the house.
    Wasn’t about to go out in case Hurricane Ike got me. I wasn’t worried about Ike so much as spin off tornadoes that like to crop up… Hurricane babies, if you will.

    I will make a smaller version of the punch bowl cake for the dadster. by the way.. since these emails go to your phone.. i sure hope you have it turned off.. if not.. I’m sorry.

  3. Mommy's Kitchen says

    Christy that is beautiful. I have a brand new punch bowl as a gift from a friend. Actually its a cake stand that reverses into a punch bowl. I think i want this for my birthday as well. But knowing me i cant wait that long so i will be making this really soon. I love cool whip and pudding mixed together its just heaven in a bowl. I wish i had known about this recipe earlier, we have family coming in town today and this would of been perfect. I hope you are having a great time.

  4. Southern Plate says

    bayou belles
    Hey! You know, we met a security guy from LA yesterday and as soon as I heard him speak I had to look at his badge to see where he was from because in my mind I thought “He talks normal!” LOL! I seriously doubt anyone in the rest of the world feel that way about our accents but still….

    Thank you!! WIsh you were here, too!!

    Scraphag: I will tell Mama you said, Hi! Our family has a tendency to break out in song at the oddest moments! We all sing pretty much all the time and no one thinks anything of it! Good thing there aren’t any critics among us!

    I am so glad he liked the autograph, I am even more thrilled that you could decipher my chicken scratch writing!!! I am really horrible but my mother writes soooooooo pretty! makes me sick! LOL

    billgent Hey! I have my phone turned off when I am in the parks because I have an overwhelming desire to check email every time it vibrates to let me know I have a new one! I turn it on the moment we leave though and am THRILLED when I have comments from y’all to read!!!

    I am so glad you got to make the skillet cake, how did it turn out? Most of my recipes (except the apple pie) you can use any old apple you find around!

  5. Southern Plate says

    EEK! I have to run, we are trying to get to one of the parks early this morning so Katy can meet Lightning McQueen first thing!! I ‘ll write more during her nap and I have some cute pics to post as well as some recipes!

    I love y’all!

  6. Southern Plate says

    Hey Cee! I gave Mickey a big old kiss for you just this morning! We are having a blast! Hope you are having a great week, too!

    Leslie: Get something cookin’, I’m stopping by for dinner! Hehe!
    If I lived here, I’d be just ruined! I love this place. My goodness at the heat, though! I am from Bama, so its not much different – but y’all aren’t kidding with the whole “Sunshine State” thing, are ya?

    Tina: I LOVE cool whip and pudding mixed together!!!!! One of these days, Im going to make just that for me!!

    Hope you are enjoying your family!

    SJS: It is awful easy, If you get to try it let me know!!! So glad you are reading! THANK YOU!

  7. BillGent says

    The FIRST Apple skillet cake was not so good.. seeing as how I have both Self-Rising and Regular flour in my cabinet..well.. guess which one I used the first time.. yup. I have a apple flavored front door mat if anyone interested….

    I wasn’t gonna tell you since everyone is gonna know how hopelessly dimwitted I am when It comes to cooking lol!

    I made a second Butterfinger cake today. It’s amazing.

    One thing I wanna say.. do NOT use the Hersheys Caramel topping in the plastic squeeze bottle, like I did the first time. It’s too thin and will make the cake soggier than normal… yeah I wasn’t gonna tell ya that either.. dang it. ROFL.

    I have a suggestion.. I’ll make one of your recipes everyday.. then I can tell everyone what NOT to do.


    Christy takes a photograph of ALL her ingredients.. They are obviously there for a reason…it’s for people like me who go..

    “Oh.. this corrugated cardboard is all wavy lookin like Lasagna noodles.. I’ll use it instead!”


    oh well..we have to remember, the defeats make the victories sweeter, such is life.

  8. Southern Plate says

    Now Bill, I’ll be the first to stand up for your cooking any day! Your heart is in it and thats all it takes. I’d also be willing to eat anything at all that came out of your oven, even if it was literally corrugated cardboard with spaghetti sauce. I bet it would be THE BEST corrugated cardboard with spaghetti sauce I had ever had!!!

    And if you ever have any questions at all, just shoot me an email!! Normally I am right by my comp at home and can email back very quickly. You are, truly, one of my favorite readers!!


  9. says

    Hi Elaine here , made the punch bowl cake sat, and took it to a picnic where it was LOVED by all !! this one is definaltely a keeper , going to make it again soon !! Have no problems making this and taking it anywhere !!

  10. Mommy's Kitchen says

    Well I was going to make this today for my family. But i just got confirmation that MIL is coming in town with my sister in law. Hmmm guess i am going to wait and make this in a couple days when they arrive so i can WOW them. Ü I will let you know how it goes.

  11. Julie says

    Superior recipe…plan on making it lite as I am a diabetic. This will be a treat I can have in moderation. I can also make this for my christian home group when I have snacks for the night.

  12. Christina says

    I make this recipe only use pineapple tidbits (drained of course) as well as the strawberries. It is AWESOME! I love your website and have used it many times as I try to widen my cooking skills (I especially loved the chicken tenderloins that taste like Cracker Barrel’s) and love that you show step by step what the recipes will look like as we cook them. You’re great! Thanks so much for putting your time and effort into this website!

  13. millie says

    you know what i really love about all your receipts ingredients
    not only are they simply also they all cam be found at my favorite
    store wal-mart… you see i have gotten some receipts over years
    that i had to run from market to market looking for items and as you
    well know every store pricing are different. for which could really
    add up (I’ve sometimes said to self i should have just gone to bakery…lol) well my daughter one day use my computer to look up
    southern plate and found you apond her leaving she said I’ve found
    a website where you shop and bake under one umbrella…. again thank you.

  14. says

    I am so happy I accidentally found your website! I love your cooking and baking ideas and I plan on using some of your delicious creations. I’m going to make your punch bowl cake for my sister’s house warming party, i’ll let you know how it comes out.

    Thanks for sharing

    • says

      I just had to come back and tell you that I made your punch bowl cake and it was a smash! I went to the store to get more ice, I was gone about 45 minutes and the cake was GONE when I returned! I guess that means it was a smash and everyone told me it was great! Thanks soooo much! I cant wait to try more of your goodies!

  15. Annarose says

    This looks like one of the yummiest things I’ve ever seen. Chances are good I’ll have a trifle bowl under the Christmas tree and if I do, I’m considering making a version of this with canned peaches instead of strawberries since it’s the middle of winter in the middle of Alaska and we don’t have a lot of strawberries around!

  16. Diane says

    I made this for Easter lunch and it was loved by all – even my husband who thinks he only likes the real thing – SUGAR! Wonderful for those who don’t need / or can’t have sugar! Thanks Christy!

  17. Evangelist Myles says

    I ran across this site and I tell you I am happy about it. I made the punch bowl cake for our annual prayer luncheon and it was a big hit. I am planning on making it for my grandchildren’s luncheon on this Saturday. I love the fact that you make it easy by showing the steps and how it should look. God Bless You.

  18. Wanda Harvell says

    yum yum!! I haven’t tried one like this but I do mine using the strawberry & blueberry pie filling. I bet one with fresh strawberries is FINE, will definitely have to try it. And with angel food cake too… I make one at Christmas each year and told them that next year I’m trying it with angel food cake… sounds great!

  19. Mat says

    Love this, I make one with chocolate brownies (low fat) the pudding with cool whip, layer of cherry pie filling (low fat), more brownies, more pudding, more cherry pie filling, then top with cherry pie filling in center of top! Call it my Super Bowl Punch Cake and they even scrape the bowl.
    I have also tried it with vanilla wafers and bananas for a terrific Nana Cream punch bowl cake..(I use banana pudding mix for this one). It is such an adaptable recipe! Thank you! Hugs, Mat


  1. […] My sister wanted to be cutesy. So she made an angel food cake. The angel food cake was a bit overdone. Then she confessed she didn’t even like angel food cake. She wanted strawberry cake. While this logic may seem lacking to you, it follows perfectly well in my family. Edit: My sister did want to be cutesy but not by making an angel food cake. She wanted to make a Flag Cake. However, when she asked my mom to pick up a strawberry flavored cake, there was a misunderstanding and an angel food cake mix and strawberries were purchased. She does not now, nor ever like angel food cake nor does she intend to make angel food cake. Crazy enough as that is, the logic was sound.  I asked if there was whipped cream. There was. I asked if there was vanilla pudding. After a moment of rummaging, we found a lone box of sugar free vanilla pudding. Good enough. I had bought a four pound package of strawberries at Costco that day. I announced we could fix all dilemmas by making a trifle.  Wikipedia defines a trifle as “a dessert dish made from thick (or often solidified) custard, fruit, sponge cake, fruit juice or gelatin, and whipped cream. These ingredients are usually arranged in layers with fruit and sponge on the bottom, and custard and cream on top.” {Or in other words, one of those fancy layered dishes in a clear glass bowl.} The beauty of this dessert is that it looks pretty but it is so simple. I’ve made it before and it was very well received. In just a few moments, we had our layered dessert–the most complicated step being “slice the strawberries.” This is a really fun dessert for the 4th of July–especially if you throw a few blueberries into the mix! Very “cutesy!” Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake from Southern Plate […]

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