Chicken Salad


This fits into the category of a “non recipe” for me but Mama swears up and down there is someone out there who would like to see how we make chicken salad. So, I’m gonna mind my Mama and post it. Whenever a Southerner “Swears up and down” about something, its in your best interest to believe them :).

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I am getting ready to go see my son in his violin recital! They actually teach violin to third graders in our public schools, how cool is that? Both myself and my Grandaddy played violin “back in the day” and My Grandaddy and I always enjoyed going back and forth over whether it was a violin or a fiddle. Of course, it all depends on the music you play. I was learning to play classical music at the time and Grandaddy was more of a “Lil’ Brown Jug” type guy. I now have my violin and my Grandaddy’s fiddle. I miss seeing him play it. My Grandaddy could pick up any instrument and play a tune after just plucking a few strings to hear how it sounded. He even made instruments in his shop out of jugs, wood planks, and a few guitar strings and played the most lively songs on them! I was very close to my Grandaddy and you’ll end up hearing a lot about him in future posts. But for now, I suppose I should get back to chicken salad.

How many of you have tried the chicken salad sandwich from Arby’s? It is utterly divine in every possible fashion. I know some of you are thinking “A chicken salad sandwich from a fast food place?”. Trust me, its sooooooooo good and this one is right on the money!

I used some leftover smoked chicken I had. Leftover rotisserie chicken is great in this but any chicken will do, even canned. We’ll be making enough for about two chicken salad sandwiches.
I have a small apple, handful of pecans, handful of grapes, and about a cup of chicken.
Coarsely chop your pecans, grapes, and apples.
If your chicken is in large pieces, give that a little chopping, too. Add about a half cup of mayonaise.
Stir that up and add salt and pepper to taste. As you can see, I used about a 1/4 tsp of each.
The bread I chose was this great “Wheat berry” bread made by Nature’s Own, which I got at Wal Mart.
I placed a few pieces of lettuce to line my bread with and then piled it high!
Didn’t that make a pretty sandwich?
My Katy said it was too “puffy” so she fixed that for me. :)


Chicken Salad
  • 1 cup cooked chicken, chopped
  • ½ C grapes
  • ½ C pecans
  • ½ C mayo
  • ¼ tsp each of salt and pepper
  • 1 small apple
  1. Coarsely chop apple, grapes, and pecans. Place in bowl with chicken, mayo, salt, and pepper. Stir until combined. Serve on bed of lettuce or lettuce lined bread.

 *I used Wheat Berry Bread from Nature’s Own which I purchased at Wal Mart.


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  1. Southern Plate says

    I’m glad I could provide!!

    ~slips the aluminum foil cap back over her head and glares intently at you while she hums~
    “Now to see what I need to post tomorrow….”
    ~winks and grins~

  2. Aine says

    This is certainly a “must try”, both the recipe and the Arby’s sandwich. I’m not sure that my sandwich will be as good as yours unless your Katy can smoosh it for me. What a marvelous pic!!!

  3. Kim says

    I am SO glad someone finally posted this recipe! I, too, was in awe of how great Arbys’ chicken salad is. I’ve tried to duplicate it at home, but it wasn’t quite right. I’ll have to try this recipe now!

  4. ~Tammy~ says

    Every Southern Gal needs a good recipe for chicken salad.
    I’ve never liked the Arby’s though…but sit me down in a tea house and I always order chicken salad….yummy!

    Like the others, you have “flung a cravin’ on me”…as my Hubby says!

    Be blessed today!♥

  5. BillGent says

    Now this is funny, I took violin when I was in Elementary school too. I wish I woulda stuck with it but alas.. I did not.

    As far as the chicken salad.. It looks good but my dad would never eat it.. he hates his meals to be sweet. It just ain’t natural to him lol.

  6. Darius T. Williams says

    Soooo – I’m on the commuter train going into work and today we’re having a food day for Halloween. Guess what’s sitting in the seat on my left…you guessed it – chicken salad! It’s all white meat, low fat mayo, sour cream, fuji apples, parsley, a touch of honey, and some soul seasonings. I made a bit too much (you know how it is – when you cook waaaay more than you have to just because) and I had some for breakfast. Delish! I love a great seasoned chicken salad!


  7. sweepea says


    acquaint yourself with the benefits of lazy poaching–it will make MANY dishes much quicker, especially if you just need a quick bite without all the fat (as much as i love thee, blessed fat.)

    the laziest, easiest version of the poach:

    take a small saucepan, fill half to midway with tap water and boil, then drop in a frozen chicken breast,or cheaper even (bare) chicken tenderloin hunks from one of those big wally world bags and continue boiling for around 10 minutes. THAT’S IT!!! (but i always into mine on a small saucer to make sure it’s cooked fully first!)

    from there, feel free to shred the meat with a fork for a quick bbq sammieon toast, or a fast foldover sammie with whatever you like, or diced/shredded to your liking for a million things, like chicken salad. all in lieu of more expensive rotisserie chicken, too!

    of course, you can always toss things in the boiling water like garlic or onion or herbs, and/or use fresh or high quality chicken, but that defeats the purpose of the sloth of this workaround.

    enjoy! now, off to the recipe…

  8. Hope says

    This is pretty much how I make mine, too, except I use almonds instead of pecans (just ‘cuz I like ’em better). 😉 Sometimes I throw in some finely chopped green onions, too.

  9. Michelle Stover-Jones says

    I was just checking to see the “sauce” that held the chicken together since all I had was miracle whip light. I couldn’t find it in my go to… foodtv. So thank you for posting it. Sometimes I use candied pecans/walnuts and blue cheese crumbles.

  10. Tina Tompkins says

    Hey! Today is my first visit to your site ,I’m really enjoying myself , GREAT site!! Just wanted to tell ya’all what I add to my chicken salad, I like to add ,dried cranberries , smoke house almonds & sliced green onions & of course mayo .Everyone loves it and will always request it for brunch & lunch. Thanks for good stick to your ribs recipes .

  11. Shandie says

    I just wanted to say I did not know how to make chicken salad until I read your post! I have never really had anyone to teach me how to cook so I have had to learn on my own. Thanks so much for not listening to your mom!! LOL

  12. Jackie M says

    I LOVE Arby’s chicken sandwich, but don’t get there very often. I had this on my mind, so I decided to look up a recipe. Glad to find this one and enjoyed the added info on violins! Also appreciate the suggestions in the other posts. Will try this ASAP:) and come back to check out the other recipes here.

  13. N.J. says

    Christy, I hope you have some other “non-recipes” you will share and am hoping your Momma is there “swearing up and down” people will want said recipes. SHE’S RIGHT!! I have tried for years to make a decent chicken salad and never quite knew the secret. THIS IS IT!! This is wonderful to see the simplicity in this and yet it is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! Never assume your readers won’t be interested in a recipe you might consider “a no brainer” or “unworthy”!!! There’s still plenty out here learning with every recipe! WHAT ABOUT TUNA SALAD??? Please share.

  14. J. McMurry says

    This is great! We had a bowl bull of grapes that needed to be seeded and then I decided they had to go into a chicken salad….knew I had a can of chicken in the pantry…..ok! there it is. First check the computer for any emails….and here is the one from Christy Jordan….with just the recipe I need. I do have some leftover celery from turkey dressing so will add some diced up celery for extra crunch. And have almonds cause all the pecans got used up in the Apple/Pecan Upside Down pie I make for turkey day…but today’s meal will be Chicken Salad….thanks for all the reader’s posts…enjoy reading. We are the “south” but not the “deep South”…..we are the Arizona, which is the South-west… far as cooking, there is a difference but I love brousing through your recipes!

  15. Penny says

    There is a recipe for chicken salad on the Members Mark canned chicken at Sams. It is delicious also! The only difference is they put mustard powder, garlic, & chopped onions in theirs. When I first heard about it I was skeptical but after tasting it…. OH MY – you should try it sometime!

  16. Melanie says

    This is very similar to my chicken salad except that I mix 1/2 mayo and a 1/2 low fat sour cream and add drained crushed pineapple. If you are making large batch you can soak your apple chunks in the pineapple juice so they won’t brown. Yummy! Love your blog.

    • Ramona says

      My chicken salad is just wonderful and so easy to make, Take any leftover chicken that you have and pass it in the food processsor unti it is real fine.If you want you can put a diced up boil egg or 2 in there too . Mix all this well, then ad mayanoise and a tiney pit of mustard,some dill pickel relish and some sweet relish too. Taste for seasoning and then add red pepper onion powder and a very little of salt if needed. This is so good. What we are really making here is a chicken salad spread which is great as is with a sandwich or with crackers

  17. Patti says

    I had to laugh when I finally found this recipe. I knew it was here, Christy. Then I saw that you said it was a non-recipe to you, but Mama said SOMEBODY would want it! I ate Arby’s chicken salad sandwich yesterday and thought, “I know that Christy’s will be even better than this.” Thanks for not failing me!

  18. Judy says

    Christy; I love Arbys chicken salad sandwich! When I first tried their chicken salad sandwich, I said wow this is awesome, that a fast food place makes a sandwich this delicious! And the sandwich is x large and and the filling has all the grapes,nuts,etc. and a very generous amount of filling! Love it! And I love that using your recipe,I can make it myself! Thank you for another great recipe!


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