Bama Steak Sandwiches (So very EASY)


I have so many things photographed and ready to bring you that my mind is reeling with what to do first! Today I decided to bring you a super quick and easy recipe to give us all a break during the rushed holiday season. Can you believe, after all you do, your family STILL expects supper every night? ~grins~

Even though the world won’t stop for us, we can at least streamline things a bit by serving these gorgeous sandwiches. My nine year old has fits over them and my husband just moans while he eats them, unable to put it down long enough to speak!

This is what I make when I just don’t feel like cooking (can you believe I sometimes don’t feel like cooking? Shocks even me!). You know what? I had these done from start to finish in TEN MINUTES!

Lets start our week off easy, shall we?

You’ll need: 1 pound of roast beef lunch meat (I just got mine in the Wal Mart deli), one to two cups mozzarella cheese, a package of soft deli rolls, onion, margarine, and Dale’s Sauce.
If you don’t have Dale’s Sauce, you can use Moore’s Marinade, soy sauce, or a little bit of Worcestershire sauce.
You can also make your own marinade like Dale’s by clicking here to get my all purpose marinade recipe.
Chop up your roast beef a bit.
Chop up your onion.
(also chop your bell peppers. I kept mine rather large because my family members would have a coniption fit if they had bell peppers on their sandwiches)
Melt 1/2 stick butter or margarine in skillet.
Add your onions to the skillet. I snuck some bell peppers in there but kept them fairly large so I could pick them out and not put them on my family’s sandwiches.
You see, my son and husband think they will keel over and die if they ever have to eat a bell pepper. I think they were dropped on their heads as children, but I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before in previous posts :).
Add a tablespoon or so of your sauce, depending on your taste.
Cook this over medium heat until your onions are tender, stirring often.
Add chopped roast beef and continue cooking and stirring just until your roast beef is warmed.
If you like, add another two tablespoons of your sauce.
Once that has been stirred in and your roast beef is good and warm, turn off stove eye and sprinkle cheese all over the top and let sit until melted.
Spoon onto your sandwich rolls.
DIVE IN!!! Oh, doesn’t that look YUMMY?
If you like, you can also make this filling the day before and just put it in the fridge, then heat up your filling in the microwave and place on your roll and you’re good to go!

Bama Steak and Cheese Sandwiches
  • 1 lb Deli Roast Beef
  • 1-2 Cups Mozarella Cheese (or cheese of your choice)
  • ½ stick margarine or butter
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 bell pepper, chopped (optional)
  • 3-4 Tablespoons Dale's Sauce (or All Purpose Marinade)
  • Soft Deli Rolls (such as Sara Lee)
  1. Chop up roast beef. In large skillet, melt ½ stick margarine or butter. Add 1-2 tablespoons sauce, according to taste. Add onions and peppers and saute until tender. Add roast beef and additional sauce (according to taste) and continue cooking over medium heat until just warmed. Take off heat and sprinkle cheese over top. Let sit until melted and then spoon onto rolls.
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  1. Lisa Reynaud says

    Dear Christy,

    I was absolutely heartbroken when I tried this recipe. It is soooo salty. Why is that? I followed the recipe exactly, and it was so salty that we couldn’t eat it. Please help. Thanks.

    • says

      Hey Lisa!
      I’m so sorry you didn’t like it. Dale’s sauce is an extremely salty sauce (or marinade, whatever you wanna call it :) and that makes a pretty salty result. It could also be that your roast beef had a bit of added salt as well. If you prefer less salty (or as many people, can’t have the salt), I’d try watering down your Dale’s sauce or perhaps omitting it entirely.
      I hope this helps!

  2. KarenC says

    I threw these together last night and they were really good. I didn’t have a green pepper, but we didn’t miss it. I added lettuce and sliced tomatoes to the finished product and they were delicious with some potato chips.

  3. Cathy D says

    Made these tonight, Christy! My picky 7-yr old son LOVED them! And my not-so-picky-but-allergic-to-certain-foods 1.5 yr old daughter loved them as well! Can you believe it!? :) I used Worcestershire sauce on mine… never even heard of Dale’s here in Illinois. Turned out delicious! DH wasn’t home tonight for dinner so I’m hoping leftovers tomorrow will be just as tasty for him!

    I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna have to add a whole new recipe folder for JUST your recipes! ;) Almost every single one of them has been deemed a “keeper” by my family and me! Thanks again!

  4. Diane says

    Absolutely delicious!!! Everyone loved those sandwiches….although I had to rename them haha . My daughter graduated from Mississippi State, and Alabama is not her favorite :) So, I just couldn’t tell her they were “Bama” steak sandwiches. :) We just moved from Tennessee to Montana to be close to our daughter, so I keep “Southern Plate” on display in my kitchen. Thanks

  5. Michael says

    Super delicious and super easy! One said after eating “I would pay money for a sandwich like this one!” I used Angus Roast beef from the Farmers Market and equal parts Moore’s Marinade and Worcestershire sauce!

    Quick question though, how would you make this in a slow-cooker with chicken?

  6. Kjaristy says

    I just made these for dinner tonight…we were out of Dale’s so I did Soy Sauce and Worcester Sauce Half and Half….Hubby ate two and wanted a third before I stopped him! I think I will have to call them anything but Bama Steak Sandwiches as we live in Gator Country! Thank you so much for all your recipes….we use them at least twice a week!

  7. debra fields says

    I use an au-jus sauce that I get at Publix, it comes in a cute little white jug. Anyway, I have to cut it with water because like Dale’e it is sooo salty. My kids like to dip their sandwiches in the sauce so I whisk a little flour in the sauce to give it some thickness. YUMMYYY. I need to do the onions & cheese next time, they look so good.

  8. Linda Watters says

    This sounds so yummy, Christy. We like Philly Cheese Steaks, so would probably call them that. Hope you don’t mind. I wonder if au jus would work work instead of the Dales Steak Sauce. I have it but haven’t tried it yet.

    Thanks for sharing such a great sounding recipe.


  9. Wil Cooper says

    Oh Christy! You are making a chef out of me not to mention a pig. I just made this Bama Steak Sandwich for the first time. I am eating the 3rd sandwich as I type. I am pigging out. I kept your recipe the same except I cut it in half since there is only me to feed. Even so it still made 3 heaping sandwiches. Now I won’t need dinner tonight. I also made your all purpose marinade and it is a keeper also. Since I joined SP my meals have become exciting and not so humdrum as before. Can hardly wait for your new cook book to be out. Thank you so much for all you do for me and the other members.

  10. christine says

    being from Al now living in Ak we do not have dale’s or moore’s sauce! So miss it! I think I will have to contact their company’s and see if they will mail it to me in bulk!!!! Enjoy all your recipes!

  11. Jean Cowan says

    We had these for supper tonight and they tasted great!! We have had a busy day and this was perfect for supper tonight! This meal was so easy to prepare and quick too! Another great recipe from ya!

  12. says

    Christy, you have made my day!!! I LOVE< LOVE steak sandwiches and these are sooo easy!! I am hungry for one now but i guess i better wait till supper and like you my kids and husband have all been dropped on their heads too…. so not many peppers go into it… ( the sandwich, not the head :))

  13. Lori McCool says

    Hey Christy, love your site and recipes but I have recently been diagnosed with Type 2 and was wondering about your recipes and nutritional info. thanks for all the great recipes.

  14. says

    From Facebook:

    Hollie – Totally trying this, this weekend, Thanks

    Roxanne – Oh my word.. That was the bomb. Having these this weekend :)

    Sue – yum..thanks for this… good for the weekend………….
    about an hour ago · LikePeggy – Making my mouth water again….YUM. YUM!

    Elizabeth – I hate to say it, but you’re like my Mama was. LOL
    I can’t abide raw onions, but she and Daddy loved them so she’d add them and tell me to pick them out. She never did understand that everything they touched still had that taste (especially in potato salad), even after the onions were gone. Now, I love cooked bell pepper, but that flavor soaks into other foods even more than raw onion. So, if your family isn’t complaining about it, maybe they actually like the bell peppers and just don’t know it. LOL

    Charlotte- LOVE, LOVE…..

    Diane – will definitely be making this SOON!!!

    Rachel – My family LOVES these.

    Tara – I want ond of these right now! Yumm-o… I think I see a trip to Kroger in my future…

  15. says

    I made these a few days ago and they were divine!! I used soy sauce because at the time I wasn’t even sure what Dale’s was. I did buy some at the store yesterday (surprised they had it, honestly) and will make it the “real” way today. I am hoping they turn out just as good or better because I was in love the first time!

  16. Ashley says

    Made these for dinner lastnight, and we loved them! Just as good the next day ;) So glad you recommended Dale’s Sauce in your Hobo Packet recipe or I may not have ever noticed it! Thanks for another fantastic recipe!

  17. Brandy M says

    Christy, I made these on our family camping trip and OH MY! We loved them! This is a fantastic recipe to use left overs with- ( we had a bit of steak left over from the night before that I sliced very thin and threw in with the roast beef) I also used the A-1 and worcestershire sauce I had on hand instead of dales and they came out delicious. It was perfect hearty camping lunch and so very easy to add to our favorite roughin’ it meal list. Thank you!

  18. Brook Hawkins says

    Tried this tonight but it was WAY too salty! The hubby and I are big fans of philly cheese steaks so we were definitely disappointed. :( Only used a table spoon or so of the marinade, even watered it down a bit while cooking, but still too salty.

  19. Lisa says

    Oh my goodness, I made these sandwiches for lunch today and my family LOVED them! The only thing different is that I used Havarti cheese. I served them with onion rings. Soooo good! Thank you!

  20. says

    I fixed this tonight and hubby and I LOVED it! To those of you who said it was too salty – Dale’s is a marinade, so it has a high salt content. My husband went to the grocery store and came home with the low sodium kind because the store was out of the regular kind. It turned out to be okay because the dish was still really awesome! Maybe you could try the low sodium Dale’s, or do as Christy said and dilute it with a little water.

    Christy, I have to thank you SO much for this recipe. My husband LOVES philly cheese steak and is always asking me to make it. I think this is pretty similar, and he was so happy with this dish!

  21. Sharon Hopfinger says

    My husband loves these sandwiches. He is always hesitant about any new recipe I try but I always have great success with yours. I am so glad I found your site–just wish I had found it sooner. Oh and I love your new cookbook.

  22. Rachel says

    I have made these a few times for my family, and they love them. The last time I made them, I was going to add mushrooms and stuff a pepper with it, but being the frugal person that I am, got the portabella mushrooms on clearance at the store. This got my brain to working so I rearranged the ingredients and we ended up with cheesesteak stuffed portabellas.
    You know that feeling you get when you bite into something good and your eyes close automatically, and you just savor the first bite? Yep, that was my son in law. lol

  23. Cindy says

    Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you the hubby and I just loved this. We have made it several times. Matter of fact we’ve had it twice this week. Had to eat the leftovers since I sent him to buy ingredients and he bought too much :) He sure didn’t mind it eating twice in 1 week. Thanks for sharing this

  24. Sandra says

    Christy, this will be a regular at our house. Fixed it tonight and made your Fresh Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Icing! Both were big big hits! But, like you, I am the only one who wanted the bell peppers on my sandwich :) Thank you so much for all your great recipes. Hugs, Sandra……

  25. Dianne says

    I’ve adapted this for low sodium (due to CHF) and I start by cooking a 4 pound chuck roast in the pressure cooker with onions, sliced and anaheim peppers, cored and sliced. I add black pepper over the whole chuck roast. When you can’t have salt, you have to up the spice quotient to give it some good flavor! I put enough water in to make a broth–usually around 3-4 cups. Cook on high pressure (15 pounds) for 50 minutes and cool naturally. After removing the roast and vegetables after cooling down naturally, simmer the broth until reduced and concentrated. It should be beefy tasting–add more black pepper and whatever herbs you like.. If the chuck roast has a bone, even better! The roast will be super tender and moist. You can slice or shred. Add the onions and peppers back to the broth. Since buns can be high in sodium, I will either eat this on a plate or in a corn tortilla that we get from a bodega rather than from the grocery. Most places in the country have a place that caters to our Hispanic neighbors and the tortillas there are fresher and better, low in sodium and CHEAPER than grocery tortillas which are loaded with preservatives and other garbage. I leave out the bun so I can allow for the sodium in the cheese because I’d much rather have 1/8 – 1/4 c of cheese (I check the amount of sodium first) than the bun if I have to trade something! Those of us on low sodium have to be resourceful and adaptive! And believe me, trying to find no salt added items in the grocery can be an adventure! I tend to cook from scratch.

  26. Melissa Anderson says

    Christy, deli roast beef is so expensive. If we wanted to cook our own roast at home for this recipe, which cut of meat would you suggest? That way we could find it on sale and slice it up, even freeze some for later.

  27. DotRot says

    Love the way these are made. Hubby grew up around Philly and swears that once you get 10 miles out of Philly no one knows how to make a good steak sandwich. Maybe he’ll like these.

    I do have a question for you. All good Southerners know the difference between a coniption and a hissy fit. I’ve had some (who were unfortunate enough not to have a Southern background) ask me the difference and I’ve had trouble putting it into words. If you had to tell them the difference between a coniption and a hissy, what would YOU say?

  28. MARSHA G. says

    I think a coniption is a really bad fit and a hissy is a little fit. Is it just me or do other people dislike the pre-shredded cheese? I know it’s fast and easy but I don’t think it has as much flavor as what you shred yourself because of the powdery substance the manufacturer puts on it to keep it from sticking together. It also doesn’t seem to melt as well. I guess I will just stick to my block of cheese and my ol’ box grater.


  1. […] With summer here, many of us are marinating meat and grilling out on a regular basis. Burgers, chicken, chops, steaks, veggies, you name it, a good marinade can make the meal. There are two marinades often used in my neck of the woods that aren’t readily available everywhere else. Dale’s Sauce and Moore’s Marinade are both made in Alabama – and pretty much the same thing, although I’m sure either company would argue that. I use whichever one I grab first at the grocery store and they are the key ingredient in many of the meats I cook as well as my Bama Steak Sandwiches. […]

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