Cheesy Chicken and Corn Casserole


Have y’all ever tried to make a casserole look pretty? Unlike with me, the answer is probably “no”. Well folks, since starting Southern Plate, I have tried on more than one occasion to bring out the super model in a pile of pasta and cheese and I’m here to tell ya it just ain’t happenin! Although casseroles like this one taste divine, appearance leaves something to be desired. Maybe that’s why we like to cover them all up in a layer of cheesy goodness. You kinda want to stare down at it, cock your head a bit and give a little smile of condolence like you would a child’s failed science project  “Well….it smells good.”

It does get a little frustrating for me though, because I really love casseroles. They are easy, quick, filing, feed the whole family, freeze well, and budget friendly – whats not to love? For all of these reasons, I want to bring them to you, too, but then we come into the fact that this is a food blog, full of food pics….and our poor little casseroles end up being the red headed step child among all the other little chittlin’s.

I’m counting on you to love this one anyway. Look past its physical appearance and see the wonderful casserole within. Its a good little casserole, I swear.

You’ll need: cream of chicken soup, 1 can of whole kernel corn, 1 box yellow rice (we just love Zatarains but you can use any type yellow rice you have, Mahatma saffron rice is very good in this, too), margarine, and cheddar cheese. Oh and chicken. You can leave the chicken out if you want but I like to have chicken in this so I can call it a meal and be done with it. :)

Here I go again. You only saw one stick of butter in the ingredients and now you are seeing two. Well before you go and get your eyes checked, its me. Its all me.

You see, I have quantity issues. My motto is “Why feed five when you can feed fifty?”. I NEVER make just one of a meal if it freezes well. It just makes no sense to me to go to all of that trouble for one when you can get two out of the same effort and make life easy another day.

So in this tutorial, I am making two of these. One will be placed in a zipper freezer bag and frozen to be a quick and easy supper on another day. Like one of those days where you end up spending three hours in a doctor’s office waiting room because your three year old has an unusual rash all over her legs and tummy and you fear the plague has descended so they “work you in” at the office, which we all know darn well means they let you come sit up there while the receptionists watch you from behind the glass and take notes for some psychology experiment so they can see how long it takes a mom and a child two hours past her naptime and one hour past lunch to crack…

But OHHH you FOILED their evil plot!! You found a whole sandwich baggie of only partially crushed goldfish crackers and a BRAND NEW box of tic tacs (the orange ones!) in your purse. So you sit there, watching your child run back and forth in the lobby so she can make the automatic doors open and shut for the gazillionth time as you cast triumphant stares to the ladies behind the glass and pop a fresh tic tac with a grand and sweeping gesture into your mouth each time one of them turns your way, and what do you do after another half an hour waiting followed by a grand total of two minutes with the actual doctor (yes, two, I swear, I counted them. “Let’s see here…oh, oh thats hives. Yes, I’ll send the nurse back with a prescription, thank you” (honestly, she said half of that while she was actually exiting the room…). What do you when you finally leave there and find yourself back home with Princess Crankipants who is now jacked up on the four dum dum lollipops and half the box of tic tacs? You open the freezer and pop this baby in the oven. Then…you sit and think happy thoughts of me. :)

So make two of these, seriously.

By the way, it was an allergic reaction to lavender scented dryer sheets and that rash was just hives. She’s fine but you never know…

Dump your corn, margarine, and cream of chicken soup into a bowl.

Pour cheese over the top of it.

Add hot rice which has been cooked according to box directions. This will melt your butter and such. Add your chicken. This can be canned chicken, leftover chicken, boiled and shredded chicken, whatever cranks your tractor.

Stir that all up and place in a casserole dish.

Then cover the top with 1/2 Cup of cheese.

God love it, poor casserole. Ugly as the day is long but it sure is good!

This casserole is comfort food like no other!

Bake, uncovered, at 350 for about half an hour, or until nice and bubbly!

Cheesy Chicken and Corn Casserole
  • 1 Box Yellow Rice
  • 1 Stick Margarine
  • 1 Can Cream Of Chicken Soup
  • 1-2 Cups shredded, cooked chicken
  • 1 can Whole Kernel Corn (drained)
  • 1½ Cups Cheddar Cheese
  1. Cook rice according to package directions. Add rice and all other ingredients, except for ½ C of cheese, into a bowl and stir until well combined. Spoon into casserole dish and top with remaining cheese. Bake at 350 for about thirty minutes, or until bubbly.

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

~Abraham Lincoln


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  1. Lauren says

    I made this on Tuesday night, and it was delicious! I doubled the recipe and it made A LOT which is good b/c there was enough leftover for a few lunches! Maybe not the healthiest recipe but very yummy!

  2. NurseyGirl says

    My family is not big on corn so we substituted french cut green beans and it was super! Someone asked about other rice and I simply made plain brown rice as the box suggests (2 C dry rice) and cooked it in chicken stock-went great with your recipe! Thanks so much!

  3. Deanna says

    Sounds great but I am wondering how you freeze it. You say put it in a zipper freezer bag and freeze it, do I just pour it in a zip lock bag and freeze it? Do I thaw it before I cook it? Thanks again for the recipe looking forward to making it.

  4. Brye Shell says

    Just made this. Was simple and easy and I love recipes that don’t require me to rush off to the store for an ingredient. I used a parmesan risotto rice as I am not huge on brown rice but that bit of added flavor with the oregano, parmesan, and basil was out of this world.

  5. Ashley says

    I did not have yellow rice on hand. I had white rice. To season it I sautee’d it in a little Olive Oil and butter. While sauteeing the rice I also added fresh onion and garlic. At the very end just before I added hot chicken broth to cook it I also added dry basil and oregano. The rice was delicious all by itself and great in this recipe.

  6. oldnuke says

    You definitely need to use butter.

    My grandmama from Starkville told me that margarine was the work of the devil and that the cows she had did not mind giving us the milk to make it. :-)


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