Perfect Pecan Pie (Guaranteed not to be Pecan Soup!)


As kids, one of our favorite Sunday desserts was pecan pie. It seemed like Mama made one almost every Sunday, too. That was the day when we always had even more dinner guests than usual.

You see, people tended to gravitate towards our house at meal time (Mama has always made amazing meals) and my parents had a policy of never turning anyone away at suppertime. Over the years, we ended up “adopting” various bachelor uncles here and there who would show up every Sunday, many of them every weeknight as well. My brother had two friends, brothers, who were invited for dinner one night and literally ate every single night after that (unless they had dates) for the next three years. Mama said she never minded, she always hoped that someone would do the same for one of her kids.

Pecan pie was one of our all time favorites but it was often a hit or miss recipe. Sometimes it turned out perfect but most of the time we had pecan “soup”, which we still loved. Mama laughed along with us as we called it that and she would joke about it as she dished it out into bowls instead of saucers. A friend gave her this recipe when I was a young teen, though, and she announced that Sunday that we were not going to have pecan soup anymore, but pecan pie. Ever since then, its been perfect every single time. Although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss those good old days of Mama dishing pie out into a bowl…

Have you ever made pecan soup? Want to make the PERFECT pecan pie?
You’ll need: eggs, sugar, white corn syrup, margarine, pecans, an unbaked pie shell.
One of my reader’s made this pie using my mix in pan pie and said it was fabulous!

Melt butter in microwave.

In medium bowl, beat eggs well.
Blend in sugar with whisk.

Pour in corn syrup.

Pour in melted butter.

Whisk well.

Add pecans.

Pour entire contents into pie shell.

Place in COLD oven. Turn oven to 300 degrees and bake for one hour.

Perfect Pecan Pie
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 C sugar
  • ½ C White Corn Syrup
  • ¾ stick margarine, melted
  • 1 C chopped pecans
  • 1 unbaked pie shell
  1. In a medium bowl, beat eggs. Blend in the sugar. Stir in remaining ingredients, mixing well. Pour in pie shell and place in cold oven. Turn oven to 300 degrees. Bake 1 hour.
 Mama says “This is the best pecan pie I have found. Guaranteed not to turn to pecan soup”.
Friends, I’d like to introduce you to a dear friend, Terri. Terri and I got to know each other early on in my Southern Plate days when she sent me her recipe for Dixie Cornbread. Just as it was with all of you, I felt an instant kinship to this Magnolia who had been transplanted to the big apple. We’ve kept in close touch via email, telephone, and my mother and myself are going to meet her in the spring where she has invited us for a weekend in “the big city”.
As Southern Plate has grown, one of the things that I miss most is being able to personally email each one of you and respond to every email I receive. I read them each day as they come in and they just mean so much to me. I have an entire stack of emails printed out that I am saving, that is how special they are! Your feedback and emails mean so very much and keep me so excited about Southern Plate!
It has been really bothering me though, that I haven’t had time to email every one back personally because I feel like if you take the time out of your busy day to email me, the least I can do is email back and I do want you to know how much I appreciate each and every one of you.
This is where Terri earns her wings. She has volunteered to help me with my communications by sorting through emails, answering what she can, and forwarding on those that need to go to Mama or myself. I will still be reading every single email but now instead of fretting over not having time to email back, you will each get a response from either myself, my mother, or Terri. This is going to help you get responses to important questions faster and also let you know that your email did get through and was read in a much more timely manner.
Most importantly, its going to be a much more neighborly way of doing things. Basically, our front porch is getting big and we want to expand it so folks have  more time to sit, relax, and visit with us. I just have another friend whose gonna be walkin’ around making sure your tea glass is filled and handing out Mama Reed’s Teacakes to everyone so you can get your sugar rush before you have to go back out into the world again.
I hope y’all are having a great week and I also hope this pie makes it on a few tables this Thanksgiving!


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  1. nadia t says

    OMG… I just made my FIRST non soup pecan pie!!! I,ve tried to make peacan pie so many times and everytime it turns out to be pecan soup! Lol, but thanks to your recipe it’s perfect this time… :-)

  2. Genia says

    Just wanted you to know that I have tried several different recipes and this one is a keeper. It don’t last long around my house. A piece of pie is a fourth of the pie in my husband’s book.

    • Sonja says

      I see this recipe did not call for flour. This recipe is the basic pecan recipe on the internet. I would like to ask anyone out there… Does this pie come out Not runny because of the temperature and placed in a cold oven?? My pecan pies are runny…although I have not cooked one in a cold oven at 300. Need help with my pie. Thank you.

      • says

        I wasn’t aware that the internet had it’s own set of recipes but I’m glad to hear that this one is in it! There are a lot of factors that contribute to this pie coming out “not runny”, the ingredients, amounts, and cooking temperature do all work together to make this happen. You can, of course, modify the cooking temp of your pie and put it in a cold oven and may have the same results but this specific recipe is designed for success. Hope you have a great Christmas!

  3. Martha says

    Ok so, Monday I stopped by the store to get supplies for this pie using pecans I gathered from my tree last fall. My son (Senior in college) had to make a recipe using one ingredient that was locally grown. (my pecans) I got 2 pies together and into the oven. 15 minutes later Mother Nature decided to send foul weather through Arkansas and we lost power. (7:15 pm Monday till 2 p.m. Tuesday) Needless to say I had Pecan Soup anyway. LOL So I made 3 pies today to make up for my loss and they were AWESOME. 2 pies with chopped pecans and 1 pie with halves. I have thrown away all other Pecan Pie recipes and replaced them with this one. Thank you so much for all you do. You are much appreciated.

  4. Konnie says

    Oh my Lord Christy, this is really perfect pecan pie! I just made this and my house smells amazing! I couldnt wait for the kids, i had to taste it…LORDY! Can’t wait for the family to have some! :)

  5. Suzan says

    Has anyone made this at high altitude? I made it last yr. & used the dark Karo syrup as that’s the taste & look my husband likes. Do you think the white Karo is thicker? It wasn’t quite as soupy, but still takes FOREVER to cook at high altitude!

  6. Mary Walker says


    I love reading the recipes on your website!

    I’ve been making an occasional pecan pie with about the same ingredients as your recipe. However, I’ve never started mine in a cold oven. I’m going to try this!
    I noticed your wooden turkey centerpiece in the picture. I have one almost exactly like it. I usually use tootsie rolls in their fall-colored wrappers for the “feathers”; I’ve also used heavy plastic drink stirring sticks for “fruit kabobs.”

  7. vickie says

    Made it exactly as stated and was still soup!! I don’t know what I do wrong but every single pecan pie recipe I make is always soupy and it really stinks because this is my husbands absolute favorite dessert!!

  8. Kay says

    This is the recipe I use but, I don’t put any margarine in. With the fat from the pecans we don’ t need the extra calories. Everyone has always raved about my pie and request it for all get togethers.

  9. Elle says

    I’ve noticed this same question – you write to use “3/4 stick margarine,” but the rest of the recipe refers to it as butter. I think blue bonnet is margarine (as pictured), but personally I also prefer butter over margarine. Can I use butter instead, or eliminate it altogether maybe? I’ve noticed that other pecan pie recipes don’t call for either butter or margarine.

  10. Old Mammie says

    This is very close to the recipe I have used for 40+ years. I use dark karo, 1/2 a stick of butter, and a teaspoon of vanilla. I put my pecans in the crust and then pour the mixture over them. Cook in preheated 400 degree oven for 10 minutes and then turn oven down to 350 and cook for 30 to 40 minutes. Pecan pie was my father and his brother’s favorite dessert. I would make two and take to my parents when my uncle visited and the two of them would cut one in half and the rest of us got the second one. I got this recipe from a can of pecans years ago and it has never failed me yet.

  11. judie says

    I have a challenge from a co-worker (fellow foodie) to make some pecan pie bars as good as her grandmother from Mississippi. I admit in my 50 years here on earth I have never tasted a pecan pie, less a pecan pie bar. This was the first web site I thought of to find the perfect recipe. Can this recipe be used for bars? I would prebake a shortbread crust and assumed I could pour in the batter and have success. Any suggestions?

  12. Nelda McCabe says

    Since I plan to serve pecan pie on Thanksgiving Day, I made this recipe today. Good move on my part! I came up with pecan soup. This pie was even soupier than the recipe I have been using over the years. With my original recipe, the pie is fine after a night in the refrigerator. Not so for this one. I served it as an ice cream topping (as another reader suggested). Having checked the oven temperature last week, I’m not sure what happened. Any ideas??

    • Kelli says

      My suggestion is after the hour baking at 300, knock the temp up to 325 and bake for an additional 30min checking every 10 minutes until done. You don’t want to over bake it as it’ll turn very tough and chewy lol my family has been using this recipe from Christie’s momma for years and years and it never fails (especially if you do the trick in case it doesn’t firm up in time). Some ovens don’t preheat as quickly as others, that’s usually the case when I have to knock them temp up a bit and bake a bit longer. Hope this is helpful. Tomorrow is thanksgiving & I’m about to start my baking now :)

  13. Barb says

    I’m going to try this recipe, but I’m going to use 1/2 stick of margarine, instead of 3/4 stick and I’m going to add 1 tsp of vanilla just because we like vanilla. I don’t want to risk baking one more runny pecan pie and since some people have still had trouble with this recipe being soupy, I though I’d reduce the amount of butter to see if that works, as I read that’s how much one lady said she uses in her recipe. I also like the suggestions about adding a tbl of flour to thicken, but I’ll only try that next time if this first attempt doesn’t work without it. Thanks for posting this non-runny pecan pie recipe. I’ll let you know how it goes! :)

  14. mellie says

    I’ve had your cookbook for about a year now. I learned about you through Amazon looking at southern cookbooks actually. I knew nothing of your blog then either. This pecan pie was the first thing I made out of it. This is an easy recipe and turns out perfect, time and time again! Very reliable recipe and tastes outta this world good!
    FYI -I recently purchased a cookbook from amazon called Deep South Dish Homestyle Southern Recipes, and amazon asked me to recommend another cookbook similar to that for potential buyers and I recommended yours! You have a beautiful cookbook and loved reading your stories!
    Thank you for your recipes and cookbook, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Have a great day!!!

  15. Johnna says

    I made this for my friend’s baby shower (she wanted pie instead of cake) and it turned out wonderful. I didn’t even have leftovers! This is my go to recipe from now on for Pecan Pie. Thx


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