S’Mores Kits – Great Gift For Classmates – From Guest Bloggers Brady & Katy!


S'More's kits

While I dig in to do several tutorials today, two guest bloggers are here to bring you a great and inexpensive gift idea for classmates, young children, or even a thoughtful little gift for coworkers and neighbors!

Even the youngest child can help put together these great treats and hand them out with pride, knowing that it was their thoughtfulness which brought the gift about. I encourage you to get your kids in the kitchen this holiday season. This is a great way to teach them the joy of giving gifts from their own hearts and hands.

These are VERY inexpensive to make so no matter what your holiday budget, your kids are free to be as generous as they like with their very own gifts. I’ve also have printer friendly tags for for your kids to color at the end of this post!

You’ll need: Graham Crackers, Snack Sized Chocolate Bars, and Marshmallows.

I got the Christmas shaped Marshmallows because they are so pretty :). You can use another sized chocolate bar but I found these to be the least expensive and just the right size. If I had of found generic chocolate bars y’all know I would have used those! I have no particular attachment to Hershey’s. They were also out of generic Graham Crackers because y’all know I would have gone cheaply all the way with no looking back!

Place two graham squares into a bag. I am using those party favor bags I told you about in my first gift mix post. I think it helps if you stick out your tongue like Katy is doing here. I tried doing it both ways and the tongue out really made a difference. Is Brady doing a nutcracker impersonation?

(Make sure your wee ones have clean little hands for this!)

“Katy, now you hand the bag to Brady…”

(At this age, every photo is an action shot)

“Baby, now hand it to him slowly….That’s better”

Brady put the chocolate bar in.

Then they each got to put in one marshmallow. Katy put in pink “because I’m a girl and pink is for girls!”.

This is Brady putting in his green marshmallow.

“Mama Is green a color for boys so Brady gets to put green in?”

“Yes, Katy, that’s exactly it!”

If any of y’all don’t have kids you are likely reading this and thinking it was somewhat ridiculous to have them take turns doing every little thing. Those of you who do have kids know that its these small acts of diplomacy which prevent world war three from erupting at your home.

A Christmas miracle would be a photo in which both of my children are in focus.

Still, they’re kinda cute, aren’t they? ~Grins~

This is one way of packaging it.

Your kids can simply attach the tag and have a gift ready to go.

Print them out…cut them apart…

These gift tags can be found here. Don’t worry, I’ll put the link in again later in the post.

We enjoyed coloring them. This is one Brady did.

This is another way of packaging that we liked better in the end.

Just fold down the top twice and put the tag on the front… (I love using those little … <dot dot dots>)

And staple on the front.

I love how this one looks.

Would you believe I saw similar S’more’s kits this past weekend for $5.00 EACH?

Y’all know I just about choked when I saw that!

S’Mores Kits
  • Graham Crackers
  • Marshmallows (large ones or Christmas ones)
  • Snack sized chocolate bars
  1. Assemble in each bag: One chocolate bar, two marshmallows, and two Graham Squares. Seal. Color and attach tags. Have a Happy Holiday!


I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have started a new category: Southern Plate Kids. In this category your kids will be able to find Southern Plate tutorials just for them! I already have some kid friendly posts and more are coming so grab the kidders and let them surf! Stay tuned for more great holiday gift ideas just for kids, too!



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  1. Shelley C. says

    We made these this afternoon for my first grader and preschooler to take to their classmates tomorrow. (Yipes — I mean later this morning!) The girls were so excited to make something themselves. What a great idea!

  2. Nancy Michel says

    Great idea!!! Inexpensive and easy enough for a 4 and 6 yr old to do and hand out to their friends in preschool and grade school, as well as their neighbors! I think I see a day “cooking” with grandma in the near future!!

  3. Ann G. says

    Each year our sorority has a Christmas party for the members. We pass out a gift for each gal (12). I have been trying to find something inexpensive to make and share. We don’t spend much on these gifts, just sharing.

    This newsletter came yesterday and off I went to the store to get ingredients!

    I will put 2 in each gift bag, one for the sister and one for their husband.

    I should have known YOU would come through with something fun and different! Thank you!!

  4. Chris A. says

    Christy, I want to use the labels but would like to change the “Happy Holidays” to “Merry Christmas”. Could you tell me if there is a way to do this? Thanks so much! And I love, love, love the “and you” blog this morning. Have shared it with two of my co-workers!

  5. B says

    Been trying to think of a gift for a nice family I know. (the Mother person helps me with my house work) And wanted something they could all do together. This is it! Something fun and family friendly. Love your ckbks and they are my GO TO when I need an inspiration for dinner or a sweet. Thanks


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