My Radio Debut (such as it was!) Listen Here!


christy-radio-profileI had a great time on the CocktailCafe Mom Talk radio show! The other moms were fabulous women, so nice and welcoming!

I’ve definitely got a learning curve. My main problem was, there were three other co-hosts and we couldn’t see each other. Of course, you are supposed to jump right on in and start talking but I was worried about interrupting! (I have to work on getting in there!). They started talking fashion and me and my southern self went into the whole “Well, we were taught if we can’t say anything nice…..” ~sighs~. Of course, the classic is how I turned the designer jeans conversation into a description of chocolate gravy :).

Okay, my vows for the next radio show:

1. Speak up more

2. Don’t worry so much about trying not to sound like the little redneck girl

3. Be honest when they are talking about designer jeans and say what I am thinking “Most moms I know have Levis in their closet and are darn proud to have them!”.

Now my questions for you:

Would you be interested in a Southern Plate talk radio show on the web?

Basically it would entail me hosting and there would a number where you can call in and talk to me as well as a chat room where you can just log in and chat with myself and any others who are in there. Anyone with an internet connection could listen in. If you would be interested in that, please leave a comment and let me know! I am tossing the idea around about different topics and such but I figure the first could just be a free for all food discussion.

Whatever cranks the listener’s tractor :)



Rhea Brown

(Photo coming soon!)

If you want to know even more about me(and as long as you can still pretend I am interesting after the fact)visit Vicki at where she has an interview with me posted on her blog!


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  1. Valerie says

    Hey Christy, I am sure you did just fine on your radio talk show. (I can’t get it to go through to listen to it, just keeps buffering) but I know you did great. I think a chat room would be interesting. I am not very familiar with net radio talk shows so not sure about that. But seeings as how your post are so interesting and I find myself always coming to this site everyday first thing :-) I just imagine your talk show would be wonderful too!

  2. socalmal says

    Hello Chrity,

    I think you should commit to doing whatever you want to do. If it’s successful, then you were right, it not then oh well, go back to blogging.

    My problem is with talk show hosts that try to be politically correct and assume to know everything when usually they don’t have a clue and only serve to spread stereotypes. With you, we can go to our kitchen and make your recipes to find out whether or not we agree or if you were flat wrong, which hasn’t happened yet. So go with what you know – food and the south and you’ll be fine. You’ve already proven yourself here.

    Best wishes!

  3. Sonya M. says

    Maybe you could do an occasional podcast. I’d subscribe! You could take web questions and comments as inspiration for podcasts, much like your cookie baking challenge with 1stopmom, only their wouldn’t necessarily have to be a followup from the person initiating the subject. The problem with a radio type show would be that people would have to tune in at a specific time and it might not be convenient for everyone!

  4. says

    Yeah, if they asked me what jeans are in my closet I could proudly proclaim that I own two pairs of jeans that fit, and they both came from a thrift store! :-)

    That was fun to listen to, I really love your Southern accent!! And I loved the ladies’ reaction to the chocolate gravy. That stuff is heavenly! I made chocolate gravy mix for my sister-in-law’s family for Christmas, and she said it was really good.

    • Sonya M. says

      I know what you mean! My jeans mostly come from Beall’s and Beall’s Outlet, a Florida department & closeout store. I don’t know what I’d do if they went under! I don’t really care what name’s on the label if they fit well! I’m just very excited that my hips’ll fit in a size 10 again after years of being a 12+! Woo hoo!

  5. BillGent says

    A radio talk show? hmmm.. sounds intriguing. In my opinion, an emphasis on good nutrition on a budget, incorporated with the recipe discussion and a little wackiness would be pretty cool. I think it would do well.

  6. Michelle says

    I listened and I thought you sounded great! You brought some giggles to the show and made it more fun to listen too. I was thinking the same thing when they were talking about jeans. I am lucky to find some cute one’s at Wal-Mart. No way will I spend a bunch at another store. I laughed when you turned it into talking about Choc gravy!! I however do not like when things go political so if they do Obama Mamas for the next show I will not tune in. I will listen when it is fun Mom stuff but not that stuff.

    I think a chat room or hr would be fun. I think I myself would be to shy to call in to something.

  7. says

    wow, what wonderful and interesting comments about the radio show and the topics covered.

    I guess the only thing that I can add is, yes Christy, if you think that doing your own radio show would add something special to your readers and subscribers…. do it!

    I gathered 3 different women (moms) that were all different in order to express our commonality in finding that balance between all that we do.

    So, its not about the names you wear or where you bought them, but rather how you feel in what you have on. I personally get my gap jeans at the thrift store and online but that doesn’t matter. My blog is a collection of so much more.

    I do hope to have you back as this week is about the Inaugural celebration that I attended. Not political but there was so much for families to do in the DC area. Hope to see you all there!


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