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Kathy Davis



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Today, I am excited – doubly excited. Triply excited, even.  For one, I get to show you all how to make homemade biscuits a whole lot quicker (this is how I make them on school mornings when we all seem to be running behind). For another, I get to tell you about a great company and the icing on the cake is, I get to bring you a giveaway!!

Since starting Southern Plate, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with people from several prominent companies. There is nothing I love more than finding out that the people behind a product I love are just downright nice folks. I tend to like products better when I know they are made by “people oriented” companies who haven’t lost touch with their consumer. If you’ll look at my sponsors: Hamilton Beach, Wilton, Southern Beauty, and Pioneer Brand, every one of these companies is just plain made up of nice people. I have personal contacts with each one of them and they are all just tickled with the amazing people who read Southern Plate!

Pioneer Brand is a company I have been wanting to work with for a while because I have a few recipes involving their products that I just dearly love for their taste, ease, and time saving help. I also love how very in tune they are with their consumer – as is clearly shown by the convenience of the packaging in their baking mix! Once I discovered Pioneer Brand Baking mix several  years ago, I have cringed at the thought of that annoying Bisquick box ever since.

Today I am going to bring you Pioneer Biscuits. They are super easy, require only two ingredients, and allow you to turn out homemade biscuits with no fuss and little muss. I have a recipe on here for truly, made from scratch, buttermilk biscuits but I have to be honest with y’all – I am no different from you in that I just don’t have time for those very often! These are my “go to” biscuits on busy mornings or when I just need a good biscuit and don’t want to put all of the effort (or time) into it.

And guess what? Later this week, I am going to bring you some absolutely delicious, melt in your mouth, to die for cookies made with this mix, too! Seriously! Oh and if any of you are shipping cookies off to a loved one in the military, this cookie recipe is the one you simply must try next.

Now for the fun part! I have some great things coming up with Pioneer in the future but this week is awesome as well.

Three lucky Southern Plate readers are going to win a case of

Pioneer Brand Biscuit and Baking Mix!

Each case features two of these handy canister boxes of mix so you’ll be able to make these biscuits, the cookies I am going to bring you, and more.

Instructions on how to enter are at the bottom of this post!


To make Perfect Pioneer Biscuits, you need Milk and Pioneer Brand Baking Mix.

That’s it.

No really, I’m serious.


The first thing that attracted me to this product was the packaging. Instead of that silly, messy, nonsensical box we have a nice canister style packaging here. Take our plastic lid off and you have this seal.


Now just cut the end piece of the seal and we have a pourable canister :). There is also a piece of hard plastic that goes across inside the canister right beneath that dotted line to help reinforce this.


Place three cups of baking mix into a bowl and add one cup of milk.


Stir that up a bit until it is all moistened.


I like to lay out a sheet of waxed paper to work with my biscuit dough on so I can just wad it up and toss it when I am done. Sprinkle a bit of pioneer or flour onto the paper.


And spread it around well so your dough won’t stick when you pour it out. I am not actually spreading mine well enough so my dough is going to stick a little in the next few pics but I just did that on purpose so y’all wouldn’t feel bad if you did the same thing. ~grins and tries to sound convincing~


Dump out your biscuit dough and sprinkle a little baking mix or powder onto the top.


Now we have to knead it three or four times. In biscuits, as in life, it is important not to be overly “Kneady”. If you knead your biscuits too much, they will come out flat and hard.

I just pat my dough down and apply light pressure to spread it out a bit.


Then I fold it over and pat it out again. At this point, I need to add some more baking mix or flour to that paper because that is why there is dough stuck to it so I’ll do that before I pat it out again.

My point is, pat it out, then fold it over and pat it out again and repeat that two more times and you have some nicely kneaded biscuit dough. :)

As far as not flouring my waxed paper enough, I’m gonna invoke the golden rule of parenting here : Do as I say, don’t do as I do. I don’t remember the last time I was able to do a tutorial without kids distracting me. They were fighting over who got to use the laundry basket as their personal boat as I did these.

Mental note: Buy two more laundry baskets so I can actually use one for laundry.


Then I just kinda pat mine out like this. You can use a rolling pin but patting it out works fine.

I’m about to show you two ways to cut these. One is more traditional and the other is more streamlined, less wasteful, and easier – but it just feels odd to Southerners.


This is a pizza cutter. I roll it a bit in some flour and then…



But let me tell ya something, as neat as this is and as quick and easy, to a Southerner, there’s just something unnatural about a square biscuit :).


Oh yeah, that’s more like it!!!


Place these on a greased baking pan and I like to top mine off with just a light spraying of cooking spray to get them all prettified on the top when they are done. You can use melted butter for this or even a bit of cooking oil brushed on if you like. You can also omit this step entirely.

They bake at 450 for ten to twelve minutes.

Want to make these for yourself? Many Wal Marts carry Pioneer Brand baking mix and tons of grocery stores have it as well. My Wal Mart stopped carrying it ~sighs and shakes her head at Wal Mart~ so I get mine at the Piggly Wiggly!

If you’d like to have a case of Pioneer Brand Baking mix free, delivered straight to your door, leave a comment on this post and I’ll choose 3 winners next Monday!

Perfect Pioneer Biscuits
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 3 Cups Pioneer Biscuit and Baking Mix
  • 1 Cup Milk
  1. Mix ingredients just until dough forms.
  2. Turn out onto floured surface and shape into a ball. sprinkle lightly with flour to prevent sticking. Knead three to four times.
  3. Pat or roll out to ½" thickness and cut out biscuits.
  4. Place on greased baking sheet. I like to spray mine on the top with a bit of cooking spray before baking in a 450 degree oven for ten to twelve minutes.

Wanna really bowl ’em over?

Serve these with Crock Pot Apple Butter, Super Easy Peach Preserves, or Chocolate Gravy! (you can make Chocolate Gravy with Splenda, too!)

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  1. Kelly C Smith says

    I was amazed to find your link ! I seached for Pioneer Baking MIx and your link came up. I was born and raised in Iowa and moved to Missouri where I found and fell in love with PIONEER !! I moved back to Iowa and I absolutely couldn’t find it anywhere so I tried Walmart and even online no stores in a hundred mile radius sold it so I drug out my old Pioneer Brand box that I kept – now remember I moved back to Iowa in 1998- and I looked up the manufacturer of it. I then googled them online and order 6 boxes of their product as well as their cookbook. I received my order 3 weeks ago. Thats a long time waiting for good biscuits !! They are hidden now in my pantry LOL, the box did not say I had to share .LOL.
    I may not have been born in the South but I sure know a good biscuit when I taste it. I love to cook especially comfort foods like the Southern cooks are experts at, so yea I do LOVE Pioneer Brand biscuits !! I have given my mother one of my boxes because she grew up watching her mother make biscuits every morning but never learned how to make them. Mine never turned out well from scratch so it was a blessing to find Pioneer.
    After making Pioneer Biscuits I have found that Bisquick is too grainey, and gritty. I have tried to get my local grocery chain to order this for their shelves and they just don’t get it – am tempted to mix up a batch and take them in with some of those nasty Bisquick biscuits so they can tell the difference themselves.
    Sorry for carrying on but when a product is as GREAT as PIONEER Biscuits I can’t stay quiet about it !!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks ~ Kelly

  2. pat says

    i have used pioneer biscuit mix for decades and my mother and brother all use it. i had a little problem though, that is how i found this site. the last box my son bought me and brought home was only half full. of course i could tell as soon as i picked it up but he did not notice. i had enough to make the strawberry cobbler i needed it for though. i put bacon grease on top of my biscuits. this makes them yummy. really. try it; you’ll like it. honest. does anyone else do this?

  3. pat says

    ck out you can order things from this site and they send straight to your house. if they don’t carry it you can ask them to and they might add it. bisquick is too salty to me. you can make anything with this mix. dumplings, cobblers, anything you need. the one who cut crisco into hers/his, i used to use the butter-flavored crisco for this purpose. years ago my son would call me at work to find out how to make these biscuits with the butter-flavored crisco.

  4. Billie J says

    I have used Pioneer Baking Mix for years and our pantry is seldom without it. For biscuits, I add a little more milk than the 1 cup because it seems to make a lighter biscuit. My husband goes by the recipe on the box and they are good, too. Just this morning, my husband made pancakes, using the recipe on the box. No need to buy separate pancake mix.

  5. Maria says

    These are the BEST biscuits I’ve ever made. All other biscuits have turned out like bricks but these are light and fluffy — and couldn’t be easier. I like your tip of spraying the tops with cooking spray…I will try that today.

  6. Lynn Kendrick says

    Thanks to Southern Plate I am now a pioneer! I love this product and my only regret is that I haven’t been using it years ago! I made biscuits this morning and used 1% milk body boost formula and canola oil for the biscuit pan. They turned out so light and pretty and I didn’t spray nor butter the tops. I wonder if I could cut this recipe straight in half to yield less biscuits?

    Thank you for the great recipe and turning me on to Pioneer!
    Prattville, AL

  7. Sheri says

    I have been using Pioneer Baking Mix the last few times that I have made Sausage and Cheese Balls and they are better than when I use Bisquick. I am going to try making biscuits next. Thanks for the recipe!!

  8. shauna jones says

    My Mama always used a cloth laid out on her table (smooth cotton of course not a towel) and would sprinkle it with flour, kneed, pat and cut out her biscuits, pick them up dunk them in bacon grease that she had put in the skillet and flip them over so the grease was up on top. When done she would go to the back door, check which ever way the wind was blowing and shake the devil out of that rag to get rid of any flour that had dared to cling to it. She used it special for biscuits and told everyone to leave it alone and not dry our hands on it. Who knew she was being “green”! She just couldn’t afford paper towels!

  9. Diana says

    I have never tried pioneer baking mixes, in fact i have never seen that brand in any of the stores in my area. But i am gonna go looking for it because i wanna try these biscuits, they look amazing. My family loves biscuits and country sausage gravy. Do you know of any stores in so. cal that would cary Pioneer mix?

  10. Tempy says

    I never used Pioneer Baking Mix until recently. I couldn’t believe the biscuits that I made. So light and fluffy. Best I ever had. Didn’t know if it was me or the biscuit mix. Made them again. Wow, melt in your mouth and they rise so beautifully. I used buttermilk instead of regular milk.

  11. Karen Lee Martinez says

    A friend of mine’s mom used to cook for the jail, and she always used Pioneer to make the BEST biscuits! We loved it when she would have extras for us. Our WalMart has stopped carrying this and I miss it so. If you can find it, use it!

  12. Peggy Causey says

    I have been using pioneer biscuit mix for about 45 years. All my children and grandchildren love my biscuit for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I am going to girls camp this summer as one of the cooks. We are going to be making biscuits for the girls. What a great way to start the day. I would be very happy if I was selected to receive the case of Pioneer Biscuit mix. I would share the mix with the camp because I like doing things like that and our budget is limited.

  13. Carol Reddicks says

    We moved to Wisconsin in 1996 and have not been able to find a store that carries pioneer biscuit mix. My husband’s father used to make us biscuits when we went to visit and I can’t say enough about them. We came from Texas. Just wish I knew where to get it. The Wal-=Mart close to us doesn’t carry it. That is the only major store close to us.

    Any suggestions?

  14. Beverly Cannon says

    These were just what I was looking for! I used the pioneer buttermilk mix tho and added 8oz of cream cheese and chives just to give them a little something different. It was quick,easy and delicious. Great too because I just used what I had on hand. These freeze as dough on wax paper quite well too! That is a perfect feature for me as I only cook for myself and my bf.

  15. Lisa Washburn says

    O love my Pioneer baking mix! It’s getting harder to find around here tho. I would like to find in larger containers but (sigh) oh well. It makes the best quick breads and biscuits. Now my daughter who is 28 has finally started using it instead of the nasty canned variety biscuits. My grandbabies told her the other day. Momma did grammie come this morning and make us biscuits? Out of the mouth of babes!! Any way long story short –I am never without my Pioneer Baking mix!

    Lisa in Texas

  16. Larry Cotten says

    Hi Christy,
    I went to the Tom Thumb store for Pioneer Brand Buttermilk Biscuit Mix and they don’t carry it, so I went on line and Walmart is supposed to have it and I am going to their store next, and that’s how I found your site, Amen! Anyway, my aunt Carrie turned 100 on Nov 12, 2012 and I was asking her how she made her biscuits becaused she always made them from scratch. However she told me that she quit making them from scratch after her husband died in 1986 and she gave me her receipt which is almost identical to yours except she uses 1/2 cup warm water and less than 1/2 spoon yeast from a jar and after mixing lets sit next to oven until begin to rise and then works on paper like your directions. I have printed your excellent directions and I now believe I can make good biscuits.
    Thank you,

  17. Anne Easterling says

    My husband and I moved in to take care of my 95 year old mother with dementia. I also work 11-7 full time as a nurse. I used to make biscuits from scratch,but I just don’t have the time anymore. I’m going out to find some Pioneer Mix!

  18. mike daymon says

    My daughter is in the hospital and when we talked by phone today, she said they served a “chicken pot pie” by ladling creamy chicken soup over biscuits. It was so good she wants to make the same when she gets out of the hospital. I told her, “No problem, buy some Pioneer Baking Mix and you’re halfway there!” I emailed her a link your blog so she will have the info when she arrives home on Monday.

  19. Cheryl Taylor says

    Pioneer Biscuit mix is the BEST and I wouldn’t use anything else. I have enjoyed the container that it comes in because it was very convienient.

    The new packaging is AWFUL. It’s BULKY and CLUMSY!!! I would think that the research department would have gotten some sort of feed back from the public on the packaging. First of all you have to cut the top to open it and then you have to rip the bag that the ingredients are in, And when pouring the mix, it gets all over the place. Also the box is very clumsy when handling. Please go back to the old container. I know that you will probably get many e-mails asking that you GO BACK TO THE OLD CONTAINERS!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for allowing me to comment,

  20. Rachel Kingery says

    I used to make my own biscuits when my children were growing up. stop doing it when they got older and had more interests. .And now of course they are grown and made their own life,s I would love to try this biscuit mix out. I could get back into making them again. looks so simple this way.

    Thank you ,

  21. rg says

    Just visited the Pioneer Mills in San Antonio today. Visiting for a few days. The company is still owned and operated by the original family that founded it. We ate at their company store and restaurant and it was great. Actual home cooing in the historic family home. Bought a cute little bag of biscuit mix for about 4 times what Walmart sells it for. Oh well… the baked goods there were great (and so was the rest of the food). Can’t wait to eat the sticky bun with about a pound of pecans on it in the morning.

  22. Kathleen Stovak says

    Love this sight!! Awesome recipes,I have always made my food from “scratch”. Would love to try the Pioneer Baking mix,have never heard of this before.Don’t know if I can find it in Michigan am going to give it my best shot!! However if I were the lucky winner of a case of it that would be totally wonderful…I could share it with my very busy daughter-in-laws!! Thank you please keep up your wonderful post!!

  23. Christine Pierce says

    I love biscuits, but I can’t seem to be able to make them. My husband doesn’t complain, but I would like to surprise him with some really good biscuits. I will get the Pioneer baking mix and give it a try! Sounds really easy. I love Thanks.

  24. Jo says

    I LOVE Pioneer Baking mix! I have always preferred to make everything from scratch, but I needed baking mix for a sausage ball recipe and selected Pioneer – which made better sausage balls than the other big name biscuit mix. Anyway, the only thing I do different is that I use buttermilk even though I use the buttermilk mix. (I also cook them in my cast iron skillet that has been preheated in the oven with about ½ stick butter. When I put in the biscuits, I lay them down and them flip them over so that they have butter on top and bottom – GREAT!

  25. Jackie says

    Love all comments about Pioneer Biscuit mix! I live in San Antonio, Tx and have been a “user” for 40 years. I don’t know why they have changed their packaging. I agree with Cheryl it is not user friendly! Somebody at Pioneer has lost their mind!

  26. gary Ballard says

    We have used pioneer for 30+ years and we add sour cream and whipping cream to the mix and
    brush the top with butter. I am a connoisseur of homemade biscuits and these are the best.

  27. Beth says

    I am so excited to find someone who appreciates the recipes of the past. I have never used Pioneer Brand biscuit mix but I will be looking for it. Thank you for sharing the recipes and the wisdom. I love it.

  28. Sharon says

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE those biscuits! They are so simple and so good! The problem is, I can’t find Pioneer Baking Mix up here in southern New Jersey. I originally found it at a Kroger supermarket in Harrisonburg Virginia while on vacation at Massanutten. Everybody in my house loved biscuits made with this mix. I went to a Kroger in Savannah Georgia this past summer, and got a few boxes, but I am out now and have no idea where to get more, and there are no Krogers or Publix in NJ. I would be very grateful if you or anyone can tell me where I can find this mix. I tried the Pioneer website, but they didn’t have an option to buy online. Thanks!

      • Sharon says

        Yeah, I tried Amazon….if I am willing to pay $16.99 for ONE box, or $25.99 for two boxes, I am in luck…Since I am a little too cheap to pay that much for a 40-ounce box of baking mix, I am up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I tried Walmart .com on multiple occasions, but every time I tried to enter my zip code, I got a vague “we are having difficulty with your request, please wait a few ,minutes and try again” So, no luck with Walmart either. All the Pioneer site offers is a generic list of stores for each state, that MAY carry the mix, but for New Jersey, all it lists is “Walmart”, and I have already been there, done that! I am not sure where else to try at this point.

  29. Cindy says

    I love Pioneer Baking Mix and have found something nice about Pioneer brands. Pioneer Brown Gravy Mix gives you 2 (TWO) cups of gravy while more major and store brands only give you 1 cup of gravy.

  30. PeggySue2u2 says

    We Pioneer Baking Mix! I let my granddaughter pick what she wants to add to pancakes, waffles or biscuits; add liquid of choice and every time, we have a winner. :) Sometimes it is apple juice, oats and peanut butter to pancakes. To waffles, she likes bacon and maple syrup. To biscuits, she favors; sharp cheddar cheese, garlic, green onions and butter. She prefers drop biscuits so she can do it herself. The mix is completely versatile and lets us be creative in little time with little effort. The flavor is not over salty and leaves a lot of room for flavor exploration.

  31. james says

    Found pioneer At Food Lion years ago and was impressed with the packageing I decided to try it. My kids new wife and step kids all love it when I make Pioneer biscuits and pancakes. Am cobblers and dumplings too. Oh and goes good with BBQ (biscuits that is).

  32. Martha Spence says

    I have used PIONEER BISCUIT MIX since 1978…Before that ,I used BISQUICK.. PIONEER IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!! I worked at a small store close to home –Icooked biscuits every morning and I used PIONEER MIX..AIWAYS DELICIOUS- ALWAYS HAD COMPLIMENTS! I bought a new box a couple of weeks ago,,made biscuits last night AND FOR THE FIRST TIME–THEY WERE AWFUL!! THEY were flat and full of holes and gummy in the middle..What did I do wrong? You would think that after all these years that I have forgotten how to make biscuits!NO NO NO!!! SOMEONE please tell what I did wrong…Many thanks to all you biscuit makers out there…

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