Marble Cheesecake Brownies


Cheesecake and chocolate always strike me as the perfect combination for a very good reason : It is. If you've ever had those cheesecake brownies made from a box before, you're in for an amazing sight. The thickness and appearance of these brownies make them an instant show stopper. The deal is cinched when you take a bite and find that they taste every bit as good, if not better than they ... Continue Reading

Peanut Butter Brownies with Peanut Butter Fudge Icing


My Starbucks friends have been waiting on this recipe. After a weekend of doing pretty much nothing but baking brownies, I left a message on Facebook for some folks to meet me there to share in the bounteous offerings and was able to unload these puppies with no problem at all. If you're looking at that photo up there, I bet you can see why!   A lot of people have never had a peanut butter ... Continue Reading

Brownie Celebration Sodas!


I am having WAY too much fun this week! Tune in all week long as I get to do one of my absolute favorite things : Play with my food! Wilton has come out with a new book which, I swear, they wrote just for me. Brownie Fun! is the name and playing with brownies is the game! Lets face it, who doesn't love brownies? So all this week I'm going to be bringing you Wilton's AMAZING brownie recipes ... Continue Reading

Mama Reed’s Vanilla Wafer Cake


Sometimes I post things and it actually worries me that you might live your life without trying a particular recipe. Like my Chicken Stew, Apple Dapple Cake, or Banana Pudding. Well today I'm adding Vanilla Wafer Cake to that list. This cake is the kissing cousin of my Apple Dapple Cake. They come from a different branch of the family but chances are if you have the good sense to like one of them, ... Continue Reading

Southern Plate Joins The FOOD Mag!


I am thrilled to announce that Southern Plate is now featured on the website of The FOOD Mag and you'll be able to read more about Southern Plate and see my recipes in their next issue. I am going to be the magazine's  Southern Foods Expert and as you can tell, could not be more excited! I recently got my hands on a copy of the premiere issue of this beautiful magazine and am proud to be a part ... Continue Reading

Chicken Nuggets On The Fly


As I write this post a migraine and a Lortab are waging a mighty war against each other in my head. It has been a three day war, but I am happy to report that for the time being, Lortab appears victorious. As I wait on further reinforcements to conquer the retreating troops, let us do a quick and easy recipe utilizing some of the modern conveniences our granny's would have loved to of had back in ... Continue Reading

Comeback Sauce : Good for what ails ya!


Today I am bringing you a darn good recipe for an all purpose sauce that will make you slap your mama! Comeback sauce goes with everything from chicken to burgers to fries to chips, you can even dip your bread in it if you don't have anything else! I think I got this recipe from my cousin, Cindy, when she lived in Birmingham and had it at a restaurant there. I'm pretty sure that's where it came ... Continue Reading

MeMe’s Mashed Potatoes


For Recipes Especially For Valentine's Day Click Here Mashed potatoes are the perfect comfort food dish and our entire family insists that my grandmother make them whenever we have a big dinner. The reason these are "MeMe's Mashed Potatoes" is because that is what all of the great grandkids (my children and numerous nephews) call my Grandmother and she makes amazing mashed potatoes (y'all ... Continue Reading

Cinnamon Love Knots


Valentine's Day is often considered a romantic holiday but I like to make it about all of the people I love in my life, most importantly my children. We do this by having a special family dinner with a Valentine's theme. Heart shaped mini meatloaves, mashed potatoes piped onto their plates in the shape of hearts, and these rolls are always part of that menu. My children love cinnamon love knots ... Continue Reading