Southern Plate Joins The FOOD Mag!



I am thrilled to announce that Southern Plate is now featured on the website of The FOOD Mag and you’ll be able to read more about Southern Plate and see my recipes in their next issue. I am going to be the magazine’s  Southern Foods Expert and as you can tell, could not be more excited!

I recently got my hands on a copy of the premiere issue of this beautiful magazine and am proud to be a part of such a great publication. This, in addition to Southern Plate’s partnership with Southern Beauty Magazine is just amazing beyond words. I cannot thank you all enough for all that you have given me and for helping me spread the word about Southern Plate! I owe everything to my readers!

Go visit their website if you get a chance. Southern Plate is down to the right beneath GORDON RAMSAY! Seriously!!

Grateful to each and every single one of you,


You know whats scary? If this keeps up, people might actually start taking me seriously one of these days! Nah, it’ll never happen. :)


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  1. Joan says

    Congrats Christy, I was wondering if you are ever going to make your appearance in Athens? I live in Athens and would really love to meet you face to face sometime!! I really enjoy your posts and love your recipies! I got your card at the Piggy Wiggly (Food World) and have been addicted ever since!! And I live about 1/2 mile from your brother’s bbq rest. Maybe we can meet there and have lunch some Sat! Have a great weekend!!

    • says


      I love you! You know, I had thought about seeing if folks wanted to meet me at Starbucks or something sometime. I have developed a habit of showing up at Starbucks with food and feeding whoever is there (apple spice muffins were a huge hit!) and I have an undying love for Triple Skinny Venti Lattes with sugar free caramel….

      I almost posted about it but then I got to wondering if anyone would actually go and I’d end up there with a few dozen muffins and my nonfat sugar free latte.

      Now you know me, I’m always up for food! Maybe I’ll post something on my next post and see if anyone else is interested in Starbucks (so I can feed more people! WEEE) and if not we will just have to set us up a lunch date at old brother Bills! By the way, his nickname is “sugar booger”. ~grins~

      Have you had his ribs yet??

      If you live in my area and are interested in meeting for a big old coffee date (or rib plate!), give me a holler in comments. I swear we’re gonna hear crickets on this one, Joan!
      Christy :)

      • Joan says

        I have not tried his ribs yet, but I think we may just do that this weekend!! Sounds like a great time to try them, and I’ll be sure to use that “sugar-booger” name and see if it gets me a discount, and not throwed out!LOL

        Yea, just let me know and I’ll bring some folks with me to Starbucks and I’ll even bring something myself to go with your muffins or whatever you bring! Cause I love to cook too!! Especially good fattin stuff!!!



  2. norm says

    Well I as so very proud and happy for you, You have done a great job with Southern Plate. Now your on to higher and loftier things.
    “The Next Paula Deen” is born! Just think I am watching the makings of a cooking great. Today Food, tomorrow your own show on the Food Network WOW!

    You are one awesome Lady


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