It’s Pi Day!! Happy Birthday, Mr. Einstein!


HAPPY PI DAY!! First off, some of you may be thinking I left the “e” off but I promise I didn’t! Pi is a mathematical number, symbol, ratio, formula – whatever floats your boat– which represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. We just shorten that number to 3.14,which is why March Fourteenth (3.14) is Pi day!

This is also Albert Einstein’s birthday so Happy Birthday , Al!  Okay so it is tomorrow but I need to bring you this post so you have time to prepare for this holiday which we are all going to celebrate here at Southern Plate. I was going to write a poignant post explaining and extolling the virtues of Pi. I actually read an entire book about it last year. Scary…I know. As I sat down to write this post though, I discovered that a few obstacles were standing in my way.

  • It was before 7:00 A.M., which means my caffeine levels were dangerously low
  • I sat down to write a post, essentially, about math
  • I loathe and detest math. Math is not a topic I generally set aside time to discuss and therefore is a bit of a stretch for me to make it an interesting topic for a food blog.

Um yeah, so lets just get to the food part before we sprain a brain cell. We are sooooo taking this holiday and making it about food! Pi day, makes you think of Pie so lets get this party started!!


Lemon Chess Pie

The first time I remember hearing of a chess pie was as a little girl at my grandmother’s house. There was this pie on their dining room table and my grandparents and their friends had practically swarmed it until there was only a tiny piece left. Fortunately, that piece went to me.

taco-pizzaTaco Pizza

Now how about some Taco Pizza? I love this stuff and so does my family, but especially me. So if I ever come visit you, just have one of these puppies sitting on the counter and I’ll sit down happily and be quiet for at least five minutes. Alright, three. Something important to note about Taco Pizza, it is VERY filling. If your family normally eats two regular pizzas, you’ll be doing good to eat one of these. Take me seriously here. It is VERY filling! (This is a good thing!)


Pecan Pie

Pecan pie was one of our all time favorites but it was often a hit or miss recipe. Sometimes it turned out perfect but most of the time we had pecan “soup”, which we still loved. Mama laughed along with us as we called it that and she would joke about it as she dished it out into bowls instead of saucers. A friend gave her this recipe when I was a young teen, though, and she announced that Sunday that we were not going to have pecan soup anymore, but pecan pie. Ever since then, its been perfect every single time. Although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss those good old days of Mama dishing pie out into a bowl…


Amazingly Easy Coconut Pie (that mama makes for ME!)

This is a very special pie for many reasons. For one, it is one of my mother’s favorite pies to make and one of my favorite pies for her to make for me! Another is the personal story behind this pie, which does get a bit depressing. So much so that I am actually putting it at the bottom of this post instead of at the top.


Mix in pan pie crust

This is just one of my basic recipes that has come in handy for me on several occasions. I am HUGE fan of store bought pie crusts! Of course, we can make them at home but I just don’t have the time or desire to go to the trouble to make a proper pastry most days. Thats where this pie crust comes in!


Sweet potato pie

Down south we do love our sweet potatoes. Most restaurants (if they know whats good for them!) serve some form of sweet potatoes as a side dish. Steak houses offer them in place of a baked potato and bring them wrapped in foil, cracked open with steam rising out and a large pat of butter already melting into a generous spooning of brown sugar and cinnamon. No, its not a dessert, its a side dish. Sure they usually have a nice brown sugar coating and yes they may taste like a dessert, but sweet potatoes are a side dish. They are, after all, a vegetable, are they not? See how smart we are in the south? We call it a side dish and then still get to eat dessert at the end!


Apple Pie

Don’t you just hate it when you taste something positively divine that a friend made, ask for the recipe, and they refuse to give it? How awkward is that? I have always found it somewhat rude and therefore have made a point to share any and every recipe that has ever been requested of me. There is only one recipe which has tempted me to stray from this policy, my apple pie. ~Takes a deep breath~ So, today, to force myself to remain generous, polite, and kind to anyone interested, I am posting not only my apple pie recipe but a photo tutorial as well. I have tons more pie recipes which will eventually be posted on Southern Plate (I really do waste entirely too much time sleeping!) but these will get you started!

Want the easiest Pi Day recipe of all? ORDER PIZZA!!!!!

Gratefully Grinning, Christy :)


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  1. Tracy from Columbiana says

    these are all great receipes. We just had “PI” yesterday at work . Everyone made a pie and then sold slices for Relay for Life. At work we will do anything to bring food. Happy cooking…

  2. Crystal says

    At a school I observed at during grad school, the whole 8th grade celebrated Pi Day! We ate pie, read a book about Pi, had a moon pie eating contest, hit people in faces with pie and all other sort of crazy antics that the teachers could think of. The kids loved and looked forward to it all week. They do it every year!

  3. Mellany says

    Oh my! One more day to add to my celebrating calender.
    Is there a Cake day too or maybe a candy day? I have one question, should we make and taste all the pies :) to really get a feel for the whole “Pi” day?

  4. Barbara says

    Wowzers! I think I’ll end up looking like a pie, if’n I eat all of these!!! I’d better get back into the habit of going outside and walking everyday again! Thanks for all that you share with us!!!

  5. says

    I LOVE apple pie! Yours looks so yummy! I tasted my first piece of pecan pie at Christmas time and fell in love with it. I don’t know why I waited so long to try it, pecans are my favorite nut! Go figure!!
    Have you ever heard of a datenut pie? It was my grandma’s recipe and she passed before anyone got it from her.

  6. Trixie says

    Well now you’ve done it. I love Pecan Pie, but that easy Coconut Pie is going to get into my oven as soon as I have finished this post. Coconut has always been one of my favorite things in the whole world.
    Thanks Christy, for another excuse to eat something that we love, with out feeling guilty. After all it’s a celebration. LOL

  7. Karen says

    I think all of us (home cooks) should celebrate a lot more cooking holidays. I’ll give you March 14 (3.14) for Pi day. I need to declare cookie day, muffin day, cake day, pancake day and so many variations of these I could celebrate with favorites many days out of the month. How about red velvet cake day? Anyone interested?

  8. Su says

    Okay, so now I get what you meant when you wrote about Pi Day on your Facebook. We write our dates in a different format. To you it’s 3.14 hence the Pi, to us it’s 14.3 so just plain old 14th of March.
    But any excuse for pi(e) is good!

  9. Stacey says

    I’ve decided that whenever I end up having a child I really want them to be born on pi day. I mean, seriously…it seems to lead to a whole pile of brains. Albert Eintstine, my dad who is an astro-physicist, my friend Joey who never made anything but A’s EVER. And then on top of that… we could celebrate with pie, the best dessert ever made?? Sounds like a win-win situation to me. : )

  10. says

    I am a city girl but I’m lucky enough to be married to a farm boy (ok, he was a farm boy once). He loves pie but I have gotten in the habit of buying the frozen crusts. Your mix-in-the-pan pie crust looks great but can you use it for fruit pies, the kind for which one does not pre-bake the crust? If the answer is yes, my husband is going to be getting a lot more pie in the future.

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