Reuben – My St. Patty’s Day Treat



Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Today I’m bringing you a quick and easy way to get your Corned Beef and Cabbage in!

There is this place in Decatur, Alabama that I just love – even though I have only eaten there three times.

~makes a mental note to get out more ~

Anyway, they serve these great sandwiches, freshly sliced meats and cheeses and then toasted to perfection. The name of the place is “The Brick” and its located inside an old brownstone downtown. There is usually live music in the evenings and while the service tends to be a wee bit on the slow side when I’ve been before, you can’t complain because that just means you get to soak up the atmosphere a little more.

Speaking of which, when was the last time you called the manager over and complimented good service? Everyone seems set on complaining when service is bad but so few of us think to compliment good service. I’ try to counter this by never complaining at bad service and making it a point to seek out management when service is above par in any way.

I have even done this at mediocre service. Hey, I’m easy to please! Its kind of fun, too. See someone who is halfheartedly doing a job, likely just tired and flat wore out, seek out their boss and compliment them. Their boss in turn passes on compliments and this starts an entirely different cycle. Give it a shot and I swear you’ll get a thrill out of putting smile where there wasn’t one before!  


You’ll need: Swiss cheese, corned beef, rye bread, and sauerkraut.

Oh my goodness how I love sauerkraut! When we were little, Mama browned it in a skillet with slices of weenies for supper. We usually had that and fried potatoes and pinto beans with cornbread for supper. I would put ketchup on my sauerkraut and weenies and it was the best dinner as a kid!

You can get these at your local Deli counter and just get whatever you need so there is no waste or additional cost :).


For my sauce (which you can leave out if you like), I just mixed up a little ketchup and mayo.


Tablespoon of each, stirry, stirry!


Spread some butter or margarine on the outside of each piece of bread.

Y’all know I use whatever is cheapest…

Bring on the hydrogenated oils!!


I put a layer of Swiss cheese first..


Top with corned beef.

Have you ever noticed how much prettier a sandwich is if you fold and layer the meat rather than just laying them flat?


Add sauerkraut.


At this point I realized that no one in my house eats sauerkraut but me (dropped on their heads as children – the whole lot of ’em!) so I decided I might as well add one more thing that no one likes but me…

Bring on the sliced banana peppers!

Even though I am going to do all of this myself, it is fun to shout it out as if waiting for servants to appear!

Just don’t hold your breath. I don’t want anyone passing out or hyperventilating. We’d have an awful hard time explaining our little servant fantasies to paramedics.


Our sandwich is ready to be toasted!


Place it in a skillet and brown on both sides over medium heat.


We just want our bread browned and toasted and our cheese a little melted.


Yum yum yum!

I gotta be lucky today to get to eat one of these!

Reuben Sandwich
  • Sauerkraut
  • Corned beef
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Rye bread
  • ketchup
  • mayo
  1. Layer all of above on rye bread (I add banana peppers but thats just me!). Spread with sauce made of 1 Tablespoon mayo and 1 Tablespoon ketchup stirred together. Butter both sides of bread and toast in skillet until browned and cheese is melted.

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  1. winniemom says

    Reuben Sandwich is by far my favorite of all sandwiches. I prefer using pumpernickle bread with pastrami or corned beef. I like to put the cheese on top of the sauerkraut as the cheese melts it helps hold the sauerkraut from coming out of the sandwich. Hadn’t thought about the peppers but that sounds like a good twist I’ll have to try. Mix horseradish sauce with the thousand island dressing for a little extra zip. Schlotzsky’s makes a fantastic Reuben unfortunately I don’t have one close by. Closest is over 100 miles away. So I’ll just have to make my own.

  2. Pat Powell says

    Christy, this is by far the best sandwich in the world. We also grew up on kraut & weiners. The first time I made it as a new wife for my hubby, he was horrified that I put Ketchup on it. He thought I had lost my mind. But it was so GOOD> I just thought everyone ate it like that. Surprise. Surprise. Dont know what they are missing. Have a safe trip.

  3. Angela says

    Kraut and wennies, fried potatoes, pinto beans and corn bread. That is my kind of eating. Fry up onions with those potatoes and some squash with them too! That’s some good stuff right there.

  4. Kim in Minnesota says

    Yum is right. Here’s a twist my grocery deli recently put into my Reuben habit: Spread one of the bread slices with apple butter! Just the right amount of sweet to complement the sauerkraut.

  5. Diane says

    The fixins are going on my grocery list! We grew up eating homemade kraut (or crap as my younger sister called it). Christy did your mom or granny ever cook “kraut & pork ribs” on top of the stove? One of my favorite dishes and requested for birthday suppers.


  6. Mary says

    We also had reuben sandwiches today but I make mine open faced with layers of corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese on two slices of pretoasted rye bread and broil them until the cheese melts, then top with my sauce of catsup, mayo, pickle relish and horseradish. I close mine up to eat, but my husband prefers to eat his in smaller pieces and dunks them in his sauce. Each to his own. ERIN GO BRAGH!

  7. PATIKAKES says

    This is my all time favorite sandwich. I need lots of mustard on mine in addition to the russian dressing. My mom used to make sauerkraut with pork chops, she also did the kraut with the pork ribs in the pressure cooker. Those were my favorite meals. I love sauerkraut on my hot dog with mustard, of course. There must be somethig wrong with people who don’t like saurekraut, I just don’t understand it.

  8. Sue says

    I eat the German sandwich for St. Patty’s day too! Guess the corned beef is what makes it Irish! I cook my corned beef ($2.99 a pound) in the crockpot, rather than pay $8.99 a pound at the deli. It freezes well but that’s not a problem at our house!

  9. barbara miller says

    fried kraut and sliced weenies is a southern classic. loved the stuff, still do!
    love a good ruben, even if it is a “yankee” sandwich! ;D.
    marble rye is my fav, and yankees call the spread “russian dressing.” ilike my kraut well drained and chopped instead of shredded. i put it between the chipped corned beef and swiss cheese so the bread doesn’t get soggy and then I put it on the “George Foreman” and grill it to golden brown and the cheese is melting. ummmmm!

  10. Jenny says

    We ate kraut and wienies with ketchup too. Or had it baked in a big dish with potatoes. Yum! I picked up the ingredients to make Reubens today, and the three ladies in line in front of me were all buying corned beef too. I had to do an informal poll. Turns out we are all making the same thing! We chatted and compared notes and had a fine time waiting our turn.

  11. Margaret says

    Never liked kraut when I was a kid…in fact I must been about 30 years old before I realized it is one yummy food! Reubens are one of my favorite sandwiches …in fact I have been known to make them with roast beef, ham or without meat at all!
    Oh…and I was told at a little restaurant I worked at 100 yrs ago, to fold & layer the meat & fluff it a bit, as it looked like you were giving more! People would love it thinking they were getting so much more for their $1.00`s….I still do it with my own sandwiches!

  12. Sheila Dewey says

    We love Reuben at our house! I make mine very much like yours Christy. I put 2 layers of cheese on our Reuben’s, top n bottom. We’re having Reuben for St Patty’s Day Monday. YUM!…. My Mom made wieners n kraut when I was a kid. I loved it, I didn’t put ketchup on it though. I’ll have to give the ketchup it a try on it. I haven’t made wieners n kraut in many years. Maybe we’ll have it later this week.

  13. Beulah says

    I can eat sauerkraut right out of the can, just take a fork and dig in, but I do like reubens only no thousand island dressing, just a little mayo and horseradish, not the creamy kind tho. I will be making corned beef in the crockpot for St Paddy’s Day. Have a blessed week!

  14. JoAnn C. says

    We had Reubens for dinner last night………….one of our favorites. Christy I see that you used Boarhead kraut. I came across that brand and used it for the first time last night. It is soooo goooooood! Almost as good as the kraut we made when I was a kid on the farm in Bear Creek, AL. I love the stuff and find myself eating it from the can and wishing I had some of the homemade kraut I enjoyed as a kid. Homemade kraut is the best and yes we had it fried with wieners, pinto beans we had canned, onions, we had grown and cornbread, fom the corn we grew and had ground at a nearby gristmill. To us that kind of meal was heaven. Luckily everybody in my family loved kraut.
    I love reading all these comments from the wonderful Southern Plate friends. Thank you Christy for the opportunity to share!!!

  15. Lo says

    Instead corned beef here I use smoked meat but must try it with kraut sounds good to me or even the horseradish sounds good also, will experience either instead just smoked meat sandwich. Thanks for the tips Christy

  16. Susan the farm quilter says

    I have never tasted sauerkraut and I’m a grandmother!! My mother couldn’t eat cabbage so it was never in our house when I was a kid. Only in the last 10 years have I learned that I like coleslaw! I’s sure my German husband wishes I liked sauerkraut and made him Rubens!! Maybe I’ll make it for him and try a bite! The banana peppers look like they would be great on there too! Still praying for Sweetie to come home safely!

  17. Evelyn says

    I had a roasted beet ruben at the local health food store that was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. Beets roasted and sliced and sprinkled with a little bit of applewood smoked salt, swiss cheese, and kraut. Thousand island dressing (ketchup, mayo, and pickle relish} on rye and toasted on a panini press with butter, wonderful!

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