Taco Pizza! (And my version of Border Patrol)


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Today I am bringing you a super quick, awfully easy, and very filling recipe that I just LOVE and REALLY want you to try because I think you’ll love it also!

However, posting a TexMex recipe wasn’t what got me thinking about border patrol, banana pudding did.

This week I discovered that the entire staff at my nail salon had NEVER TASTED HOMEMADE BANANA PUDDING, despite having lived in Alabama for years! Now while I let y’all recover from that collective gasp of horror, let me comfort you by saying that I righted that horrendous wrong the very next day. I took them a big old mixing bowl filled with banana pudding and they served it as the main course for their lunch. I was s’proud!.

This got me to thinking though, about all of the people who move to the south and don’t have an opportunity to partake of what the south is really about! Enter my version of Border Patrol. You see, I got a plan!

If I’m ever elected President, here’s what we’re gonna do:

  • Set up a border along the whole of the Mason Dixon line and in all major Southern Airports.
  • Have border patrol officers, commonly known as “Granny” stationed along the length of the line and working alongside TSA in the airports to identify anyone entering the south who is not “from ’round here”.
  • Once said folks are identified, they are immediately pulled out of the line and taken outside to a pavilion lined with picnic tables loaded down with what we think of as “reunion food”. There will be:

Ham, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, three different kinds of deviled eggs (filling piped in egg, filling spooned in egg, and ones topped with paprika!), homemade rolls from Granny, Mama So-and-So, and Auntie Beatrice, green beans, greens, fried okra, sweet potato casserole, fresh fried corn, cornbread, steak and gravy, biscuits with fresh apple butter and preserves, big old pot of pintos, chopped onion (this counts as a side dish!), coconut cake, chocolate pound cake, mandarin orange cake, yellow cake with hard chocolate icing, HOMEMADE BANANA PUDDING, and at LEAST ten different varieties of congealed salads.

Beverages will be sweet tea served from large pickle jars and lemonade served from a barrel and stirred with a stick.

Visitors will then be invited to “fix their plates” where a sweet white haired lady will follow behind them as they do so proclaiming “Git ya some of that, too.  You ain’t eatin’ enough! Here, try you some of this. Yer too skinny. ”

They will then sit down with “the folks” who will tell them all about the real depression, how hot cotton picking season is, and why kids these days don’t know how good they got it.

After being encouraged to go back for seconds and thirds, they will be handed several plates covered in foil to take with them in case they get hungry later and an official welcome package containing:

  • 1 Case of moon pies
  • 1 Gallon of Milo’s tea
  • Six glass bottles of of RC Cola


I think I could make the world a better place, I really do.


Now how about some Taco Pizza? I love this stuff and so does my family, but especially me. So if I ever come visit you, just have one of these puppies sitting on the counter and I’ll sit down happily and be quiet for at least five minutes. Alright, three.


Something important to note about Taco Pizza, it is VERY filling. If your family normally eats two regular pizzas, you’ll be doing good to eat one of these. Take me seriously here. It is VERY filling! (This is a good thing!)

You’ll need: Refried beans, taco seasoning, ground beef (I use about a cup and a half), cheddar cheese, tortilla chips, salsa, and prepared pizza crust.

You can, of course, use your favorite homemade or store bought crust. I like this particular kind.

If you live in my town, don’t go to Wal Mart, Publix, or Hometown Grocery looking for these. Head right to Piggly Wiggly. I know this because I visited all of the above in that order – with a whiney, nap deprived four year old in tow. I know you think you saw them at Publix but you didn’t. The ones at Publix aren’t the deep dish ones like I like. Trust me, only at Piggly Wiggly. They are in the refrigerated section kinda near the biscuits and such. Besides, we like Piggly Wiggly. The folks in their pharmacy are always so nice and Katy enjoys conning them out of extra suckers. Oh, thats a lollipop for those of you who might not know.

If you make a homemade crust or use any other kind, it needs to be cooked before you add the pizza filling and such to it. So go ahead and cook it now. :)

Aren’t I full of helpful advice today?


Place your ground beef and refried beans in a large skillet. My ground beef is already cooked, drained, and sorted in little plastic baggies in my freezer so this is a cinch to put together.

That makes me sound organized, I know. In reality, let me assure you that I am simply lazy and don’t like to cook ground beef and clean up the mess every time I turn around to make a meal.


Add your salsa


Add taco seasoning.


Stir and cook over medium heat until heated through.


Spread onto pizza crust.

This is a deep dish one. I love these.

Thank you, Piggly Wiggly, for being the only people in my entire town to still carry them!!



Top with crushed tortilla chips. I usually get a bag of these (my kids love them) and let the kids eat on them a day or two before I make this pizza, then there are tons of crushed ones at the bottom of the bag. hehe.


Top with shredded cheese.


Bake at 350 until cheese is melted and crust is browned.


Top with your favorite toppings! For me that is lettuce, fresh tomatoes and sour cream.

Okay, I don’t really eat raw tomatoes but it looked good in the pic so I did that for y’all because I love you so much



Taco Pizza
  • 1 can refried beans
  • 1 packet taco seasoning
  • 1½ C browned ground beef, drained well
  • cheddar cheese, shredded
  • taco chips
  • ¾ C salsa
  • 1 prepared pizza crust (preferably deep dish)
  1. In skillet or saucepan, combine ground beef, taco seasoning, refried beans, and salsa. Stir until heated through. Spread into pizza crust. Top with crunched taco chips. Top with a good bit of cheddar cheese. Bake at 350 until cheese is melted and crust is browned. Remove from oven
  2. Top with favorite taco toppings!

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  1. says

    Love your taco pizza! We’ll be adding avocado slices or some dollops of guacamole to ours!

    Loved hearing about Piggly Wiggly too. My grandfather helped open the very first Piggly Wiggly store in Tupelo, Miss many, many years ago. I wish I had met him…he died just after I was born.

    Thanks for the great pizza idea!

  2. Jean Cowan says

    Made this for supper tonight and it was a hit! Loved how quick & easy it is to make. I also made the Fresh Strawberry-ade today & we loved it! Thank you for sharing your recipes. Its wonderful to try new dishes instead of the same ole thing.

  3. Ashley says

    First off, awesome recipe! (Again!) This is the ONLY place I look for new recipes. However, I think our family is an exception to the “filling” concept. I may have ate 1/8 of the pizza and was completely satisfied, while my husband devoured the other 7/8. And no, he’s not a big guy. He’s not even 150lbs. Lol.

  4. Sunny says

    This is one of our new favorites here, I’ve made it twice so far and everyone loves it! Tonight, I made it with chicken, and added some green chilies and onion first, letting them brown a little before adding the chicken, salsa, refried beans and taco seasoning. I was doubling the recipe and only used one package of seasoning, so I added in some cumin and chili powder, too. It was great….now it’s going to be hard to decide which one to make! Thanks for another great family-friendly recipe!

  5. Angela Lewis says

    Hey, I think you need to write a book on your tutorials (did I spell that right)? At least the ones that aren’t already written in your cookbooks! This one is a hoot, even tho I’ve read it before. Just go and get the funniest, aww, just go on and get all the rest of them, because your pretty amusing in most of them. You could have different chapters: funny, serious, etc.

  6. Emma says

    Loved your thought of boarder patrol because everyone need to know about Southern Food. You haven’t eaten until you eat good old southern food. I am a borned southern, altho I live in GEorgia but I still cook food like I ate when I was growing up. My mother was a wonderful cook.
    I need to try your recipe next time when we have tacos.

  7. leia says

    We all liked this !! easy and tasty!! (I also used the filling to make soft tacos; worked well….tacos one night, taco pizza next day). : )

    (I added a little ‘taco sauce’ on the top before eating; good with or without).

  8. says

    Love your Border Patrol plan!! Being from TN I agree with all the foods you would have available, especially different styled deviled eggs! I cannot believe it every time I hear someone ask “what’s the red stuff?” on the eggs! Paprika! I can’t imagine an undressed deviled egg.[ and can you believe some people don’t use pickle relish either?!]

  9. JohnBoy says

    Back when I lived in Huntsville, my family had a reunion at Sharon Johnston park. I have a large family (my Mom has 11 brothers and sisters) and they are all EXTREMELY southern. At the pavillion next door, an engineering company was having their annual picnic, and a couple of engineers who “weren’t from around here” got confused and drove up to our pavillion. Before they knew what was happening, my aunts had them fixing a plate and were trying to figure out who they belonged to. Once they figured out they were at the wrong place, they were sent on their way, each with a foil covered plate.

    This really happened, y’all!

  10. Dianne says

    Loved the border patrol story. Im fairly new to your forum & am now solidly hooked! First thing I do…turn on the computer to see Christy’s posts on Southern Plate. I have tried many of your recipes & have not had a bad one yet ;D Your story had me laughing because I thought you were talking about my Family..LOL
    Will definitely try the taco pizza, it sounds de lish!

  11. Jan says

    I make a taco pizza very similar to this. However, for the sauce I use 1 – 8 oz pkg. of cream cheese (room temp) and 1/2 to 1 c. of salsa (depending on how much your family likes salsa) and blend. Spread on pizza crust and then finish off as normal. (Sauce will make 2 pizzas, so if you just want to do 1, 1/2 every thing)

  12. Kim in Minnesota says

    I love your border patrol idea. It reminds me of the white rocking chairs lined up in the sunny windows at the Charlotte airport. I must be an accidental northerner/misplaced southerner – I subscribe to both Taste of the South and Southern Living (and love seeing you in both!).

    Just to keep you up with northern traditions: do you know how to tell if a Lutheran church lady’s congealed dish is salad or dessert? If it is topped with mayo, it’s salad; whipped cream makes it dessert. Tee hee.

  13. Freda says

    This post just cracked me up & I laughed out loud even though I’m alone right now!! I love the idea of Grandmas at the border!! I visualized Vicki Lawrence as Mama on the Carol Burnett Show!!! And being a southern girl myself, my mouth just watered reading that list of food!!! Yum, Yum!! Thanks for the laugh! A merry heart does good like a medicine!

  14. Heather says

    OMG!!We had this tonight and absolutely loved it!!this is third of ur recipes that I ve tried this week lol!!Love how they r so cheap yet so tasty!!We have kind of large family with 8 kids so most recipes would cost a fortune.You had us hooked with that chicken stew….oh my.And I have to say I love all your speeches with your recipes….good personal touch.And all the positives and quotes u be giving really raises me up.Thank you.

  15. Kathy says

    I was all geared up to support you when you run for president. Then you said you don’t eat raw tomatoes. That is just not right. Lol I’m from an area in Arkansas that is referred to as the land of tall pines and pink tomatoes and tomatoes are so good we eat them just like you would an apple. Held in your left hand and a salt shaker in the right. The recipe sounds great.

  16. Angela Leonard says

    Christy, honey, I love your version of border patrol! This is such a living out loud of the Gospel. We can all do this to the strangers among us. Thank you for this appealing vision for us to ponder. However, I firmly believe we should also squeeze some chess pie onto their otherwise full plates.


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