Chocolate Pecan Pie

Life should be lived with a fun spirit and a grateful heart at every turn. With that in mind, I am proud to bring you a guest post which my dear friend, Terri, sent to me back in November! Things get crazed around here and I was unable to get it up by Christmas but hey, where else can you get Christmas spirit in the spring but at Southern Plate! I’m heading out today so please join me in thanking Terri for providing us with this scrumptious recipe and tutorial! If you’d like updates on my trip, just visit my Twitter page or subscribe to my emails! Have a GREAT weekend! Gratefully, Christy :)

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!!  When Christy asked me to be a guest blogger for SP, back when I had sent her my “Dixie Cornbread” recipe plus this one, I was tickled pink.    Ain’t Christy just the “bee’s knee’s?!?!?   I think she just rocks the house by giving all her time and effort FREE to anyone who just goes to their computer!  Thank you Christy for all you do!  Now, this recipe has been around a long time and it is similar to her mama’s on SP but one BIG difference…….CHOCOLATE!!

Now for you folks who aren’t “Pie People” here’s the cure.  My sweet mother-in-law, Marie in Georgia (I know she could win ANY cooking throw down) gifted me with many 3 X 5 recipe cards of my groom-David’s, favorite dishes at my bridal shower.  I have hardly strayed from all those winners, plus my honey has been a happy man….all these years.  Now I will share my best with you today.

psssst…at our house we call it Choc. BOTTOM pecan pie cuz we think it sounds more enticing.  weeeee.
Okay, so CHOCOLATE Pecan Pie!!  Just WAIT till your mouth gets a’hold of THIS……men swarm all around me like I am a movie star whenever I show up to an event carrying a pie.  “Is THAT your chocolate pecan pie?” they always ask.  I smile and sweetly drawl, “Whhhy, yes, it sure IS.” It is always sooo heart-warming for me to watch people get excited at the right answer.  Now, you folks who always say to me that you don’t know “how” to make a pie, this is EASY BREEZY!  Quick, simple and travels well, this rich, chocolate, nutty/buttery pie always takes me to the corner of “Whew” and “Thank Goodness”  when I need to take food somewhere.  So just follow the bouncing ball people….. those who are intimidated by pie-making… and sing along so you can get to cookin’ too.

You’ll need: Deep dish pie crust, chocolate chips, eggs, sugar, salt, butter, corn syrup, and pecans


Step 1 Preheat  your oven to 375 degrees.

Dump into one bowl (I KNOW….ONE bowl, how easy!) all of the eggs, sugar, salt, melted butter and corn syrup.


Step 2 Use a hand mixer on low to mix together till kinda frothy (I just looove that word).

No need to mix any more than a minute.


Step 3 Put Chocolate Chips into the bottom of the pie shell…..oh, I know, this IS SO gonna be good!Side note ya’ll….Now IF you wanna make 2 thinner pies, I use two shallow pie shells and place 1/2 cup EACH of choc. chips in the bottom. When it comes time to pour in the mixture, I just divide the amount into half and bake just at the 45 minutes ‘cuz they are thinner.  Also works nicely when you are short on time.  That way I get one and I have one to take.  Also you could add a few extra pecans to the mix if you are making two-sies so there’s plenty of nuts in every heavenly bite.  ;-}


Step 4 Add pecan halves or pecan pieces…..I like the pieces as it seems to be easier to cut the pie to serve.  I’m jes sayin’……


Step 5 Pour into pie shell (or into the 2 shells IF you are doing the two-sie thing from step 3).


Step 6 Evenly distribute the mixture over the choc. chips.


Step 7 Place carefully and slowly -no sloshing- onto a PRE-heated oven on the Lower rack.  Why on the lower rack of the oven?……the liquid nature of the mix bakes from the bottom more thoroughly/evenly and then the top doesn’t burn.  Place a larger-than-the-pie piece of foil on the very bottom of the oven…….ya’ll can thank me later when you don’t have any burned spillage-in-the village to clean up.


Step 8 Here is where most folks who say that they don’t make pies well can get into a better cookin’ game.  Now I live on a mountain at a high altitude and it took me months of being confused about why I seemed to have lost my ever-lovin’ mind and nothing baked right!

Oven temps can vary (buy an oven thermometer and check it often) and even weather and altitude can make a difference. High altitude is longer and slightly lesser temp for baking.

Sooooo, try this.  DON’T take out your pies that have a liquid mix like this one, never outta the oven UNTIL you have given the rack a “slight shake” with your oven-gloved hand……..IF you see a wiggle, jiggle move, or groove of the center of the pie, (very much like my big booty shakes after years of eating this pie!) IT NEEDS ABOUT ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES TO BAKE.

Repeat over and over till the pie won’t wiggle anymore.  That is what they call “set”.  I start this pie out at a 45 minute time and check till it goes about an hour for the deep-dish and about 45 minutes for the two-sie pies.    Cool down for a few minutes before cutting.  Do you have difficulty getting it out of an aluminum pie pan? Jes’ SNIP the edge of that puppy with some scissors and peel back the edges so you can “get to” the pie crust more cleanly without breaking the crust edge.  :)


A pie to bring joy and happiness to all mankind. YIPPEE!

Fun Trivia:  Why is it called a “pie”?  Well, I saw on a cooking show that the birds called Magpies build nests from a wide variety of things.  The “pie” is half of the word magpie and is considered to be the culinary equivalent to the nest because of the many types of berries, fruits etc originally put into early versions in early B.C. times.

Cool beans!  So now you have made a pie that even teenagers have eaten at my house plus a few people that have  sworn that they didn’t even like nuts.  Hmmmmm, good luck now.

Chocolate Pecan Pie
  • 1 ready-made 9" Deep-dish pie crust
  • ½ cup chocolate chips
  • 3 eggs
  • ⅔ cup sugar
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • ⅓ cup butter melted (real butter only for me)
  • 1 cup corn syrup ( like Karo)
  • 1 cup pecan halves or pecan pieces
  1. Preheat oven to 375.
  2. In one big bowl, use a hand mixer on low for about minute to beat eggs, sugar, salt, melted butter and corn syrup together. Stir pecans into mixture. Put choc. chips on bottom of pie shell and slowly pour pecan mixture over chocolate chips. Bake between 45 and 60 minutes (depending on your oven) until it is set. Cool for a few minutes before cutting. Serve w/ Vanilla ice cream for a real treat!

Thank you, Christy, for having me as your guest on your SP front porch.
Keep cookin’,

Terri (Go Dawgs!)

“To laugh often, to win the affection of children, …to find the best in others…, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!” Attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson (From Southern Plate Reader, Jay. To submit your quote click here!)


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  1. Karen says

    In Louisville, KY a local bakery trademarked the name Derby Pie for a chocolate-nut pie. I think theirs used walnuts. But tell me…..choclate & nuts in pie together—-how can you go wrong. I like using pieces of pecans in my pie, instead of halves, makes for easier cutting.

  2. Bill Gent says

    First off Happy Birthday Terri! Second, When I was a baker for Tippins Pie Pantry we had a pie similar to this that we added walnuts and a tiny bit of rum to called Dixie Pie. It was to die for. Thanks for posting this. I know its awesome.

    Hurry back Christy. Have fun, stay safe. Eat a few grilled cheese for me.

    Oh yeah.. a message to Kraft.. YOU CAN’T HAVE HER SO DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT KEEPING HER… cause we know you will want to.

    Your harasser, Bill

    P.S If you run over anyone while driving in California.. for gosh sakes just put a bit more drawl into your accent.. they will think you’re from another country and let you go out of frustration.

    • Terri go Dawgs says

      Thanks ever so much, Bill! I was treated to a Mexican restaurant last night and even wore the HUUUUUGE sombrero for a while after being sung to. Too funny. I have always loved your comments. Let me know if you make this pie and what you think of it, wouldja?

      So, Dixie Pie…Whhy, ah jes love the name of it. Hmmmm, off to the kitchen I go cuz I’ll switch out the pecans for walnuts and pour in a bit of rum or flavoring. Good idea to change it up a bit! Maybe I will Overnite a pie or TWO to CaliforniaChristy……have it waiting for her upon her triumphant return.

      • BillGent says

        I meant to tell you.. It had walnuts along with the pecans. The rum was VERY minimal. 3 to 4 shots for like 15 gallons of syrup. I wouldn’t put more than a 1/8 of a teaspoon but you’ll have to experiment I guess. It’s been too long and I can’t remember the recipe..even if I could it would be for 200 pies…

  3. Alabama Lisa says

    This looks wonderful!! Being a southern girl I LOVE pecan pie, but I have never had the nerve to make one! I must have heard too many horror stories!! This looks super easy, and I love the idea of the two smaller ones. I think it would work great for serving many people–like for a church function.

    I was recently at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant and they had pecan cobbler. It tasted just like pecan pie but with the bready-goodness of cobbler. Any ideas how to make one of those?

    Thanks so much…and–Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Ivett says

    I LOVE Mrs. Terri’s pie! It’s my absolute FAVORITE!!!!

    There’s NOTHING she makes that I don’t LOVE! Just wait till you taste her blueberry cobbler and her chocolate squares (my hubby’s favorite)and her white chocloate cover chex mix the list can go on an on…

    Love Ya,

  5. Terri go Dawgs says

    Alright, Kristi, Karen, Betsy and Mary, get out those pie crusts and make all those hungry folks something sweet to fill their bellies….ya jes gotta do it this weekend and it is quick to make. Let us all know how they turn out! Karen, I have a friend Tim. V. here in PA from Kentucky that makes a mean Derby pie…delish. You are soo sweet, Ava & Sonya, for the HBD wish and back to you too, Sonya….belated. Spring is a time for cookouts and this pie travels well, so AlabamaLisa, I am so sure you can DO THIS and do it well as it is not hard at all! I will ask dear Mother-in-Law if she has any recipe for pecan cobbler, as it sounds DIVINE. Let us know how the pie turns out!
    Thanks ya’ll!

  6. Vickie says

    I’m gonna have to make this for my hubby. He loooves pecan pie so i’m sure this will be a winner. Terri u are a hoot I really enjoyed reading ur post today! I sure hope come back as a guest one day! Thanks!

    • Terri go Dawgs says

      Why thank you ever so much. I’ve had a ball! Hoot…that’s me or so ah been told. I think Christy is too funny and we seem to have a sense of humor passed down from our Daddy and families too. Doncha think it would be amazing to have you, all other SP folks… all at a convention for a “laughter free for all”. You jes know we’d all bring food, and maybe you will bring the choc. pecan pie, BillGent can bring the armadillo on the half shell. I hope your pie is dreamy and hubby loves it and you! Thanks again, precious.

  7. Mttop Sherri says

    I would call this “Terri’s-Never-Makes-it-to-the-Table-Pie”.
    When Terri brings this to church picnics, the parishioners turn into Pecan Piranhas. I feel so honored to have eaten many a morsel at the countertop in the photos. Hugs to you.

    • Terri go Dawgs says

      Well, splash me w/ vinegar and call me a pickle!! My first victim!!!…I mean, umm, uhhhh…well, my first cook-turned-baker-person to try out Choc. pecan pie and to follow the bouncing ball and it turned out. YIPPEE! See, all you other SP folks, it IS easy- breezy. Has anyone else given it a try yet? Christy and I are SOOO proud of you….go, Mrs. Morgan. And thank you for your precious comment today as my day is now complete. Can’t wait for CaliChristy to hear this when she gets back. Hurry home Bama gal, the south is callin’.

  8. Trixie says

    Wow great sounding pie. Pecan pie is one of my most favorites.
    I think I really will have to try this one.
    Thanks for subing for Christy.Come back anytime, with more great recipes.
    Our now movie star Christy, will be getting very busy with her schedules.

  9. Josie says

    This sounds soooo good and I going to surprise my friend from Kentucky! (I did have a question on baking both pies … do you put both pies in the oven at the same time, or just one at a time?)


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