We’re Buying A New Kitchen! (With House Attached)



Since starting Southern Plate, one of the regular things I get asked is to show readers my kitchen. Many loving and wonderful people have this grand idea of me having a spacious and functional kitchen with the latest and greatest of appliances and decor. While I do have some pretty awesome counter top appliances, the “coolness” factor of my kitchen ends there.

Whoever designed this house had a real eye for miniatures and they really let that shine in my little kitchen, which I affectionately call my “walk in closet with appliances”.  I’ve never actually shown photos of my kitchen because I have a difficult time fitting in there with a camera. The designer’s love of miniatures is further emphasized by the dark finished cabinets and dark blue counter tops. The teeny tiny window pulls it all together, shedding just the right amount of light to make one feel as if they are in a small and cozy cave. Ahh, the baking bliss I’ve known for the past ten years.

~grips the sides of her keyboard with white knuckles as she looks to you in desperation~ I need sunshine people!

Now I know some of you are thinking that I could have painted those cabinets and remodeled that kitchen. Seems easy enough until you realize that I don’t have a handyman handy. I have a husband who can design entire space stations but after ten years I just recently managed to talk him into taking up a paint brush for our living room. This left me with two options: Do it myself or hire it done. My two answers to those are: I don’t have time and I can’t afford it – BUT ….

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Alright, so I’m the one whose been waiting for it but I’m trying to be all grandiose here because this is a big moment for me so bear with…



(with cabinet hardware that is soon to be replaced with shiny chromey silvery looking deals because I can do that much myself!)



It has FIVE eyes!



Thank you, GE, for making my FIVE eye stove!


Meet the interior of my new stove!!



Isn’t it beautiful? I swear I want to have wallet prints made of it to hand out…

~blows a kiss to Whirlpool~



(I think its a toaster oven, too. I’ve never had one of those!)


Now class, say hello to the sink…

~voices pipe up in happy unison: HELLO, SINK!~


Another view of my kitchen!

Yes, I do need an island but that old no-handyman thing comes into play again so we’re just gonna have to save up some moolah and buy one or get creative.

I’m hoping I can come across some type of antique work table or such to use that will prove useful as well as be a cool story telling piece and make me seem all Martha-esque!


Another view of my new kitchen…


This is a photo of MY FIRST EVER PANTRY!!!


And follow Katy right out this door from the kitchen into….


My Southern Plate office!!!!

(formerly known as “the sun room”)

My current office is a recliner by day and my bed by night


Another view of my new office!

My FIRST EVER office which is ATTACHED to my NEW Kitchen!!


This is the upstairs apartment where visiting Southern Plate dignitaries will stay

(That means Terri of Dixie Cornbread fame is gonna come visit me)

Honestly, I never thought in a million years I’d ever have a house with an upstairs! How COOL is this?



This is another view of the upstairs apartment, with Katy heading into the big closet that is going to serve as an overflow for my pantry.

Look at me, getting my first pantry and already planning a second!


Apparently, getting in closets is an awful lot of fun.


This is the back view of my Southern Plate office with a view of the balcony on the visiting dignitary’s suite :).

This house is SO BEAUTIFUL, I cannot BELIEVE I am going to get to live here!

I am going to be holding my breath until closing!


This is where I want to have my raised bed garden.

My garden has become quite a point of contention around here but we won’t go into that ~smiles sweetly~.


Now THIS is where you come in!

All of my beautiful new appliances: microwave, oven, dishwasher…one thing is missing!

I am most likely going to have to fill that hole with our current refrigerator for a time at least. The one we have was the cheapest model available ten years ago and it has pretty much held up as expected. Shelves have broken and had to be tossed. A drawer in the bottom cracked and eventually had to be thrown away as well. It’s even missing one of the front door handles!

Bless its little pea pickin’ heart, this fridge runs fine but leaves so much to be desired other than that ~laughs~.

I’ve just been grateful to have it though. Think of all of the people in the world who don’t have refrigeration and its hard to complain about a working refrigerator.

However, I feel like I am moving into a dream kitchen with my new stove, microwave, dishwasher, and pantry. I would dearly love to have a new refrigerator to go along with them. I’ve already been window shopping even though it will be a few months before we purchase one. This is going to be my new baby and I want to get the best I can possibly get for my money.

With that in mind, here are my questions for you:

  • What brand of refrigerator do you recommend?
  • What features do you find indispensable?
  • If you were going to purchase a new refrigerator, where would you go?
  • How long have you had your refrigerator and what kind do you have?

AND if you would like, send me a photo of your refrigerator along with a description of it to publish in a future post ! (No, I’m not kidding!) You don’t even have to clean it off, just send me a photo of it as is, along with what brand it is and how long its been keeping your family chilled.

Email photos to: fridge@southernplate.com

So here is the summary of my new kitchen with house attached!

Our current house:

  • a little over 1400 square feet
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 baths
  • teensey weensey miniature kitchen :)

Our NEW Kitchen (with new house attached!)

  • over 2500 square feet
  • 4 bedrooms plus bonus apartment
  • 3 full baths
  • GINORMOUS kitchen filled with SUNSHINE and a walk in pantry!
  • Southern Plate office in the former sunroom (more sunshine!)

Now there is ONE MORE THING I need from all of you! You know how Martha has names for her houses and such? I want a name for my new home. Y’all know I enjoy having humor injected whenever possible so that would be a plus (but not requirement) in the name. A play on Southern Plate might be fun as well but not neccesary. After you tell me all about your refrigerator, I’d love it if you’d help me think up a name for the new house we are getting (as a result of it coming attached to our new kitchen). Got any ideas?

“Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities — always see them, for they’re always there.” ~Normal Peal            (Submitted by Southern Plate reader, Barbara)

To share your positive or motivational quote and read more from other readers, click here!

Thank you for letting me share this big news with you! It still doesn’t seem real to me that we are going to get this house but closing date is set for the end of the month so cross your fingers with me that I don’t wake up!




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  1. says

    Yay for you!

    My opinion on the Fridge, we have a Kennmore and it’s been fine for the last 8 years we have had it. But I wish it were chrome ’cause that’s cool. Side by side is nice, lots of storage for food in the freezer. too. We buy in bulk! I hate the freezer on the bottom drawer thing. My aunt had one, and it is a pain to get stuff out if it’s at the bottom, and things tend to just pile on top of each other so you can’t see things without moving everything around.

    You can keep the old fridge for overflow…which you probably already thought about, but it can go in the garage or someplace you won’t see it but can get to it easily.

    On names for The Kitchen/house…I keep thinking of Gone with the Wind. when Scarlett says, ‘As God is my witness, I’ll never go hungry again”….I can see you standing in the wind as you dig your raised bed garden….sorry. Ok, the name, South Plate, or South Fork, South Dish, ….that’s all I got…good luck and congrats!

  2. Kathi says

    Christy, how exciting for you. I got a brand new kitchen in my existing house this past summer because last May a tornado put a 150 yr old oak tree thru my house. When re-construction began I knew I wanted an “open” floor plan which I love. I have a brand new kitchen (after over 32 years). My old kitchen was long and narrow, dark and although I had painted the cabinets, replaced the countertops, handles, appliances, light fixtues etc…it’s just not the same a a brand new one. My new kitchen is light and airy with an island. Lots of cherry cabinets, pantry, oak floors etc. I love it, although it was an unusual way to get a new kitchen!! Anyway, I have always liked Whirlpool appliances and my new fridge is a side-by-side whirlpool. This is also the first time I have had ice and water dispenser in the door of my fridge. I’m loving my new kitchen digs and I know you will love yours as well. My fingers are crossed and prayers are sent your way that all will go smoothly until you close on your new house. Thank you for all you do, I so enjoy your posts and recipes.

  3. Lindakimy says

    Oh! Congratulations Christy!! The new house looks wonderful! And how happy must that kitchen be to be getting a chipper, witty, great southern cook!? I sure am glad it’s not going to be wasted on somebody who just calls for take-out.

    I don’t really have any specific advice on the refrigerator thing. Everybody has their own preferences. You should probably figure out what has bugged you most about the ones you have used and try to remedy those problems. When we replaced ours not long ago my main “gotta” was ice and water through the door – LOVE THAT! But we were very limited because of the space in my kitchen. The fridge has to fit between a cabinet and a wall and appliances just will NOT suck in a breath so they can fit! We actually had to cut a piece off the cabinet that is over the top of the refrigerator.

    P.S. You reminded me of my first experience with real estate – I bought a dishwasher with a house attached!

  4. Angela says


    Isn’t it great moving into a new house? We moved into our new house on 20 acres we had for a few years and YAHOOOOOO I love it. I love your sunroom/office. I can totally see a dwarf lemon, lime and orange trees hanging out in the sunshine. Oh and herbs wow I’m jealous I don’t have a sunroom but I love my kitchen.

    What brand of refrigerator do you recommend?

    What features do you find indispensable?
    Huge veggie and fruit drawers (we have a garden), ice and water dispenser, large storage on the doors for ketchup and all my sauces. I also like big refrigerators because I like to keep my meat in a nice plastic container so it doesn’t leak out.

    If you were going to purchase a new refrigerator, where would you go? Lowesor Sears

    How long have you had your refrigerator and what kind do you have?
    3 years and it’s a Maytag side by side but the link I sent you is my dream refrigerator. My parents have one and I am always trying to get them to trade. LOL

    Hope this all helps and good luck.

  5. Cathy in Birmingham says

    Congratulations on your new kitchen and house! For the refrigerator, I have had a GE for 10 plus years and it has been great. It is the freezer on top model. My dream refrigerator is stainless steel front with the freezer on bottom. Some have two doors for the refrigerator section, but I would be happy with just one! My sister and my daughter have both had side by side refrig/freezers and hated them. Not as much shelf room as a regular refrig. Good luck!

  6. Mary Alice says

    I am so envious of the kitchen, but most especially the sunroom. I would love, love, love to have a sunroom. Enjoy your new home. I know you just can’t wait to get in. Congratulations.

  7. Jeni from Athens says

    VALLEY APPLIANCE IS WONDERFUL!!! There is one on 72 going into Huntsville, one in Huntsville and one in Decatur. We bought our dishwasher there when we got our new house over a year ago. The same dishwasher at Lowes was $200 more. We also bought a new fridge there earlier this year. They gave us a great deal and worked it to where we got a $200 rebate back from the Manufactorer. So I would highly recommend them. They will deliver and take the old away for you.

  8. Sonya says

    Your kitchen is very nice, but I definitely have sun room envy! I sometimes think about enclosing my back patio. It’s already covered. Sometimes I like it better open air, though.

    I have a Kenmore refrigerator and it has held up well. It’s 15 years old and still going- even the ice maker/dispenser. My husband suggests replacing it at times, but I hush him. He’s always wanting to get rid of perfectly good things!

    Congrats on the new house!

  9. Jeanene says

    Beautiful kitchen Christy! As for the fridge.. .my mom has had a Kenmore since the early 70s and it just gave out last year. She went and bought… you guessed it… another Kenmore. I personally like the freezer drawer combo, but probably because I have a couple deepfreeze’s (southern terminology for those of you who don’t know, for freezers) in the garage.

    NOW… for the name…(pardon my strange sense of humor) I think you should call your house the Southern Cabinet… because inside is…. Southern Plate! LOL.. ok.. I know.. Lame…

    Anyway, congrats on the new house.. I know you will have fun fixing it up to be a true home!

  10. Tracy from Columbiana says

    We have a new refrig, but I can’t remember the brand of it. anyway it is a side by side, and I like it. We have the ice and water in the door. I really like the crush ice feature. Congrat’s on your new house, you deserve it.

    The only name I could come up with for your new home was

    ” Southern Bliss “

  11. puppydogs says

    Hi, Congrats on the new house!
    As for a name,,,,well, if you post pics of it, we can see what type of personality it has :)!

    As for the fridge, when we moved 3 years ago, our fridge and freezer died. We picked out a freezer, then picked out a fridge that had more fridge space, less freezer space. It is a top/bottom one from Sears. I will tell you, the ice and cold water are wonderful. I would get an automatic ice maker again and again.

    I personally do not like side by sides because they do not hold as much….say a tray of meat for a party etc. I have a friend that has a bottom freezer and she hates it because she has to dig for everything, and it has 2 doors on top, so she can hold large platters, but her ice constantly goes behind the freezer door/drawer and she has to get on her hands and knees to squeeze herself into the space to get them out.

    I do love and am jealous of the pantry :) in a good way :)!

  12. Bettye says

    Hi Christy –

    So, so, so proud that you are getting a new home with your new kitchen!

    Don’t you think (as much airplay as you get online with all of us) that if you let the right people know you need a new fridge, you might get one in exchange for advertising to us about new fridges?

    Just a thought!


    • Terri go Dawgs says

      Hey Bettye!
      I am right there with you on that thought. Let’s see…..Advertising, people, products, Southern Plate, hmmmmmmmmmmmm. (knock-knock) “Special delivery for a Mrs. Christy Jordan.” ” Where would you like me to put this new refrigerator, ma’am?”

      “Whhhhyyyyyy, mercy me!! Waalk this waayyyy, suh!” ” Can I offah you a Co-cola?”

  13. Amanda says

    Hey Christy!!! First of all — CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Wow! What a beautiful kitchen with house attached! LOL. Just so happens that LAST NIGHT I was reading the February issue of Ladies’ Home Journal (Magazine passed on to me from my sweet, sweet mother-in-law) So ironic that I got your email today after reading this last night. While I have no idea which type of “fridge” to recommend and / or “where” to purchase from …. I do have a little advice from the column that I read about “How To Save Money On Just About Everything”. Hope this helps …


  14. says

    Christy! How exciting, a new house. i’m very happy for you, girl! It looks beautiful. and yes, you need a big ole’ island in that kitchen. I’ve seen some great ones out there at some antique stores that would be perfect for a large kitchen. You will have to find a really cool one! good luck with the fridge & moving. Your office space is gonna be GREAT! Oh my, that is a gorgeous sunroom, I’d kill for that.

  15. says

    I have a new GE Profile french door, bottom freezer, with ice maker on the outside and LOVE it. I also got a 5 burner range, but mine is gas with the warming drawer, you’re gonna love yours!

    I was hesitate about the bottom freezer, but turns out it is great, holds a lot of stuff.

    Love the new kitchen. Tree fell on my house in January, so I got a new kitchen then.



  16. says

    You’re so lucky! So many people are moving into bigger and better houses (not me, though :( boohoo)!


    I wish I could help you out with the refrigerator thing, but yeah, I’m a struggling student. I have no idea what a good brand would be. However, I do have dreams of owning one of those refrigerators like Paula Deen has with doors that look like cabinets instead of a refrigerator. *sigh*

  17. Kathy Vanlandingham says

    Your new house looks wonderful and I wish you the best as you and your family enjoy it and make your home there. On that note, I suggest “Home Plate” as the name of your house! My ‘cannot do without’ feature is ice and water in the door. I thought they were frivilous (sp?) features before I had them (GE side by side doors – 8 or so years with no problems) but not now. No more ice trays… yea!! The spill containing shelves are also handy. Take care! Kathy

    • Terri go Dawgs says

      Hooray Kathy!! Why, I just love this idea of naming that purdy new house “Home Plate”!!! You are one brilliant and witty lady. Now “if only” we could get that Christy woman to even know what a sport term like “home plate” means. pssst….it is where the batter stands when he holds the bat thingy…..tee hee.
      Hey, maybe Christy will get all of the SP folks to take a vote. I vote for you!

      Go Frigidaire side by side, a very reasonable price at Lowe’s. weeeeee!

  18. Judy T says

    Congrats on your kitchen/house. I know you are so excited. We bought a new frig (Whirlpool) last year at Lowe’s. It’s a side-by-side with water and ice in the door. It’s my first side-by-side as our last one was about 20 years old. I really, really like it. There’s a lot of things that would fit in the freezer side so a separate freezer is a necessity.

  19. Barbara says

    SEARS! I love there appliances because they last a very long time. I’ve had the same frig for 26 years, and have never had a problem with it. It has the ice maker inside, and the freezer is on the bottom — love it!
    I moved to this house in 1988 and it is about 120 years old. A few years later, I named it “Serenity Haven”. I think it takes a while to get to know your house, in order to give it the proper name. Best of luck, and you have a wonderful place!!!

  20. says

    How great Christy. Mom and I are hoping for a new kitchen deal ourselves but that isn’t likely to happen this century. The one we have our eyes on looks similar to yours. As for a name since you are so wild about Disney how about something along those lines? No clue what in particular just throwing out some ideas. We have a Maytag and I really need to triple check and see if it’s one of the recalled ones because it’s acting ten kinds of wonky here lately. But it’s been a pretty good fridge otherwise.

  21. Laura says

    Christy, how wonderful for you!! You will be sooo happy in that kitchen (not to mention the office!!)

    My fridge is a GE sideXside that we bought in 1985. It is still going strong(I wish it would DIE so that I could be picking out a new one!!!) Anyway, I agree with those who like the room to put large trays in. I make a Vegetable Pizza in a large sheet pan and I always have to figure out how I’m going to fit it in the fridge!

    And for a name, that is hard because you really need something that fits well for you and your family..

    Dixie Delight
    Southern Plate Getaway
    Southern Plate Plantation
    *insert Christy’s before any of the above* is another idea..
    The Cooking Loft
    or maybe just the family last name before any of the above..

    Good Luck and Congratulations, Christy!!


  22. JoAnnW says


    I am so happy for you. It is so so pretty. Remember a New House needs a new quilt too.

    Someone mentioned “home plate” for a house name….I love it. Kinda like Fred too…

    May you have many many years of health wealth and happiness in you new home.

    Love ya,

  23. Dianna says

    OK. I gotta ask. What do you mean your stove has five eyes? I’ve never heard of a stove having eyes. You also said, “turn off the eye” in your Sweet Tea post. Is my stove watching me?

    • says

      LOL- Stove Eyes are the things that heat up, hun.

      Ewww- that’s kinda creepy thinking my stove might be watching me.
      all the times I’ve cheated on my diet standing right next to the stove.

  24. Janie Mae says

    Wow! Congratulations! I love your huge kitchen, the oven with ALL those racks (2 are NOT enough) and the pantry. It would be a dream come true for me. I was so mesmerized about the kitchen I almost forgot to say, what a wonderful house. May you and your family have many, many happy years there.

  25. says

    Just read this post and, even though it’s been up a while, I just had to respond to your questions. Five years ago today we bought our “kitchen with a house attached” and I completely understand your excitement. And, by the way, your house looks beautiful — so fresh and light. I left a sunroom at my old house (not nearly as nice as yours!) and it while it would be perfect now for taking photos of food, I wouldn’t trade my amazing kitchen for the old house again!

    As for refrigerators . . . our house came with a Sub-Zero, which suits the style of the kitchen perfectly. However, I find them to be too shallow, and ours does not have ice/water in the door, which drives my husband nuts. Still, I manage to keep everything I need in it and I do appreciate the useful spaces for storage of items in both the fridge and freezer sections. It is also great for holding the temp at the exact temperature I set.

    Since moving in, we have added a Sears Kenmore French door/bottom freezer to the garage. I L-O-V-E the French doors because I can put half-sheet pans in with no problem! How cool is that? I also like the bottom freezer, because the space is not as confining as the narrower side-by-side AND things don’t get hidden and lost, because I can look down and see everything from the top! I’ve had top freezer, side-by-side and now French door/bottom freezer — the French doors rock!

    And one more thing . . . we also named our house. Well, actually we named the whole place, which is 10.5 acres with some very nice features, like an outdoor brick oven!!! I told you it was my dream house, didn’t I? We are completely surrounded by trees and we live in Southern Illinois, so after much deliberation, we named our new home Prairie Wood. My husband also purchased a domain name to go with a new website for me — Prairie Wood Kitchen. I write at Cora Cooks now, but I have a Blogger site called Prairie Wood Kitchen up too, until we can consolidate everything into Prairie Wood Kitchen dot com. So much to do!

    Good luck and I’ll look forward to keeping up with the move. I adore your blog and all things Southern. I lived in North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas and California for 30 years before coming back home to Southern Illinois. I was Southern before I left home, but I am way Southern now!

    I hope you and your family enjoy your new home as much as we have. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to make sure it isn’t really a dream. A place is important when it’s meant to be a home.

  26. says

    I am SO envious of your NEW kitchen. Mine is like your old one,
    But it’s painted buttery yellow and the cabinets are painted white. I did that myself with some help from my sons.

    And O-M-G!!!!!!!! You have a PANTRY!!!!!!!! I LOVE pantries!!! I would KILL for a Pantry!!!

    (And YES- closets ARE a LOT of fun to be in….it’s like a bunk bed-….if you have a good imagination it can be like, anything you want it to be….A time machine, or A cave where you’re hiding out from the bad guys….or it could be a tower room where you’re a princess who’s been locked up by her evil step-mother or a witch, Or just a zillion other things…) Yes- I’m still 5 at heart and my kids and grands think I’m just Da Bomb because I will play Lazer-tag with them in the yard in the summer.

  27. Nicole from NE Ga. says

    Name for house: “Red and black cookin’ shack!” lol had to get the dawgs in there!!

    Anyway, as far as refrigerators go. We bought our home last year and in the process of remodeling the kitchen I had to get a new refrigerator (the green one that was here was not going to be staying!). I have always had the regular old fridge on bottom and freezer on top and never thought twice about them. My mom just bought a freezer on bottom and fridge on top one and let me tell you, she can’t find ANYTHING in the freezer because it all just gets thrown in and falls wherever. I can’t stand that! I went with a side by side model (the biggest and most expensive that Whirlpool makes because I was worried about it not holding what I am used to stocking my refrigerator with. Well….I hate it!! I don’t like a side by side for many reasons. Whenever this one needs replaced, I will be going back to the old stand by freezer on top and fridge on bottom. Just my personal opinion that I thought that I would share with ya.

    Good luck on the new home!

  28. says

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