Southern Plate Gets Seedy- Fresh Yeast Rolls, Ready From Your Freezer Anytime!


Yeast breads are intimidating to many people. Having tried a time or two and failed or perhaps just hearing too many horror stories about how difficult yeast is to master, I know a lot of folks who won't even attempt to make homemade breads or rolls this way. But y'all know if I'm going to bring you a recipe, its really going to be easy and doable by everyone. Today's recipe is no ... Continue Reading

The Wonder Of Simple Things And A Simple Cake


Today is the last day of school for us. While we've been living here a few weeks, there is still so much to be done. Clothes and dishes and such are put away but the walls still lay bare and unemptied boxes litter the sunroom which is supposed to be my Southern Plate office some fine day, when I can stay home (and out of the kitchen) long enough to unpack them. This weekend we are having the ... Continue Reading

Healthier Meals? Bring Back The Relish Tray!


My great grandmother, Mama Reed, always had a relish tray at every meal. My mother remembers it being filled with homemade pickles, pickled beats, and fresh vegetables from her own garden according to season. It was the perfect accompaniment to every meal. Folks could pass it around and use the contents to add variety and customization to their dinner. Picky kids could always use the relish tray ... Continue Reading

Waste Not, Want Not French Toast (And How To Freeze It)


Love Southern Plate? Please tell a friend!ย  I hate to waste food. Now for those of you who have been reading Southern Plate for a while, I am likely sounding like a broken record on this point but I can't help it, wasting food bothers me. I've heard too many stories from my family about how scarce food has been in the past and children going hungry (in my family) to be able to take it for ... Continue Reading

Banana Crumb Cake (and the name of my home)


If you enjoy Southern Plate, please tell a friend! This is the second tutorial photographed at my new home. I just love photographing things in the sun room. Yesterday I opened a few windows out there and had the most wonderfully scented early summer breeze flowing through as I prepared this cake and later worked on some emails and such in a chair by the window. I ended up spending just about ... Continue Reading

Pork Chop Biscuits – Fast Food My Way


With few exceptions, I don't care for fast food. Fast food has no heart to it. Someone gets paid minimum wage to slap a microscopic meat patty on a bun and lower some fries in oil, add in a coke and charge $5. Voila, here's your meal. Toss in a toy or small bag of cookies and you may get my kid's attention but I'm still eating it just because I have to due to whatever appointment has placed a ... Continue Reading

Puddin’ Poke Cake


I mentioned this cake a few posts back and promised I'd bring it to you because its one of my favorites. One of these days y'all are going to get tired of me saying that everything is my favorite but if you haven't figured out that I really like food by now then somethin' is wrong with ya! Besides, why would I post something that isn't one of my favorites? I think maybe that is what helps make ... Continue Reading

Fresh Fried Corn (Shucking, Silking, Cooking, and Freezing)


Lay out a table with every dish imaginable, absolutely everything under the sun, and if there is fresh fried corn on that table, you'll know where to find me. There is nothing in this world like the flavor of fresh corn, shucked and cut off the cob and cooked up in a skillet. No matter how hard companies may try (and I do appreciate their efforts!), no frozen or canned corn can even come close. ... Continue Reading

Chocolate Gravy


This morning I was making biscuits when my daughter announced that she wanted chocolate for breakfast. Hey, the gal is smart. Even at the tender age of three, she knows what she needs. As I mixed up my biscuit dough, I had one of those light bulb moments - chocolate gravy. Its one of those things that old people in the south expound about, recalling with wistful smiles normally reserved for ... Continue Reading

Frozen Cranberry Banana Salads


(Originally posted July 10, 2008. Please see letter at bottom) Tea rooms in the south are a far cry from formalized locales where you sit up straight, sip hot tea, and nibble on a scone. In the south, our tea rooms have a relaxed and bright atmosphere. They are filled with smiling ladies gathered together for a special treat of girl time - away from kids, husbands and demands of home. Plates are ... Continue Reading