Mama’s Corn Casserole


While I’m packing and cleaning and tossing, Mama took some pics of her Corn Casserole the other day for me to use (She doesn’t want me dirtying up my kitchen while I’m getting ready to move!). If you’ve never had corn casserole and you have even the smallest inkling of a liking for corn or cornbread, you really should pick up the stuff to make this today! You can serve it as a side dish, a bread, or just close the blinds and eat it all by itself ~grins~.

This recipe includes an old tried and true favorite, a Jiffy mix. Jiffy mixes added a lot to my childhood. They were (and are) incredibly cheap and only required one egg and 1/2 cup of water to make a single layer cake. My mother was from the old school set who thought ever supper had to include a meat and three, plus dessert, so we had a lot of jiffy cakes!

They were never the same though, Mama always had a creative flair with her cooking. Often times she’d make pineapple upside down cake, substituting the pineapple juice for the water to really make the flavor explode. She also made peach upside down cake with canned peaches just like she did in the pineapple. Sometimes she’d make a single layer (from one box of jiffy mix), cut it in half and stack them and then ice it with chocolate frosting so we had what appeared to be half of a two layer round cake. (I hope I’m making sense here!).

My personal favorite was when she made poke cake with them. To this day I just loooooooooooooove poke cake! I need to bring y’all that one. I think I’ll make it up today and post it on my next post. My kids are going to be so glad I got a wild hair come supper time today!

Jiffy mixes ran about 4 for a dollar back in the day and they are still very cheap now (I think two or three for a dollar in my neck of the woods). They were and are awfully handy to have around for quick desserts and I love that they make a single layer of a cake, which is perfect for a family of four.


This is Mama’s recipe for corn casserole, mine is just slightly different and doesn’t include cheese. Both are very good!

For Mama’s recipe you’ll need: cream style corn, whole kernel corn, eggs, sour cream,  jiffy muffin mix, butter or margarine, and cheddar cheese.

Mama: The recipe calls for one can of cream style corn. It’s cool though, I know you were just doing that to see if my reader’s were awake. :)


And now for my favorite cooking instructions:

Dump everything in a bowl.

Leave the cheese out til later though.

Neither my recipe nor Mama’s says to drain the whole kernel corn. We pour a little of the water off of it if there is a lot and then just dump it right on in.


Stirry stirry.


Pour into 9×13 inch dish.

Do y’all have any idea how many 9×13 inch dishes I have? I can’t seem to resist them. I pick them up every time I see any at yard sales or unique ones on Ebay. I think I have seven right now but I’ve given some away over the years. Its always nice to have an extra on hand in case you need to take food to someone. If they return your dish, great. If they don’t, more room in your cabinets! Sometimes when I have an abundance of a certain size dish I just tell folks to keep them. This is especially helpful if they are newly weds and the type of people who would think a used pyrex dish is a great thing to be given – especially if it comes filled with a casserole or cake.

I’m still looking around for that perfect 9x13inch dish though! I have a great one that is Fire King 2000 but I really want a Polish pottery one. I just haven’t decided its worth parting with a kidney to be able to afford one of them. If you know of any cool websites or companies that sell nice looking casserole dishes holler at me in the comments! I love browsing online. I prefer to stay away from ceramic because I’m too rough with them. My bake ware has to really hold up.

What is your favorite brand/type of bake ware? Tell me in the comments so I have more goodies to shop for!


Bake this for about thirty minutes and then top with cheese.

Return to oven for about fifteen minutes, until cheese melts and center is firm.

I remember when Mama got this 9×13 inch dish with the matching metal cradle. I was in elementary school at the time.
Of course, since it belongs to my mother, it still looks like new. She takes such good care of her things.
Its not that I don’t take care of my things…its just that I’m not as meticulous as my mother and
objects tend to get put through the works a bit more around me. :)
Oh YUM!!

Note to Mama: Whenever I do a tutorial, I usually like to have leftovers of the dish
in the fridge so I can eat it after I post. ~hint. hint. nudge. nudge.~

Mama’s Corn Casserole
  • 15 oz. can cream style corn
  • 11oz. can whole kernel corn
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 8.5 oz. package Jiffy corn muffin mix (can use other muffin mix)
  • ½ cup butter, melted
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 8x12 inch casserole dish. In a mixing bowl, combine cream corn, whole kernel corn, eggs, sour cream, muffin mix, and butter. Pour into prepared casserole dish. Bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes or until lightly brown. Remove from the oven and sprinkle cheese over the top. Return to the oven for 15 minutes or until the center is firm.


A Post Script to Nigeria.

In light of the onslaught of recent emails from Nigeria I would like to offer my humble thanks to this obviously generous country. However, at this time, I am perfectly happy with my current income and lifestyle. Even though I work to make ends meet (as do average Americans), I am truly not interested in your $2.5 Million, $800,000, $250,000, or even your $100,000 offers. Thank you for making these on a daily basis though, you’re too sweet.

Also, despite your thoughts on the matter, please rest assured that I have no relatives, living or deceased, in your wonderfully generous country. I do understand that there are those there who have chosen me to receive their net worth after their untimely passing but am afraid that although flattered, I must politely decline. Please feel free to share such bounteous wealth with the citizens of your country. If it makes you feel better, I hereby authorize you to use whatever sum needed to purchase a hot air balloon in my honor with which to fly up in and release bills into the air. From my aproximate calcuations given recent emails (this week alone), there should be several million dollars available to you in my name with which to perform this act.

Really, you’re just too kind!



P.S. Note, I am still not including my full name, date of birth, bank account number, social security number, or blood sample. Since you seem to think I have so many relatives over there, just look one of them up for more information on me. :)

“Never let anyone’s opinion of you be your goal. They may not like you.” ~ TD Jakes.

~Submitted by Southern Plate Reader, Micha.

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  1. Mary says

    Hey Christy, I love the Nigeria post. I thought I was the worlds most sought after non relative for all the Dough emails send me daily. Now to the good stuff, I am making this dish tomorrow, hope to use it at Thanksgiving. Have a Happy Week.

    • Elaine Van Camp says

      I agree with Mary – very nice response to such crazy emails. You have a wonderful way with words, so tactful and sweet!!!
      I love all your recipes and all the many wise, inspiring words that you share.
      God bless you and keep you always!!
      Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas to you and all who you love!!

      Elaine of St. Louis

    • Barbara Royalty-Tatum says

      I have tried for years to make a corn pudding/casserole. I have failed miserably. Just don’t understand. After last year my family asked me not to make this dish ever again. It was horrible – threw it out. I have to try yours & see. Maybe I’ll make it before the holidays just to see how it turns out. My mom’s always turned out perfect & I have a friend that shared her “simple” receipe with me & it turned out horrible. I’m giving you my last try at corn pudding!!!!!

    • Jen says

      Hi, I would love to try this recipe, but I don’t know how it will taste and what the consistency will be like. Is it sweet, is it more like cornbread or corn pudding, is it creamy? I would love to know, thank you so much!

  2. Jeanne Marie says

    Wonderful!! Oh, loved your comments at the end. Isn’t it so funny how they try and reel you in? I pity the poor older folk that fall for that and lose money from their bank accounts. Sad.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Christy, and for all you do!! We love you!

    Jan from Canada

  3. Tammy W. says

    I love this recipe too. My husband’s grandmother gave it to me. We don’t add cheese though. For an extra kick, I put jalepeno slices in one end for those who like a little heat. Yum!

  4. Mary says

    QVC has a brand they sell called Temptations verypretty hand painted and not as pricey as the polish pottery. They have several styels and colors and lots of coordinating pieces to match. I own about 15 pieces all different sizes and shapes

    • Ally says

      Mary, my sister has a set of the Temptations casserole dishes in the red polka dot pattern. They are beautiful and very affordable. Going to order some for myself. And Christy, thanks for posting this. I had this recipe years ago and had lost it. It is so yummy and I plan to make it for Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas too!

  5. Rose says

    Love the recipe and if you are still looking for nice stoneware at reasonable price go to and look at the Temptations selection under kitchen. I have several of them amd they are great nothing sticks and you don’t even have to grease them.

  6. Peggy says

    I’ve been making this corn casserole for years and it always gets rave reviews. How fun to see it here! This is very versitle too. I’ve added chopped green chilis in the past and for a sweeter version I’ve added a little sugar and cinnamon to the batter and then sprinkled the top with raw sugar before baking. That version comes out crispy and sweet.

  7. OcalaMom says

    This is one of my son’s absolute favorites! I do drain the kernel corn though and for some reason 350 degrees was never hot enough, so I crank it up to 400 degrees. This does seem like a cheater version of spoonbread, but from some reason, when my dad would make spoonbread, it always tasted “butterier”. Either one is YUMMY!!!

  8. Mimi says

    I am so glad to see this on your site!! This is a must for every holiday!! I moved recently and can’t find my recipe. This sounds almost identical to how I made it. The only difference is that I either use french onion dip or green onion dip instead of sour cream. It just adds a savory boost to it. I also will throw bacon pieces in it if I make it for dinner once in a while because my better half thinks meat has to be in EVERYTHING lol Thanks for posting another of my family favorites! I am just going to throw my hand written recipes that are scattered around in the trash and come to your site :)

  9. Christine says

    Thank you for this great recipe! I substituted greek yogurt for the sour cream because one of my guests is allergic to sour cream and made it for Thanksgiving. It was yummy!!! This recipe is a keeper for sure.

  10. Alicia says

    I have tried different variations of this over the years but this one is the best by far! I served this with Christmas dinner and it was a hit. My husband has asked me to make it on New Year’s Day!! Thanks so much

  11. Glenda D. says

    I have this same pyrex dish and cradle…although the dish is a replacement…husband broke the original. We looked and looked for a replacement and just a few months ago my daughter found one at Goodwill. She also found a matching loaf dish and cradle. I have the square dish and cradle, also.

  12. Hannah Johnson says

    I have this same recipe but was making it one day and forgot and put the cheese in with the rest of the ingrediants. A nice surprise and now I always make it this way!!

  13. Mary Crabtree says

    Made this for the first time tonight. It’s a little different from MY Mama’s recipe, but everyone loved it and I noticed alot of second helpings going around, too! I’m thinking that this would be good for breakfast as well. Thanks Christy and Janice!

  14. Ron says

    I am trying this recipe today……it’s simple and easy, and anyone that uses jiffy mixes like my mother and grandmother did, is a trusted friend. Many of the ideas i’ve seen in other recipes, jalapenos, onions, but I use crumbled bacon and chives for a nice personal twist. I just might add in some sauteed red onion as well. thanks for sharing, this is easy, and I love your mama for saying ‘just throw it in a bowl’……..NICE! everything but the kitchen sink, if it’s good and usable, use it!

  15. Joni says

    My son just brought over some fresh corn. I wish I knew how to adapt this recipe using fresh corn! Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

    If I don’t hear from you, I might have to ask my long lost relatives in Nigeria…..

  16. Marian DeBold says

    Christie, thank you for sharing this. I have made this for 32 years,,,have used plain yogurt, fat free sour cream, 2 or 3 eggs, fresh corn, green pepper, onion, or just plain, added ham or shredded is a quick go thing that people just love.

  17. BJ Wells says

    Hello Christie: Just had to tell you my son, daughter-in-law & three grandsons are presently living in Stuttgart, GE until 2014. My son retired from the AF last July and is presently a CS employee. My daughter-in-law has been to Poland many times and made her last planned trip this past Spring. She always asks “Any thing you need Mom?” I always answer “No Needs dear but lots of WANTS! She has mailed me beautiful Polish Pottery: 7 X 11 oblong dish, a very large cake plate, a beautiful deviled egg plate, 4 huge coffee mugs, plus several small pieces. They are all so beautiful and probably about 1/3 the cost of ordering the dishes online. Hopefully you have found your Polish Pottery since your post.

  18. june copeland says

    Oh my, how I love corn casserole,. Will make this for my son and daughter in law when they come home next month. My favorite baking dishes are anything corning ware. I have 32 pieces of it and would not part with it for anything. I also always look for, and buy, anything pyrex. I have 6 nine inch pyrex pie plates and three 10 inch ones. Make all of my pies in Pyrex.
    Oh Christy – I get emails every week from Nigeria. They crack me up!! Wish I had all of the money they purport belongs to me LOL.

  19. says

    I know this post is long after you posted this recipe but………if you are still looking for those Polish stoneware casserole dishes and you live anywhere near a TJMaxx store I routinely see them in there at less than half the regular prices. They are an especially good deal when they go on clearance at TJM, I’ve bought a few over the years at rock bottom prices. They pretty much carry the best quality kitchen things in their stores but it is hit or miss as to what you find there on any given day, if you see something you like and want buy it as it probably will be gone when you come back later.

  20. Lynda Massey says

    I made this corn casserole today for an Emmaus Gathering and it was delicious. It came straight from your cookbook. I had made a similar one from another source but tonight was the best.
    Thanks for all your recipes. I enjoy seeing your family at play. The kids are so cute.

  21. Carole says

    Christy, I don’t think you can beat eBay for casserole dishes. Especially Fire King, which has been around longer than me (the older I get, the more I like to say that). I have Fire King dishes in many sizes that belonged to my mom and I will be passing them on to my nieces and nephews.

  22. donna brush says

    i have made this for years my sister-in-law made it one christmas and my kids went nuts over it. the only thing i do different was we use one egg and it seemed like it took a long time to get the middle done now that use two eggs it cooks alot better and we didn’t put cheese on it but i do now. my children and grandchildren want this every get together. we will have it for thanksgiving and christmas. happy holidays. this pinerest is great just have to learn to get into the receipes easier.

  23. Calla says

    Lol just looked at the dishes I have the 8×8 and the bread pan having been using them for years. and the 13x 9 I’m a great grandmother. Love Jiffy Corn bread mixes. My mother gave the set years ago.

  24. Gwen says

    I recently ordered corn casserole from a local restaurant and have been wanting to make the dish for Sunday’s dinner.
    Thank you for sharing; new to your blog and really enjoy the story with the recipes.

  25. Chellney says

    I really hate to ask this question!!! But since I could not find one person in the entire comments section that asked it, I will have to bare myself to the public humiliation and just ask it myself…Oh the shame…heehee:)
    Do you actually only use 11oz of the whole kernel corn, because my can says 15oz…and…do you drain the juice off, or was that what you meant when you said to mix it all together?
    Thank You :)

  26. Jen says

    Hi, I would love to try this recipe, but I don’t know how it will taste and what the consistency will be like. Is it sweet, is it more like cornbread or corn pudding, is it creamy? I would love to know, thank you so much!

  27. Pam says

    I am taking this to a Office potluck. I have seen it made it a crockpot to stay warm until we are ready to serve. Any suggestions to be sure it keeps the correct consistency? Do I add extra butter or sour cream?

  28. Tara Becerra Bloore says

    I too have made this recipe before and had lost the directions. In my search for it, one recipe I came across said to melt the butter in the 9×13 while the oven is preheating, then mix all the other ingredients (minus any cheese) in a bowl and pour it over the melted butter. Then bake as usual. Does it make a difference if the butter is mixed in or not? I’m making this for Thanksgiving dinner, so I’m puzzled and don’t want to mess it up.

  29. Debbie In Naples, FL says

    I have seen several recipes online. 1/2 use eggs and 1/2 don’t. What is the difference in consistency if you don’t use the eggs. My sister in law makes this and uses 2 boxes of jiffy mix and no eggs. Please let me know, I have to make this for Thanksgiving Dinner for 30 people! Dont want to mess this up!

  30. Bonny says

    To “Chellney” the larger can will be just fine and yes you do drain some or all of the water off of the whole kernel corn. You decided the best consistency for you. To “Gayle” in 2012, if you can’t print any thing from the web site you can always highlight the whole recipe hit ctrl and C to copy, then go to your word program and pull up a new document and press ctrl and V at the same time and it will copy the recipe over for you then you can print it. Now for “Chrissy” You ask people to comment and ask questions but you NEVER respond. What is the point? I was given two of your cook books for Christmas last year and love them so much. The recipes are just simple southern comfort food that my family loves. I really like that you can add your own little touches to each recipe to make it your own. Love the sound of this recipe will see if it is in either one of my books first before I print it. Thanks Christy for the great recipes and sharing some of yourself with us as well.

    • says

      to “Bonny” I try to get to as many comments as I possibly can. Sometimes when there are a lot it takes me a little longer than others. But I do read and try to respond to as many as one person possibly can. If you haven’t seen that I do respond I suggest you look a little deeper.

  31. Kris says

    My family has made this same recipe for years. The only diffence is our recipe calls for Swiss cheese, we have used both and either one is equally delicious. It is definetly a family favorite and always requested for holiday meals!!


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