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Congratulations to Micha for winning the random drawing in the $500 giveaway! Thank you all for participating and thanks to for giving me a means of picking a random winner! Mimi, I’m sending you an email with instructions on how to get your address to me! Thank you, Crystal light!


I’ve had a GREAT week drinking more water! The difference is pretty profound, both in my performance level and in my wallet. I ended up drinking about 80% less carbonated beverages and actually found myself craving Crystal Light over my usual drink.

The one thing I noticed a significant change in this past week was sleep quality. I have pretty frequent bouts of insomnia, mainly because my mind just won’t shut down: so much to plan, so much to do, so many projects I want to tackle. When I lay down in bed, that is often the only time during my day that I have a bit of quiet with my thoughts so they tend to take over.

This past week, however, I slept deeply every single night. It was stunning. I’m not sure if this was due to being properly hydrated for the first time in a decade or more, but since that was the only change I made, you gotta wonder. Also take into the account the amount of caffeine I normally ingest versus drinking only Crystal Light and I feel pretty confident the water made the difference.

I did fall off the wagon a time or two and go back to drinking diet carbonated drinks (As a lifelong Alabamian, I can bring myself to say “carbonated beverages” but just can’t form the word “Soda”!) but when I did, I felt at once sluggish as a result. I know this was a psychological thing and I’m not quite sure at what point I decided to go cold turkey to Crystal Light this past week but it did happen at some point and I’m awfully glad I did.




Coming off of a rabid caffeine/carbonation was not easy. Thank goodness for Crystal Light Energy! I discovered the individual packets of this in Wild Strawberry and used them to flavor my bottled water when out and about or to start my day off. They added a bit of caffeine to help me get over the hump.

Will I give up my carbonated beverages? While I don’t see myself giving them up entirely, I have cut down from eight to ten a day (I know, that is an awful number) to one or two a day and my water intake has increased substantially. I am easily meeting or exceeding the 8-10 glass recommendation.

My skin looks better, my energy level is better, my sleep is better, and my overall performance is definitely at a new high – which I’m gonna need!

Water has made a difference and I’m won over.

Now, how about one of you being a winner? Last week’s $500 Visa Gift Card giveaway had over 540 entries. I used to draw a number and the corresponding comment belongs to: Jackie Medows!

“I just LOVE Crystal Light go packs! They have LOT’S of flavors and I always have several flavors on hand for the little one’s who visit!”

I will email you, Jackie, with instructions on how to get me your mailing address.

Who wants a chance to win ANOTHER $500?

Tell me how your week of drinking more water has gone for a chance ot win another $500 Visa gift card in the comments below!

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~It has been my pleasure bringing you this post, sponsored by Crystal Light.~


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  1. Ginger says

    My son is VERRRRY picky & Crystal Light has made my “summer” life so much easier! I use the “on the go” tubes all the time – so much easier than carrying around bottles of juice just to get hot. He also loves the Crystal Light popsicles from Granny’s. It goes without saying that having a picky 2 year old means you’re going to adjust your eating/drinking habits and my new favorite is Raspberry Ice – I don’t know how much better I’ve felt since making this change, but it sure has made my days easier in one aspect – happy boy/happy mama!

  2. MaryC says

    Hey, Christy! We’ve had a great week drinking more water and Crystal light lemonade. This week we’re going adventurous~Tropical Punch! Have a great day!

  3. Judy says

    “Water, water everywhere and not a drop” – oops – water, water EVERYWHERE and lots and lots to drink.

    Love the quotes – thanks for sharing.

    Have a GREAT day.


  4. Amy says

    this week was pink lemonade…. not sure why, but i had headaches this week bad ( i get migraines) loved the taste but hated the headaches!!!

  5. Laura says

    I happen to love water so drinking it is not a hard thing for me. However, several years ago my husband was having problems with heartburn. At that time, we probably consumed a 2 liter bottle of pop (from the North!)everyday. Besides coffee, that was all we drank. We went to a seminar about water and abruptly changed our drinking habits! Water was the winner! My husband noticed that his heartburn issue dissolved after just a few days of drinking water and getting rid of the pop. Now we are avid ‘water drinkers’. When we occasionally indulge in some pop, we notice a great difference. We try to take water with us everywhere we go!

  6. Sandy Brown says

    I’ve been drinking CL from the first day it hit the market shelves…love the new CL metabolism + Peach Mango Green Tea flavor..carry a packet in my purse and add to a bottle of 16.9 fl oz of water for refreshing drink on the go. Try it you’ll like it.

  7. Sheila Parker says

    Drinking water also helped with my heartburn–and seriously cut down the grocery bill since I am no longer buying tons of Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper–although I am getting up more at night–hopefully that won’t last much longer.

  8. says

    One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m not experiencing cravings nor do I have the urge to snack. I just feel better. It’s amazing what having the proper amount of water in your system can do!

    Beth aka oneoldgoat

  9. Amber says

    Hey Christy.
    Ya know – I’ll be honest. I don’t drink water very often.
    I don’t like the taste of it. (“what – you can taste water?”) Yes – its nasty.
    The only time I do drink water is when I mix in something to go with it. All the flavors of CL that I have tried are really good.
    I guess I just need that extra motivation to drink more water.
    Anyway – thanks for all you do for us!
    You truly are a southern Gem!!

  10. April says

    Pick me pick me! I love Crystal Light but it’s so expensive. If I had the five hundred dollars I could go on down to Publix and buy some.

  11. Meghan T says

    I love Crystal Light Peach Tea! I always have a pitcher of it in my fridge. I notice when I drink more water, I definitely feel fuller, which is great because I am on a diet. I just put the Energy packets on my grocery list, have to try those!!

  12. Lesley in Alabama says

    I try to drink at least 64 oz of water a day. If I skip a day, I feel different. Just goes to show me how much I need water!

    Have a good week!

    Lesley in Alabama

  13. Andrea Nichols says

    I love the convenience of the Crystal Light packets to put in my bottled water. I want to get the wild strawberry energy packets. yummy

  14. sue says

    Just cant get myself to drink water by itself but flavoring it makes it just right and I will drink it instead of a soda!

  15. Angela Appleby says


  16. Susie D. says

    Well, too much water makes my interstitial cystitis act up, so…. I have to stick with little sips here and there :(

  17. Pat Baker says

    Without my water and crystal light this week,I probably would have passed out in the yard cutting grass. I was feeling really weak. I grabbed my bottle of water and strawberry crystal light and boy that saved my life. Thank you crystal light.

  18. Susan Abbott says

    I love Crystal Light and have found somewhat of a unique use for it? I take the On the Go packs in my purse, and when out for the evening with friends I’ll order a tall glass of club soda. Dump one in and I’m having a wonderful “mocktail”!

  19. Carol Smith says


    You have discovered my secret! I have been drinking Crystal Light for about 10 years and love it. I hate plain water and Crystal Light allows me to get the hydration I need each day. Love it!!

    Carol Smith

  20. says

    Woah, I love Susan’s idea of taking the to go packets with me to a restaurant and plopping that stuff into a glass of club soda …even just water would be great and cheap alternative for 2 bucks for a glass of tea! Cant wait to stock up on CL in all the great new flavors…new to me anyway! I’m sure my complexion and sleeping have improved since I made a deliberate effort to increase my water! Great ideas!

  21. Meg says

    I can tell that drinking more water has made my daily workout much more enjoyable. I feel like I have more endurance and I hardly have any more annoying muscle cramps.

  22. Tammy in Alabama says

    I have taken the Crystal Light challenge with you and I cannot believe how wonderful I feel …. and I think I may have lost a little weight along the way:) Yea!!!! But I feel so much better … thank you for the challenge. My family loves crystal light and we are all drinking more water!!! Thank you!

    Have a blessed day!

  23. Nancy Waugaman says

    While I have always drank a lot of water this week was incrediable. I usually drink it plain or with slices of lemon and had never tried Crystal Lite, gasping in horror. Well to make a long story short I didn’t know what I was missing. It is soooooooooo very good and I drank a lot more water. Good tasting and good for you, it’s a win win.

  24. Sherry Dittmer says

    I gave up my 6 regular cokes per day habit in January 2007 and switched to water. I have coffee in the morning…but the rest of the day I drink water. I initially made the change in an effort to lose weight. It helped tremendously. I still dream about my regular cokes….but I know if I have just one….I will fall off the wagon. I can honestly say I enjoy and crave water now.

  25. Gloria says

    I can drink much more ice water than I can soda or other beverages and like to keep a tall glass of nearby. I use to drink one to two cans of soda per day but my dental hygienist said even diet sodas are bad for your teeth. It’s the acid in the sodas that you are bathing your teeth with every sip. I’m down to a soda every couple of days and have filled the difference with either ice water or Crystal Light’s Peach Tea. I feel better and I know I’m helping keep my teeth healthier.

  26. Gi nger says

    Drinking more water….of course in fabulous flavors….has brought me more energy, smoother skin, and a radiant glow!!! And the gift of sharing with others, lots ask what I’m drinking, and I smile and share a packet :)

  27. Nancy Perkey says

    I agree with your post Christy regarding the sleep. That’s the biggest difference with me. Yes, I have more energy even though I probably am not getting as much caffine(which is a good thing)the sleep may be what I have been needing. I love the 2go packs for work and ballparks, but having the big pitcher in the frige is the handiest.

  28. Tanya says

    I start with a crystal light energy pack in my bottle of water and then I force myself to drink a plain bottle of water and keep rotating – if I stick to it I feel better, eat less, and ultimately it is helping me lose the last few lbs of baby weight I had gained!!!!

  29. Judith says

    I have just found the little individual packets and am loving them! I am drinking more water cause I want more Raspberry in my day.

    But I have to say last week’s colonoscopy had a suggestion of adding Crystal Light (lemonade) to the awful gallon drink – I only had raspberry (no red allowed in drink) so didn’t get to use the suggestion, but wonder, does it help that stuff? LOL!

  30. Christina says

    I have been doing this 2 weeks and I am loving how I feel. Oddly enough my back pain is easing up too.

  31. Pattie says

    Crystal Light Pomegranate Lemonade is my favorite I can drink it all day. It has antioxidant vitamins and plant extracts to help nourish your skin so I get something extra in my water. Drinking plenty of H2O is a must where I live it is in the 90’s and very humid.

  32. angela says

    I have found that I’m drinking more and other people in my family are starting to drink crystal light also.

  33. Carol Ann says

    Christy, I’ve noticed that I feel so much better when I make the effort to drink more water. It also makes me feel fuller at meal time so I eat less. Hooray for Crystal Light!

    From Carol Ann

  34. brooke brown says

    Wow!! All of that water does make a difference in how you feel. I have my kids hooked on the go packs… We take them everywhere with us now… They love them!!

  35. Lisa says

    Staying hydrated does actually give you more energy. Crystal Light is a great way to drink more water when the plain stuff gets boring!

  36. Mary says

    It does make you feel less hungry and more energy. There were hot days where I’d have a little headache, and I realized that it was because I was dehydrated. Haven’t felt that anymore!

  37. Kelly says

    I drink a lot of water and always have. I find when I have a headache, it’s usually because I’m low on my water consumption. I sit down and drink a few glasses and low and behold, my headache is gone. Good job Christy.