Loaded Potatoes – Make ’em and Freeze ’em!


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Todays post is quick and easy to throw together and serves as a wonderful side dish but the versatility allows you to use leftovers to turn this into a main entree! The fun thing about it though is that you can make several ahead of time and freeze them to use in a jiffy at a later date. Reheating may then be done either in the oven or microwave, so this is a win win either way you look at it.

Back when we had people over for dinner on a regular basis, this was a go-to dish for me that I served just about every time. It was a great way to round out the meal without taking any additional prep time and they always got rave reviews. I don’t get to have folks over nearly as often these days, much to my dismay. With the kids getting older and having activities of their own amidst our every quickening schedules, our focus has turned to making sure we get to spend our quality time together as a family.

Things sure were different when I was little though! Its amazing but almost every memory I have of our dinner table growing up includes my mother, father, sister, brother, and at least one or two “extras”. No matter how tight our grocery budget or schedule was, Mama always found time and managed to feed more.

Usually it was a rookie police officer my dad was training, they were riding around in the patrol car so if Daddy was to come home for supper we couldn’t hardly not feed them as well. Sometimes it was a random uncle or bachelor friend of the family and as we got older our friends also clamored into the mix as they got to see that a full supper at our house wasn’t a special occasion but a daily event. There were two kids (well, they were teens at the time) who took to eating at our house and literally ate supper with us every single night for about two years. Mama and Daddy always said that if anything ever happened to them, they hoped someone would do the same for us.

Inviting folks over to dinner is one of those “oldie but goodie” practices that is, in my mind, the ultimate show of welcoming and graciousness towards your neighbors and friends. I’d love to hear from you why you do or don’t have folks over more often. Is it time constraints? Budget? Lack of time alone as a family?

But mostly, I’d love for you to answer a question my mother posed to me recently (because Mama and I sit and come up with the strangest things to talk about from time to time):

If you could have dinner with any living person,

who would it be and why?

I know y’all are going to have some great answers to this so I’m gonna hold off on my answer until I read a few of yours! I’ll post mine in the comments along with y’all. There are no limits here aside from it being a living person.

How bout some loaded ‘taters? twicebaked 006

I’m going to show you the ingredients I use but the best stuffed potatoes are the ones made to your individual tastes.

I’ve seen folks add milk, tomatoes, leftover chicken or bbq (yum!), mayonnaise, ricotta cheese, fresh or dried herbs, etc.

The sky is the limit here.

For mine, I use: A few tablespoons of margarine, pre-cooked chopped bacon, green onions, cheddar cheese, and sour cream. I also use a little salt and pepper.

twicebaked 009

Bake your potatoes and cut them in half lengthwise like this.

*I bake my potatoes by starting them in the microwave on about five minutes, then transferring to a 450 degree oven for about an hour. Sometimes I rub them down with a little cooking oil and sprinkle some coarse sea salt on them before baking like my Great grandmother did. MMM-MM Good!

twicebaked 010

Scoop out the pulp but leave enough that the skin still has a bit of shape to it. You’ll see what I mean in the next photo.

twicebaked 011

See? Here are the hollowed out potatoes.

twicebaked 015

To your pulp, add the margarine, sour cream, salt, and pepper.

Mash up well with a potato masher or just a fork.

twicebaked 019

Add cheese, mash in.

twicebaked 020

Like this. Oh my that looks good already!

twicebaked 021

Add all other toppings.

twicebaked 022

Stir up well.

Resist urge to eat entire bowl as is.

twicebaked 023

Decide you want a little bit of garlic powder and add that too…

Whatever cranks yer tractor.

twicebaked 025

Spoon back into your shells.

twicebaked 026

Like so. :)

twicebaked 027

Now I’m going to take a few and sprinkle with cheddar cheese to bake right now for our supper.

twicebaked 028

The rest I’m placing in the freezer. My pan has a lid so I’m using that until they are frozen and then placing them in zipper seal bags. You don’t have to cover them for the initial freeze though.


Just place a pan in the freezer for about an hour and then place in zipper sealed bags and return to freezers.

This initial freezing outside of the bag is called “flash freezing” and will keep them from sticking to each other in the bags.


Loaded Potatoes
  • 7 medium sized potatoes, washed
  • ½ C Sour Cream
  • 3 T margarine
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp pepper
  • ¼ tsp garlic powder
  • 4 green onions, chopped
  • 1½ C shredded cheddar cheese
  • 8-10 slices bacon,cooked and chopped
  1. Bake potatoes and cut in half lengthwise. Scoop out pulp, leaving enough for the skin to retain it's shape. In bowl, combine scooped potatoes, butter, and sour cream. Mash together well. Add cheese, mash. Stir in all other ingredients. Spoon filling into potato shells.
  2. To bake from frozen: Place on cookie sheet in 350 oven for half an hour, top with cheese and return to oven until melted.
  3. To bake from room temp: Top with cheese and place in oven until heated through.
  4. Can also be microwaved from frozen or room temp as well. I microwave my frozen ones for a minute and a half to two minutes.


I will prepare and someday my chance will come.

~Abraham Lincoln. To submit your quote, click here.

If you’re wondering if I need or would like more quotes submitted, the answer is always “YES!!!”


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  1. Sandy says

    Olga, had a question about the bacon…do you cook it before adding or add it raw? I’ve always cooked mine but this is a good question…please reply. I’ve enjoyed your recipes tremendously along with my husband. But I have noticed on some of your recipes that sometimes you leave out a small detail and even the photos can’t always answer a question…the bacon is an example of that..alot of us that have cooked for years could probably figure it out but your getting a new calling of folks that may not be experienced at cooking and they may need that extra info. Thanks as alway for your wonderful recipes and ideas, your the greatest!
    My one person pick would be Sam Champion @ Good Morning America, he loves and enjoys food, has a great personality and would be a joy to listen to his adventures!

    • says

      Hello Sandy!

      Hope you had a great weekend. I’ve answered Olga’s question as well as modified the recipe to show that the bacon is cooked ahead of time – not added raw.

      I apologize for not answering sooner but have been spending the weekend with my kids, who are on fall break. I try to give reader’s questions priority but my kids will always have priority over Southern Plate, so sometimes it may take me a day or so to get to the questions – more if we’re on a family vacation (which I hope to have really soon! Weeee).

      As far as my recipes, occasionally leaving out a small detail, that is the hazard of running a one woman show I’m afraid, and my readers are wonderful about pointing it out so that I can correct it. I dearly hate when this happens! I put several hours into each post in order to bring it to you and by the time I get it posted and ready to go I’ve usually been working with it for so long that I miss a small error here or there. I do hope that you’ll find these errors few and far between, and again just the hazard of this being a one woman show.

      On the plus side, whenever you come to Southern Plate you can rest assured that I am bringing you a personal or family recipe that I truly enjoy. Rather than a website filled with recipes that have been submitted by people all over the globe (which is not a bad, just different), all of my recipes come personally from me, so its more like a recipe passed along through family and friends than one found on a site that was submitted by someone you’ll never meet and whose cooking you’ll never sample.

      I will continue to be human though, as long as there is a kid in the next room anxiously waiting on me to get off the computer and play with them and me in front of the computer anxiously waiting to hit “send” to bring something to all of the readers that I hold so dear, but still antsy to go be a Mama to my babies while they are still babies. :)

      I have a real gift for run on sentences, don’t I?

      You know, I don’t know who Sam Champion is so I’m going to go look him up. I sure do wish I could arrange a banquet for all of us with all of these people. They all seem fascinating and I’m sure they’d be gracious and probably enjoy the experience as well! Reckon what on earth we’d serve though?

      Christy :)

    • Elaine says

      Oh please Denise-try to make amends with your sister and get those little boys back in your life as well. I don’t know the problem or even want to, but as I age I am more and more dead sure that your family is all you really have. Even if you were “right” in this falling out, please take the high road and try to make peace. I don’t think you will ever regret making the first move and I can guarantee you will regret in years to come that you didn’t. You don’t want to miss being a part of those little boys lives.

  2. Jeanene says

    This recipe looks yummy, as all of Christy’s recipes usually do! I cannot wait to try it, as my hubby is a meat and taters man.

    As for who to have a special dinner with, I would love to cook for my Grandfathers, both maternal and paternal. I would cook cornbread and buttermilk, with an onion to “chip” into it for my Grandaddy.. he passed away when I was very young, and I would love to just sit with him and let him see what kind of person I have grown up to be. I hope he would be proud. I would cook anything with corn in it for my maternal Grandfather (Pepaw) – he was a farmer from Iowa and could tell you anything to do with corn and soybeans and could name more kinds of pigs than I cared to know. He passed away last Easter and I miss him more than I can say. I didn’t get to see him much, but oh, my, how I looked up to him. These men were something special in my life that have left holes only they could ever fill.


  3. Sam in Destin says

    I’m going to be making these this weekend, freeze some, eat some. We often have people over for dinner, planned or not. My hubby has tons of single male friends who just happen to come over when its dinner time. We never mind feeding anyone and I cook a ton too. I love having people around my table in addition to our family.

  4. Joann Drye says

    Now girl you know I would want to have dinner with you if it has to be a living person.. and put my feet up with a glass of tea, or those strawberry smoothie things and wait for you to get it cooked.. mmmmm it would take me a while to decide what I wanted you to cook though… I will think about that.

    hugs jo in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

  5. Jay says

    These look like the ones my mom made when we were kids. I hardly ever make them anymore….wonder why?

    I’d love to have dinner with either Linda Ellerbee or Stephen King. I think they both have lots to say & are both very interesting writers. Plus, I get their senses of humor!

  6. Melissa says

    I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and enjoying your wealth of good recipes. When Foodista announced that they are going to publish the best food blogs in a full color book that will be published by Andrews McMeel Publishing Fall 2010, I naturally thought of you. This recipe would be a good submission! You can enter here: http://www.foodista.com/blogbook/submit


    Editor and Community Developer
    Foodista.com — The Cooking Encyclopedia Everyone Can Edit

  7. Lola says

    Christy Jordan makes it difficult to stick to soy and tofu — leading innocent vegetarians into temptation with these easy, inexpensive recipes……this one will be made, some with and some without true bacon (bacon bits substituted) and fed to my college bound son over the summer to make him sure to come home at break time.

  8. says

    I make these great potatos all the time. They are a great do-ahead side dish that everyone loves.I often use ranch dressing in place of the sour cream. Just a lttle change. I also sprinkle the tops with paprika, which makes it real pretty. I just discovered this site and I can not stay away. My husband walks into the room and says “Are you on there again”? Yep, I am and I love it! You are the type of person that I would get along with just fine!!

  9. Karla says

    Hi Christy. This is a very old post, but I just found you last night. I’m gonna love these tators! I’ve loved everything I’ve saw so far on your site. Still exploring and loving every minute. As far as who I would have dinner with, I think it would be the author James Patterson. I’m an avid reader, and his mysteries are the best! Thanks so much for the time and love you put in here.
    A big fan, Karla ♥

  10. Beth Sherrill says

    I would have dinner with poet laureate Mya Angelo. It would be fascinating. Only fear I would have would be that I hear she is such a good cook, I would hate to disappoint her with food she didn’t like.

  11. says

    I LOVE loaded twice baked…..try, instead of sour cream, using buttermilk ranch…OMG!! they are DELICIOUS!! and a great time saver if you dont want to cook bacon, buy the ‘real bacon bits’ in the salad dressing aisle. quick , easy and one less dish to wash! I also put broccoli in mine, helps get extra veggies in my family (half of whom will go ewww anyway).

  12. Anne says

    My mother use to make a potato w/sour cream and chive dish (the exact recipe escapes me) in large batches. She would freeze the extras in those seal-a-meal bags for later meals. However, somewhere between freezing and reheating, the sour cream sauce would become a soupy mess. I am hoping that this doesn’t have the same sour cream issue.

  13. Julie says

    I made these last night and everyone loved them. In fact my eight year old fussed and said he wouldn’t eat them. After his little sister eight about 4 of them, he finally tried them. He couldn’t chew without smiling and addmitting he loved them. It was too funny. In fact I am having the left overs for lunch today! Thanks for the great recipe again!

  14. jennifer ocak says

    I finally got around to making this tonight and man was it good! I only had 5 slices of bacon but I doubled te sour cream (lite sour cream at that) and do you know this is pretty low caloried???? Thanks for sharing this!

  15. says

    I would say my 4 of my grandchildren. Their parents (my son) are separated and she is not allowing me to see them right now. But I know that ALL things work together for the good for those who love the Lord, so I keep praying!

  16. Kristi says

    We love these! It does make it soo nice to be able to pull a few from the freezer to go with our supper. :)

    I’m picking 2 people if that’s ok… You and Paula Deen! I think that would be the most fun ever to get to hang out in the kitchen cooking, then share a meal with y’all!

  17. florence tyler says

    My family loved these,and like you said I have other children that come over to hang out and eat and the cost today is tight and I love to cook ,I found your web site and your resipe are great my daughter is almost 15 and she is picky and loved these.I also have a son 9 he is easy to please but cant seem to full him up lol,but these are easy and like you said you can put what ever in it and it is very fulling.I put onions peppers , mushroomes in mine but i will cook them alittle next time befor mixing in cause the did not cook all the way they were alittle crisp but still realy yummy,I also use my left over slice of velveta cheese on the top when i finched bakinging and wow it was great

  18. Kentucky Lady 717 says

    Would be ALAN JACKSON and his family :) and maybe he would sing for us after dinner……I’m sure you know who he is right ? He seems so down to earth and I love his music…..

    If he wasn’t available, I’d invite TOBY KEITH and his family…..Toby is a good old guy too……

  19. Deborah says

    I make the loaded potatoes and hubby really loves them! The best way I’ve found to scoop out the inside is with a melon ball scoop. Works great! I add bacon bits if don’t have bacon on hand and that works well, also. May try with bits of ham next time…sounds good, too.

  20. Tricia says

    Oh I just love Loaded Potato Skins,My Family Can’t get enough..I’d say the one person I’d like to have Dinner with..is Gordon Ramsay..He is a great Cook and I like his style..I Would love it.. If It ever happens I would love to have you join us :) LOL A girl can only dream LOL


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