One Slow Cooker Recipe: 2 Different Meals: Both Quick and Easy


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A member of our Southern Plate Family asked me if I’d put more slow cooker meals on the website with fall coming up. When she posted this on the Southern Plate Family Facebook Page, my wheels started spinning. Who doesn’t love being able to put a meal on the table with a slow cooker?  With our Fall schedules in full swing this is the ultimate time saving way to eat well while saving both money and effort.

When we were teenagers, Mama started working outside the home and began relying on our slow cooker on a regular basis. She still managed to put hearty, kid pleasing meals on the table despite spending a fraction of the time at home. This was one of our standbys and its one of my very favorite “convenience” meals because there is virtually no work to be done to get it on the table once you shred your roast!

As with most slow cooker recipes, this one is versatile. Use a beef roast or pork roast, plain water or beef broth, it’ll still turn out great. You also have plenty of room to customize for your own tastes and still end up with two hearty meals and time on your hands.

crockpot beef stuff 013

To get started, you’ll need a roast. Any old roast will do, be it beef or pork.

I was “down in my back” as folks say and unable to go to the grocery store myself so I had my husband make this meal and do this tutorial. He’s in trouble now because he’s proven he can cook. Fortunately, I am the only one who enjoys cooking so he can stick to building space stations and I’ll stick to browning the beef.

I had my husband go to the grocery store and email me pictures of roasts so I could pick out the one I want. Wee bit obsessive? Of course I am! But I don’t just toss out $14 on meat randomly so I wanted to make sure it was a good one.

Normally I look for a good bit of marbling in my roast in order to ensure a good tender outcome but I wanted more lean meat for this so we got one with minimum marbling.

I am using a few beef bouillon cubes in the water for a little more flavor. You can use beef broth as well or just plain water, whatever you prefer.

crockpot beef stuff 022

Place your roast in the slow cooker.

This is an awesome new slow cooker I have, by Hamilton Beach of course! It’s programmable, which is nice, but the neatest thing in my book is that the lid has a rubber lip around it and locks into place for travel without spills.

I like to send things to my husband’s work and this lid is a life saver. Before we had this slow cooker, I always lined a cardboard box with a towel to place the slow cooker in and hoped for the best. He arrived at work with spills every time (bit of a NASCAR fan, that one). With the holidays coming up and us traveling all about with food, this baby is gonna get a lot of love from me!

crockpot beef stuff 025

Add your water.

crockpot beef stuff 030

And your bouillon cubes.

crockpot beef stuff 033

~blinks and looks at the photo~

Okay apparently Ricky saw fit to latch it down like you would for travel. I normally don’t do that at home but maybe he was afraid it was going to blast off or something. Anyway, you can see how it latches.

That groove in the top is for a spoon to stick into, which comes with it.

crockpot beef stuff 038

I cook mine on high all day.

Normally, anytime you are using a slow cooker (regardless of what you are cooking), times are as follows:

If cooking on High: done in 3-4 hours

If cooking on Low: done in 7-8 hours

But since I was cooking this in water only I wanted it to cook at a  higher temperature longer to be more tender. It is still slow cooking so this concept works. After seven or eight hours, take out your roast and shred it with two forks, like this. Discard liquid or reserve two cups to use in the next step.

This is the part that takes a little elbow grease and I didn’t mind one bit having someone else do it for a change. Ricky asked me later how he did and I said “You did SUCH a wonderful job that I’m going to let you shred the roast from here on out!”.

crockpot beef stuff 047

Take half of your roast and put it back in the slow cooker. Add about two cups of water (or reserved broth).

Place the other half in a zipper bag or sealed bowl and put in the refrigerator or freezer for our next meal.

crockpot beef stuff 051

Pour Taco seasoning in and give it a good stir.

Put the lid back on and keep slow cooker on just until heated through.

crockpot beef stuff 057

Fill tortillas with shredded meat and favorite taco toppings.

In our family that means cheese.

I prefer cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, onions, lettuce, etc…but the majority rules because I’m not going to buy that stuff just for me.

So…cheese. :)

crockpot beef stuff 071


The last picture is always the most difficult to take and this was Ricky’s first shot at Food Photography.

I think it turned out pretty well. :)

Second Meal

crockpot beef stuff 076

The next day, take out the rest of your shredded meat and place in a sauce pot or a microwave safe bowl.

Pour a bottle of Barbecue sauce over it and heat through.


Serve on buns.

Wasn’t that easy?

2 in 1 Meal: Beef Burritos and BBQ Sandwiches
  • 1 Large Roast (4-5 pounds)
  • 4 beef boullion cubes (optional)
  • 1 packet taco seasoning
  • 1 bottle BBQ sauce
  • Flour tortillas and favorite toppings
  • Hamburger buns
  1. Slow cook roast all day on high. Remove from slow cooker and shred with fork. Reserve half of meat for second meal. Pour out liquid in slow cooker and return othe half of meat to crock. Add in taco seasoning and two cups of water, stir. Return lid and cook until heated through. Serve on Tortillas.
  2. The Next day (or meal), take remaining meat and add bottle of BBQ sauce. Heat through on stove top or in microwave. Serve on buns.

*Each of these meals fed our family of four with some to spare.


I’ve been a little under the weather (in body, not spirit!) and am just now getting back up to par. Thank you all for your understanding as I work to get caught up. I really appreciate you taking the time to read Southern plate and hope you know that your comments mean the world to me!



P.S. Dr Bailey of Bailey Chiropractic is my new best friend!

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Live for Today,
Hope For Tomorrow.

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  1. Mama Jane says

    Christy honey, if yall like green chiles you might try throwing a can in the taco meat when you fix it. Texas kids ain’t normal when it comes to eating spicy food so my bunch love em. 3 of my grandbabies daddy is korean so that bunch could probably munch on a flamethrower! I do my roast like that too, nothing like a quick easy meal when you are down in your back!

  2. PAULA CLOAT says

    These were both greatttt….I use my crock pot ALOT!! Hoping to see alot more crock pot recipes on your site all year long. I love to make chicken bbq in mine. Since I now have custody of my 12 year old grandson I need new idea’s to keep him interested. He is ADHD and the meds he takes is really hard on his appetite, so anything I can find that I can get him to eat is very helpful…Keep up the GREAT work Christy!!

  3. Kjaristy says

    I am laughing at the picture of the slow cooker all latched down. I got the same one for Christmas this year and yesterday asked my hubby to start a roast for me while I was out of town….came home and he had it latched down just like that….I asked him if he thought the top was going to blow off…I love all your recipes I have tried so far! thank you for sharing them!

  4. Lesley says

    I loved this! I did a couple of pork tenderloins and used some beef bouillon, shredded them and then stuck them in the freezer. When I needed a quick meal I quickly thawed the meat and simmered it in BBQ…delicious!

  5. Lana says

    Thanks so much for all the work you do to provide these recipes to us. I made the slow cooker pork both ways and my husband loved them. He couldn’t decide which way he liked best so I will have to keep this on my list of A+ recipes.

  6. Diane C says

    The recipes are just awesome. I too have the same crockpot.. just bought it… love it with the lid since I take it to church potlucks. Great for traveling! I also make extra and help my elderly mom and her church friends who don’t like to cook for one person any more. This way, I feel like I am making something healthy and paying it forward.

    Hope you feel better soon. Treat yourself to a massage. It really helped my adjustments when my back went out. Praying for you!

  7. Melissa says

    This is my second time to cook this roast. I am a working Mom and it is great to have such two easy meals. Last time I did use soft tacos shells for the taco meal, but decided to try hard shells this time…..YUMMY!

  8. Margo says

    I’ve got the best tools for shredding meat. The are called Bear Paws and you can get them from Amazon. They look like bear paws and they shred meat easily. I especially like to use them for pork shoulder that has cooked on the grill to make pulled pork. My husband loves to use them so I like them even more!

  9. John Brislenn says

    My Mother-in-Law used to make pulled pork sandwiches and had her own recipe for BBQ Sauce. It was a mixture of Ketchup and Mustard. (more Ketchup than Mustard) and that is all I can remember. I have not found a recipe like this anywhere and was wondering if you might have a recipe for BBQ Sauce like this. She lived in Indiana and it was a regional sort of thing I think.

  10. Sharon Carson says

    Oh, I have to laugh at your commentary with regards to toppings for the beef tortillas. In our house, it’s JUST CHEESE too!. I am the only one who will eat the tomatoes, lettuce, onions, , etc,, while my hubby absolutely detests the sight of anything crunchy or bitter like onions, tomatoes, celery, peppers. I’m with ya. I hate to buy a whole head of lettuce or a pack of celery just to end up throwing it away. Well, in any case, I’m sure it will be a winner. Thanks for the recipe.


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