Hamilton Beach Is Giving Away 2 of My Favorite NEW Appliances!


CONGRATULATIONS TO PAULA CRAIN and JAMIE WALLACE! Paula won the Red Kettle and Jamie won the Voice Activated Coffee Maker.

Both are email subscribers, commented on the post, and Paula also posted on her facebook page. Please email your mailing addresses to service@southernplate.com. Thank you all!

Today I’m bringing you a chance to win one of  TWO of my favorite new and innovative appliances from Hamilton Beach!


This is the coolest thing since the microwave in my mind. You put this kettle down on the base and flip a little switch, in under two minutes, the water inside is boiling. BOILING! The product specs say that it boils water faster than a microwave and boy howdee are they right! Another great thing about it is that the bottom stays cool so you can just set it right out on your counter or table.

I love using this to make my iced tea because I no longer have to worry about forgetting the pot on the stove. With the lid on, as soon as the water comes to a boil, it stops. Want it to boil longer? Just take the lid off and it will continue to boil but still shut off before it boils dry. When the kids want hot chocolate, I put the kettle on the base and by the time I have the hot chocolate mix poured into the cups, the water is the perfect temperature for the kids and I just take it off the base and pour. Lightning fast, incredibly convenient, and awfully cute in the candy apple red!

Hamilton Beach sent me one of these and I’ve gone out and bought two more for folks on my Christmas list. They are difficult to find (Check Target) but one lucky member of our Southern Plate family will be getting one courtesy of Hamilton Beach!


Hey there, Coffee pot, Make me some coffee, please.

(It’s Voice Activated!)


Once again, the company that is continually bringing innovation into our standard appliances, This voice activated coffee maker is completely hassle free. Touch a button and it will ask you what time you want coffee brewed. Respond with the time and it’s good to go! Can you imagine how much nicer life would be if Hamilton Beach designed DVRS? I’ve been using a Hamilton Beach coffee maker for two years now and just love it. I’m a bit of a coffee nut so I can tell ya, I wouldn’t use a coffee maker that did not put out a good cup of joe!

One member of the Southern Plate family is going to win the kettle and one will win the voice activated coffee maker!

How do you enter?

  • Leave a comment below (one entry)

Earn Additional Entries by doing the following:

  • Subscribe to Southern Plate by email (If you subscribe already, let me know in your comment below for your extra entry)
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I will choose the winner of each appliance at random and announce on Friday on this post and via email to my Southern Plate subscribers!

Life does not have to be perfect to be perfectly wonderful.

Submitted by Shannon. Submit your quote here. (Yes, I always always always need new quotes!)


Check out these gorgeous children!

They had a lot of fun decorating the cookies from my  Cut Out Cookies For Santa Post. They belong to Amanda, who is a cherished member of the Southern Plate Family and very active on our Facebook Family Page.

She says “We enjoyed making them almost as much as we enjoyed eating them!”.

Thank you so much, Amanda, nothing thrills me more than seeing kids making memories in the kitchen!


Disclosure: Occasionally, I accept products for review on Southern Plate. However, my opinions are my own and I would never praise a product or company that I didn’t truly feel good about, because that isn’t the right thing to do. Sounds simplistic, I know, but the fact that something is or isn’t the right thing to do is pretty high up on my priority list. You may notice that negative reviews are for the most part nonexistent here. This is a conscious decision on my part. I want every aspect of SouthernPlate.com to be a positive experience and therefore if I ever receive a product or recipe to review and do not have something good to say about it or do not feel it will enhance the lives of our Southern Plate Family, I simply do not publish a review. This one would be the life lesson: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. It’s funny how just about all of life’s most important lessons are learned before the age of five, isn’t it?


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  1. Carol Middlebrooks says

    I love the red tea kettle! It is almost to pretty to use. Would be pretty as a centerpiece on a kitchen table. It would also be neat to win the coffee maker! Thanks for all the great emails! Carol

  2. Sue says


    Either of these would be a wonderful win. But I especially like the red kettle. We have just started changing our kitchen area to all red. Your new basket goes really well with it. And so would the red kettle.
    Just checked out Brady’s Scotties. I have all the ingredients on hand and will make them this week end. They look so good but I dont have a cute little boy to help me.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. leslie robarge says

    Wow! I just found your site thru Dane Carlson’s business ideas. This is fantastic. the recipes, the tips, the style.

    I only lived in Baton Rouge for three months, but it was during mardi Gras, and for a northerner to try to figure out all the traditions and foods, especially then, this would have been the best resource.

    Im excited to find you and will share your site with my southern friends.

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