Peanut Butter Scotchies, by Brady!


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What happened to my Bradybug? I swear he was a baby yesterday and look at him now, growing up before my eyes. Each morning its as if there is a new child waiting for me to meet! Brady hasn’t been on Southern Plate in a while because as he has grown, so has his schedule. He’s been busy serving on the student council, earning badges in Cub Scouts, making straight A’s and designing future space and weather tracking vehicles in his 3-D cad software and translating them into Legos. ~Takes a breath~ Makes me tired just thinking about it! Anyway, I’m grateful that I was able to nail him down long enough to get a guest blog spot out of him and this was the perfect recipe. Last year Brady brought you his Chow Mein Candy (sometimes known as “haystacks”) and this recipe is much like that one but with a little twist and a delightfully different crunch to it.

My friend, Lara, brought a tin of these Peanut Butter Scotchies to our house when we had our cupcake decorating party and I was hooked after the first bite but I couldn’t figure out what she had used in them! I was thinking it was corn flakes, but the crispy bite was a little more delicate than that and just delicious. Can you believe I had never actually tried Special K before this? She declared that to be the secret and I was off to buy my very first box. Of course, you can use plain old corn flakes in this and it will turn out just fine, but I really enjoyed Lara’s as they were so I wanted to use her exact recipe.

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You’ll need: Special K (or cornflakes, or rice krispies), Butterscotch chips, and Peanut Butter.

Cute kid is optional.

bradycandy 154

Pour chips into the bowl.

bradycandy 155

Microwave, stirring every forty five seconds, until completely melted.

bradycandy 156

Add peanut butter.

bradycandy 158

Stir that up well until smooth and creamy.

bradycandy 159

Add cereal.

bradycandy 160

Stir those until they are well coated.

Special thanks to Miss Terri for sending Brady this spiffy apron!

bradycandy 162

This is what the final product will look like. Well, almost final.

bradycandy 164

Pat that into a 9×13 pan. I lined mine with foil for easy removal but in the end it really wasn’t necessary.

Grrr, I hate it when I have to spell “necessary”, I always want to add an extra “c”.

bradycandy 165

Cool completely before cutting. It’s best if you stick these in the fridge for about fifteen minutes and then cut.

hostess book 005

Gobble up! These are so simple but so very good!

Peanut Butter Scotchies

  • 12 ounce package butterscotch chips
  • 1/2 C Peanut butter
  • 3-4 Cups Cereal (I use Special K, you can use rice krispies, cornflakes, etc)

Melt chips in microwave until smooth and creamy. Add peanut butter and stir. Stir in cereal until completely coated. Press into 9×13 pan. Place in fridge for fifteen minutes or until completely cool, cut into bars.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”

~Mother Theresa

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Christy :)


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    • says

      Hey Alyssa! thank you so much! I sure do wish I could hand you one.
      My mother and grandmothers were always letting me help out. It made me feel so big, but mostly so important. Like everyone else, I really wish I had more quality time with my younguns, so work it in whenever I can!!
      Christy :)

  1. says

    He sure is a cute kid! Nice job! And those look very yummy. I’ve never tried the combination of peanut butter and butterscotch. (And I LOVE your nesting bowls! Someday I’ll save enough pennies and get myself a set!)

    • says

      Hey Mama Jane!!! ~grins~ Okay so it’s not just me then, he’s really a cutie! I try not to look at him too much because after a bit my eyes tear over and I get that sighing Mama look and he rolls his eyes at me.. hehe

      Merry Christmas!!

    • says

      lol, I say the same thing when he manages to grace us with his presence at mealtime. I guess you know better than I do the life of a busy man, though!

      Great to see you as always, Joey! thank you!!!!

      Gratefully ,

      ~swipes one of your haystacks and skips off~

  2. Tracie says

    Hi Christy!

    We are so trying these! You have made my holidays so nice with all of your ideas.

    BTW – yesterday I could not add a comment. (I didn’t even see boxes). Last night I upgraded my version of Firefox and today I am commenting. Maybe that might help?


    • says

      Oooh Tracie, maybe you’ve found our solution! Perhaps it is a firefox problem. I’d sure be glad if it was because then at least we’d know what to do! lol

      You have made MY holidays so nice with this comment! Thank you so much!
      Christy :)

      • Terri go Dawgs says

        OH TRACIE!! ~kisses her on both cheeks and her forehead~
        YOU may have just made that Christy-woman a VERY VERY happy girl today with your suggestion. This has really been frettin’ her.

        Thanks friend.

  3. Nancy says

    Is it not just wonderful to know that as a mother if your boy needs to feed himself or prepare for others, that he will feel at home in the kitchen. So many children, boys and girls do not get the chance to cook, bake, measure, create. My most precious memories of the holidays, as well as throughout the year, are the many times that my son and daughter along with my neice and nephew have decided to all go to the kitchen and play “chefs”. They all enjoyed, the boys as much as the girls. Love this site! Happy Holidays to you and your family!


    • says

      Dear Nancy, reading your comment put such joy in my heart, thank you so much. Some of my dearest memories are of when I was asked to help out as a child. It always made me feel so special and needed. I often tell my husband that the kid who has the confidence to make candy today may be the man who has the confidence to take the oath of the Office of The President tomorrow! I know it seems like a stretch, but I really don’t think it is. Little things are the foundation for bigger ones!

    • says

      That is Amish Butterprint, the patter of the bowl that is. It’s one of my favorites.
      Okay, I guess I pretty much say that about every pattern I have but I guess every pattern really is “one” of my favorites!!!

      I sure am glad you keep coming back, Elizabeth, and hope you do for a looooong loooooooooooooong time!
      Christy :)

  4. Michael says


    I’ve had these for years…they are SOOOO delicious!! I’ve never had the recipe before though! lol Yeah…like a typical man, I’ve always had to rely on a woman to make them for me. *blushes* But now, maybe I can make them for that special woman sometime instead!! hehe


    Thanks for the recipe and cute pics! Treat your Mama right. Take care young man!!

    • says

      lol! You’d be amazed at how many men read Southern Plate nowadays, and I imagine every single one of them to be AWESOME COOKS, much like yourself, I’m sure!

      Still, If I could get it made for me, I’d definitely choose that option more often than not! lol


  5. says

    Christy – Looking at your kids is like trying to say “Swiss” without smiling! Can’t do it!

    I am really enjoying your stories and recipes – Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! Keep those pictures comin’!


  6. Janie from LaFayette, Alabama says

    These were so good. We love rice crispy treats and now I have another easy treat to make for my family when in a hurry. And, as you say, it is so hectic this time of the year.

    My #1 resolution for the New Year. SLOW DOWN! Take time to enjoy family, friends and be closer with GOD…

  7. Rhonda says

    I had to smile at your expression about “running around like a chicken with its head cut off.” I had a now-deceased friend who always liked to turn it around & say, “I’ve been running around like a head with its chicken cut off.”

    I’ve never seen chickens actually butchered, but my dad swears that the bodies do sometimes run around a bit right after you chop the heads off. He often had to go get a chicken out of the coop for my Granny to kill, clean, & “fry up.” lol

    I always wondered if he was just teasing me?? (about the running around part)

    • says

      Nooooo he wasn’t teasing! Mama said one took after her one time and liked to scared her to death! Of course, it was just a coincidence that it was running in her direction but it really does happen. ~shudders~

      He was likely teasing you about a hundred other things though, thats what daddys are for! lol

  8. Teresa Ballard says

    Hey, Christy, You’ve got a really cute chef there. I do these with rice krispies (or generic) with probably not quite as much peanut butter (I just use a big ole spoonful) and I drizzle melted chocolate chips on top. YUMMY!

  9. Tina says

    Thank you Brady for the yummy recipe! I can hardly wait to try them! Christy…isn’t it amazing how our children grow so fast? I would be sure that my boys had grown a couple inches over night!

    Bountiful Blessings to you!

  10. Marie In NC says

    Your BradyBug is too cute!!! Him wanting too cook and you making it fun is a good thing. Years from now when he tells you he is glad he learned too cook “from you” or when he calls to ask how to cook something….You will be an even prouder mama. My daughter and step-son(does all the cooking at his house)tell me that and call me often…..and say….” I am so glad you taught me how to cook such and such….Or…hey…. you got a recipe for….or how do you make your….”
    I think I did good……
    Kristy.. thank you for all you do!
    Marie In NC

  11. Terri go Dawgs says

    Mr. Grown-up-Brady is looking fine, all smiling and so eager to be helpful. What a wonderful young man he is. I was so happy to see him wearing his very own apron, the Santa apron from us…you are so welcome. What a treasure it will be for him to learn his way around in the kitchen because of your guidance.
    I just came in from shopping all day and was just thrilled to see that for this delish-lookin’ recipe I have all of the ingredients. I am making treats to give as gifts….this one is on my list as of right now! Thank you, as always for all you do…especially this time of year being so busy. Hugs to Ricky and the kids too.

  12. says


  13. Mary Jo in Forestdale, AL says

    Hey, Christy! I subscribed to your Southern Plate emails about a year ago. I enjoy them very much! I’ve decided that I’ve found a long lost cousin. We have similar growing up memories, we use the same southern expressions, we cook almost the same dishes, and use the same brand of ingredients! We’ve gotta be kin! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a bountiful new year.

  14. says

    Christy thanks for the recipe! I made these with my boys last night and they were so tasty. It was a recipe they could cook with a little supervision and felt as though they cooked there own signature dessert! Have a Merry Christmas Christy!

  15. says

    I’ve been making these for years with corn flakes. Bet the Cherry Special K would taste good with this. Anyway, I just dropped mine on waxed paper and froze. When frozen, I put in a Ziploc and just took out what was needed. They thaw in about 15 minutes and if you can’t wait, they taste good frozen. Love seeing your kids in your instructions.

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