Watch the Photo Shoot for the Southern Plate Cookbook!


20367_246000434136_141512694136_3041389_1432675_nGood Morning everyone!

Today is day two of the photo shoot for the Southern Plate Cookbook, which is being published by Harper Collins and will be in all major bookstores (and more) in the fall of this year.
The cookbook will feature stories, recipes, and plenty of gorgeous food photography as well family photos of some of my wonderful grandparents whose recipes will be included. The photography crew is truly amazing and I can’t wait for you to see the final outcome!
All day yesterday, my husband Ricky took photos on his iphone of the shoot as it was taking place and posted them on the Southern Plate Facebook page to share with y’all. If you’d like to see them, head on over there now and please join the page, we’d love to have you! He’ll be doing the same today so tune in as he updates throughout the day. The crew is set to arrive in about half an hour and I just got apple spice muffins from the oven so the kitchen smells yummy! I have two big old crock pots of beef stew that have been going all night long to feed everyone for lunch and of course there’ll be plenty of sweet tea!
Join us today on the Facebook page if you can. It’s thanks to you that this book is going to happen!

Christy :)




To see more photos from the shoot (and watch live updates from today’s shoot) please click here.


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  1. Donna in SC says

    Congratulations on all your wonderful accomplishments Christy! This cookbook will definately be on my Christmas 2010 wish list! Always look forward to your newsletters. Thanks for all your hard work delivering them to us!

  2. Paul Sabaj says

    Well it looks like your off to one great start for the New Year. I will be looking forward to see the book. How long did it take you to get this together? As a firehouse cook I love the site because you make it so easy for me and the guys to follow. Best Wishes for the book and you and the family.

  3. says

    Watching all your success is so much fun for me. I’m excited for you, what I am not is surprised. You are talented, smart, fun, kind and cute as a button. All these attributes led you to where you are now, and I believe we are all where we are meant to be. With that said, have fun, sit back and enjoy the ride. I am so looking forward to the final product, it’s going to hold a special place in my “Library”.
    ~sending you kisses and hugs…:)

  4. Cherrill Hartsfield says

    Congratulations Christy and family on the new cookbook and the wonderful start for 2010, A heart of gold Christy has and the blessings are flowing with love.
    Happy New Year,

  5. Eve says

    My Grandma use to say, “You build a better mousetrap and people will beat a path to your door”….you built a better mousetrap (as in food blog) and we all ended up on your doorstep. : )..Congratulations Christy. I look forward to the cookbook and I know my sister in law, who follows your blog too, will be waiting for it.

  6. Michael says


    That’s pretty darn cool! So glad to see you’re getting your book together! I see little Katy is getting some face time in too! lol

    Also, I just wanted to say that I think that’s so gracious of you to include shots of the people who are helping make that happen. I always knew that you a special breed of lady but to put up photos including the people who work behind the scenes is just one more way you’re showing us that you’re better than most. Yet another reason I love SP so much!

    I’m sure this is eating up a lot of your time. I hope things settle down for you after this is done and you can just relax and get back to what you love doing most.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!


  7. maggie says

    congrats christi I can not wait I will have to buy several for gifts, I appreciate all the recipes, I hope you put your mommas mac & cheese & I made I think a mandarine orange cake you said something about your mom making it for her reunion. It will be easier to get out your cook book & start making the stuff up. I hope it makes the best seller list, lots of luck , Maggie

  8. Mary Anne says

    This is so exciting! I love cookbooks and have a collection of nearly 300, but this one will be special. I haven’t done a thing, but I feel like I’m part of all that’s happening. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date as the book progresses and especially posting all the pictures. Can’t wait for it to come out!!

  9. Marie says

    Everything looks amazing and like so much fun! I can’t wait for the cookbook! I found your website through and I absolutely love how you provide step by step instructions. I am not the biggest fan of cooking, but I LOVE baking, but I have even tried some of your recipes and the step by step instructions has helped me be less stressed when cooking! I am also new to the South, love many southern dishes, and am very excited that you provide many of these delicious recipes!

  10. says

    Congratulation Christy! Receipes online bring alot of memories for me when I was going up with my Mom’s cooking and my Dad’s cooking also.
    Will your publisher being sending the cookbook to Ohio!!! That is right the Yankee state. That is a joke with my cousins in TN and Al
    Again Christy Congratulation on her hard work and also your enjoyment of sharing your family receipes with your SoutherPlate Family.
    Best of luck to you and your family in 2010

  11. Betty L. in Tn. says

    Another Day of hard work for Christy and Ricky. Man,I have missed it
    all as I have hardly been out of bed today. Wish I had just a little
    bit of the energy that my two chicks have today.
    I am looking at all the pictures now and you both “ROCK BABY”
    I will be carrying a sign in front of our Bookstores (Barnes & Noble
    and Books Amillion) to buy your book.

  12. LaVera Stokes says

    I have been telling people how to cook Greens for the last longest, I thought my oldest son, could cook them k untill the other day I was at his house and he told me he would like some Mustard greens, so I went to the store and show him how to buy fresh greens , got some ham hocks, and went home washed them and stemed them and put them on to cook, the whole house smelled great, and the greens was out of this world,now he says he want forget how to cook them. As you can see I am from
    the deep south, but I do love to do your meals.
    LaVera Sokes

  13. Betty S. says

    Congratulations Christy! You are always doing such wonderful things! I just made it over from blog. Jo and Tim have a great blog promoting….well just run on over and check out all the info available on Jo’s site. I hope you each learn a lot about all kinds of interesting family and medical entries they have by the grace of God made it through in the past few years! Colorado and the rest of the world wouldn’t be the same without them and their little Anna. Jo is a dance instructor from Texas giving lessons and performances all over the globe. Go Jo and Christy!! Good job to both of you!

  14. Kelly says

    Congratulations to you. I wish you the best. I know I’ve certainly enjoyed your website over the last year, so I’m certain your book will do well too. I know I’m buying a copy.

  15. Laurie says

    Can’t wait for your book to come out. Love that you are sharing all the going ons with all of us.

    It snowed in Bama when we lived there in 2006. It was so cold there that year, brrrrrrrr…..Hugs~Laurie

  16. Linda M. says

    I hate that I’m so far behind in my emails! BUT, I loved this one. You look marvelous! I can’t wait for the book to come out! The way that time has been going it will be in no time!

  17. Nicole says

    Hey Christy! This is so exciting! I ordered your first cookbook for myself and during Christmas my family saw it and now they want one. Is there a way for me to get a copy of your first cookboo? I would love to buy more and will certainly be getting copies of your new one when it comes out. I am so excited for you.

  18. Marinan Brewer says

    Are you going to Notify US when your cookbook comes out and is available? Maybe an early bird special online…before the stores?
    Just a thought.

    Love your recipes, thoughts and site. God Bless,


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