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This sign was sent to be yesterday by Andrew Malcolm to congratulate me on finishing the book. It was made online but BOY did it make my day with a round of giggles!

This morning I turned in the manuscript for the Southern Plate Cookbook which is being published by Harper Studios, a division of Harper Collins. The book is a combination of stories, classic Southern recipes, and some of the most gorgeous photos of Southern food I’ve ever seen. I have worked with an amazing team in putting this book together and I am just about to burst with excitement because I want you to see it so badly!

This is YOUR Cookbook, put together by using your input on what you wanted to see, what recipes you cherished most, and what recipes have been lost that you want most to reclaim for your family. I did include some of the most popular ones on Southern Plate but also made sure to add several exclusive good old fashioned recipes as well – the ones I’ve been asked for the most since starting Southern Plate. I feel just like a child whose colored you a picture and can’t wait for you to get home so I can present it to you! Thank you SO MUCH for giving me this opportunity and for helping me to write this book.

It will be available for pre-order this summer and will be in all major bookstores by the fall. I have one more wish, to make the dream come true for me, I’d sure love to get to meet you! I hope to see you at a book signing once it’s out. I’ll post my schedule as soon as it’s finalized. If you’re a member of the Southern Plate Family, I owe you a hug!

*Note: My self published cookbook is no longer available. Thank you to everyone who purchased it and everyone who has been kind enough to ask if there are any more. I sure do appreciate it and feel confident that you’ll enjoy my new book even more!

I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions for where book signings should be held in the comments below!


Christy :)

There is nothing more pleasant in life than to pass on to others what

one has learned for oneself.


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  1. Patricia says


    Tampa Bay area includes Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg.
    Near those areas are Sarasota, Bradenton, Brandon, Sun City Center.
    Or….one of your favorites….The Mouse House….Orlando.
    Can’t wait for your book whether I get it signed or not. I have made so many recipes from your web site, and everytime I find another one I email it to my daughter and say “try this, you will love it.”

  2. debbie says

    congratulations on your book christy! i can hardly wait to get my copy! please come to dothan, alabama or montgomery, alabama or birmingham,alabama to either barnes and noble or books a million.

  3. says

    Long Island, New York……pretty please with a cherry on top……I’ll get all my quilting friends to come and buy a signed book. oh and Stephen really wants to meet you, can you really deny a sweet young boy?

    Love ya,

    • says

      Went to a book signing @ Barnes & Noble, Old country road in Carle Place LI, NY. I met Carol and Mary Higgins Clark. It was a lot of fun. Very well organized by a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

      Maybe you will consider this location for a signing.

      Thanks Christy, love ya!

  4. Cheryl says

    We have over 150 churches in Angel Food Ministries here that are waiting for you to come on “over” to Memphis and “Elvisland”. I keep sending your site to people and they sign up, now they want to meet you. Some have already reserved your book! I want mine autographed and kissed!

  5. Laura says

    Anchorage, AK! I know we’re about as far from the South as you can get, but we’re a military family from the Midwest, and making your recipes sure has made me feel closer to home. I’ve printed off a whole stack of them to try, and so far they’ve all been hits. Even something as simple as fried potatoes reminded me of staying over at my grandma’s house when I was little and having them for breakfast. But I never could make them the way she did until I saw your trick of covering them for the first little bit. It made me so happy when they turned out just right. Thank you for all the time you put in!

  6. Loyce W. in Texas says

    I read a comment earlier from someone near Amarillo, TX. I live in a small town not far from Amarillo myself. This is a WONDERFUL city which has a great Barnes and Noble. I would LOVE to invite all my friends to come and see you and buy your cookbook. You would be treated very well, plus we all LOVE good ‘Ole Southern cooking here in TEXAS. Thanks for all the time you put into making this cookbook. I’m sure it will be a success wherever you may get to go visit.

  7. says

    Grand Forks, ND or Fargo, ND – I’ll come either place if I’m able! Just made the cherry cobbler for lunch for guests – I vote YES!! I’d also like to try it with lemon or apricot pie filling – but the apricot was over $4 so I’ll wait and check at Walmart next time I go there. Yum!!!

  8. Gene from FL says

    Another vote for DOTHAN,Al. and/or PANAMA CITY,Fl. and after the book signing visit the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” !! Newbi to your site Christy and take a look around every day!! really enjoy it and looking forward to getting your cookbook! CONGRATS!!!

  9. Dusty-Marie says

    While we’re not deep south, we’re still below the Mason-Dixon line and we love sweet tea ya’ll!! Please come to Virginia Beach!! I’ve really enjoyed all of your recipes!

  10. Robin Snyder says

    Wichita, Kansas we are centrally located – no matter where you are going you will pass by at some point. Lots of great cooks here. Taste of Home has an annual event here and it has been well attended! We’d love it if you came.

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