Valentine Cupcake Toppers – Southern Plate Kids Video!


My kids and I love to do Valentine crafts so this year we made a video for you and the special kids in your life of a quick, easy, and fun Valentine cupcake topper that you can make together.

I used boxed cake mix for my cupcakes and homemade butter cream icing but you can just as easily use store bought icing, too! It’s not about making it from scratch so much as it is spending the time together and having fun as a family.

These are great for class parties or a special family dinner. What better way to celebrate having wonderful people in your life than to sit down around a dinner table? Hope you enjoy this video from Brady, Katy, and myself. My recipe for icing is below.


Click below for icing recipe and to leave a comment.

What special things do you do for your family on Valentine’s Day?

Inspire us all by letting us know!

Butter Cream Icing

  • 1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened
  • 2 tsp butter flavoring (can use vanilla in it’s place)
  • 3 cups confectioner’s sugar
  • 2-4 Tablespoons water

In large bowl, cream butter or margarine with electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add butter flavoring. Add one cup of confectioner’s sugar and 2 tablespoons water, beating well on medium speed. Add remaining sugar and beat until well blended. Scrape down sides if needed. If icing needs more water, add one tablespoon and beat again until light and fluffy. May add an additional tablespoon if necessary (close your eyes real quick and see if you can spell necessary off the top of your head. If you can, you’re a better person than I am!).

Ice cupcakes and let kids decorate! Be sure you put sprinkles on as soon as you are done icing so they will stick.

While we try to teach our children all about life,

Our children teach us what life is all about.

~Angela Schwindt

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  1. Cara says

    Oooh, those toppers are so precious! When I was growing up, my mom would get my sister and me a Valentine’s themed coffee mug, fill it with chocolate and small V-day gifts, and it’d be waiting for us when we woke up. This year, I’m mailing her a mug filled with her favorite chocolates… and I have MUCH more appreciation for my mom after trying to hunt down a V-day themed mug!!!

    • says

      I remember one Valentine’s day Mama gave us these little hedgehog puppets she got from Avon. We thought they were SOMETHING!! A few years back I decided to get my kids hedgehog puppets for a Valentine’s…yeah, you can imagine! lol

      Didn’t turn those up BUT love your idea of the coffee mug! I like to give little token gifts to my kids but this year Katy has picked out something at Wal Mart that she is bound and determined to get, it’s a blanket with hearts all over it and a heart shaped pillow. I’ve heard about it so much I reckon I’m headed out this evening!


  2. Terri go Dawgs says

    Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, Katy Rose and Brady! (You too Christy and happy early birthday too.) Thank you both for helping your sweet Mama to make Cupcake Toppers to celebrate Valentine’s! You both did a great job. Amanda and I send all our hugs and kisses to you…and watch your mailbox too. ;}

    For my Amanda and Adam’s Val. Day breakfast, we always cut a heart shape out of Eggo waffles, sprinkled with lots of red and white sprinkles, drizzle chocolate syrup and top it w/ whipped cream. We put the plate of yumminess on a red placemat, SURROUNDED by tons of paper hearts and some fun gift in a gift bag. Then their schoolbooks always had special notes to find throughout the day and little candies like tootsie rolls could be found in their backpacks, if they looked hard enough. For supper, we always ate a fine, special meal with red colored items and a cherry or strawberry heart-shaped cake for dessert. I love my children sooo much and hope they carry on the tradition with their kids….one day. Kisses/Smoochies to all our SP friends.

  3. Mrs. Welch says

    This video is just precious!

    We also cut hearts out of toaster waffles – using a big cookie cutter, because freehand heart creation is not optimal at six in the morning – and put a drop or two red food coloring in some simple sugar syrup for the obligatory syrup – and break out the whipped cream, for the only time all year it’s allowed at breakfast.

    For taking to class parties, if the budget allows or if I get started early enough to break out the food dehydrator, we cut hearts out of fruit leathers. They’re festive-looking and also cut the total sugar intake down a tad. Of course, you can stick sprinkles on them too to make up that sugar! :-)

  4. susie b says

    When my husband was still on this side (he passed 5 years ago) and all three of my children were still at home, I really enjoyed making a special dinner for them. One year, I even did Cornish game hens and there was always a decadent chocolate dessert. The table was set with my best dishes, etc, candlelight and special little gifts for everyone…I have such precious sweet memories of my loved ones faces reflected in the warm glow of candles!!! Those little memory snapshots keep me going these days. A word of advice to young families…don’t blink!! It all goes by way too quickly; enjoy the specialness (is that a word?) of the common everyday occurences. And then make a few more memories to carry you along the way…

  5. says

    Sooo cute! My little girl would love making these.

    I usually try to incorporate as much pink and red and/or hearts into each meal/snack on valentines day. My baby is too young too appreciate it yet, but my 4 year old has grown to look forward to it now. I love Valentine’s Day!

  6. Michael says

    Well, sadly, I can honestly say that there has never been much of a Valentines tradition in my house…besides the standard cards/flowers kind of thing for the wife. But i have tried several times to do something a little different. One year i actually got cards AND flowers for everyone in my family, even my son! hehe He was a little freaked out on that one. hehe But, the girls loved it I thought. Definitely made them feel special.

  7. Rae Wilson says

    One year I made a big poster size card for the hubby, and made up a poem with the names of different candy bars, and taped the candy bars onto the poster board wherever that word was in the poem. My husband thought it was so awesome!!! Of course, he probably gained a few pounds eating all those candy bars.

  8. Elaine Raye says

    My mom made us heart shaped pancakes. She used the large tin open cookie cutter and poured the batter into it much like an egg ring. At supper there was a heart shaped cake -always chocolate with 7 minute frosting on it and little red cinnamon hearts. She never owned a heart shaped pan. She made an eight inch square layer and placed it on the platter in a diamond shape. She made the other layer in an eight inch round pan. When it was cut in half and placed on the top angles of the square it makes a perfect heart. Wish a I could draw a little diagram as I am not sure I am describing it well, but it works beautifully.

  9. Tina says

    I’ve made heart shaped sandwiches, cookies and cake, put a Valentine napkin and special note with their school lunch and before dinner tied a heart shaped mylar balloon to their chair as a surprise! I even sang them a special song about being my Valentine…of course as they got older, they would roll their eyes but I think they would have missed it had I stopped!!! Special memories! My boys are now married! Time flies!
    My husband surprises me with conversation hearts which he leaves in different spots knowing that I will come across them! He starts this on Feb 1st each year! Funny how I forget from year to year and am always surprised!! Usually, on the 14th, cupids and hearts appear on walls, cabinets, etc…wonder if that will happen this year too?! :)
    Special Valentine wishes to all!

  10. Becky Sides says

    Again,,,thanks for this video for valentine’s day.. Also for the recipes with splendor.I am dieting,so this really helps. keep up the great work,, your little ones were so cute in the video. Lots of memories you are making that are priceless. Hope you have a good day!!!I really want to try the love rolls.

  11. Kim M says

    I just discovered your world this evening….er about 5 hours ago! It was like reading a great novel/cookbook. I love you. :-) My family will think I’m crazy baking at 11 p.m. You are inspirational, funny, informative and down to earth. Just wanted to say thanks for the site.
    This year I’m making chocolates and putting them in my son’s lockers at school. arg I’m old enough to have kids with lockers. er I mean so blessed to have healthy growing children. :-)

  12. says

    Thank for sharing so much of yourself and your dear family. You do a lot of work to keep up your blog and facebook– when do you have time to renew yourself? I still tell my family and friends to get on over here often. I also tell them you were the one who got me back into cooking and baking. One other thing your chicken and dumpling was a hit with my Dad — he could fix it him self which pleased me even more. Your doing a great job here — I await for more of your delightful ideas and tips and on and on yummy food! Thanks

  13. says

    These are adorable. I always did something special for the kids on V-day. I would set the table really nice and put their card and candy gifts next to their plate. My Dad always got me a Whitman’s Sampler every year, small ones for us kids and a big one for Mom. I still love giving and getting them, it brings back a nice memory of my Dad.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to the Jordan Clan. xoxoxo

  14. Aimee says

    Oh my goodness those children are precious. Precocious, hysterical, chatty Katy Rose and serious, sweet, gentle Brady (when he started pointing at the cupcake and giving it thumbs up I thought I would DIE!).

    Oh the cupcakes were cute too! tee hee

    • Mary says

      These are so cute. Kaaty Rose certaibly NOT bashful, is she?? So funny too, I think it is cool she is lefthanded…so am I! Keep up the wonderful posts and all the fabulous recipes. I never miss a one.


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