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Today’s post has been mulling around in my head for a few months now and it was all I could do to wait until today to write it. I had this neat idea a while back when I was thinking about how much I would love to get to visit some of y’all. I got to thinking of how neat it would be if I could see what types of foods you eat in your neck of the woods, what your family does together, what your town is like. See, I’ve always had a bit of a travel bug its just that I have seldom had the opportunity to travel! Soooooooo, I had one of those light bulb moments where I figured out how I could economically travel around, visit with some of you, and still be home every day to take care of my kids and put supper on the table. ~grins~ Flat Christy!clothes

I presented the idea to several people to see if it was too far fetched (I tend to dream big at times so I try to gauge my ideas when I can) and it was well received by all. The next step was choosing my first guinea pig family! The Southern Plate Facebook Family page made that easy enough because I’ve gotten to know the Coer’s family pretty well through there. I sent a somewhat cryptic email to Amanda (the Mama of the bunch) and she was a good enough sport to reply with her mailing address. Two days later, Flat Christy was packed up in a box filled with goodies and an introductory letter (also a poem that I wrote to go with her, because I do love to pull out my rhyming abilities when I can!) and on her way to the great state of Texas!

I asked that they document her time with them and send back photos. My special request was that Flat Christy got to eat a family dinner and bring back a special recipe as s souvenir of her trip. Boy, did we hit pay dirt!

Amanda sent the most wonderful series of photos and the recipe looked so good that I just had to make it for our supper last night. Special thanks to Amanda’s neighbor, dear Miss Faye, who originally gave her the recipe for this delicious meatloaf. Amanda says it was a favorite of Miss Faye’s beloved husband and I have to tell you, my beloved husband went back for seconds AND thirds! (I think Miss Faye is onto something here).

I hope you’ll enjoy getting to see Flat Christy’s adventures with the Coer’s family as much as I did. She had quite the time! If you’d like to visit Amanda’s blog and thank her for so graciously opening her home to Flat Christy, just click here to visit Broke Chick On A Diet. While there you can also pick up some more yummy recipes and tips on decreasing the waistline, although I think the last photo of Flat Christy holds a hint as to how Amanda stays so slim, too (oh my)!

Hang in there because at the bottom of this post I have a short tutorial and recipe for Miss Faye’s Meatloaf!

And now, a letter from the Coer’s family…


Dear Christy Jordan,

We were overjoyed when Flat Christy came to visit us! She arrived on a Saturday. We came home after a Girl Scout event and our special guest was waiting for us. She was so thoughtful to come bearing yummy cupcakes and fun coloring pages!


The kids had a wonderful time helping Flat Christy get dressed for a busy day with our family. Each child chose something specific for her to wear: our youngest wanted to see her in a lovely striped shirt, our dear cousin who came to visit raved about Flat Christy in a cute denim skirt, our oldest daughter felt Flat Christy would enjoy wearing some colorful leggings and our son insisted she should be equipped with a set of martial arts “knuckle crunchers,” in case of a ninja attack.


Once she was dressed (and armed) we headed to the park. While the children played, Flat Christy and I walked a mile around the track and jammed out to some awesome Turkish pop music.


When we returned home, Flat Christy was so gracious to help prepare dinner.

Duke Play 1

She was also introduced to Duke.

Duke Play 2

Duke was not the least bit put off by the knuckle crunchers…


Her cooking advice was invaluable and dinner was a big hit.


She enjoyed playing “Cooking Mama” on the Wii (she’s a natural!) and then she traveled outside to play with the children after dinner.


The chalk she brought was put to good use by Rowena!

(3 Dimensional Christy’s Note: Can I keep this kid??)

Bible study

Once the sun was down, we all sat down together for a family Bible study with Flat Christy seated next to Dad.


She helped us tuck the kiddos in bed.


Later that evening we struggled through a very tedious passport application together.


Sunday morning we all got up and headed out to Midtown Baptist Church!

Flat Christy loved the wonderful coffee and breakfast items available in the Sunday school room.


She was also very happy to help out in the church nursery.


We felt that our guest needed a nice lunch after all she did to help, so we took her to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.

lunch plate

If you come to Texas, you just have to have some tex-mex food!


After lunch we showed her some of the sights of our little town.


We then headed home to play some dominos.

That Flat Christy is one savvy domino player!

    Vivian school work
    Vivian doing school work..

    The next day she helped us get through all our school work.

    Rowena doing school work
    Rowena doing school work
    Daniel doing school work while Flat Christy keeps an eye out for Ninjas with her knuckle crunchers..
    Daniel doing school work while Flat Christy keeps an eye out for Ninjas with her knuckle crunchers..

Belly Dancing

While the older kids were busy finishing some projects, Flat Christy, Vivian and I snuck into the living room to shake what our mamas gave us with some fun belly dance moves and great tunes.


Later that afternoon, we baked the cupcakes and enjoyed a nice treat after a long day.

We saved the rest to share with our church’s Monday night high school study group.

We dearly loved having Flat Christy over at our house. Give her a big kiss and hug from the Coers family!


Amanda and The Coers Family

Thank YOU, Coer’s family! You are AWESOME. I appreciate you opening your hearts and your home to Flat Christy and all of the Southern Plate Family, it was such a joy! Gratefully, Three Dimensional Christy

Flat Christy brought back a slow cooker meatloaf recipe for us!


To make Miss Faye’s Slow Cooker Meatloaf (courtesy of the Coer’s family) you’ll need: 2 lbs ground beef (I’m using ground chuck because it was on sale), tomato soup, cream of mushroom soup, package dry onion soup mix, and one egg. Note: My eggs were a bit on the small side so I’m using two :)


Place meat, eggs, and onion soup mix in a large bowl.


Moosh it all up really good with your hands.

Cooking is not for the squeamish so just get on in there. Hands are washable! Besides, it often takes someone dealing with the messy side of things in order to be able to produce something lovely, such as dinner. There is a valuable life lesson in there that I could pull out and drive home for ya but I’m woefully lacking in caffeine today and seeing how busy Flat Christy was has gotten me flat tired!


After its all mixed up well, shape it into a loaf and place in bottom of slow cooker.

A loaf can be whatever shape you’re in the mood for. I was in a round mood today.


Pour can of cream of mushroom soup over it. I spread mine around a bit with the can.


Pour can of tomato soup over.


Cover and cook on low for 8 hours.

(or high for four hours)


THIS WAS DELICIOUS, thank you Miss Faye!!!

It kind of had a Salisbury steak taste to it – family gobbled it up!

Slow Cooker Meatloaf!
  • 2 pounds ground beef or turkey
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 packet onion soup mix
  • 1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 can condensed tomato soup
  • *1/4 cup ground flax seed (optional)
  1. In a large bowl, mix beef, egg and onion soup mix. Roll into “loaf form” and place in slow-cooker. Cover with condensed cream of mushroom soup. Pour one can condensed tomato soup over the top. Set slow-cooker on low and cook for eight hours or high for four.

*Amanda sometimes mixes in a quarter cup of ground flax seed with the meat to sneak in Omega 3 and fiber… don’t tell her kids!

Who will Flat Christy visit next?

I’ll send her out again in the next few weeks. She will arrive with a box of goodies, dressed all in white and waiting to have her wardrobe designed. She hopes to visit with other families, get to enjoy a family dinner with you, and bring back one of your yummiest recipes! If you’d like to invite Flat Christy to your house, let me know in the comments below. Please include what state you live in, if you have children (not required!), and what you think Flat Christy would enjoy doing with your family. I’ll choose the next family at random and email you for a mailing address when she’s ready for her next trip!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You’re on your own.
And you know what you know.
And YOU are that guy who’ll decide where to go!

~Dr Seuss. Submitted by Rhonda Singleton in honor of Read Across America week.

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  1. Leanne Crane says

    Dear Flat Christy,
    I don’t know if you would be willing to travel out of the Unites States. I live in Newfoundland, Canada. If you visit, we take to see the many beautiful sites including Cape Spear, which is the most easterly point in all of North America!! My husband and I have 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy, in that order, ranging in age from 3 -13. We hope that you would consider visiting us, we would have a fabulous time and I know my children would love a visit from you!!

  2. Jean Tillotson says

    This was a great idea and I so enjoyed seeing the family and the kids and how much they were involved with Flat Christy. I don’t know how you came up with this, but such a wonderful idea. Thanks.

  3. L Beth Beekman says

    Flat Christy should come visit me and my 18 y/o son in Port Orange, Florida. We are just South of Daytona Beach, and I know Che’d like to go to the beach and for a girls night out. We could go to the Dog Park with my pup, Sadie, and to church, where I watch the nursery on Sundays. We could go fishing off the Sunglow Pier. We could go to the Green Market on Saturday, and if the timing is right, we might even make it to SeaWorld!
    We’d teach you how to make my Southwestern lasagna. Mmmmm, GOOD!

  4. mel says

    we would love to have you in Conway, AR. We can take you to Toad Suck Park and Pickles gap. We can show you the six legged cat that is the Conway High School’s mascot. Lots of things to do!

  5. Jenny says

    We would live to host Flat Christy in Winston-Salem, NC. She could go on a family hike in the mountains, to the farmer’s market to pick out blackberries as big as walnuts, and maybe even get a ride on a giant mining truck.

  6. says

    My husband and I are retired and my husband loves that I found Southern Plate. He loves that I am trying new stuff all the time. I would like to invite you to go on vacation with us June 23 for 2 weeks. We are taking a bus trip to Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Glacier National Park, the Canadian Rockies and the Wisconsin Dells. I think flat Christie would love it and she might even get to meet my handsome grandson.

  7. Gigi says

    Would love to take Flat Christy to Ruidoso,NM for the week of June 15-22nd. Flat Christy would enjoy fried green chili strips at Casa Blanca! Lots of fun activities planned for Father’s Day! Inn of the Mountain God. Don’t forget Rebecca’s at The Lodge for Monte Christo sandwiches! Yes, it’s all about the food! Come play!!!!

  8. Crystal Smith says

    What a neat idea!!! It sounds so fun!! I live in Pembroke, North Carolina & have two children. Abby is 9 & Nathanael is 7. We would just love it if Flat Christy came to visit our house beacuse Abby has informed me that she wants to learn more about the kitchen and how to cook. :)

  9. Loretta Rush says

    Christy, I love your Flat Christy idea! I am also from Brownwood, TX. You can imagine my surprise when reading and saw that Flat Christy was in Brownwood! This is such an awesome way to learn about other readers. We should have all had a party. Lol


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