Southern Plate’s Peach Cobbler Muffins


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Every now and then I get a hitch in my step to do something and can’t seem to move beyond it til I done did whatever it was I had a hankerin’ to do (that sentence makes a lot more sense if you say it with a Southern accent, honest). Last week I got to thinking about muffins. You see, my mother thinks muffins are the second coming. She’s always looking for a new muffin recipe. Well, I got to thinking that we didn’t really have a be all, end all peach muffin recipe and isn’t that a shame? Of course it is

What would be the perfect peach muffin? Oooh! If it tasted like Mama’s peach cobbler, that would be good. It would have to have big old chunks of peaches and brown sugar, too, with just enough cinnamon to pull it all together.

So next thing you know I went to my personal playground, which is known to some as the kitchen here at Bountiful, and after adding a little of this and a little of that, Peach Cobbler Muffins were born. I called up Daddy, who was in the area working, and had him stop off to take some home to my most honored taste tester: My Mama.

I received the ultimate praise: She asked for the recipe. So I’m sharing it with y’all today, too. Hope you like it as much as we do.


You’ll need: Quick oats, oil, self rising flour*, vanilla, canned peaches, eggs, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

I just noticed that there are two bottles of vanilla in this photograph. ~sighs~ These kinds of things have been happening at my house ever since I was forced to buy a bottle of pure vanilla because the grocery store was out of imitation. There has been a rivalry and I can only assume it led to the pure vanilla jumping into this photograph at the last moment, front and center. Just ignore one of the bottles there, your choice.

*To make your own self rising flour, see my FAQ page.


Drain your peaches really well and pour them in a bowl.

DSCN5888_4000x3000Chop them up coarsely with a knife.

You can used diced peaches if you like but I really like the big ole chunks you make this way!


Add your eggs.


and your oil


Stirry, stirry!


Toss in your vanilla.

I FINALLY finished off that little bottle of pure vanilla.

Sooooooooooooo, Sunday I went to Sam’s Club by myself.

~pauses to marvel at that sentence, having never thought she’d ever say such a thing~

Anyway, I bought the biggest whooptee thing of imitation vanilla I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life. Paid less than four bucks for it, too! No more pure vanilla! I prefer vanilla that just comes right out and says “Hey, I’m not the real thing but I wanna help ya cook anyway and I’ll do my best!”.

I find that pure vanilla tends to put on airs. Pure vanilla wants to be all measured out and used sparingly because it’s “pure”. Imitation just lets you pour it on in there straight from the bottle! We’s jes plain folks here, ain’t got room for snobbiness in my kitchen.


Place brown sugar and flour in a large mixing bowl.

I use light and dark brown sugar interchangeably in my recipes, based on what I have on hand, but I prefer dark sugar.

I have no idea how light brown sugar keeps making it into my pantry but it may have some sort of secret association with pure vanilla…


Add your cinnamon.


Add your oats.

I dearly love oats.


Stir all of that up with a fork.


Pour the dry stuff into the wet stuff.


and stir it up.

I’m not gonna encourage you to eat batter that has raw eggs in it or anything like that, coz I know none of us EVER taste the batter, right?

I’m jes gonna say that if you were to pick up that spoon right there and it happened to have a good glob of that brown sugary batter with a big old peach chunk in it, it sure would be good – or so I’m imagining. ~winks~


Spray a muffin tin with cooking spray.

This looks like a mini muffin tin to me for some reason but it’s regular sized…


Fill each cup with batter. This batter doesn’t rise much so you can fill them all the way to the top.


Bake at 400 for about twenty minutes, or until browned lightly on the top. When they come out, let them sit about five minutes and then take a spoon and carefully go around all of the edges before removing them from the pan to cool.

But eat one hot when no one is looking, coz you done worked this hard and you deserve to taste one. Aren’t they perty?


Southern Plate’s Peach Cobbler Muffins
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 1¼ cup self rising flour *
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup quick cooking oats
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 eggs
  • 29 ounce can peaches, drained well and coarsely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ¾ cup vegetable oil
  1. Prepare muffin pan by spraying with Pam.
  2. In large bowl, mix flour, brown sugar, oats and cinnamon. In separate bowl, mix beaten eggs, peaches, oil and vanilla.
  3. Pour egg mixture all at once into flour mixture: stir just until flour is moistened.
  4. Spoon batter into muffin cups.
  5. Bake 20 minutes at 400 degrees or until tested done. Makes one dozen.

*See FAQ to make your own self rising flour

Enjoy every day of your life – THERE IS AN EXPIRATION DATE!

~Submitted by Phaedra. Submit your quote here.


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  1. Kim says

    Ok Christy, I have a question for you. What if you DON’T love oats, like you do, is there something else you could substitute to make them come out. I know, I know! Just a thought, but they look so good, but I don’t like oats. Thanks for all you do!

    • says

      Hey Kim,
      No worries! There is just 1/4 Cup of oats in this and you really won’t know they are in there (ESPECIALLY if you use quick oats) but they help support the muffin when it’s baked. I promise promise promise you won’t know they are in there with this recipe.
      I wouldn’t steer ya wrong if it’s somethin’ I know you don’t like!

      Christy :)

  2. Deanie says

    I made these muffins the first day that you posted them! ( like someone else said,I made them with that giant can of peaches that I had in my pantry just waiting to be put to good use!) These muffins weren’t just good they were out-of-this-world good! I will make them again and again! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Brenae says


    These muffins are out of this world GREAT! My fiance will not eat fruit. He was looking crazy when I told him that I was making peach cobbler muffins. After dinner I made him try one. His face went from a frown to a slight smile. I went upstairs to answer the phone. When I came back, he had demolished 2 additional muffins. It was hilarious!!

  4. Theresa says

    How about going really Southern and throwing in a few chopped pecans? Now, being a proper Georgia girl, pecans and peaches is something I know I will have to try! I think it’s a law here…..

  5. Erin says

    I just made two dozen and they are some of the best tasting things I have ever had. I’m taking some to my shut-in neighbor and to my parents tomorrow. This will definitely put me back on top as the favorite child :)

    I used applesauce for half the oil and it worked fine. Has anyone tried them with whole wheat flour? I usually try to bake with 1/2 whole wheat.

    Thanks Christy! Southern Plate is my new favorite website!

  6. Sheila says


    I finally got around to making your peach cobbler muffins. They look somewhat different from yours in the pictures. I followed the recipe to a t, I did pack the brown sugar, so maybe they have too much sugar. Even so, they’re delicious!
    I think next time I’ll use the paper baking cup liners. All those chunks of peach’s wanted to stay in my pan. : )

    Thanks so much,
    You’re a doll!

  7. Camisha H says

    Christy, I made these last week and they were delicious!! My kids loved them! Your website is my favorite recipe go to! Tonight we’ll be trying the chocolate cobbler for desert! Thanks for the great recipes and stories. I love what you do!!

  8. DeltaJoy says

    Christy the more I come here the more I don’t ever want to leave. I spend waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time reading, not only your ‘blogicipes’ (whoops just made a new word), but all the comments and then printing out recipes.
    My weight gain will surely be upon your head my dear, but I think you’ll be able to handle it. :o)
    I just have never EVER seen anything like SouthernPlate.

  9. Lauren says

    According to my grandmother, my Mama makes better peach cobbler than Paula Dean! So, of course, everyone in our family is a huge fan of it. I don’t think we’ve ever tried peach cobbler muffins, so you know I’ll hafta get on that! And I’m not copying your way o’ talkin’ – I’m from Alabama too :D!!!

  10. Marjorie says

    Christy: These Peach Cobbler Muffins are incredible. I made them last night and ate half of them before I went to sleep. I grew up in the generation your grandmoter did – with wash pots, wash boards, running boards, model A’s. You make me proud to be a part of your great state. I only found your website last October when purchased your great book. The book immediately became my #1 cookbook out of my hundreds – move over Whistle Stop Cafe Cookbook!!.

  11. Catherine Royer says

    Christy, I have these muffins in the oven right now, and can’t wait to taste one! I made the Southern Chicken N Dumplins, and oh, my! They were good the first day, and even better the next! Your cookbook is on my Christmas wish list for 2011, even if I have to purchase it myself!

  12. Judy Beth says

    @ Cherrill Hartsfield..your comment stating “a geinus” wouldn’t have used a mixer for this recipe, was to me, very rude. The love she has for family & friends is there in everything she says and does and she doesn’t claim to be anything other than a true southern lady. NO where did Christy say use a mixer, and her pictures did NOT show her using one either! She said to add “beaten” eggs and it shows her hand-stirring all of the ingredients. Sooo, I think she is “a genius” for being able to develope recipes that we all get to copy for FREE. And she does know how to spell, so Cherrill before you make a rude comment, maybe YOU need to learn how to spell GENIUS, it’s not geinus!! Ok I’ve had my say so rude people go to another site and leave this one alone. This is the BEST recipe blog around and we all love our Christy and her stories from the heart, too.

    • Betty says

      I think Cherrill Hartsfield was referring to herself when she was talking about being a genius for using a mixer. I do not believe that she was attempting to be rude toward Christy whatsoever.

      • Wanda says

        I agree Betty, I dont think the statement was for Christy, but about her self, most likely because if you use a mixer with this recipe, it will cause the peaches to be in tiny bits. I didnt see where she was being rude to Christy!!

  13. Mindy Jeffers says

    I agree with Judy Beth – there are just too many snotty people out there who are mean-spirited and jealous-hearted as my grandma would say – so get a life, Cherrill. If you can’t say something nice, at least learn to disagree civilly!

    Which leads me to my other point for posting. I absolutely LOVE Christy’s site and her cookbook – she’s adorable and addictive, to say the least. However, as someone old enough to be your mama, hon, I am going to disagree with you about the vanilla thing. The reason you don’t have to use as much REAL vanilla as you do imitation, is because it has such a much better flavor. (Think of the difference in real maple syrup and imitation-flavored maple syrup.) I truly, after 50 years of cooking, feel strongly that the extra price for the real vanilla is well worth it. Otherwise, I firmly agree with your philosophy that whenever possible, buy the bargain, or store, brands. I remember shopping with my mother and grandmother at A&P years ago, and nothing was better than “Eight O’Clock Coffee” or “Jane Parker Fruitcake,” both A&P brands, to name a couple. Keep up the wonderful work! :o)

    • Annarose says

      I know this is quite old, but I’m with Betty here. I think Cherrill was talking about herself. She probably used her mixer and it pulverized the peaches. I’m quick to jump to Christy’s defense too, but I think this was just a misunderstanding :) In any case, this recipe looks delicious and I just might be making it tomorrow to have as breakfast during the week!

  14. says

    My four-year-old daughter and I made these together last night for this morning’s breakfast. We both couldn’t wait and each ate one still warm out of the oven for a snack. “Mmmmmmm” came from my little one’s mouth after the first taste, and I agree!!! Thanks for posting this recipe, Christy! :)

  15. Jennifer says

    Made these with unsweetened applesauce instead of the oil, splenda brown sugar, and egg beaters. Texture is definately not the same but super moist in the center. I had trouble distinguishing if it was cooked through all the way or if it was just the applesauce. I think the oil may actually work better. Seemed to have to cook much longer than the 20 minutes! Still pretty tasty though!

  16. Kelly H. says

    Can you make these with fresh peaches? I happen to have 5 very pretty looking white peaches, but I’m not sure if we have canned right now. Just wondering, this would be a good recipe to use up the peaches. I tried one yesterday and they aren’t as sweet as I’d like, but throw them in with some sugar and they’ll be fine. : )

  17. Vicki says

    I must have did something wrong, I made these and they were just okay, they are still in the kitchen after a night and full day, which is Odd, sweets get gone fast around here. Seemed like they needed something, butter perhaps? Oh well. :/

  18. Kathi Stensland says

    I will making these today after my dad’s dr appointment-these would be great to have to eat on the way to work or for him to have when I am at work. Thanks once again Christy for a great recipe.

  19. Tracey Thompson says

    Christy…….Holy Cow! These muffins are da bomb! :) I brought them to work today and they were a HUGE hit. One of my co-workers told me that he thought that I needed to make another batch and bring them again tomorrow. 😉

  20. Lynn says

    Christy, Have you tried these with fresh peaches? If you have what adjustments did you have to make? I have some fresh and wonderful Chilton County, AL peaches I would like to incorporate in to your recipe. :)

  21. Vickie says

    Hey Christy, I made these for my son’s class for snack day. From what Maddy said they all liked ’em! I know we do. Just thought I’d let ya know, that a lot of Pre-Schooler’s loved your muffins! :)

  22. Janice Shelby says

    I have an abundance of fresh peaches right now….How many cups of fresh do you think instead of the canned ones ( possibly 2 or would it be less)….
    Also, do these freeze well ….If so, I want to make several batches, freeze and then just pull out when I want to use them later…thanks. Love your site, and hope you are doing much better soon!!!!

  23. Jamie Wicox says

    Well. all I can say is I hope the store-bought self-rising flour works just as well, cause “I got no stinkin’ time to make flour” cuz I’m off to try these muffins immediately! And, I hear you about the vanilla…I’ve had the real thing, and several regular brands. Trust me, Adams extract is THE BEST in the world! Thanks for this terrific recipe, Christy!

  24. Tracy says

    These taste GREAT! I think I didn’t drain my peaches well enough, though…my muffins came out a bit too moist and didn’t want to let go of the pan….but we don’t mind…we’re eating them anyway! Next time I will make sure I take the time to drain my peaches in a colander…I confess, I was in a hurry! But they are very tasty and we also LOVE the Pecan Pie Muffins….made those yesterday!

  25. Patty says

    Christy, First of all, I love, love, love your recipes :-)…..that said, I do have a couple of things I am disappointed with. Since you changed the web page, when I scroll down to GET the recipes, the part that tells what all you can find (the yellow part) only leaves about 8 inches for me to read with. Also, when go to SAVE a recipe, with the ads on the page now, I find I have about 5 inches to actually SEE my saved recipes. Am I the only one having this problem? Again, I really DO love your site, but get a little distracted by all the rest.

    • says

      Hey Patti! The new web design is optimized to resize in order to fit the screen. This works better on phones, tablets, etc. It sounds like you might be viewing it on a smaller screen somehow. On full size screens the ads are off to the side and that little yellow bar is no more than an inch tall. You should be able to scroll down to see more though?
      In a perfect world I wouldn’t need ads but as it is, they barely cover the cost of maintaining southernplate some months so having them helps me keep it going and free to everyone. :)

  26. Sara says

    I got a case of peaches in Grand Junction last weekend and I’ve been trying to find any good recipe to use up my dozens of peaches; this is the best one I’ve tried! I will definitely be making these again.


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