Buttermilk Pie and Hee Haw Nights

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If you're new here, Welcome to Southern Plate! Sit down and get comfy because you are a grand addition to our table. You might want to check out our FAQ and subscribe by email so you don't miss a thing! Gratefully, Christy “You're only spending one night, Katy” "But PLEASE Mama, can’t I just spend ten nights?” “Oh Katy” I said, in an exaggerated voice "We’d just miss you SO MUCH if you ... Continue Reading

Campfire Meat Pies (easy weeknight supper!) with Brady


I had my first meat pie during my brief stint in the SCA, a group of very fun people who completely re-enact medieval times (I loved sewing my own garb!). People would make them ahead of time, wrap in foil and refrigerate, and then we'd heat them by the fire whenever someone got hungry. They were awfully handy and awfully good. So when Brady goes on camping trips this is the first recipe I go ... Continue Reading

Mexican S’Mores with Katy


Somewhere about the time that the Rambo movies were in full swing, my dad and a few of his friends from the Huntsville Police Department decided that they needed to spend a weekend getting back to nature and "roughing it". Soon as that talk began canoes started showing up at our house. One by one, Daddy stored them in the back yard where a fancy schmancy canoe trailer eventually joined them.  Some ... Continue Reading

Oatmeal Raisin Scotchie Bars

oatmeal scotchie bars

I know you’re busy. Believe me, I do. I don’t care what it is you list as your job description on your Facebook page, I know your time is a valuable premium and you’d rather have a little more of it. Know what else, though? I also know that you like to eat. If you’re here now, chances are pretty good you like to bake as well ~grins~. See how well I know you? That's why I like to bring you these ... Continue Reading

Granny Jordan’s English Pea Pimento Casserole


Sometimes you just have one of those days. You know, the ones where you are torn between curling up in the fetal position, sending an SOS signal, or jumping off the craziness of your own roller coaster. Dang those days are fun, though. When they're over, you kinda get to stand back and see what you're made of. Survived another one. We're all intact, and I managed to pull it off. So tonight as I ... Continue Reading

Southern Fried Stuffing Balls – Guest Blog Post!

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Today I'm at the WeBlog conference, sponsored by The Discovery Channel. I am stunned at how much I am learning and having a wonderful time, although I already miss the kids! The good news is, I'm going home tomorrow so I'll just be away from them two nights (thank goodness). Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday. I know you're going to enjoy this post by my friend, Jyl (of The Post-It Place), ... Continue Reading

Easy Peasy Cherry Cheese Cobbler


If you're new here, WELCOME to Southern Plate! We're thrilled to have you as part of our big old home on the web. You might want to check out our FAQ page or Subscribe by email so you don't miss a thing. Sit a spell and stay a while, we sure are glad you're here! Gratefully, Christy A few weeks back Brother Bill Gentry guest posted for me on Southern Plate. Everyone has raved so much about his ... Continue Reading

Real Food, Real Fast: Pizza Rolls


Exciting news! I've teamed up with GoodBite.com as one of their Video bloggers and today I'm excited to bring you my first Vlog for them. You'll be seeing these from time to time on Southern Plate in addition to my regular recipe posts. For this segment, I adapted my recipe for Pizza rolls to fit into their "Real Food, Real Fast" category where you make a recipe using five ingredients or less in ... Continue Reading

Your Favorite Southern Sayings


I just love all of our SouthernSayings and talking about them never seems to get old. A few times now I've asked people to tell me their favorites on our Facebook page and that page lights up with hundreds of contributions, everyone tickled to get to talk about them and see what quirky sayings others have to contribute as we all walk down memory lane. So today I want to start that conversation on ... Continue Reading

Awesome Oatmeal Cookies – High Maintenance, But Worth It!


You know, I don't have a plan for anything I'm going to write on any given day on Southern Plate. I usually just wake up and see what I'm in the mood to talk about and run with it. Sometimes I can loop it into being related to that days recipe and sometimes I do things like write about doughnuts and give you a recipe for steak tips - we just roll with it and it all works out in the end somehow. ... Continue Reading