Campfire Meat Pies (easy weeknight supper!) with Brady


I had my first meat pie during my brief stint in the SCA, a group of very fun people who completely re-enact medieval times (I loved sewing my own garb!). People would make them ahead of time, wrap in foil and refrigerate, and then we’d heat them by the fire whenever someone got hungry. They were awfully handy and awfully good.

So when Brady goes on camping trips this is the first recipe I go to for convenient food to take with him. The options are endless and I hope you’ll use this one as a springboard and get creative to suit your personal tastes. I’d LOVE to hear about your combination ideas in the comments section! These also make a fun supper for those rushed evenings when you have to head out the door as soon as everyone gets home. They’d work for family movie night or just a lazy evening meal as well.

Campfire Meat Pies

Ready to get cooking? This is another great recipe to make with your kids or just let your kids make all on their own. Brady is going to help me with this one. He’s quite the cook!

Today I’m using deli roast beef, deli chicken, mozzarella cheese, and cheddar cheese. You’ll need some crescent roll dough to seal it all up in and as you can see I grab whatever I get to first.

I’m also using Ro-Tel in mine. I really love the flavor of chicken, cheddar, and a bit of Rotel. This is where I’d like for you to come in in the comments section and give us all some more ideas for fillings in these pies. Here are a few of mine:

  • Chicken and BBQ Sauce
  • Leftover pulled pork and BBQ Sauce
  • Ground beef, mozzarella, and a bit of spaghetti sauce
  • Sloppy Joe Meat Pies
  • Deli roast beef, peppers and onions, and mozzarella
  • Chicken nugget (a single frozen one) and cheese

What else can you think up? Lets brainstorm together in the comments!

I pull out a few slices of deli meat and give them a good dicing up .

Like this

Now open your crescent rolls and separate them all out like this.

This is best if your dough is really cold. If you let it sit at room temperature it gets very sticky and stretchy and harder to work with.

Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray

Place a bit of meat in the center of each crescent roll as my chief assistant is doing here.

Sprinkle a bit of cheese over the top.

Look at that little face? He’s gotten so tall this year. Yesterday he was in the kitchen with me (we kinda live there) and said

“Ma, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by, can you believe I’m almost in fifth grade?”

I told him “I know Baby, and the thing is, the older you get the faster it goes.”

He thought about this a moment in his very serious way and nodded saying “Yeah, I’m gonna be all grown before you know it.”


If you are going to use Ro-Tel, make sure you drain it well and then add that, too.

Ooh, chopped green chiles would be good in this!

Here is that a little closer up…

Meat and cheese

Then fold the edges over however you can to get it all sealed up.

These are Brady’s, didn’t he do a great job?

mine usually end up looking like little round packets.

Bake them at 350 for ten to fifteen minutes (mine take about thirteen), until browned.

Allow to cool completely. Im’ using a cooling rack but you don’t have to.

If you’re having these for supper, you can just eat them right now!

Once completely cool wrap each one in foil and write the filling on the package so folks know which one they’re about to eat.

To be honest with ya (I really hate that phrase but I’ll get to why in a minute*) I have no idea what is in this packet because I made them all at once and didn’t keep up. I just wrote “beef” on it as a little visual example. Whoever bites into this one has a 50/50 chance of getting beef and I figure those odds are better than most!  So you might want to cook them separately, make all of one variety first and then move on so you know what is what.

*I really dislike that phrase because anytime someone says “To be honest with you” they are basically saying “up until this point I haven’t been…”

So now I gotta go repent for saying it myself.

Place in a zipper seal bag and put in the fridge. Before heading out, place this bag in an ice filled cooler. At the campfire, simply place at fire’s edge  or over hot coals until heated through.

If you are having these at home, just eat ’em! You can refrigerate them and reheat in the microwave as well, don’t fret with the foil, I toss them all in a zipper bag unwrapped for the fridge.

Aren’t they pretty?

These chicken, cheese, and Ro-Tel ones are my favorite.

Campfire Meat Pies

  • Canned Crescent Rolls
  • Deli Meat
  • Cheese
  • Sauce and other add ins of your choice*

For each little pie you’ll need about 1 heaping tablespoon of chopped meat, 1 tablespoon of shredded cheese, and 1 teaspoon to 1/2 tablespoon of sauce or other add ins. Make sure you leave plenty of room at the edge to seal packet.

Roll out chilled crescent roll dough and separate into triangles. Place meat, cheese, and other add ins in center of each triangle and fold dough over to seal. Bake on greased cookie sheets at 350 for ten to fifteen minutes, or until lightly browned. Serve warm if you like or allow to cool and wrap each individually in foil. Refrigerate foil wrapped sandwiches and place in zipper seal bag in cooler for transport to campfire. Heat at fire’s edge or on coals until heated through.

With a lot of folks planning camping trips this summer, I’d REALLY love to hear your ideas for add ins in these little sandwiches in the comments section on this post!

Nobody cares if you can’t dance well.

Just get up and dance!

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  1. Anna says

    There really are so many possibilities with this! I got lots of ideas from reading the other comments. I do actually make a variation of this on a regular basis, and think it’s kind of funny that no one has mentioned mine yet: You drain a couple cans of tuna really well (squeezing out the excess liquid with your hands), and stir in an egg and some shredded cheese (1/2 cup or more if you want), then put a little bit in the center of each crescent roll and seal it. I usually use 2 crescent rolls for each, but don’t see why you couldn’t use one. I need a quick dinner tonight and already have some ham in the fridge, so I think I may be making a ham and ___ version of this tonight!
    Also, Christy- Brady looks like such a sweet kid. In the first picture of him, he looks a lot like you. I think Katy looks a lot like her dad.

  2. Anna says

    Oh I forgot to say, what about s’more pies? That would of course be kind of silly if you’re actually going camping since s’mores with marshmallows toasted over the fire would be the best, but they would be fun to have at home! Crescent roll, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips… maybe even a little peanut butter a la Mexican S’mores :)

    • Anna says

      I ended up making ham and sauerkraut pies and we had them with salad. Once we got the lid off the jar of sauerkraut (an adventure we’ll surely remember for the rest of our lives… it ended with my fiance handing me the jar after working at it for a good 10 minutes and me getting the lid off on the first try), it ended up being pretty much the easiest and fastest dinner I’ve ever made. I made some of them double sized with two crescents, those were even faster. And, most importantly of all… they tasted great!! Can’t wait to see how they are as leftovers at lunch tomorrow.

  3. Debbie says

    I loved the campfire meat pies. I have not tried it yet but a nother version might be for breakfast-scrambled eggs and cheese with either bacon bits or regular bacon. You could make them into mini omlett pies.

  4. Patty says

    These would be good done up as beerocks. You know, with hamburger,onion,cabbage,cheese and spices. I have been so cabbage hungary lately. Maybe use pop-open biscuits instead of cressent rolls.

  5. Janet Kaltenbach says

    How about a rueben type of sandwich? You know, leftover corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and russian dressing? Can’t wait to try all of these ideas! We go camping at least 3-4 weeks a year and never feel like cooking the day we set up camp. This would be a perfect time for these little tasty pies! Thanks so much Chrissie for giving me the perfect dinner for those “setting up camp” meals!!

  6. Maegon says

    I make these for my boys all the time! Instead of cresent rolls I use frozen bread dough. They are Awesome! I plan on making some this weekend with steak and cheese. yumm :)

  7. says

    One Word! Sloppy Joe Mix! Oh wait that’s three words.. four if you count the exclamation point. Now I wouldn’t normally include the exclamation point but if you do a character count on a computer, it counts by golly!

    anyway.. sloppy joes get my vote… but not the exclamation point… leave those out of my sandwiches.. I prefer commas,,, they taste better.

  8. Sue Walker says

    Dear Christy
    These look like like mini-Cornish pasties, but without the swede,onion and carrot. However, you would need giant size croissants if you were to put these in the mythical Alambama-style Cornish puffs. haha

  9. PattyC says

    All these variations sound great, gonna do the rueben ones soon. We do shredded Mozzarella, Spaghetti sauce, and 1 or 2 large shrimp in 2 crescent triangles with a salad side dish.

  10. Erin S. says

    These look amazing!!!

    One more variation that I have made in the past, in a more bite-sized way (Cut the crescent into 3 separate triangles, then fill and fold):

    Cream cheese and chopped pepperoni, using pizza sauce for dipping.
    I am sure you could change the meat or add some veggies depending on your taste, but the heated cream cheese is rich and flavorful.

    As always, thanks for posting such a great recipe!

    • Annarose says

      Great idea! I just made some (regular sized though) with cream cheese, oregano and pepperoni. Also made some with cream cheese and pastrami. I sprinkled oregano on the pizza ones so we can tell them apart. Both of them are SO good! I even used the light crescent rolls, light cream cheese, turkey pepperoni and turkey pastrami. Also, I can definitely see making them into appetizers by making them even smaller like you said!

  11. Rose says

    Made something like this last night. Made up our pizza dough recipe, pull off small piece (after allowed to rise a little bit), roll out into a little round form, put in cut up kielbasa, onion, cheddar cheese, roll up and bake at 400. I personally like green pepper in mine and I’ve made them with chicken, broccoli, onion and cheese. No sauce. We dip in BBQ sauce or hot mustard. That way, if decided to travel with it, you can opt on the mess of sauce dripping out! We call these….ROLL UPS!! I’ve done leftover pot roast, pork, pepperoni, whatever and dip in favorite condiment. Oh, when just out of oven, rub a stick of butter over top and sprinkle with garlic salt, if you like.

  12. Emily says

    My 4.5 year old son and I made cheeseburger pockets last night and we all loved them. I used thin-crust refrigerated pizza dough and it worked great. I have a picture but don’t know if I can add it or not! :) Thanks Christy. Oh we did the burrito dessert too with sunflower-butter and marshmallows. YUM!

  13. Dee says

    I do something similar, but with two crescent rolls sealed together making a pouch with the stuff in the middle. I take 1 cup rotisserie chicken, 2 ounce of cream cheese, 1 tbsp of milk, 2 tbsp of butter, some onion and any other veg that you like (I’ve used red pepper, celery, broccoli – all good). So, you 4 squares with the chicken mix in the middle, twist the ends together and seal it and bake if on 350 for 20-25 min. Very yummy!

  14. says

    What a great idea!! I think it’d be good as breakfast ones, with scrambled eggs and sausage gravy! or just eggs, bits of bacon and some cheddar cheese.

    Or shredded beef (leftover roast) with some potatoes and carrots with beef gravy

    Or dessert ones, with a cream cheese mixture and raspberry jam!
    I love cresants!! They would be good with anything wrapped inside! :)

  15. Susan L says

    just came across this recipe while looking for something to make for dinner. When were you in the SCA? I’ve been an on and off member for 20+ years. That could be why you look so familiar to me. Love the site and the book. I gave three for Christmas!

  16. Dorie says

    We put seasoned, cooked, ground chicken with sharp and monterey jack cheese inside and served chicken gravy (from a jar..wink!) for topping..oh wow how good! All it was missing was cranberry sauce according to my youngest daughter! We loved this meal. It also is a huge money saver. I used one package of ground chicken, that made tonights dinner for a family of four, and I have plenty of left over meat for another meal, that’s really helpful went we are trying to pinch pennies!

  17. Angela says

    I knew there was a reason I liked you — besides just having an awesome personality and a great cook! I’m a member of the SCA, and have been making these for years now. Don’t forget to make some SWEET ones, too… little fruit pies, or nuts and dates, or just plain ol’ cinnamon and sugar… so that you have a sweet resource when you need it at an event!

  18. Shalene says

    If you want to make these a little bigger and/ or make them beerocks (using ground beef, onion and cooked cabbage), use biscuit dough, kind of rolled out flat(er) fill with your filling bring the biscuit up and around and pinch to close. Yes, a little more work, but a more meal sized portion and totally yummy!!! To me, these would be alot of work with not a lot of return, because I’d have to make ALOT for them to be enough for one meal. (Yes, I have a large family.)

  19. Trice Kastein says

    When I was a Camp Fire Girl – oh, it’s been a year or two ago (1957-1968) my Aunt Louise was our leader. We were lucky enough to live within driving distance of Camp Val Verde, a Camp Fire Girls Camp. We would go out there on week-ends for camp outs. We cooked all kinds of camp fire food. One of the meals that I really liked was hobo pies. We would use canned biscuits (cause we didn’t have crescent rolls back in the olden days) and mush them out flat with our hands. Then we stuffed them with pre-cooked hamburger, cheese, etc and baked them in a reflector oven made of tin foil and a box! Those were the days, my friend. I have to admit I have not thought about them in a long time, but now, suddently, I am starving for one!!!

  20. Wordmaven says

    Just thought I’d mention that I prefer to use chopped tomatoes with green chilies (usually any store brand) because it has the flavor of Ro-Tel without the watery runniness. Also, the chopped tomatoes w chilies come in a larger can and cost less. Jes sayin’………

  21. melanie says

    When we were moving from Va.Beach to Phoenix I used frozen bread dough to make a different kinds of these for us to eat. One of our favorites was the pizza ones, I just used pizza toppings.

  22. Theresa says

    This seems like a good, quick way to make runzas. I have only had runzas in Nebraska, but, oh, my, were they great! Drained sauerkraut, browned/drained ground beef with onions (garlic ,too if you want), plenty of pepper and whatever cheese that you please. Make the pies with about 1/2 cup of this mixture in the center of dough,seal and bake according to directions and you will have pure YUM! I like mine with plain ole yellow mustard.

  23. Melodie says

    These would be great to make ahead of time and freeze for my kids during the summer months. I had been wondering what they were gonna do for food during the day while I’m at work. Their Dad is no cook….LOL. They can pop these in the microwave & have something good to eat.
    Do you guys have any other suggestions for fast, healthy foods that can be heated up.

  24. Lisa says

    I make a great ”stuffed roll” filling with shredded chicken, frozen spinach, cream of mushroom soup and mozzie cheese. All you do is put chicken and thawed ( and squeezed) spinach in a bowl, then add enough cream of chicken soup to make it stick together. Then add as much cheese as you like, then use it to fill crescent rolls much like in your recipe. Bake and enjoy! I have even dribbled jarred chicken gravy mixed with the extra cream of mushroom soup over them.

  25. Ginger Adams says

    Two crescents mooshed together to seal. Take a thin slice of deli ham smeared with a little cream cheese and wrapped around a baby dill pickle. Enclose in the crescent dough and bake. : )

  26. Frankie says

    When we were little my mom made a version of these using canned biscuits. She would roll each biscuit out flat and she would put sloppy joe mix in them. Seal them shut and bake. I love to make them for my boys now. We have taken to adding some cheese in them. Usually we dip them in barbeque sauce. I had never thought of freezing them or taking them camping. Thanks for the idea. I love all of the filling ideas as well.

  27. Anita Miller says

    What about using cherry pie filling (or any pie filling you like) and a little cream
    cheese to make dessert pies. Drizzle on a little glaze after baking!!
    We used to make these when we would go camping. If you don’t
    like the cream cheese just leave it out.

  28. Winona says

    I’ve made these a couple times now and also made some for my sweet tooth! I put 4-5 slices of bananas in the middle of two crescent rolls (pinching the perforation together), added fudge and caramel syrup (sundae topping), wrapped them up and sprinkled sugar on top before baking.. Delicious :)


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