Ashley Mac’s Coconut Caramel Pie

Summer time is here and with it comes some of my favorite cold desserts! Today I’m bringing you a brand spanking new freezer pie that I know you’re gonna love. Seriously, you are going to LOVE this pie!

A while back I posted a sneak peek for my book and featured the cover, which was shot on location in Birmingham in the home of the extremely kind and generous Mrs. Sandy Deaton. Thanks again, Mrs. Deaton, for letting us use your porch and for entertaining the kids! Well as it turns out, Mrs. Deaton is no stranger to feeding folks herself and her daughter, Ashley Deaton McMakin owns an award winning catering company in Birmingham, Alabama.  Ashley Mac’s began as a hobby venture and has expanded to serve both private and corporate functions in addition to their walk in storefront!

That is Miss Ashley pictured with her beautiful baby. Can’t you just look at that photo and tell what a sweet and gracious person she is? She was kind enough to share one of their popular recipes, Ashley Mac’s Coconut Caramel Pie, with all of us today.  You’ll be surprised at how easy this is to throw together. The great thing is that this is a pie served frozen that makes two, so eat one now and save the other to pop out of the freezer and impress your guests the next time they happen by! Don’t ya just love it when life gets easy?

You’ll need: butter, coconut, chopped pecans, cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, whipped topping, and caramel topping.

So if you are just now catching onto the fact that this isn’t a health food, welcome to the room and pull up a fork.

The rest of us got excited right around the mention of “sweetened condensed milk”.

Just for kicks, I got “lite” whipped topping though, mainly just because that is how my sense of humor works.


You’re also going two need to deep dish pie shells, already baked.

You can make your own if you like but I went the easy way out for this one.

Melt your butter in a skillet.

You know what, I think I’m gonna switch horses and use sweetened shredded coconut in this.

Add in your coconut and pecans

Stir that up and cook over medium low heat until the coconut is all nice and toasty

like so.

Now set that aside to cool a bit.

Place your room temperature cream cheese in a bowl along with your sweetened condensed milk.

Don’t forget to use a spoon to help get the sweetened condensed milk out of the can …

don’t forget to lick said spoon…

Mix that up with an electric mixer until smooth and creamy

Dump in your whipped topping..

and mix again.

Okay so the instructions said to “fold” in but the minute whipped topping hops into my buggy at the grocery store is the same minute it should just resign itself to a fate of being dumped.

So I dumped and then used my electric mixer again to get it all smooth and well blended.

Place 1/4 of your cream cheese mixture into each pie shell

Ashley’s directions say to drizzle caramel over the top.

Now you can look at that photograph of Ashley at the top of this post and just see how graceful she is. I imagine drizzling comes second nature to her.

When it comes to me, though, I sometimes have all the grace of a mad bull in a china shop. My drizzling just turns right into globbing.

Glob or drizzle, just put some caramel over the top however works best for you – about 1/4 of the jar for each pie because we’re going to repeat these layers.

Top each with 1/4 of the coconut pecan mixture.

then repeat layers

Cream cheese mixture…


and coconut pecan mixture.

Now your pies are done and ready to freeze before serving!

Place in freezer (you don’t have to cover them right now, you can do that after they are frozen) and freeze until solid.

Call your honey and let him or her know not to be late for dinner!


Ashley Mac’s Coconut Caramel Pie

Ashley Mac’s Coconut Caramel Pie


  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1 (8 ounce) package flaked coconut
  • 1 cup chopped pecan halves
  • 8 ounces cream cheese
  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 16 ounces frozen whipped topping, thawed
  • 2 deep dish (9-inch) pie shells, baked
  • 1 (12 ounce) jar caramel topping


  1. Melt butter in a large skillet. Add coconut and pecans. Cook until brown and set aside.
  2. Combine cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk in a mixing bowl. Beat with mixer until smooth.
  3. Fold in whipped topping.
  4. Layer 1/4 cream cheese mixture in each pie shell.
  5. Drizzle 1/4 jar of caramel topping on top of cream cheese mixture in each pies.
  6. Sprinkle half coconut mixture on top.
  7. Repeat the layer, beginning with the cream-cheese mixture.
  8. Freeze. Serve frozen.
  9. yields: 2 pies
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  1. Tina says

    Christy…I am about to fall over reading this! Pardon my drooling! I would love to have a piece of that pie RIGHT NOW with my coffee! I might not be able to wait for it to freeze! :)

    Bountiful Blessings!

  2. says

    Oh my, that looks wonderful! However, I’m diabetic and I can’t eat coconut, so this shouldn’t be too hard to resist……….yeah, right!!!! I think I’ll just make one part coconutless just for me! We serve pie at our Drive Inn restaurant and I can just imagine how this will go there! I tried a lemon cream pie last weekend and it was pretty wonderful, too. Always looking for new pie recipes! And Christie, that red casserole is still coming. I’m just coming “out of the depths” of my last chemo treatment so things are looking up again for a few days! You’ll get it!! Thanks for all your great recipes and posts. They literally make my day! Marlene

    • SABRINA says


    • vikki says

      Marlene, my mom was diabetic too and I cooked for all the time. Had her on a low carb diet that kept her bgl (blood glucose levels) down nice and low. For this pie, you could easily make a nut crust ( grind up whatever kind of nut you have at home and mix like you would a graham cracker crust with butter and a little splenda (whatever sweetener you prefer). Buy unsweetened coconut which is high and fiber and pretty low in carbs but high in flavor. Use heavy cream with a bit of sugar free pudding mix beat into it for the condensed milk and whip your own cream. Waldens makes a pretty darn good sugar free carmel topping or you might find one at the grocery store. I got mine at they have good prices and a flat 4.95 shipping rate. It wouldn’t be the lowest carb thing you could eat, but it is a treat not something you would make every day. Btw the carmel topping that walden makes, is pretty darn good to dip apple slices in, which is what I bought it for so mom could have a quick and easy dessert when she wanted.
      Hope that helps, have a wonderful weekend and God bless you, diabetes isn’t always the easiest thing to deal with. I know I’ve since developed the beginnings myself. It’s rampent in our family, not many people older than me that doesn’t have it. But I’m keeping it under control so far.

    • SABRINA says


    • Janice Gowens says

      Amy, I’ve been making this pie for several years now, and I always use graham cracker crusts. A plus for using graham cracker crusts (bought in store) is you can use the plastic shell part as the cover–just flip over. My recipe for this pie says to remove from fridge 10 minutes before serving. Very rich pie, but everyone I’ve serve it to loves it. By the way, I drizzle some of the caramel topping over the top of pie before freezing.

  3. April in CT says

    And this….right when we have started counting calories to be more aware of what we’re eating. This is torture!! LOL I hate to say I’ve sworn off Cool Whip (I read the label and just couldn’t buy it any more) so I wonder if this will freeze the same with fresh made whipped cream. Ya know, if I decide to splurge on some calories. *innocent look*

    • Vicki says

      Good for you to read labels. Have you read the label on the condensed milk can? There are just too many bad chemicals in processed foods. I will try to make this pie using organic ingredients. It does sound really good.

      • April in CT says

        Vicki, I hadn’t until I just looked it up online. It doesn’t look horrible, but I don’t know what vitamin A palmitate is and might not want to! lol I started making a lot of things from scratch (no more cream of mushroom soup, etc) so I could know and control what we’re ingesting. I had no idea it could be so easy to make these adjustments! I’m not a nutjob about it, but I do try to make adjustments where I can. All the health problems our nation has these days I figure it can’t hurt to get away from what processed foods I can. Let’s report back our outcome if we make it, should be interesting!

  4. Gail Cofer says

    LOVE this pie!!! and Ashley’s husband is from Huntsville. His mom, Kathy, is president of the Martha Pullen company, who has the School of Art fashion twice a year with people coming from EVERYWHERE to sew the most beautiful things. I know you also like to sew! Sewing & eating–what a great combo!

  5. Crystal says

    We live right outside of B’ham and my aunt had this pie at an office party most likely catered by your new friend. I don’t know if she asked for the recipe or just figured it out, but when we visit them I always enjoy finding one hidden in the freezer.

  6. Annette Hancock says

    Hi Christy,
    This is one great looking pie, my key board is awash in drool. I will be making this for the next family get together. We do our birthdays in groups and the next group will be celebrated in August and this will hit the spot in the hot month of August.

  7. AliceJoy says

    OH! MY GOSH! (Yes I had to write it out!) This sounds soooooo good!
    Can’t wait to go to the grocey store and buy the stuff and make it and EAT it!

    Thanks for a great way to start a week end!

  8. Chris & Christy Jr's Mom says

    Wow this looks good!! You think it would be OK without the nuts though? We (meaning me and the twins) aren’t nut people… Love ya sweetie and miss ya lots!!!

  9. Denise in Dallas says

    Oh my God, this looks so GOOD! I’m going to have to run out to Aldi and get the ingredients I don’t already have.

    This sounds like just the thing to beat this Texas heat!

    I love Southern Plate…and Christy, too!

    Denise in Dallas

  10. Judy T says

    This is a great recipe – I have one similar that calls for 2 packages of cream cheese and also uses hot fudge sauce “drizzled” along with the caramel sauce. It is called Summer Sundae Pie.

    Loved your New York adventure – can’t wait to see the return trip pictures – you doing New York is kind of like the Crocodile Dundee movie – remember his awe at seeing the crowded city streets and tall buildings? lol

  11. Claire says

    Sounds like another great recipe to make and keep in the freezer for our big family beach reunion!!! We all LOVE the ingredients, and if we slice it in 12 pieces rather than 8, it MIGHT be manageable calorie-wise! lol

    And I think making it with “real” whipped cream and in a graham cracker crust would be D.I.V.I.N.E.!!!!

  12. Becky says

    Oh, my in-laws are going to LOVE this one! Of course, so will my kids, husband, and ME! This has the same basic ingredients as the in-laws favorite cheese cake, AND coconut and nuts, so they’ll be crazy about this. I’m making it as soon as we finish off the carrot cake.

  13. DeltaJoy says

    Christy can I send you the anticipated hospital bills I am going to run up from recipes like this? It is so incredibly simple, not cheap but it’s the simplicity that amazes me about most of the recipes I read……..and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood!~!

  14. Jane P from Asheville, NC says

    Hi Christy,
    I am a new subscriber but I’m loving your recipes and down home cooking. You are making the same recipes I grew up on so I feel like I’ve discovered gold when I found your website and wonderful recipes. I’ve already made several things like your strawberry cake which was scrumptious! This coconut pie looks fantastic and I’m already thinking of new versions like making one of the layers chocolate! I love getting new recipes in my email and especially reading your funny comments as you explain each step. You are soooo refreshing! I’m looking forward to many more great recipes and especially your cookbook! Thanks a bunch!!

  15. Lawanna says

    I make this but we call it “oh God Pie” because when you take a bite you say “Oh God that’s good!” But we use a graham cracker crust, and leave out the coconut because the folks in my house “got dropped on their heads as kids”!

  16. Jo says

    WOW! I had to take more insulin just reading this! I can’t wait to try this on my friends and family….that’s so funny about the “lite” whipping cream when including condensed milk, but sounds like what I would do…sorta like getting a diet drink to go with the hamburger and fries….

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful, simple recipes and the postings that accompany them, makes a day brighter….

  17. Annarose says

    Oooh that looks tasty, doesn’t it? Mmmmmm. I’m going to have to imagine eating it because my dude hates coconut and pecans and making a pie (or 2!) just for me would be a bad idea. Wonder if there’s anything I could substitute for the pecans and coconut… Maybe I could just make 1 pie and make half of it like the recipe says and just sprinkle mini chocolate chips or chopped peanut butter cups or broken up graham crackers with hot fudge sauce on the other half for Mr. Picky.

    • says

      I have friends that don’t like coconut (which makes no sense to me). The cream cheese filling really is like a frozen ice cream treat … so that made me start thinking of ingredients that would go well with it in place of coconut: peanuts & fudge topping; chopped up peanut butter cuts and caramel; and crushed Oreos were my favorite ideas.

  18. vikki says

    Oh my gosh Christy, that looks like heaven on a saucer! I think I have everything but the milk and whipped topping to make this too, if I make my own pie crust and with your one pan crust how hard is that? and whipped cream which is a breeze.

    My niece (who lives with me) doesn’t like coconut and my carmel topping is half full BUT I have chocolate too. So I could make one pie by this recipe and use the chocolate and just nuts on the second! Win win for me, use up the left over toppings and get too pies everyone should like all at once!!

    Thank you for posting. What a great dessert AND it doesn’t heat up my kitchen… woo hoo
    Hugs and blessings

  19. Debby says

    I made this tonight!!! Only I used butterscotch instead of caramel, because that is what the store had. I knew you would approve! LOL! This was delicious!! Wow!! So good! thanks for sharing!!

  20. Hallie says

    Thanks! Made this for hubby on Fathers Day! These are his fave ingredients and he LOVED it!!!! I added chocolate topping on top of the pecan mixture to make it like a ‘turtle’ pie.YUM

  21. says

    I made this for my husband for Father’s Day. Due to diabetes in the family, we didn’t need TWO pies in the house. So, I put up an an “up for grabs” post on Facebook & gave away the second pie as a Father’s Day gift.

  22. Kerri Yandle says

    Finally made this pie last night with my twin daughters & it is DELICIOUS!!! The girls absolutely loved it! Since it makes 2, I brought one to work to share with my co-workers & they loved it as well. Thanks for all the great recipes! :)

  23. Mrs. Welch says

    Took this pie to a cast party and it was gone in five minutes flat!

    Next time I’ll make it with crushed cookie crust, whipped real cream instead of Cool Whip, and unsweetened coconut … “keyboard awash in drool” is well put!

  24. Theresa says

    I made this a few weeks ago for a family get together, all I can say is OMG this is wonderful and so very easy to make. It was a huge hit and people are already asking for me to make it for the next gathering.

  25. Miniwalela says

    I made this recipe. I’m not a coconut fan but really liked this one. My hubby wondered if you could use chocolate sauce instead of the caramel sauce?
    Thanks for all the great recipes.

  26. Lara says

    I made this pie & everyone LOVES it!!! It is wonderful!!! I was a little nervous-at the last minute, before dinner, my husband invited his boss over to eat—It is always a little scary when you serve something for the frist time. It was qutie a hit!!! I took the other pie to work & people have not stopped talking aout it! LOVED it!!!!
    Thanks!!! :)

  27. Meaghan says

    My co-worker brought this pie to the office today and it made my afternoon! It was soooooo delicious that I can’t wait to buy the ingredients and make it for my husband. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  28. Tomma says

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have been searching for this recipe for years and years. Someone I used to work with made this pie and I never got the recipe. It’s so good and I remember it like it was yesterday. I can’t wait to make it!!!

  29. Chanda Harbeson says

    I have been making this pie for years. My husband doesn’t like coconut. I make him one without coconut and drizzle the layers with hot fudge topping as well as caramel. I like it made this way as well. I’m partial to the original recipe just because I love coconut. this makes me want to go to the kitchen and make a couple of pies.

  30. Carol says

    I getting ready to head to Wal-mart for the ingredients for this pie! It looks sooooooo good! I can’t wait to eat a slice of this delicious looking pie. Thanks for the recipe!

  31. Linda Watters says

    Thanks for the recipe, Christy. Looks yummy, except I substituted 1/2 cup sugar for the sweetened condensed milk and that way you don’t have to freeze it, just refrigerate. It is like a cheese pie then. Thanks for sharing. Looks yummy!


  32. Carole Beth says

    Christy, I just want to tell you, you have been a pleasure to know. Whether it is your recipes (yummmmmy) and just what you write in said recipes or just in writing anything, it makes me smile. I am so glad to have seen you on QVC that morning a few months ago. Thank you for the smiles you give me, and also and not least, for the recipes you give us.

  33. Karen Ryan says

    I made this pie for the first time today. I took it to church tonight and it was auctioned off for missions. The pie made $15! I hadn’t even tasted it yet…LOL I’m sure it was good. I heard it called several things- “Darn Good Pie” and “Million Dollar Pie”. Thanks!!!

  34. Karen Ryan says

    Oh- and I guess I did something “wrong” but I had extra cream filling left. So I’m planning to put it in a graham cracker crust I have and put some frozen strawberry slices over it. Three pies from this recipe! yum!!!!

  35. Angela Lewis says

    Have made it and it’s delish! I have a second cousin that use to have a B&B in Tennessee and she made it. She called it “Sweetwater Pie” (the name of the Inn) and would serve it to her guests.


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