Southern Style Pulled Pork BBQ- Slow Cooker Recipe


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Southern Style Pulled Pork BBQ- Slow Cooker Recipe

First of all, let me start this by stating that there is no such thing as bad barbecue! Whatever barbecue you have in your region, whatever barbecue is your favorite, whatever barbecue you think is the best in the world, I will stand up next to you and declare with my dying breath that you are absolutely right.

Pulled pork barbecue is pretty much heaven on a bun as far as I’m concerned and it seems every region has their own way of doing it. Where I am from, the barbecue is smoked and juicy, served as pictured here or with a little bit of clear mild vinegar sauce poured over it, perhaps some of our white bbq sauce. In my husband’s home its served slathered in a thick layer of sweet red barbecue sauce, like the bottled sauce you buy in the stores.

Last year I showed you how to make the barbecue sauce pulled pork in your slow cooker so if that is the kind you prefer, click here to visit that post (and you can make it with pork or beef). Today I’m going to show you how to make the juicy kind like we get in bbq places around my home, but instead of smoking it (because I can think of a few things I’d rather do than stand over a fire in this heat) we’re gonna cook it overnight in our slow cooker.

This is part of my mission this week to bring you an entire Fourth of July menu that doesn’t require an oven or a grill. In my next post I’ll be bringing you the vinegar slaw pictured on this sandwich and then we’ll wind the week up with a great dessert that can easily be made into a lighter version for those of us watching our sugar or fully sweet for those who just want to indulge.

Now, lets make barbecue!

You’ll need: A pork roast (about five pounds), salt, pepper, brown sugar, cider vinegar, crushed red pepper flakes, and hot sauce.

Don’t worry, this barbecue is not spicy, but you can make it spicy if you like.

Place your pork roast in the slow cooker. Season with salt and pepper.

Pepper wanted it’s picture in here too…

Pour in your cider vinegar over it and put lid on. Cook on low for twelve hours.

Now I know some of y’all are wondering if this bbq is going to have a vinegar taste to it and it really doesn’t. The vinegar helps to bring out the natural flavors of the meat beautifully though. Also, you’re not going to wake up to a vinegar smelling house. I only say this because I remember the first time I made it I was worried about that!

This is how it will look when it is done.

I like to cook mine overnight and then you can shred it and put it back in with the little sauce we’re going to make and just let it be on warm until lunch time. You can also store it in the fridge when you finish the last step and heat it in the microwave whenever you’re ready for it.

Take it out of the juices after twelve hours and shred with a fork. You’re going to be surprised at how it just falls apart.

Reserve two cups of the juices from the slow cooker and discard the rest.

To those two cups of liquid add hot sauce,

crushed pepper flakes…

(no this isn’t going to be spicy at all, just flavorful. If you want a spicier bbq, I suggest doubling the pepper flakes and tripling the hot sauce)

and brown sugar.

Stir that up well

Return shredded pork to the slow cooker.

Pour sauce mixture over it and give it a good stir.

Place lid back on and leave on warm until ready to serve.

Serve topped with vinegar slaw, that recipe is coming up on my next post!

I eat mine just like this but if you like you can serve it with white bbq sauce, your favorite bottled red bbq sauce (such as Kraft BBQ Sauce), or even ketchup. Whatever cranks yer tractor! There is no wrong way to eat good bbq!

Southern Style Pulled Pork BBQ
  • Pork Roast (approximately 5 pounds)
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1½ cups cider vinegar (that is one and a half cups, not eleven cups ~giggle~)
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon hot sauce
  • 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
  1. Put roast in slow cooker and sprinkle salt and pepper over. Pour cider vinegar over. Cover with lid and cook on low for twelve hours (I cook it overnight). Remove pork roast and shred with forks (this will be very easy). Drain juices from slow cooker, reserving two cups of liquid. Return pork to slow cooker. To the reserved liquid add: Brown sugar, hot sauce, and crushed pepper flakes. Stir well. Pour over shredded pork and place lid back on. Place on low or warm setting until ready to serve. Can be made ahead of time and refrigerated, reheating in the microwave.
  2. I estimate this to make enough for about eight sandwiches, give or take.
  3. *This sauce is not spicy. If you prefer a spicier sauce double the hot sauce and crushed red pepper flakes. Add more to taste.

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  1. Beverly Alberts says

    ,I’am from Virginia and always told people that I have met about BBQ that we had there. I am eating right now. I tried this today and it came out good. We also ate it with cole slaw. Instead of pull pork we had shreaded pork, so I put it in the blender after I pulled it apart.. I will make this again.

    • Patty kreiser says

      This looks just like the recipe I’ve been looking for .There was a great place in Rehobeth beach , Delaware, named Bubba’s for about 2 or 3 yrs it was fantastic .they had the south Caroline pork barbeque. I missed it so much .I can’t wait to try this. Thanks so much.

  2. Virginia says

    Christy, I just can’t do it! I was raised in Texas and you red bar b q sauce down here, anything from sweet to hot. I have made it with…. are you ready Dr. Pepper Bar B Que sauce, so darn good. Then you put dill pickles on that sandwich and onions too. But I will try it with cole slaw and let you know

  3. says

    That looks crazy yummy I have been craving a bbq sandwich lately too, I am definitely going to try this recipe, I will have it will slaw I’ve seen your recipe I think where it is a vinegar based slaw ours has a touch of vinegar for tang but is mayo based with a little mustard and sugar thrown into the mix and I can’t tell you how good a bbq sandwich with slaw and a side of fries with a cold glass of Ice Tea is!! Thanks can’t wait to try this recipe out!

  4. Jennifer says

    Everybody in Texas needs to get down to your neighborhood HEB and get their boneless center cut pork roast for 1.77/lb. this is going in the crockpot at about 5 am tomorrow and will be my excuse to get up and work out.

    I got what I needed for this plus Christy’s cinnamon roll recipe for $14.

  5. Cheryl says

    Hey Christy – did you know you can get the (digree symbol)°,¼ ,½ ,¾ . You do this by holding down the “alt” key while you use the number pad and enter 0176 for the °, 0188 for ¼ , 0189 for ½ , and 0190 for ¾. They key is holding down the “alt” key. It helps in not feeling like you have an 11 cup issue. It will look like 1½. Neat ,Huh???

  6. Janice J says

    Tried this recipe this week. It was delicious. I cooked a 2½ pound pork loin roast, halved the ingredients, cost $4.59. We got 8 large hamburger buns full out of this.(even shared one with an elderly neighbor). Hummm, that is 57cents a piece. Cool. My husband said “this is a keeper”. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Sandra says

    I am craving a good bbq sandwich with slaw, but Hubby doesn’t do well with pork (made ribs last week and he ate them knowing it would bring on the pain). What’s the next best thing? Chicken breast? Can you get single servings of pork roast? (I’ll eat it but I have never bought it). Life would be easy to just go to Bill’s Barbecue and get myself a sandwich, but I love to watch my family eat my cooking=)

  8. Karen says

    Hey Ms.Christy!
    I started this in the slow cooker at 11:00 pm last night and cooked it until 11:00 am this morning. When I looked through the glass lid at breakfast, the liquid was boiling!!! The hubs said it smelled funny.
    Did I do something wrong?
    The pulled pork was very moist and we made little sliders for lunch.
    I’m always looking for items that do not contain HFCS and/or MSG. Any ideas or suggestions?
    I just finished making your Number 5 Barbecue Sauce tonight. Planning to make the Bama White Sauce in the morning. Can’t wait to try it all tomorrow!
    Thanks for everything you do!
    Sending lots of Love!

  9. Phyllis says

    This is a good simple recipe. Have to confess did not use the full measurement of vinegar. My pork butt only weighed 3 lbs. and I only used 1/2 cup vinegar. In SC vinegar and BBQ are not spoken in the same sentence. Nice for a quick lunch BUT not recipe I would go into competition with against Ray Lampe.

  10. ohshadylady says

    Will be putting this in my crock pot tonight! Having company tomorrow, and decided that slow cooked pulled pork would be just the thing with southern slaw, corn on the cob and pocket potatoes! Yum!

  11. Susan N says

    Christy, thanks for the BBQ and sauce recipes. When we came to -E TN from ALA way back early 70s, there were very few good bbq joints around. I was kind of surprised. Then Buddy’s opened up. It is ok. Corky too. But in Alabama we are used to having the small little places, we had uncles on two sides of the family who did bbq, mostly in summer. So Bama “knows” Q. Now even places like NYC are into bbqing, they act like they invented it, ha! We have some little random places but they are not consistent in being open. Wish we had an uncle nearby!

  12. Tommie Harrison says

    Christy, you were reading my mind. I was looking for a good Southern recipe for pulled pork. I’m from SC & the vinegar BBQ sauce is my favorite. I’ve taken my Canadian husband to some BBQ places in SC & he loves as well. Look forward to trying this one.

    For future reference, how do I look up your recipes for certain dishes – I don’t see a search link?

    Love your ‘Southern’ site, Tommie

  13. Suz Johnson says

    Made this recipe the other day, along with Dave’s Coleslaw and my daughter is still asking when we’re going to open our restaurant! That was the very best pulled pork & slaw sandwich she’d ever had! She did add some ‘red’ bbq sauce, but we’ve enjoyed 3 excellent meals and the meat cooked this way is VERY versatile!! Great recipe – and I wouldn’t mind seeing that Dr. Pepper BBQ recipe too! Blessings & Thanks so much!

  14. Susanna Earnest says

    I made this for Father’s day today. I put it in the crockpot last night and we ate it for lunch today. The taste and texture of it was absolutely perfect. But I have to tell you–when I woke up, my house DID smell like apple cider vinegar!!! I was a little nervous to try it, but I am very happy to report that, though while it was cooking it smelled like apple cider vinegar, it tasted absolutely amazing!!!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  15. cheryl says

    Made this last Feb for my babies 1st b-day with family over. My mom and dad didn’t believe we made it… thought it was Whitt’s BBQ. Now we did get lazy and get Whitt’s slaw for the sandwiches. Thanks for the recipe.

  16. Ashley H. says

    Im cooking it right now and well the house does smell like cider vinegar. :-( I was going to cook my mother-in-laws family recipe but she didnt give it to me till like 5 min ago. And I coudlnt wait amy lomger. I hope mine taste as good as the family recipe or even better. Lol haha I hope it dont taste like the smell lol

  17. Lisa says

    Hi Christy, I absolutely love your blog and all of your recipes!
    This sounds amazing! I have a question though. I don’t have any regular cider vinegar, but I have some apple cider vinegar. Would that make it too sweet?

  18. Diane Tompkins says

    Christy, I just love your web site. I can feel our spirits connect just reading some of the inspirational things you write. I love your recipes also and the history behind them. Thank you. Also could you send me the recipe for Dr. Pepper bbq sauce? Thank you so much.

  19. Bruce Hill says

    Ok, I haven’t even had breakfast yet, and this is making my mouth water big time!
    I live in SC and love all types of BBQ. Just saw some Boston Butts on sale yesterday, and am going back in a while to get one of those bad boys for next weekend. Superbowl BBQ…..oh yes! Thanks for another great recipe Christy! Will save ya a sammich or three! ;D

  20. Susan says

    I make my own pulled pork BBQ in a slow cooker all the time, except I use a different recipe using a good bottled BBQ sauce (you could make your own, if you’re so inclined) and a can of cola and a few little extras. Super easy, doesn’t heat up the kitchen, makes a ton, and everyone loves it. I think I will borrow from your recipe and kick it up a notch with some hot sauce. I think I would like your recipe because I like a vinegar-based sauce but my family prefers something a little sweeter. Your recipes never let me down!

  21. Brittany says

    I absolutely loved this recipe. It was so simple and tasty. Next time I’m going to make it with my other favorite, your scalloped potatoes! Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. JohnB says

    Well…I’m 2 for 2 with your recipes…made two and loved them both! I loved waking up this morning to the aroma of an Eastern North Carolina BBQ joint filling my home. Maybe the best bbq pork I’ve ever made that wasn’t cooked in a smoker…and a lot easier than cooking in a smoker.

  23. Barbara says

    I am sorry but I didn’t like this recipe. It may be something I did wrong. The pork shredded fine, but was cooked in 9 hours. I added the sauce as directed and decided to refrigerate. Then I reheated it and it had a bad odor and a off taste. I did love your baked beans.


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