Juicy Juice and Nestle Giveaway!


Thank you for participating! This contest is now closed. Winners will be announced tonight on this post and on Facebook. I thought I'd go out with a bang this weekend and offer up a great giveaway that I know you're gonna be excited about. There are THREE prizes being offered this go around, all courtesy of the wonderful folks at Nestle! First off, is this Juicy Juice Gift Basket, ... Continue Reading

Cinnamon Tortilla Chips


Y'all made me make these. Every time I've mentioned something about making TexMex someone would talk about these and ask if I'd made them before and every time someone mentioned it I'd think "Wow, that DOES sound good!". So I finally got around to making them and now I see what all the fuss is about. These are DELICIOUS. I love how crispy and cinnamony they are. The kids had cow fits over them, ... Continue Reading

Un-Fried, Fried Ice Cream

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Welcome to Southern Plate! Sit a spell, stay a while. I'll keep your tea glasses filled while you get to know the rest of the family. We sure are glad to have you here! Subscribe by email if you like, you'll never miss a post. Gratefully, Christy Today's introduction is gonna be on the short side but I know y'all will understand. My two kids are busy laughing and growing up in the other room so ... Continue Reading

Corn Relish – Respectin’ The Old Ways


In trying to decide what to post today I asked for votes on the Southern Plate Family Page on Facebook between Corn Relish and Unfried Fried Ice Cream. I honestly expected the ice cream to win out but am heartened by the healthy respect of corn relish nowadays. There were about 95 votes and it seemed to be pretty equally divided. I could have counted but I have a firm policy against using math ... Continue Reading

Bruschetta (Tomato Stuff On Bread)

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Welcome to Southern Plate! We'd love to have you subscribe by email, so you don't miss a single recipe! Are you on Facebook? The Southern Plate Family is! Click here to join us! Gratefully, Christy I have the most amazing tomatoes this year. I've quit calling them tomato bushes and started referring to them as my mutant tomato trees. I have no idea what I did different, unless you count ... Continue Reading

Heritage Hints From Mama – Getting in Touch With Your Living Ancestors

My granddaughters, Katy Rose and Elle, with my father.

Getting In Touch With Your Living Ancestors- Hello from the Deep South, home of magnolias, sweet tea and sweltering hot summers!  I am Christy’s Mama and have been invited to share a little wisdom gleamed from my years of experience.  Some of it may come in handy and others may just be a little bit of rambling thoughts from my cobwebbed brain.  You can take either with a grain of salt.  If ... Continue Reading

Simple Squash – And Simply The Best Day Ever


Welcome to the Southern Plate Family, we're so proud to have you here. Feel free to subscribe by email if you like so you won't miss a single recipe! Gratefully, Christy According to my kids, yesterday was the best day of their lives. Now if someone had told me that, my immediate question would be, "Wow, what did you do?" I'd be thinking Disney World or extravagant gifts, maybe a winning ... Continue Reading

7 Posts That Are Special To Me

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Welcome to the family! If you enjoy Southern Plate, you can subscribe by email so you won't miss a thing! Gratefully, Christy Hey from the Jordan family! We have a crazy busy day today with the family, so much so that my husband actually took off work for it! I have several posts almost ready to go up but I was having a hard time deciding which to finish up and post until I received an email in ... Continue Reading

Miss Mary Anne’s Twinkie Cake


WELCOME to Southern Plate! I'm so thrilled to have you here, my only regret is that I can't give you a hug through the computer! Sit back, get comfy, and sit a spell because you're a grand addition to the family. If you like, you can subscribe via email just to make sure you never miss a post! Gratefully, Christy Today I'm bringing you a recipe from a member of our Southern Plate family, ... Continue Reading

Let’s Go Caving! *Plus Nestle Giveaway*

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This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy the post on our Family Adventure day to the Caverns! Congratulations to the winners: Sharon, Ray, Abbie, Steph, Heather, and Stacey Kirk from Facebook! We have sent an email to each winner with instructions on how to claim your prize package! Please note that a lot of our Southern Plate family members have the same name, which is why I've notified each ... Continue Reading