Butter Dill New Potatoes


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I’m writing this post on new potatoes and my heart and head are nowhere near cooking at all. In fact, I doubt I even will tonight. We have Open House at my children’s school- And I just said that in plural form. You see, come Monday morning my baby starts school. For eleven years I’ve had a child home with me and now the little people in this house have done gone and revolted against my authority yet again – they’ve grown into school children.

My husband talks about it like he expects me to throw confetti and shout to the rooftops come Monday, but I’m not quite ready for that yet. I don’t think he really understands that this is a major change in my life, the beginning of a new chapter. Oh I’m sure I’ll be fine and I’ll even enjoy the time once I get used to my voice echoing off the walls of an unfilled house, but they’re growing up and I can’t slow them down.

I’m excited about meeting their teachers tonight, the people I am going to entrust my little ones with, and hope they’ll be as loving and wonderful as every other teacher we have been blessed to have. I’m thankful for people who go into that profession. It takes a lot of hours, a lot of love, and a lot of dedication – none of which are rewarded with adequate pay but they do accept hugs in lieu of a bonus check.

So if you’re a parent who has a child going off to school soon, here is a virtual hug from me. ~HUGS~ I feel ya! If you are a teacher about to begin the new year, thank you for putting your heart in it. I hope you know how very appreciated you are and I hope your parents think to let you know on a regular basis! (Hint to parents: A thank you note goes a long way towards making someone feel appreciated!)

~Now on to our recipe~

This is one of those simple side dishes that I throw together. I hadn’t made them in a while and was debating on whether or not I should post it because – and I know y’all are going to think this is silly – because I was afraid it might be seen as too easy.

When my in laws came to visit (I do a LOT of cooking when I have company) I made them and it was so funny seeing my Father-In-Law, Rick eat them. He put a few on his plate and ate everything.

Then he reached for the spoon and put one more potato wedge on his plate and ate that.

Then he reached for the spoon again and put one more potato wedge on his plate and ate that.

I think he did this four or five times before I started laughing and he said “They’re just too good!”

You’ll need: New potatoes, salt, Dill, and a butter or margarine.

Go with whatever you have in your fridge here and don’t fret over it.

If you don’t like dill, just toss in an herb you like in its place!

Wash and quarter your potatoes

Place them in a pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil.

Once your potatoes are fork tender (can be easily pierced with a fork) drain them.

Place your stick of butter or margarine in a microwave safe dish. Add a teaspoon of salt..

Add a teaspoon of dill.

My dill exploded a bit so I ended up with a little more than a teaspoon. :)

Now we’re gonna microwave that just until the butter is melted.

Like this.

Stir that up a bit.

Pour the sauce over your potatoes.

and stir that up a bit.

Now you can serve from the pot or pour back into your bowl to serve!

Don’t nobody go having a conniption fit about how much butter is there. Most of it will end up in the bottom of the bowl – but I won’t blame ya if you reach down and spoon that over their potatoes on their plate!

They are pictured here with pork chops and fried corn.

Butter Dill New Potatoes
  • About 3 pounds new potatoes (5-6 cups cubed)
  • 1 stick butter or margarine (whichever you have on hand)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp Dill
  1. Wash and quarter potatoes, place in a pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and cook until fork tender. Drain.
  2. In microwave safe dish, place butter, salt, and dill. Microwave just until butter is melted. Stir. Pour over drained potatoes. Stir to coat well. Serve warm.

A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his

opportunities – and an optimist is one who makes

opportunities of his difficulties.

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  1. Mary Dixson says

    Hey Christy-here is a virtual hug for you as you send your young one off to school. I make something very similar but do a little rosemary in place of the dill. MMMMM!!! Thanks for all you do!!

  2. Lisa Botts says

    Won’t need anything else but the potatoes for me! I love new potatoes so much that I have to make myself slow down when I eat them to keep from getting choked. (Sadly, that has happened) That wouldn’t be quite so bad if I were a kid but I’m 47!

  3. says

    Don’t worry,,, I’ll call you every 5 minutes and ask you a question in a high pitched squeaky voice so it will be like Katy never left.
    New potatoes with dill… Hmm.. I’ll try them. If Daddy don;’t like them.. I know The Little Orphan Dog will.. she will eat anything.

  4. Lana says

    I make these with parsley. You’re right, they are too easy and I feel like I should make something harder to be really cooking. My family asks for them though. A friend of mine had a baby every time the baby went to kindergarten! I think it would have been easier to bunch the kids up a bit but she hated an empty house too.

  5. Margie says

    Hi Christy ~Hugs~ my baby just turned 16 over the summer and will be starting the 11th grade if a few weeks. I don’t remember how many times I’ve heard hug’em while u can they grow so fast, it’s so true!! Lucky for me my Son still lets me get a hug in ever so often. Dill potatoes happen to be his favorite, I might just have to make these for dinner tonight. Thanks

  6. says

    My mouth is watering already…will be giving this a try soon!!

    Now Christy….you take your quote today to heart…..and in your ‘difficult time’ of letting go of your last youngun, to the school system everyday…use that time to bring us even more recipes to try. I feel your pain…I had to let go of twins and that was added anguish….but I survived and you will too. Chin up girl!! รœ

  7. Rene says

    My 2nd son, who WAS my baby until 2 months ago (note baby crying in the background), is starting homeschool kindergarten soon. He’s not leaving me, but he’s still growing up and I know exactly what you mean!

    By the way, you didn’t mention the tomatoes in your final picture! I live in northern Illinois and haven’t had a big, juicy, fresh from the garden tomato yet this year. It looks like a perfect summer meal!

  8. elaineraye says

    You may shed a few tears, but school days are great times too and you will adjust. Simple cooking is often the best. Think about a fried egg or a baked potao-not a thing complicated or fancy but loved through the generations.

  9. amy says

    love potatoes this way. also my little one is only 2 and half but my heart will break when its time for school to start. i know i have been truely blessed to be able to stay home with her.

  10. says

    I remember well the day my little girl started kindergarten. She had told me all summer that she was not riding the bus, so I might as well call the school and tell the busdriver not to stop at our house. However, when the bus put out her stop sign and lights started flashing, my daughter ran out the door and got on the bus. I was expecting just a few tears from her and ” I don’t want to go”. The only tears were from me as I watched from the door. But she loved school and did well. Oh, and those potatos look fantastic. Thanks for reminding me again to appreciate the little things.

  11. maryann says

    JL Hudsons in Detroit years ago used to serve up something similar except they cooked theirs in chicken broth. I love making them with the really small new potatoes that have been out the last couple of weeks at the Farmers Market.

    • Janet Kaltenbach says

      Maryann, I remember JL Hudsons potatoes too! My mom used to take us there when we were school shopping! We used to come all the way down from Pt. Huron (about 55-60 miles) and we spent the whole day there shopping, and we usually had lunch there! Thanks so much for the memories~Jan

  12. Laurie (LPARA) says

    Whatcha gonna make for us when they go off to college? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Love potatoes, love all your recipes, having a blast looking through them.

    My baby is going off for his 2nd year of college. Last year when we dropped him off for the first year, my husband had to drug me and handcuff me to the handle of our truck to get me back home. lol (I’m sorry I’m not very encouraging, am I?) Cherish every second, they go by in nanoseconds.

  13. Sandi says

    sending you a moma’s hug from one moma to another. I know how you feel, when my baby got on the big bus almost 25 years ago, I cried until 10. You will survive it and so will your baby, Love and hugs………..<3

  14. elizabeth says

    Hey Christy,

    I am thinking back to when my daughter started school. Now I am thinking about my granddaughter who is 3 years old. It is hard, isn’t it ? They are such great little people. Anyway, thank you again for your recipes and posts. Love and hang in there as they say.

  15. Lori says

    Savor these next few years… my baby (& only) will be a senior this year and I can’t face the fact that a year from now he will be going away to college. It all goes way too fast!!

  16. Vickie says

    I was really hopeing u were gonna do a tutorial for those taters, cause they look soooooooooooooooooo yummy! I am going to make these really really really really soon! Thanks a bunch!

  17. Beth Sherrill says


    I tried your pork chop recipe Monday. first time I had ever fried a pork chop! OMG they were wonderful! My husband just loved them. Thanks so much for a great idea. I hope you have tons of great crock pot dishes for this fall/winter, Teachers among many others need to be able to start it in the morning and eat it when the day finally ends. Don’t worry your kids will do great and probably love school more than you will believe, and nothing will make them happier than coming home to tell mom all about it. Lucky you! You still have a bunch years before they decide you are too (fill in the blank) to stand, luckily the teen years do also eventually end! :-)

  18. Laurie says

    Oh Christy! I remember many, many years ago when my only child, a daughter got in the car with her daddy wearing her freshly starched & ironed plaid jumper, white blouse and her first pair of saddle oxfords (Be-Bops!). She had her ribbons in her hair, pencil box, crayons and her Big Chief tablet all ready for her first day in the first grade. She was smiling radiantly, waving at me while I was standing in the driveway looking like a dishelved mess crying & trying to wave while stuffing my nose with tissue & wiping the tears away. Of course, as soon as they drove away, I retreated to her toy-filled bedroom, fell into her bed and covered myself up in her little girl warmth & stuffed animals and dollies. Yes, I stayed there until I had to get dressed for work. That’s when I noticed the crayon love note with a zillion hearts on the table. “Bee sweat Mommie. I lov schol & you.” She is now the mother of two handsome teenage boys and is a 5th grade teacher. Life is good. Thank you for sharing your warm & wonderful website.

  19. Sheila says

    I know there are many parent’s and grand-parent’s like myself who are going through the same anxiety as you today. I have sit for my little twin grand-daughter’s since their birth. Monday they started pre-k it’s been a rough week here. They were excited the first day but each day since has not gone as easy. Lot’s of tear’s. I imagine it’s more difficult on the little ones who have been home and not in a daycare. So I do realize they will have to adjust and so will I. But it’s just so hard to let them go right? I feel your pain! ; )


    • says

      It really is, and it does help that so many of us are in the same boat and we all understand what one another is going through. My mother raises two of her grandkids and as tired as she is somedays, I know she worries about them when they aren’t with her. Brady had a HARD time getting used to preschool, but Katy Rose was pretty much like “okay, Mama, leave now”. She’d fuss if I came even a few minutes early to pick her up! lol

  20. Charlotte says

    Hugs to you Christy its always the hardest when the baby leaves the nest! In 2 weeks you will be fine. ๐Ÿ˜€ Love these new potatoes but had never made them with dill, only parsley but am gonna give these a go!!

    • says

      Oh Charlotte, Ive never made them with parsley and I love parsley! you rock!
      Thank you so much. I know I’ll muddle through, its just agonizing thinking about it! I’m double stressed this year because I have a book tour coming up in October and I’m not looking forward to being away from my family.
      HOpe you have a wonderful weekend!

  21. Vonnie says

    Christy, I’ve been teaching for 33 years and my favorite slogan is, “A child may not remember what you teach him, but he will always remember how you made him feel”. That’s why I give lots of hugs in my classroom…..smile. I’m sure your little one wil have an awesome year!

  22. Nat Alea from OK says

    Can’t wait to try tthis!!! It’s going to go great with my meatloaf for the weekend. I also want to try it with fresh chives I have in abundance in my garden and some grated cheese and bacon bits. Maybe a “baked potato” simplified???

  23. KEL says

    โ€œA lot of times when chefs cook an icon, they keep wanting to do something to it. And thatโ€™s when you end up with disasters like pineapple in your coleslaw.โ€ –Linton Hopkins, chef at Holeman & Finch in Atlanta.

    Thanks for another iconic “recipe.” That’s what makes me love Southern Plate.

  24. Jenna J. says

    Christy, don’t worry about posting simple recipes, those are the best! I can always use a good potato recipe b/c I get bored making the same sides over and over!

    And, as a teacher, thanks for the appreciation! It is always nice to hear from parents :)

  25. Lisa says

    Oh, that plate looks so good …

    And sweet Christy, they just keep growing! As much as we’d like to slow it down, it seems to speed up. My bigger two are in college – one’s a SENIOR this year! – and our baby is in high school. Seems like yesterday I was standing in the hallway outside a kindergarten classroom, passing out kleenex to all the other crying mommies. But you already know, your little Katy is going to LOVE school!

    And I’m a teacher, too – and I appreciate your encouragement!

  26. SoutherngirlinOcala says

    Dear Christy,
    If the silence gets to ya, turn on a good radio station or the TV on low, it makes the house seem like there is someone with you. And remember, there really is.
    Thanks for all your helpful hints and recipes

  27. Jennifer says

    These look soooo very yummy! And my baby girl starts school this year too. :( I am very excited for her to start a new chapter in her life and making new memories of her own, but I am not so sure that I am ready for this new chapter in MY life! Yes, I am being selfish and I want to keep her little and with me always! But I know that I just can’t do that!

    I have a wonderful poem that I would really really LOVE to share with you so if it would be alright I will email it to you! But get a tissue ready! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. says

    It’s so hard letting them go. ~sigh~ I see lots of recipes for after school treats coming our way. yum…he he he. when my two were in school, I would spend lots of time getting things ready for when they came home. lol…I didn’t want to have to do anything when they walked in the door but hug them and talk about their day. We all know how you feel, it’s hard but you get better at not wanting to run out the door and peek in the classroom window. Go easy, ~giving Christy a great big hug~

  29. toni aquiningoc says

    Hi Christy,
    I just wanted to comment on your web site and your wonderful recipes!! They look so good and so easy!! I can’t wait to purchase your cook book! I also want to comment on your response to the really nasty e-mails! Like a true southern gal you handle them with the greatest of class and quit wit!! My best friend used to tell me, “Toni show some class and not your @$$…” And I must say some of those little girls get down right nasty in their comments! They are not showing class but their @$$!!! And there’s no need for all of that!! It’s a recipe!! Use it or lose it! It’s only a recipe!! Smile! Keep up the great work and all of the great responses!!! Us working girls want and LOVE THE SHORT CUTS!! If it taste good, who cares you didn’t put 2 days in the prep???!!!! Hello???!!!

  30. Mary says

    All I can say is O-M-G these are good! My family isn’t wild about dill but they are wild about garlic so I just substituted. Wow! These are so good and so easy to fix. I don’t feel guilty at all making them. Thanks for such a great easy and delicious recipe.

    • Kaye says

      Oh, never allow yourself to “ever” feel guilty for eating “anything,” the Lord provides for you. While I realize all the buzz lately seems to have gone only to “Everything Healthy Food,” as my Mama used to say… If the Lord allows, I’m am going to be happy, blessed and eat exactly what I like until He calls me home! She did just that, too… never had a day she “ever” weighed over 100 pounds… she never skipped breakfast, which generally consisted of at least one kind of PORK, either a couple of strips of bacon, or sausage… she had also never “heard” the words “gluten free!” You only get one shot at this life, I’ve learned to be happy and know exactly where you’re going once you leave this place behind… so much of these matters are much, much more “genetic,” than the liberal media not to mention some rather “famous folks,” who are merely pushing a very calculated agenda. We are indeed a Blessed country… now, let’s all relax and enjoy the fruits the Lord provides for us. Blessings ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. says

    Hey Christy, I made these last night and they were awesome!!! I even added 1/2 tsp of garlic and a little bit of pepper! OH MAN! The whole family loved ’em! My son just wanted the potatoes nothing else…lol…and the hubby and I ate them with our chili! mmm,…mmmm….mmmmm! So good! Thanks for the recipe it’s definitly a keeper! ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. C. Wayne Lammers says

    Try one of my old favorites some time. Make the new potatoes the same, but leave out the dill. Make a basic white sauce with butter, flour and milk and add salt and pepper to taste. Drain the potatoes and pour on the thick white sauce and serve. We do the same thing with frozen green peas. Cook the peas and add the white sauce just before serving. Simple and definately company fair. By the by, my youngest is 42 and weighs over 200 lbs. I still call him my Little Mark. You will find they never grow up in your mind. You have the best idea for remembering. After all, Recipes are for Memories! :-)

  33. Tammy says

    Used this as an inspiration for my boyfriend’s birthday dinner last night ~ since my pot roast was “sweet” {with onion soup mix, brown sugar and Dr. Pepper}, I didn’t think the dill would “go” too well … so, I used parsley, garlic, salt, pepper and a whole stick of butter. DELISH! Thank you for the inspiration!

  34. MARSHA G says

    Sounds divine. i just got a 3 pound bag of new red potatoes at Aldi’s for 99 cents as a one of their special buys. in fact I got 2 for that price and put them in the fridge crisper drawer with paper towels between the layers. That’s a trick my mom taught me years ago and it sure does make them last longer

  35. laura says

    My youngest daughter had a severe eating disorder
    that had us in and out of hospitals and doctors appointments for 2 years…our lives were turned upside down trying to work,support her thru this terrible illness, and be there for our other daughter! Now, they will both be in college this year…letting go of the youngest after all we have been thru, hoping she can make it on her own……..been crying for weeks…HATE the thought of being an empty nester…..!

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