Oreo Ice Cream Cake (The Eighties are Stalking Me)


Back in the eighties my parents had a dessert similar to this at a restaurant and Mama loved it so much she sat there studying it for a bit in order to be able to come home and recreate it for us. It became a fast favorite and has only gotten better with time. Speaking of the eighties, they stalked me the other day when I was walking through the mall. I honestly thought it wasn't possible to ... Continue Reading

The Most Wonderful Day in Dallas

It isn't even noon yet but already, I've had the most wonderful day in Dallas. It started in Houston, with my taxi arriving in perfect time, my ride to the airport flawless, and only one minor tangle with TSA (which was significantly better than them discovering my thought-to-be lost swiss army knife yesterday). As I boarded the plane, I had an aisle seat in a grouping of three. A young girl ... Continue Reading

Honey Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie

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I had fun reading another story for the kiddies. Click here for my bedtime story. Don't you just love a recipe that has not one, but two terms of endearment in the title?  Well, Honey Punkin, I sure do! Today's recipe just begs to be served to folks you love for that reason alone. "Honey Punkin, you want some more pie?" You know, Pumpkin isn't one of those things that we ever ate growing up ... Continue Reading

Kiss Good Night

kiss good night

Kiss Good Night by Amy Hest Listen to more of my favorite stories below! Interrupting Chicken How Many Veggies?  Featuring a surprise phone call from Larry The Cucumber! Pirate Pete’s Talk Like A Pirate Tacky The Penguin   Enemy Pie Little Red Hen When I Was Young In The Mountains Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type Bark, George YES DAY! Giraffes ... Continue Reading

20 Recipes for Ground Beef


If you have kids who like to be read stories, click here and let me read my new favorite children's book to them! As I'm bee-bopping around on this book tour of mine, I thought I'd bring you a few compilation posts from time to time. Today's post is all about that good old family favorite: Ground Beef. Below you'll find some of my personal favorite ground beef recipes and a list of just about ... Continue Reading

Pete the Cat :)


Pete The Cat is my new favorite story. I discovered it while attending the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Trade Show and  wanted to share it with your kids (and you!). Hope you enjoy it as much as we have! Listen to more of my favorite stories below! Interrupting Chicken How Many Veggies?  Featuring a surprise phone call from Larry The Cucumber! Pirate Pete’s Talk ... Continue Reading

Good Day Atlanta Cooking Segment (and behind the scenes!)


I had a GREAT time with the wonderful folks at Good Day Atlanta today. Thank you so much for having me! Here is a video clip from my appearance and some snapshots below in case you want to see it. I got to get makeup. Love this part ! :) This is me and Gloria. Gloria was my food stylist. When you are traveling and going to new towns and such, they hire a food stylist who lives ... Continue Reading

Festive Fall Cookie Bars (one bowl easy!)


Today I'm bringing you yet another twist on one of my favorite quick and easy bar cookies. If you haven't made a variation of these yet. I hope you will today! With everything coming up fall, it's always fun to do some pretty fall baking and these are just the thing we need for a beautiful but low maintenance office or classroom treat. The great thing is that no one will know you took shortcuts ... Continue Reading

*Giveaway* Win A Set of Pots & Pans!


The WearEver winners have been notified by email. Congratulations to Debbie Taylor from Facebook and Stephanie (no last name, but I sent you an email so you'll know). Thanks for participating in this GREAT giveaway! Congratulations to the winners! I was tickled to find out that WearEver featured my new book in their latest newsletter! Today, courtesy of the great folks at WearEver, I'm ... Continue Reading