Make A Family Cookbook *Plus Giveaway*


This giveaway is now closed but please enjoy the post! This post is proudly sponsored by the Nestle Family Holiday Exchange. Read to the end for details on how to enter a series of valuable giveaways! Congratulations to Carol Driver for winning this giveaway and thank you for entering! One of the greatest things you can do for your family is to pass down your recipes. Those of you who ... Continue Reading

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

bigoldcleanoff september 1159_4288x2848

I blame this pie almost entirely for my childhood weight issues - and man was it ever worth it! Grandmama used to make this around Christmas time and she'd send an entire pie to our house! Fortunately, my brother was dropped on his head as a child and didn't eat things like this, which meant I got to eat his share. My sister pretty much came out of the womb counting calories so I'm pretty sure I ... Continue Reading

My Pantry Makeover


Okay so some of you may not realize this but I am chronically unorganized. I'm not kidding. In fact, if you were reading this aloud to anyone who has ever lived with me they would be emphatically shaking their head right now like a bobble head doll on a Tennessee gravel road. Seriously. So it is no surprise that my pantry usually looks like something exploded inside it. My sainted mother in law ... Continue Reading

Commercial for my University


This may seem silly to some of y'all, but this is going to be a very emotional post for me. You see, I always dreamed of getting to go to college. Mama and Daddy both graduated high school back in a time where graduating high school was enough for just about anything you wanted to do. They worked to get through high school. Daddy had actually dropped out and when he asked Mama to marry him she ... Continue Reading

Mema’s Crispy Oatmeal Cookies – from Mrs. Mary Eugenia Taylor

mema (2)

Today, Mary Cobb shares with us her Mema's special recipe for crispy oatmeal cookies and along with it a story that is sure to touch your heart. I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did and want to try these cookies soon! Thank you so much for sharing with us, Mary! Gratefully, Christy My name is Mary Helen Cobb. I am named after my grandmother, Mary Eugenia Taylor. Cooking and eating ... Continue Reading

Kindergarten Field Trip


Just thought I'd share a few photos from Katy Rose's kindergarten field trip to a farm today. The odd thing for us was that this farm was just a few minutes from my Papa Reed's farm! I had hoped to get to leave and go spend some time there after it was done but the school we're at now doesn't allow you to sign kids out after the field trip is over so Katy had to ride the bus back to school. The ... Continue Reading

Cheesecake Bar โ€“ Make Everyone Happy!


This is a post I have dreamed of doing but never had time to get to until today. Join me as I live my dream today! ~Queue angelic choir~ A CHEESECAKE BAR! Just look at that photo. If you are a cheesecake lover, I bet one of those pieces is just screaming out for you to reach into the computer and pick it up. We had one of these back in the day when I was living in the ladies dorm at the ... Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Menu Bonanza

_DSC5445 copy

I'm so excited for the holidays to be here, a time where we all gather together and give thanks for all of the blessings in our lives. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season planned, too! I've compiled a list of recipe ideas to help you plan your Thanksgiving meal below. Of course we don't have all of this in one sitting but I wanted to give you plenty to choose from! Click on each recipe ... Continue Reading

Southern Plate Featured in Guideposts (and more!)


Folks often ask me how all of this feels, having a book published, traveling around, doing television, and so on. I finally came up with a way to describe it. It feels like there is another Christy Jordan out there living a parallel life. Honestly, that is just exactly how it feels. I'm just a Mama, sitting here in my living room typing away in a recliner while the washing machine chugs away ... Continue Reading