Cornbread Dressing (Easy & Moist!)


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Thanksgiving is coming faster than ever this year and I have some recipes I’m going to do my best to get up here while we still have time. Next week I’ll also post my full menu of Thanksgiving suggestions complete with tutorials but today I’m going to show you how easy it is to make moist and delicous cornbread dressing.

Yesterday as I chatted away about Thanksgiving on the Southern Plate Family Facebook Page, Laurie Sawyer Johnson chimed in with a comment that just about summed it all up when she said. “Everyday is Thanksgiving at my house. We all have so much to be thankful for these days.” Amen Laurie, you are a wise woman. We all do have so very much to be thankful for and these days are ones in which I think we are better able to see just what it is we hold of true value in our lives.

Yesterday I was talking to Mama about how lucky we are that we don’t come from money, that we come from financially poor ancestors and how this has shaped our view of what really matters in life. I would like to say that I’d be the same person if I was brought up in a financially wealthy family but I really don’t believe I would be. If anyone could raise kids amidst money and have them walk a straight line though, it would have been my parents.

But you know, we never had much and so Mama and Daddy compensated by spending time with us, making things from scratch, recycling household items into toys and overall investing time in their kids when they couldn’t invest money. That taught me integrity, values, and created in me a thankful heart while keeping my eyes ever open to the richness of relationships.

Every time I look around me now, I can’t help but be humbled and amazed at how much I have to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you, for the next 365 days.

You’ll need: cream of chicken soup (two cans), stick of margarine or butter (whatever you have), ground sage, turkey, onion, and broth.

Now I’m using my broth from cooking the turkey but you can use canned broth if you like (just go by the measurements in the ingredients list below).

You can also omit the meat if you like, or even use a rotisserie chicken in place of having to cook it.

Are you looking at this and thinking “Well my Mama always added chopped celery” or “My mama never used onion…” then go ahead and add celery or leave out the onion. Make it your own!

You’re going to need some cornbread, about two quarts worth which is pretty much a double recipe (get Terri’s recipe by clicking here).

I just cook mine in a 9×13 pan and then I know I’ll have enough. Don’t worry about cooking it in cast iron or anything like that because we’re going to saturate it with broth and lots of good stuff anyway so a crispy crust isn’t going to do you much good. Special thanks to Debbie Strum for my fine white corn meal that I used in this!

You’re also going to need some chopped, boiled eggs.

Mine were camera shy at first so I had to cut them up a bit and force them on camera. Don’t worry, I am much more understanding of people who are camera shy than I am of eggs. Muwahaha!

Okay so here we go…

Crumble up your cornbread. This is in a really really big bowl (I think four quarts).

Chop up your onion and add that in

add in eggs

and sage

pour in melted butter or margarine

(whatever you have on hand)

pour in broth

Man that makes the sage look ugly…

and one can of cream of chicken soup

stir that up really well

Take a bite just to taste it :)

Now take that other can of cream of chicken and spread half of it in the bottom of your slow cooker

Top with 1/3 of the dressing mixture

and 1/2 of the turkey

then another 1/3 of the dressing

the remainder of the turkey

and the rest of the dressing

Spread half of the cream of chiken soup over the dressing

Cover and cook on low 3 hours and it’s ready to serve!


Okay so I totally forgot to take a photo of this. I made the plate to take a photo of and in the process kind of forgot about the camera and started eating. So the final photograph is of a plate I made the next day with the leftovers :)

Cornbread Dressing
  • 3-4 Cups Shredded Turkey (can substitute chicken or omit entire)
  • 2 cans cream of chicken soup
  • 2 quarts cornbread
  • 2 tablespoons dried sage
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 2 hard boiled eggs, chopped
  • ½ cup (one stick) margarine, melted
  • 3-4 cups broth (from your turkey or canned)
  1. Set aside one can cream of chicken soup and the turkey (or chicken). In large bowl, crumble cornbread and add all other ingredients. Stir until well mixed. In bottom of 6 quart slow cooker, spread half the remaining can of cream of chicken soup. Top with ⅓ of the dressing mixture and ½ of the meat. Add another ⅓ of the dressing and remaining meat, then the remaining dressing. Spread the rest of the cream of chicken soup over top. Cover and cook on low for 3 hours. Serve hot.

*This recipe is on using cooked chicken breasts and canned broth, you can find that post by clicking here. This recipe is also listed in the cookbook on page 128 using a cooked whole chicken as well. It is easily adaptable either way you go so I just thought I’d bring you another full tutorial for those of you who may be using turkey and broth from cooking the turkey.

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was

“thank you”

that would suffice.

~Meister Eckhart. Submit your positive or uplifting quote (or read some more!) by clicking here.


Thank you again for all of your support of the book! They’ve lowered the price again on so if you’d like to get it at a discount you can click here to beebop on over there and save a little money!ย 


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  1. Turina says

    I made this for a Thanksgiving luncheon where I had no ovens to keep things warm…turned out great! I used a rotisserie chicken from the deli for the meat and we all loved it! Thanks for the recipe…will definitely make again next year.

  2. Beth Dotson says

    I can’t wait to try this for Christmas.Thank you so much for everuthing you share,I love the recipes,and the stories and the “thoughts”.I pray that you and those you love have a wonderful Christmas,and a very happy and succesful New Year!

  3. Carol Powell says

    Christy,loved your story about your grandma growing up poor in Alabama,such a sacrifice from Momma and the children appreciated it so much.Love your recipes and stories,God Bless you this Christmas and in 2013.

  4. Carol Faver says

    Hey Girlfriend….hope you had the bestest Christmas. Used several of your fabulous recipes and gave you and your sweet Mama credit and praise to the heavens. Wishing you blessings for the new year and always….keep doing what you do!!! .Love, Carol

  5. Mari says

    I tried this recipe after I got one of your EARLY cookbooks (the one that had the plastic comb holding it together?), tried it and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!! Now I make it every year. It freezes well too, which is a good thing, because I’m the only one who likes cornbread dressing!

    • Crystal says

      Hi Mari, I read here that the cornbread dressing freezes well. That is what I was wondering about since I wanted to cook mine ahead of time. Did your recipe have the eggs in it? For some reason I was just worried about freezing it because of the eggs being chopped up in it.

  6. Jamie Wilcox says

    Oh my, these are some scrumptious-looking recipes! And I’m going to be sure and get the “easy dressing” recipe too. I get soooooo hungry for dressing at other times of the year than just the holidays Looks so good! Happy holidays to all and thanks Christy for this wonderful site and sharing so much with us. :)!

  7. Diane Kelley says

    Question: What does the soup on the bottom of the crock pot do? Keep it from sticking??? I’ve made something very similar but never with the cream soup on the bottom of the crock and the top of the dressing.

    • Trish says

      The chicken soup on the bottom helps keep the dressing moist and prevents the bottom from getting crunchy….this recipe for the crock pot is delicious, frees up the oven for other dishes needing to be baked, and is just down right good!! I have made a similar recipe for many years at Thansgiving.

  8. Gina says

    Christy, I could just hug your neck right now! I was just telling my daughter 2 days ago I had seen a recipe to make dressing in the crock pot and needed to get busy seeing if it was on Pinterest or in one of my cookbooks (my cookbooks are like your Pyrex). Yesterday was a busy day and I didn’t find time to start the search. This morning you ended the search before it even began! Last year I made pies from your cookbook, this year I’ll make the pies (they were a HUGE hit with my family) and this dressing. Hope you have a blessed holiday surrounded by family, friends and delicious food!

  9. Brenda Jones says

    We love cornbread dressing but have never used the soup in it. Will be trying your recipe for Thanksgiving, along with a couple from your new cookbook. You are such a special lady! Thanks for sharing all of you uplifting stories with us.

    • Sharon says

      I reduced the liquid by one cup and cooked for 3 hours on low. It was still soupy. I cooked on high for another hour and still soupy. I wonder if my crockpot does not work right? But it always burns it whenever I try to cook chicken in it. I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m using a 6 quart Crockpot brand round cooker. Maybe I need a new one?

  10. Gardengranna says

    I always bake my dressing in the oven and my recipe is similar, but I want to try your recipe too. I have a hint for you. I have never liked the grayish color cast to some dressing so I add a few drops of yellow food to mine until it is a nice golden color, so much more appetizing than the gray tinge of some dressing.

  11. Yvette says

    This ISO a delicious recipe!

    I doubled the recipe to use for 2 different dinners. I baked one in the oven one used the crock pot for the other. The one in the oven was great. The one in the crock pot turned out very soupy. After cooling (for at least 2 hours) it began to get firm. Can you let me know what I need to of different.

  12. Evelyn Warren says

    Christy, do you have a Cornbread Dressing Recipe that you do not cook in a slow cooker? I have two of your cookbooks and I have not found a recipe where you put the dressing in a pan and cook it in the oven. I do not have a good slow cooker and it is a tradition in the family that they want a big pan of dressing. Your help would be appreciated. I am already planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Happy Birthday, keep the wonderful recipes coming.

  13. Anne S. says

    I’ve been making this for years since Rachel White Grubbs, a cousin by marriage, gave it to me. She and her siblings owned the now-closed Rebel Cafeteria in Athens, Alabama for years and they served this, although I’m sure it wasn’t done in a crockpot! It is SO good and SO easy!

  14. MARSHA G says

    Christy, I love the flavor and ease of making this dressing. I make 2 crockpots at a time with either chicken or turkey (whatever I happen to have.) I share 1-1/2 of it then the rest I freeze in 1 cup portions and it makes me a quick lunch or supper dressing the covers the meat part of a meal and I just add a salad. What a great dinner it is. I’ve been known if I have leftover cranberry sauce to put a spoonful in with it when I freeze. YUMMY!!!

    • Jessica says

      Im going to say NO you do not double cooking time. At the most I would probably just cook for another 2 hours. Im not cooking expert so maybe someone else will answer you too but just check it after an extra hour then see where you stand.

  15. B C says

    Do something daring and leave out the Sage. It was put in years ago to cover the taste of stale bread. Also add some leftover rice (cooked) and left over grits and you’ll be surprised how much better the dressing is.

  16. kentuckylady717 says

    Hi Yvette, I see no one ans. your question on temp for dressing in oven, I bake mine on 350 30 -40 mins…..check at 30 if it seems to be getting dried, it probably is ready to take out….if you want it brown put under the broiler for a few mins….watch closely or it will burn…..hope this helps……

  17. Sherry says

    Can we say FABULOUS!!!! This is very similar to how I make my dressing well with the soup that is. I use a combination of cream of mushroom and cream of celery. I also use a few green onion rather than yellow onion but just a little or it over powers the taste. I (OMIT) the sage but because I just have never been able to tolerate the taste. I switch it up from year to year using and not using the boiled eggs. I will also bounce back and fourth using turkey and boiled chicken. Then of course black pepper and my chicken or turkey stock. It is always so moist and delicious! Of course we all know the cornbread is the boss over a good dressing! The one thing I have never done is the crock pot!!!! So I’m so grateful to see this and want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! Lol I think I will keep it a secret and let my family think I forgot the dressing then spring it on them! Although my son in law may have a heart attack before I can share the secret

  18. Mary says

    Is ground sage and dried sage the same thing ? The picture of ingredients shows ground sage, but the list says dried sage . If they are not the same, do I still use the same measurement?
    Thank you,

  19. Raquel says

    I love your recipes, they bring back memories of my childhood. I am from N. Alabama and enjoy Alabama cooking,even though I’m transplanted in Virginia. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  20. Regina says

    My recipe is very similar to yours. Instead of regular cornbread I use the Mexican cornbread mix for a little kick. Instead of chopping an onion, I buy a frozen bag of seasonings (onion, celery and bell pepper) to make it quicker and less mess to clean up and enjoy the added flavors. :)

  21. Patricia Andrews says

    What kind of consistency does the dressing made in the crockpot have? My family loves a crunchy top and bottom and I am afraid in the crockpot it will be on the mushy side. i have a tried and true (as we say in the south) recipe that my family loves. I just don’t want to disappoint anyone.

    • says

      Hey Patricia! I find that dressing is one of those things that you always love -as long as it is made exactly how you had it growing up! ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s why I didn’t even make dressing for my November cooking class. Our dressing is soft and extremely moist so if you like crunchy tops and bottoms, I would definitely avoid this recipe. I appreciate you asking and letting me avert a crisis in your family though!

  22. Sherri says

    I love to cook and try new recipes. I made this dressing the day after Thanksgiving with leftover turkey. It is the best dressing I have ever eaten. My family agreed too. I will definitely keep this recipe with my favorite recipe collections. Thanks for posting this keeper!


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