100th Day of School Shirts (without complicating things!)


I love schools that celebrate the 100th day of school. We didn’t do this when I was a child but my kids have always gone to schools that did and we have a blast with it.

As usual, my daughter’s kindergarten class has sent out assignments for each child to bring 100 of one thing. This year it is snack items. Katy Rose was asked to bring 100 cheese crackers and 100 raisins. I think her teacher is going to combine them to make a snack mix bag for each child in the class. Brady is a much older kid (according to the him) and they aren’t doing anything like that but he still wants to celebrate.

These shirts are something I whipped up for the first time back when Brady was in kindergarten and they were a big hit with the kids. Even as “old” as he is now, he still said he’d like one to wear to school on the 100th day.

All I do is buy some colored permanent markers and two inexpensive white shirts. I didn’t spend more than five dollars on each shirt and the markers were just a few dollars as well. After your kids wear them, they make great sleep shirts so you are still getting your money’s worth.

But most importantly, they are easy for you to make with your kids and an awful lot of fun. Sure, they aren’t works of art or precise or anything but didn’t I just say they are easy and fun? Alrighty then, lets have fun!

This is Brady’s shirt all set up and ready to start.

The class pet, Whiskers, is visiting us so he decided to oversee this project. Sitting beside him is Sophie, one of our family “pets”. I guess she is helping, too.

All I’m doing here is using a plain white t shirt and some sharpies. I didn’t even wash the shirt first.

Oh, and I tore up a cardboard box from the garage and shoved part of it up inside the shirt so my writing wouldn’t bleed through.

I write 100’s on the front and the back.

You can see a few from the back in this photo because the cardboard was out when I took it.

This is Katy’s, she wanted hers in Valentine colors so I did dark pink, light pink, and red.

She decided that she wanted to write her name on the back of hers, too.

Okay, that was easy.

Now I’m going to iron these puppies to help set in the ink and then I’ll just throw them in the washer after the kids wear them.

The color won’t bleed if you iron it and like I said, they’ll make great sleep shirts!

Even though it only took me about ten minutes, that got old Whiskers all tuckered out so he is now rocking in the sunroom with Lucy and Sophie.

Now back to being a Mama. Hope you have a great evening!




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    • says

      Oh oh oh, that reminds me of the first Dr Seuss Week Brady ever had. They had a contest to see who had the most pockets so I hand sewed 100 pockets onto a single t shirt, all different colors. Then I drew a bunch of wockets on material and ironed them on using fuse webbing. I spent WAAY too much time on that shirt. The kid who won had cut out a bunch of squares of paper and safety pinned them on as makeshift pockets! lol She was obviously smarter than I was about it!
      We had a LOT of fun with that though!

  1. says

    Christy too cute! I volunteer at my sons school and just made headbands for one of my classes that I help. My son is “too big ” but he likes this so I guess I have to make him one now. I wonder if I can find a shirt to do it on so I dont have to spend money? Going digging Have a good night! And I am making picnik chicken ! smells good.

  2. Terri go Dawgs says

    I can think of a hundred ways to comment on this post, but due to eating 100 mini-marshmallows to celebrate on behalf of Karo & Brady, I need to go take a nap now. Give those two cuties a hug from Ms. Terri and “That girl” Amanda. XOXO

  3. pam elkin says


    How creative you are!!! These are precious!!! My boys went to a school that celebrated the 100th day. It was so much fun. Those are all such precious memories. I cherish each of those special days. They were at a small school and we had lots and lots of fun. I say, “we” because i enjoyed it all as well. I know that you love every precious day with Brady and Katy Rose. I love being a Mother and know that it is a treasured blessing to be called Mother. You, like me, have a wonderful Mother. Knowing what really matters, family and love, is mighty special!!

    We have been trying many of your recipes during the cold weather. The chicken and wild rice was a BIG hit as are all of the recipes. I look forward to making the Fire and ice Salad. I know that i will love it. I need to watch the sugars as well. After all of your helpful information, I am going to try splenda in some of my recipes.

    Thanks for always sharing…not just the wonderful recipes, but for letting us in on family times. To me, it is like hearing from family!!

    Love, Pam

  4. Dawn Newton says

    When my oldest was in kindergarten I stayed up all night sewing 100 buttons on her shirt. It was really cute…and really heavy for a tiny little five year old! I like your idea SO much better! In fact I may have to “borrow” it when my youngest goes to kindergarten next year!

  5. Doris says

    Reading all the posts and especially Christy’s makes me wish I still had kids in school. My three are grown and have grown kids of their own. I enjoyed being a SAHM for 18 1/2 years and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Any sacrifices we made without an extra paycheck were worth it.

  6. Amanda says

    Those are cute! When my son was in K, I got him a plain t shirt & we used puff paint to paint 100 dots on it, and then he slept in it for a year or 2. LOL

    That was the only year we had to make a shirt. It seems they celebrate less the older they get. :-(

    We didn’t do it at all when I was growing up though, it is a lot of fun!

  7. Lauren says

    So cute! Our county does uniforms so unfortunately we won’t be able to make and wear something fun like this to school for the 100th day! But as always, I have that bubbly feeling of inspiration after seeing this:)

  8. Lori Bagley says

    We do hats instead of shirts at the school where I work. In the afternoon we have a parade for everyone to see all the different ones. It’s fun to see all the ideas parents come up with!

  9. says

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