Kitchen Chat 2-23

    A little random kitchen chat :)
    Love y’all!

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  1. says

    Love ya too, pretty lady!!! And love your look so cute. I was just sitting here about to get up & go clean my kitchen & start prepping Chicken Stroganoff in my crockpot (which I will be posting tomorrow) & noticed your post…love that you post to us from your kitchen…really comforting. Thanks so much!!!!

  2. Felica Keech-smith says

    NEVER apologize for your “ramblings” as you call them, ’cause WE LOVE them!!! You make us all feel like family, Christy!
    Well, I finally made 2 more of your recipes that I had been dieing to try and OH MY!!! (I wasn’t surprised they were good because everything you’ve put on here is good.) But, I have to get them out of the house tonight or I’ll keep eating them. I had some fresh lemons I needed to use up, so I made the lemon bars… buttery, tart goodness!! So much better than any others I’d tried. AND, I surprised my husband with fried apple pies. He’s not a big fan of regular pie-pan pie, but, loves fried. I made them like little bites (about the size of a fried won-ton) and cooked them in our deep fryer. SOOOO good. I did mess up when cooking the apples, but, they turned out alright. (I added the lemon juice and cinnamon at the beginning of cooking… mmmm.. lovely sweet/tart flavor. So, I guess that’s ok, too.) These are both going to the church pot-luck tonight because we do NOT need that much, but, they really were wonderful, Thank you!!!

  3. Contessa says

    I really look forward to your kitchen chats. I love the way you talk :) I am in Arizona so we don’t have the southernness to us…but I just wanted to say it is very nice to listen to you talk about what is going on with your day and what items are cooking. Thanks for all your time put into this!

  4. Debbie Strum says

    Hi Christy! Thanks for the afternoon chat, lady! So glad you allowed yourself a break from your work and got “dolled” up to have lunch with Ricky! LOVE your new outfit., BTW…if Mama Janice thinks your shoe size would get a person drunk, what would my size 11’s do to a person!! ~snickers~ I agree with Felica…we DO love your ‘ramblings’ and they make us feel like you are really, REALLY visiting with us! I’m not sure it’s a good idea to put me on a cake pedestal…if I break it someday, let me know and I’ll buy you a new one!! Got my supper ‘laid out’ but I’d better get to cookin’ it NOW, or Bro will be late to a meeting he’s going to tonight! So glad you stopped by for a visit…come again any time!!

  5. says

    I bout busted a gut when ya shared what your mama said….rolls off my computer chair on that one! Christy you’re just soo buzzylicious! Love your new outfit too..very purdy 8) You need to do these video yakkins more often I tell you what! ((((((Lots of Bama lovin girly)))))))

  6. Su says

    And you know what I ALWAYS think of when I hear the word ‘crocus’? The Secret Garden! I read that book when I was 7 and I’d never heard of crocuses until then. I so wanted an English country garden after that.

  7. Susan says

    You look so pretty!!! Love the necklace…and now don’t you go and fuss about what the lunch costs…the time you got to spend with Ricky was priceless. Everyone deserves to get dressed up and go out now and again. We are enjoying the beautiful weather in Mississippi too! My bulbs are sprouting and blooming everywhere. Thanks so much for your chat….you talk the same way I do…(as my husband often will point out when I ramble…now what was your point? ~grin~) I can’t remember…. We love you!


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