Southern Plate Digest 2-25-2011


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Our Southern Plate family is very active on the facebook page and I love getting to hear what you are up to (I also love hearing about it on so please leave a comment if you have time!).

Earlier this week I asked what Southern Plate recipes you’ve been cooking up and received over 80 comments. The comments are so interesting to read, I just decided that instead of just picking out a few of them, I’d put them all in here for you to read too! I only got the first 80 or so but this gives you a great idea of what everyone has been cooking and a bigger glimpse into what a wonderful family we have here!

Please note: I had a very short time to put all of the links in for the recipes. If you click on a recipe and it takes you to another one, please use the search box in the top right hand corner of to find the correct recipe. All recipes written in red are exclusive to the coobook and won’t be found on

Thank you all so much for your kindness and for letting me be a little part of your wonderful lives!



Tonya MacKinlay I made your Mud Hens. My family loves them and could not stop asking and laughing about the unusual name….especially since I am scared of free-roam chickens!

Courtney Hahn Crawford Corn Casserole, Jordan Rolls, Chicken Stew and Taco Pizza. Those are our favorites and most requested at our house

Claire I’ve made the Banana Split Cake several times, most recently for my son’s church choir practice/dinners and the kids lick the pan clean!!!! It’s such a lovely and delicious and EASY cake to put together … and doesn’t get my kitchen hot with baking anything! (I think Courtney is referring to Miss Mary Anne’s Twinkie Cake.) But next time I’m making the Butterfinger Cake … can’t wait to see them bounce off the walls with that one!

Ashley Grant My mom made the fresh strawberry cake and cream cheese icing for my birthday last week. It was delicious!

Michelle Thompson I have made the Apple Butter, Broccoli Salad, Jordan Rolls, Hamburger Stew,BBQ joint Stew and the Brownies with PB icing…..My kids are glad that all your recipes are good because it’s pretty much all we’ve fixed since I got the cookbook a week or so ago!

Rewa Stack The Old Timey Butter Roll Dessert is a new favorite in our house…we use it as a dessert AND a breakfast meal…it is AWESOME and the sauce is DIVINE!!

Debbie Walters My daughter ordered your cookbook for me and has basically kept it at HER house the whole time!! She made the Watergate Salad and I had to explain where that name came from since it was before her time. She loved the salad though.

Courtney Crawford Corn Casserole, Jordan Rolls, Chicken Stew and Taco Pizza. Those are our favorites and most requested at our house

Lesley McCain We made Hoe Cake and it was delicious.

Nicky  Brett I made lemon blossoms to take to our family gathering at Myrtle Beach on Saturday. They were a big hit. My husband likes them because he says they help him “wash down the milk.”

April Sendelbach Today we are cooking our family’s favorite, cheesy chicken & rice in the slow cooker. My kids request this dish at least weekly, we absolutely love it! For dessert is Christy’s Mama’s Strawberry Cobbler with a spoon full or more of vanilla ice cream. Yummo!

Nicole Berg I am always making Chicken and Dumplings and your pancakes. I think my little girl could live off of those two!

Paula Crain Crunchy Beef Casserole, Cheesy Chicken and Rice, Chicken Divan and Butterfinger Cake. We are going to a friend’s house this weekend so I am responsible for the desert…..gotta try Mama’s Strawberry Cobbler. Can you tell that I am from the South and love casseroles?

Tina Thompson Homemade Banana Pudding…my family’s all time favorite. Made Pot Roast yesterday and so enjoyed it with banana pudding to top it off of course!!!

Paula Crain We have Chicken Divan and Crunchy Beef Casserole weekly. I cook the Crunchy Beef for my mother-n-law often…she loves it too!

Jennifer Manglona I have been on a Southern Plate cooking bing. In the last week I have made Strawberry Soup, Meatloaf (my husband fav), squash casserole, green bean casserole and chicken planks and brownies with peanut butter icing. You have made dinner at my house so much easier and more enjoyable. THANK YOU!

Quilly Mammoth Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole. I’ve made it _four_ times in the last month. Once for a church brunch where I think it was the only casserole that didn’t have Lutheran Binder (Cream of Mushroom) in it….wait…uhmmmm Cream of Mushroom. I have to try it that way now! With Sloppy Joes.

Andrea Waage I finally overcame my fear of cooking with yeast and made the Jordan Rolls. Fantastic & EASY!

Betty Kean Fresh Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. My daughter hates anything to do with gelatin, so I had to talk her into trying this cake. She loves it!

Heather  Lewis The chocolate velvet cake was a HUGE hit at our school cake walk in February. When I saw the winner, she asked me “What bakery is it from?” I was pleased to let her know it was homemade goodness!!

Bill Gentry I don’t think there is enough room on Facebook to list them..

Lindsay Mizer The chicken planks are almost on weekly rotation here at the house. The wonder twns love them! Your tomato-less beef stew is almost identical to the one I grew up with, so I love that too!

Susan Stauffer Chicken planks!! My whole family loves them. In fact, my 16 year old son learned how to make them so he could have them more often!! Lol….

Cathie Brock I make your chili, taco soup, buffalo chicken dip regularly. I made the strawberry soup, oreo balls, holly jollies and good and easy cake. I’m gonna do the congealed salad this week. You are like a member of our family now. I say “it’s Christy’s recipe” and everyone knows where it came from 😉

Sharon Hughes I have a 9 year old grandson that can be so picky about food you almost want to laugh…..he came to spend the night with Nanny when I was trying out your pizza rolls for the first time….. we are talking about a boy that firmly hates sandwiches…..he ended up eating THREE!!! He has asked me to give the recipe to his mom… made me “the best pizza roll maker ever!!”….so how can I thank you?

Deborah Seeley I am getting ready to make Butterfinger Cake!

Phyllis Bacon Your recipes that I’ve made in the last two weeks: 1. crockpot pot roast with potatoes & carrots, 2. country casserole with ham, 3. beans with ham bone, 4. scalloped potatoes with ham, 5. crockpot chicken & dressing, 6. jordan rolls, 7. fiesta chicken & rice, 8. shipwreck casserole, 9. ground beef stew, 10. taco soup

Julie McNally Chicken Tortilla soup~comfort food goodness that warms the soul

Milk Dunkin Cookies~milk dunkin goodness no doubt, can’t eat just one!

Chicken Cheesy Rice~filling, delicious and it cooks in the crock pot so less mess and more family time

Brandy Underwood We had your Super Easy Spaghetti Sauce last night! Love it!

Marsha  Myrick Cheesy Chicken & Rice. It’s easy and we love it.

Whitney  Pendell I am a newlywed of two months, and my sweet husband is a meat and potato man. It tickled me to death that he loved your ten minute rolls! He calls them “bolls” because they really are sorta biscuits, sorta rolls! Thanks, Christy!

Emily  Harbin Slow cooker fiesta chicken. Super easy and full of flavor!

Teresa Davis I do the diet soup a lot. I love the soup! It fills me up and not that fattening.

Lynn Kendrick Jordan rolls, mac n cheese and not really grilled chicken. The chicken is my fave!

Dawn Sweeney Chicken and dumplings just last might, pork roast, beef stroganoff, cheesy chicken, last week! Kids love the chicken and dumplings !

Bobbie Vickers Your butterfinger cake is to die for! My mother and fiancee just adore it! The chicken planks were a huge hit, too!

Kerry Moody Last week’s sale on broccoli + cauliflower = recipe in cookbook page 43;  8 servings. This is Christy’s kind of math :) yum!

Debbie White I do the Tender Roast and Veggies only I substitute whatever beef or pork that I have on hand. Sooooo good! It’s one of my husband’s favorite meals. I do my own variation using chicken breasts and chicken gravy without vegetables. It’s wonderful!! You can serve it with mashed potatoes or over noodles or rice.

Risa Golding I made the Sour Cream Hash Brown Casserole a week or so ago. Liked it a lot. Not a hit with my son though. I also made Lucille’s Potato Salad. Delish.

Carolyn Paul Ten minute rolls last night and chicken and dumplings tonight!

Jackie  Burrell All I can say is, “Thank You!!!”. My family is loving every mealtime now. In the last month I have made Taco Soup (at least 4 times), slow cooker chicken and dressing, cinnamon rolls (OMG they are good), oven omelet (a family favorite!)

Susan Cox Sweet/sour french green beans – delicious

Malinda O’hern I make the 10 minute rolls nightly lol LOVE THEM!!! My boys and i love the fiesta chicken and your fams chicken stew. I have Mom’s strawberry cobbler in the oven. And pork chops in the crock pot.

Tina Hull Peanut Butter Balls, Sweet Tea, Roast in the crockpot, Chicken Casserole (the one for funerals)….

Tina Hull Also the Corn casserole too.

Susan  Crane I make chicken planks with comeback sauce at least 3 times a month and this weekend I made 5 pounds of sweet and sour green beans for our Blue and Gold Banquet(Cub Scouts) and they were a huge hit. They were gone before the pulled pork. Also the pecan pie muffins are a huge hit on campouts.

Crystal Tilley Peanut butter balls & Love Notes for Valentines day. Also made the M&M cookies with red M&M’s.

Donna Sloan Two of the side dishes-Sweet and Sour Green beans and Vinegar Slaw– have become staples in our house. My husband says the green beans are the best he’s ever eaten, and he’s eaten a wagonload of green beans. LOL. I have to keep some vinegar slaw made for him to put on barbeque sandwiches. Thanks for letting the nation know that some of the tastiest food comes from North Alabama. I’m from Florence and a UNA grad. ROAR LIONS!

Vickie Jeter I’m making the chicken planks tonight! They are sooo good and so easy to make. The process reminds me of a fried zucchini recipe my Grandma use to make. Except she used Ritz crackers. Every thing else is the same tho! :)

Vickie Jeter Oh and I recently made the Jordan Rolls and Love Knots! Those were so awesome! I bought some more yeast so I could make them again soon! We had so many rolls left over that one morning I made cinnamon toast of them and garlic toast one evening to go with dinner!

Lisa Weddle Oh, man! I made the doughnuts. They were a HUGE hit at our house!!

McKenzie Crisp Made your Baked Rice Pudding today using Basmati Rice-very good, but took a little longer to set-I used a piece of French White that is deep. Very Yummy!

Dee Bovey I have done the Crockpot Lasagna, Sloppy Joes, the Ham sammies from your friend and have had requests for all to be repeated! LOL About to try the brownies with pb frosting. A lady I work with made them – yum! Gonna add some Reese’s minis to the brownie mix!

Laura Dykes Baked Macaroni & Cheese……I have looked for years for a good baked Macaroni & Cheese, and I finally found it, ahhhhh! Made it last night as a matter of fact.

Sharon Astles My favorite is the slow cooker beef tips over rice. Super easy but OH SO TASTY! Even my 11 year old picky eater asks for seconds!

Liz Schneider ok, reading through all of this just made me go order the cookbook on Amazon! Thank you Stacey Little for turning me on to Southern Plate!

Cyndi Rodriguez Made your King Ranch Chicken with a side of Homemade Cornbread for dinner last night… my 9 yr old asked for seconds and wants it for a snack when he gets home from school… he is my rating scale around here, so this one gets a 10!

Virginia Edmunds Pulled pork – although I serve it with gravy, and sage and onion stuffing. It’s delicious, though I must try it as barbecue sometime too. I’ve also adapted it to make pulled lamb wraps with coleslaw and fresh chilli sauce.

Virginia Edmunds I forgot to say that I’m in England and loving learning a new cuisine – particularly one so full of comfort food!

Brandi Mattingly After finding the Southern Plate site just a few weeks ago, I have fallen in love. I have made the chicken and dumplings, buttermilk biscuits, tea cakes, dishpan cookies, french breakfast puffs, sausage gravy, and the caramels.

Janet Burch Made your Cheesy Chicken & Rice to take to church Sunday night. It was deliciious. I also have made your macorni and cheese several times lately.

Barbara Davis Biscuits!! After yrs of searching for a written recipe that tastes like my Mema’s biscuits, I’ve found and I thank you!!

Kay Lamers My husbands birthday is valentines day —I surpised him with, fried pies his all time favorite dessert . YUMMY !

Patsy Sims I made the 1000 Island dressing. I made it with the pickle relish sweetened with Splenda. It’s so much better than any you can buy.

Sandi  Hawk Squash and onions!

Kristy  Hayne I have made chicken lettuce wraps 3 times in the past month. My family absolutely loves them. They are so easy to make and healthy as well. I usually double the recipe and take some for lunch the next day. I share with my co-workers who also love them. What a great easy recipe. Thanks Christy

Lori Lattner I have Fiesta Chicken in the Crock Pot right now! Smells goooooood!! :)

Angie Cornette Recently made the dishpan cookies– great success with friends and family. I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe I will reduce the cereal by 1 cup and replace with coconut. If this will ruin them, please tell me now.

Marcia Humble Diet Dr Pepper Jello salad… was nummy and hubby loved it along with a couple other friends.

Joyce Cross The easiest Coca Cola Cake to make. Your recipe is super easy and the cake is so delicious. The icing is my favorite part. With a stick of butter and 4 cups of confectioners’ sugar you know it couldn’t be anything but good.

Veronica Farrar I’ve been making the chicken and dumplings about once every two weeks since I got the cookbook, back in November!! Absolutely delicious and easy peasy!

Beth Cruz I have used the Jordan roll recipe multiple times. My daughter’s boyfriend loves them and always asks to take the leftovers home..he eats them for breakfast with jelly. I have also recently made the Chicken tortilla soup it was really good, and the chicken and wild rice was also good. Thanks for the recipes!!

Darby DeFonzo Fiesta Chicken (YUM!), Slow-cooker pork roast (love it with mashed taters), Hoe Cake (the kids make me fix that all the time!), chicken & dumplins (best ever!), slow-cooker pulled pork, 10 min. rolls…..the list just goes on and on! Love all your recipes and plan on tryin every single one of them. :)

Melissa McGuire My mom isn’t a huge fan of sweets but I made your chocolate velvet cake for her and she is officially hooked! She appreciates it when I leave the extra frosting with her…she takes a bite of it with every bite of cake!

Marcia Clontz For supper we had top to bottom ham n cheese with taco soup.

Marilyn Haynes My fiancé And I (along with the help of his little sister) made the pineapple upside down cake tonight! It was very good!!

Jessica Montanari My family loves the taco soup even my picky eater ate it and she hates soup, It been getting warmer here in fla, but i guess i will have to crank down the ac so it will be cool enough to make it again this week:)

Margaret Kelley Hoe cake. There are very few things my family of four will agree on for dinner. Hoe cake is loved by all!!!!!!

Vickie Brooks I have made too many of your recipes to choose my favorite! Made chicken and dumplings the most, Lela’s fried pies are my husband’s favorite,Berry cobbler,Hobo Pockets,Grilled chicken tenderloins,chicken stew,slow cooker cheesey chicken and rice and the list goes on and on!! I honestly don’t know what we ate before Southern Plate!!

Amanda Hazelip I have made the double chocolate muffins and the chocolate velvet cake. Absolutely love it! My mom and I are making another cvc tomorrow so she can taste it.

Cilla Hagewood I made your Chicken planks last night for Dinner,your Sweet and Sour green beans,and your chocolate cobbler :)


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  1. Renee says

    My 12 year old son has renamed your Plank Chicken to Come back Chicken. He made your Come Back Sauce while I made the chicken. We had a few left over and he hid them in the frige along with the sauce. The next afternoon he wanted his Come Back Chicken for his after school snack. Thanks for all the great recipes and stories.

  2. Tamara says

    Hi, I am a grad of UNA HES Dept. I received a Southern Plate cookbook for Christmas and enjoyed reading it all the way through. My favorite recipe is chicken stew. I have prepared it several times as well as my parents and a couple of friends. Other recipes I have tried are Jordan rolls, Preston rolls,creamy macaroni and cheese, and the pork roast in the slow cooker. Keep those recipes coming. You are doing a great job. Go LIONS!!!!!

  3. Alicia says

    Christy, I made Mud Hens last night. OMG they were so good. I cut them warm right from the oven and ate one with a glass of milk. I had to make myself stop eating them after the second one. So I ate half one for breakfast this morning. I will make these again and again. Thank you. Going to try your Crunchy Beef Casserole tonight.

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