Collection Of Dinnertime Bread Recipes


A classic Southern meal in the old days always included bread. Bread was a great meal stretcher and even the poorest of sharecroppers usually had the ingredients to make it thanks to the staples of 25 pound sack of flour provided by the land owners (look for a quote from my Great Grandmother Lela about this at the bottom of this post). Although I don't have bread with every supper nowadays, more ... Continue Reading

Bananas in Red Stuff


Now, I realize there is an awful lot of high falootin'ness going around in the foodie world today and I try to keep as much distance between myself and anything high falootin' as possible, because that's just how I like to live. Occasionally though, we all have high falootin' days. Sometimes I like to have a bit of lettuce to pretty up my sandwich and every now and then I find my pinky sticking ... Continue Reading

How to get my Canister Set (Southern Plate Online Store!)

final headline canister

UPDATE: Unfortunately, there is no longer a Southern Plate Store. I just didn't have the time and help to run it, I'm afraid - and I hate selling things. I prefer to give things away :) So if I ever become independently wealthy, I'll send all of y'all canister decal sets :) Gratefully, Christy One of the questions I get asked the most from is "Where did you get your canisters? ... Continue Reading

The Perfect Steak


Once upon a time there was a gal who didn't know how to grill. It wasn't that she wasn't a good cook or skilled in the kitchen. It wasn't even that she didn't love food cooked on the grill. It was just that, well, growing up, her Dad had always done all of the grilling. Then Chef Bobby of the Big Green Egg came riding in on his Chevy Pickup and made plans to change all of that. Not only was he ... Continue Reading

Whatโ€™s the name of your Autobiography?


We played some fun road games with the Southern Plate Family on Facebook while I was on my little road trip to film at Miss Paula's house. One that I particular enjoyed was "Name your Autobiography" and so I thought I'd bring it over here to and let you see the folks responses to inspire you to add your own. We had some great ones! And I had a little bit of fun with ... Continue Reading

Vidalia Honey Vinaigrette (and other words I hate to spell)


You know, my mother is one of the best cooks around and certainly the best I have ever known. It's no wonder, she was trained at the finest culinary school of all time, the elbow of her grandmothers. So when I can give her one of my recipes and have her, Daddy, and both of my grandmothers singing its praises (not to mention making it three times in one week) I feel like I've really accomplished ... Continue Reading

Mom’s Chicken Fettucini -from Aimee Gibbs

02-27-2008 084223AM

I'm so very honored to have a chance to know each one of you. We're a rag tag family made up of good hearted, hard working, life triumphing, loving people and when we come together on Southern Plate the atmosphere is truly amazing to experience. Today's recipe and story are yet another perfect example of that. I'll send out another call for submissions in a month or so to email subscribers but ... Continue Reading

Fun Meals & More With Frozen Bread Dough

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If you haven't been following me on the Southern Plate Family Facebook page you may be wondering why you haven't heard from me in a few days. I have a good excuse, honest. I just got home from a little road trip to Savannah, Georgia, where I spent a day filming with Miss Paula Deen. I'll be in an upcoming episode of her "Paula's Best Dishes" show on the food network. We had a wonderful time ... Continue Reading

Katy and the Tale Of Candied Apples


You know, my life has changed a great deal over the past couple of years but in many ways, it hasn't changed one little bit. The best part is that no matter what goes on outside of these four walls, inside them I'm just Mama to my kids. While Brady (who is eleven) understands a great deal of what has gone on with Southern Plate, Katy Rose is another story. I remember when the Southern Living ... Continue Reading

Red Beans and Rice (Contentment and Cranking yer tractor)


Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, I'm about to show you how to make a humdinger of a good old country meal, but if you'll bear with me a moment, my little soap box was getting dusty so I need to pull it out of the closet for a few minutes and put it to good use. ~takes out soap box, dusts it off with her hand, steps up on it and clears her throat~ I consider myself to be a very contented ... Continue Reading