Fun Meals & More With Frozen Bread Dough


Fun meals and more with frozen bread dough!

If you haven’t been following me on the Southern Plate Family Facebook page you may be wondering why you haven’t heard from me in a few days. I have a good excuse, honest. I just got home from a little road trip to Savannah, Georgia, where I spent a day filming with Miss Paula Deen. I’ll be in an upcoming episode of her “Paula’s Best Dishes” show on the food network. We had a wonderful time together and I have to tell you, that is one hard working lady and as good hearted as the day is long. She actually left her house before we did to fly to New York and host the Today Show the next day!

I can’t post pictures until I have permission from the Food Network but I’ll be telling you more about my time filming and cooking with Miss Paula in an upcoming post.

Yesterday Susan Hatcher asked on Facebook: Help me out on bread dough. I bought some frozen from Kroger for the first time and don’t have a clue what to do with it.

Well boy howdee Susan, do I ever have a post for you! I have a lot of fun with frozen bread dough and post some of my favorite recipes using it on Southern Plate from time to time. I have tons more I’ll post over the next few years but today I wanted to bring you (and Susan) a compilation post of all of the great Frozen Bread Dough posts on Southern Plate so far.

This convenient wonder can help you turn out beautiful kitchen creations for dinner, dessert, and beyond in no time flat! Enjoy!

Stuffed Pizza Sticks

These are delicious as a snack or even a fun meal for your family! Customize them to your own family’s tastes.

Homemade Cinnabuns – The Easy Way!

You could pretty much control the world if you kept these babies coming, warm from the oven and slathered in cinnamon cream cheese icing.

Baked Sandwiches

Another easily customizable recipe with a gorgeous outcome!

Cinnamon Love Knots

Half dinner roll, half sweet cinnamon treat, these are one of my fun favorites to make with the kids.

Super Easy King Cake

Not in a Mardis Gras mood? Just ditch the sprinkles and you have a DELICIOUS cream cheese filled coffee cake ring.

I have many more recipes using frozen bread dough but these will get you off to a great start. Subscribe by email to never miss a single recipe and be sure and join us over on Facebook to keep up with day to day happenings. As soon as I have permission to post photos from my visit with Paula I’ll let ya know!

Stay tuned for the Air Date. You’ll know as soon as I do!



“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. says

    Christy, I am going to have to ask you this: WHERE IN THE WORLD CAN I FIND THE RHODES DOUGH? I have looked ALL OVER North Alabama for it! Publix/Kroger/Wal-Mart/Target .. and none of them have it. I was going to make my own King Cake this year, and instead, I had to just gorge myself on storemade.

    (Which is never a bad thing. King Cake is like pizza. NO SUCH THING AS BAD KING CAKE.)


    • says

      I have bought it at Publix, Wal Mart, and Krogers. The thing is, it is always *hard hard hard* to find. You have to really look because they never have it in a good place. Go to where the frozen biscuits are and then start a little treasure hunt, bend down, crane your neck, and squint your eyes until you see an orange package. Seriously, it is always difficult to find but it is there. Krogers often has an generic brand (I think Kroger brand) and this works just as well.

      I generally get mine at WalMart but they tend to hide it even worse than the others. Once you find it one time, you’ll have much better luck from there on out!

    • Dawn says

      Sarah, I bought my bread at Kroger. I’m not sure its named the same and it was in a very strange place.. the frozen entree section not the frozen bread section. It was on the bottom shelf. If all else fails.. ask someone that works there :)

    • LizzyD says

      Sarah, I buy mine at Ingles and Walmart. Like Christy said…you have to look high and low and crane your next to find it but it’s there in the freezer aisle where the biscuits are. I don’t know what part of N. Alabama you live in but there is an Ingles in Centre AL (23 miles NE of Gadsden.

      Ingles store 601
      1550 West Main St.
      Centre AL 35960

    • says

      Sure do, Sandra!

      I hope you are having a wonderful and sunshiney day today!

      Since this is the second time you’ve mentioned something like this I thought I’d take a moment to explain more of my philosophy to ya.
      Mental health is my first consideration when it comes to others. Kindness to others my second, and I entrust everyone to look after their own dietary needs and considerations whether it be following my recipes or their own. It is important for me not to judge or condemn others as to their personal choices and I understand that budget plays a big role in dietary considerations.

      I also know that each and every person who reads this blog is a smart cookie and knows that I’m not telling folks to sit down and eat an entire cake. Moderation in all things is the key. Personally, I avoid any newfangled erratic statements like “One drop of corn syrup could devastate civilization!” :)

      Southern Plate is about family, memories, and the food we grew up with and serve our families today. I’m glad you are a part of that family and hope you enjoy being a part as much as we enjoy having you a part of it. There are numerous blogs on the internet devoted to all sorts of eating lifestyles and this one is and will always be devoted to our family atmosphere and the other things I mentioned at the start of this paragraph. From time to time I’ll have artificial sweeteners, food coloring, and margarine in recipes but that is just my life and how I cook in my kitchen so that is how I am going to cook on my personal blog (the one you are reading right now). I’ll also add liberal sprinklings of humor and gratitude towards life and the wonderful family we have here on Southern Plate so stay tuned! We might dye it green from time to time or add a little Splenda, but the outcome will be just as sweet for you if you leave out the coloring, use real butter, and opt for sugar instead.

      Love and gratitude to you,

      • says

        Love your response to Sandra .. most of us actually do have a brain and know what to and not to make and even substitute one thing for another to make something ‘health-ier’ when preparing your featured recipes.

        You go, Girl .. keep on keepin’ on and way to go in cooking with the absolutely fabulous Paula Deen .. she’s a little spitfire and I LOVE her .. and you as well .. <3

      • Amy G. says


        I wish you were my neighbor! Seriously, except I can’t leave my family for Alabama. I enjoy everything you write. Your attitude brightens my day and I am glad you are back. Not only do I just love to read your blog, but as a busy mom I appreciate being able to find practical recipes using ingredients I have on hand (mostly purchased with coupons) that my family LOVE to eat. thank you for inviting us into your kitchen… a great place for friends to gather.

        ~ “Temporance and labor are the two best physicians of man; labo sharpens the appetite, and temporance prevents from indulgng to excess.” ~ Jean-Jaques Rousseau

      • says

        I feel the same way! Everyone has to make and eat the food that best fits their family. Your style of cooking is what my family enjoys. We practice moderation as well. That’s the key to everything in life, right? I certainly do not expect you to be my dietitian or doctor.
        Well written statement Christy. Thank you!

      • Janice Gowens says

        Christy, you are very kind when people when people such as Sandra write you e-mails. I subscribe to several “recipe” web-sites and I have a problem with carbs (Type 2 diabetic). When I see recipes with high carbs, I just delete them and I certainly don’t blame the posters of the recipes. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I admire your “restraint” very much.

      • Renee says

        Perfect response in a non negative way Christy! You are good. Just found this website today and I can tell you I love it already. Im from wisconsin but moved to the Mobile AL area over three years ago and love finding websites like this. Thanks so much.. Renee M.

      • Mawmy says

        I agree with you wholeheartedly! I have never been able to understand why someone who comes to the site (any site) and leaves a negative remark! If you don’t like it, X-out of the site and move on!

      • Sojillian says

        What a breath of fresh air to see someone responding sweetly to someone who is being sarcastic and negative.
        We could use a lot more Christys in the world!
        As the great Julia Child said, “Small helpings. Sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health.”
        In other words, Moderation is the key to life!
        Thanks for the great web site:)

    • Suzanne says

      Sandra: Get a grip! Life is way too short to not enjoy goodies now and then. I agree with Christie, no one suggests that you eat an entire King Cake on your own for heaven’s sakes! Southern cooking can sometimes be calorie laden, but you as the cook have the discretion to make changes that you feel are better for you and your families health. I think each of us can decide what those exceptions might be. Eat something scrumptious, drink a lot of water and take a long walk outside! Enjoy life!

    • Beth says

      Honey chile….you must have gotten up on the wrong side of the buttered biscuit. This is the South where food is a way of life. A true Southern lady sets a fine table and serves the best of food. So….if it ain’t real butter, sugar, flour, bacon grease, whole milk, etc,, it ain’t real Southern and I guarantee you it won’t taste right or as good. I was raised on ‘real’ food and I am in excellent health until I get fired up over folks who forget their manners. So,,,,,,if you have a problem with the recipes here, please…there are other sites where tofu, artificial sweeteners, low fat cheese, granola, or whatever else floats your boat can be found. Happy sailing.

    • alicia says

      If you do not like her food Sandra, I am sure you could stop coming to her site! I think Southernplat does a great job of providing great food. I do not think anyone would mind if you did not post again………..unless you posted an apology

    • Sheila says

      Health? That isn’t my first thought when I think of southern cooking, lol. My first thought is flavor.

      I just assume if I am eating something high in fat, calories, etc. that I should balance it with less of something else. Sometimes food is just for pleasure, not necessarily for good health.

    • Pennie D. says

      Get a grip Sandra!! Obviously you aint from the south!! I am a proud Ga. Peach and was raised on these recipes. My parents slaughtered hogs, cows, chickens and rabbits. My dad was also known to bring a big ‘ol turtle’ home from a fishing trip from time to time. My mom ate dandelion salad and bacon grease. She fixed “cat heads” and a “pone” of cornbread for every supper meal. I am very proud of my family traditions, my ancestors, my family and all the recipes we have passed down from generation to generation!! Please don’t put a damper on this blog- the people here love Christy’s site. I would suggest that you find another site that suits more to your taste!!

  2. Tamela in Central FL says

    Oh my goodness gracious Christy, I have been telling my cousin for the last couple of years that you & Paula Deen ought to cook together on her show because ya’ll would be like 2 peas in a pod!!! Congratulations!!! Definitley let us know when it will be airing.

  3. Annarose says

    Christy, as ever, you are so wonderfully gracious to all, especially naysayers :) That’s something I really admire. I’m also so happy for you that you got to be on Paula Deen’s show! I’ve never actually seen her show (for some reason my love of cooking does not translate to a love of cooking shows), but I’ve thumbed through one of her cook books and seen a couple clips of her on shows and she just seems so nice. I picked up a brand new recipe box at the thrift store that happens to be from her company, I love it because it’s so cute. I also have a couple of lovely Paula Deen bread pans. I know you’re a big Paula Deen fan so I’m sure it was really exciting for you to go on the show. As for the recipe links you posted today, I can vouch for the King Cake big time. I made it recently and we loved it!

  4. says

    Oh wow – what great ideas! Christy – your website is the first place I come to when I just need a really great idea for dinner or dessert. I’m so happy you got to film with Paula Deen. You both are first class gals all the way!!

    • says

      You are so lucky to have worked with the GREAT Paula Deen! She is one of my favorites, other than you of course. I hope someday you will have your own cooking show telling all your wonderful stories and about how you love your children and family so much. That is what it is all about, good family, good food, good friends. Keep on keeping on no matter what negatives are thrown your way.

  5. whackywheelers says

    Well shut my mouth! You and Paula Deen!! I would have been shaking in my boots . . . if I wore boots. I do have a question . . . when I have a question about the recipe and I’m comment number 1 through maybe 10 . . . I get an answer. I know you’re not Super Woman, but most of the time I’m comment number 300 and I have a legitimate question. Where can I get an answer when the other don’t answer it for me? For instance . . . how long does it take frozen bread dough to thaw when you put it out on the counter? Sometimes I don’t make something because I have a question that may make perfect sense to someone else . . . but I’m slowing in the cooking world. Thanks for all you do and your great recipes!

  6. Angela says

    Oh Christy, what a gracious, gracious lady you are. Just want to tell you that I went to the restaurant that I want us to go to (in Athens) today. I’m still holding on to us going for lunch. Just let me know when. It was fried green tomatoe day today. Yummy stuff! Just wait to that show with Paula airs and you just want be able to keep up with all the new people joining us at S.P. But……you will always be so loyal to all of your fans and offer a hug no matter how “Big” you get. We do love our Christy!

  7. Debbie C, Hahira GA says

    Well, I can’t really add to what’s already been said. You’re the real deal Christy! You deserve all the blessings that are coming to you. I LOVE that you and Paula Deen have gotten together!!! Can’t wait to see the show! I would sooo enjoy if you got your own show, too. I haven’t enjoyed stories so much since Justin Wilson was on the air. Congratulations and can’t wait to hear more!

  8. Aunt Charley says

    Christy, I sent my husband to the grocery for the frozen bread dough and he had a hard, hard, hard time finding it, but, like you, he didn’t give up. I made 4 King Cakes and got lots of compliments on them. They were delicious and so easy to make. Without the gaudy sprinkles, which is all part of Mardi Gras, they will make wonderful Anyday Cakes all year round. I don’t plan to wait till Mardi Gras to make them again!

  9. andrea says

    Can’t wait to watch you with Paula! She’d better look out though, lol!
    Love you bunches, love your recipes, love your attitude. You’re the real deal and deserve every good thing that should come your way!

  10. Kelly says

    My, my, my goodness. Christy I agree you are a most gracious woman. Why does Sandra feel the need to ask you a question about health? I’m guessing she thinks your recipes will kill us all? Hee hee… what a hoot! My grandmother cooked just as you do and she lived to be 99 years of age. She never owned a car and walked most places she went in the small town. I think we are all old enough to judge for ourselves which recipes to make and which ones to reject or substitute ingredients as we feel a need to insert. If Sandra wants recipes she considers more healthy then she should choose a different website/blog to review where she won’t feel challanged. You keep doing what you do and keep smiling because those of us that love your recipes love you also. Looking forward to the broadcast of you and Miss Paula D.

  11. Beth says

    I enjoyed your sweet reply to Sandra. I surely do wish that folks who visit your website would understand that you are graciously sharing your wonderful recipes with us. While I can appreciate if a person is concerned about their own health and might want to forfeit amazing treasures such as butter, sugar, lard, real flour, full fat cheese, or whatever else a good ole Southern recipe might call for, the majority of us like things that taste like manna from heaven and not cardboard from a packaging plant. Life is short and good food is a pleasure, and, with the grace of God, I intend to enjoy both to the fullest. So, please, (bless your hearts) the Sandras of the world who make themselves the food police for the rest of us…..modify a recipe to fit your needs or just simply remain quiet while visiting this awesome site. (If you can’t say something nice, just hush your mouth…least ways that’s the way I was taught). And, Christy, sweet girl, don’t you dare change a thing. Your recipe book is delightful and your website is a blessing. I think I hear that King Cake calling me….gotta go.

  12. Summer says

    Hi Christy! I’ve never posted before but have followed your website for a bit over a year. I love your stories and your real, honest recipes. They are tried and true and nourish the soul just as much as the body.

    Anyway, I just felt compelled to post because of Sandra’s snarky post. Obviously she doesn’t follow your site much because you often post healthier dishes or ways to lighten a recipe. Life is all about moderation and staying active. People ate this food for hundreds of years without obesity. Obesity is due to fast food, processed foods, and video games. Eating a piece of cake won’t kill you. I could be hit by a truck tomorrow and I’m not wasting my life by nibbling carrot sticks!

    I love your blog, your book, and your personality. You’re a true class act!

  13. Sue says

    Puhleese ladies…Sandra only asked if Christy considered her health!!! She made no ugly remarks unlike some of you, who suggested she not visit the site. Christy handled the query with typical southern tact and grace…leave it alone.

  14. Beth says

    If what I said was considered “ugly” then I do humbly apologize, but I stand behind what I was trying to convey. Besides that..this is not a blog to take shots at each other nor is it a site to chastise grown folks. It is all about good food and sharing some wonderful lessons dealing with life. I enjoy the recipes and I love to hear family stories. I DO NOT come here to get into cat fights…waaaay tooo old for that. And….just for the record….Sandra was not asking about Christy’s health…she was referring to the ingredients in Christy’s recipes which in my opinion are wonderful!!!! As Forrest would say…and that’s all I got to say about that.

    • says

      ~passes around big old glasses of sweet tea with cool water droplets slowly sliding down the sides and follows those with a basket of hot biscuits, bowl of honey, and freshly churned butter~

      Now I reckon we’re all good all around!

      ~grins happily~

      Love you all :)

        • Beth says

          Make that chocolate gravy with them good ole biscuits, and you’re on!!!! A big tall glass of cold sweet milk would not be turned down either!! Lord have mercy…my lips are smacking!!! God bless you, Christy. So proud of you.

          • Christy Jordan says

            Y’all are all sweet. A little backstory, Sandra is a regular and has been since she discovered me almost four years ago. She regularly emails me to attack and insult myself, my husband, and even my kids. She’s wished all manner of diseases upon me and my family and her emails are the most vicious I’ve ever read, much less received. They are so regular that once, when I hadn’t heard from her in a few months, I actually got to worrying about her and emailed to check and see that she was okay! Fortunately, she was.
            No telling what she’s been through in her life but I know she could surely use some kindness and prayers so that is what I try to offer her.

            • Sojillian says

              Usually people that act like that ARE going through something – although it’s still no excuse to be sending you insulting emails. Maybe you might want to consider blocking her emails?
              Hopefully your kindness back to her will soften her heart and stand out to her as an example of what it’s like to go through life with love in your heart instead of hate and contempt.
              For Sandra: “The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.”
              ~Hubert H. Humphrey
              For Christy: “The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.”
              ~Marianne Williamson
              (And you are certainly making your contribution:)

  15. Shelley says

    What a great response to that comment Christy!!!

    I love your recipes….As a southern girl we seem to cook a lot alike! It’s all about flavor and love here in the South!

    Can’t wait to try these frozen bread dough recipes. They are a staple in my freezer.

  16. Sarah says

    If you are having trouble rolling out the dough, use cooking spray or oil instead of flour on your work surface. Also the dough should be room temp, not cold at all. If it’s cold it’ll fight ya more. I roll it out as far as it’ll go, then cover with some plastic wrap. I come back and finish rolling it out 10-15 minutes later. Sure beats fighting with it!

  17. Michelle says

    I am so excited! I am stationed in Turkey and we can never find anything we need here at our local commissary, but today I actually found the Rhodes frozen bread dough! I bought as much as I though would fit in my tiny little freezer with the rest of my food and can’t wait to try out some of the recipes!

  18. Fran n VA says

    One of my favorite ways to use “frozen” dough is to make cheese bread or cheese rolls…. To make cheese bread, let one roll of dough thaw, then copy is up it pieces and put in a bowl. Then you add your cheese. I normally use sharp cheddar (approx 8 oz) or more/less if you like and add in 1 ‘beaten’ egg. Mix all of this together and put it in your loaf pan (that has been greased or I spray mine with Pam) and let rise. Bake per instructions on bag. Be sure to put a tray under the loan pan as the cheese tends to drop when cooking. My kids like adding peppers to theirs. You can make it into cheese biscuits too by putting in a muffin tin. Also good way to make “money/cinnamon bread’. The cheese bread is so yummy. Great to toast (under broiler) for breakfast. Enjoy

    • Dawn says

      This sounds oh so yummy!! Thank you for sharing Fran!!!!
      I’m thinking pizza bread.. put in the cheese and bits of cut up pepporoni or sausage (or both) and mix like you did and use pizza sauce for dipping..

      Wish I wasn’t at work or I do belive I’d be trying this right now.. or maybe its a good thing I’m at work 😉

  19. Andrea S says

    Christy, we just made pizza strips for the second time, and they’re wonderful. We have them as an occasional treat and don’t eat this way all the time.

    I thought your response to Sandra was just perfect. I wish more people interacted with others in such a polite, respectful, yet self-assured way. Sanra might have earned more respect from your readers had she even phrased her question differently, and included a salutation.

    And thank you, Sarah, for the dough-rolling suggestions — made this version much easier!

    Hope you have a great day and an even better Mother’s Day! Andrea

  20. Carol Faver says

    When asked questions pertaining to the healthy aspects of Southern cooking, I always LOL at what Paula Deen says, “I’m your cook Baby, not your doctor”….it seems to fit this situation perfectly. Congratulations on being on Paula’s show. Maybe some of her “magic” will rub off…we could all use a dose of that!!! Love your recipes and memories. Keep at it.

  21. regina barrett says

    i just wanna say i love your page and everything ! i enjoy your recipes . i myself am a diabetic and as with any recipe i make it my own (so to speak) by leaving something out or trying something diffirent. alot of the recipes is stuff i grew up on as well. keep up the good work . and oh by the way not all diet food and stuff like splenda and so on are good for you .i myself see it like this the way my great grandmothers and so on had to cook and the food they ate seem to be more healthier then what we eat today . the meat we buy today has stuff added to it. and so on . all im saying is if you are all about healthy eating try changing it up a bit . cause well being from the south its all about some fried foods and so on. :) all i can say is Ms. Christy dont change ! your southeren roots made you who you are and as you get to the top just stay close to home and your roots. best wishes to you and please keep the recipes coming . thank you. :)

  22. parc rosewood says

    Generally I don’t read article on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, very great article.

  23. Bob P says

    You may want to adapt the recipe for “”Schinken im Brotteig”: Ham baked in bread”
    We have made it with frozen bread dough and a sliced cooked ham.
    The dough sucks some of the salt out of the ham.

  24. Josey says

    Christy, I’ve been a Rhodes dough lover for YEARS (pretty much since my third or fourth bread machine bit the dust). Recently I was browsing your blog and came across the post for Dutch Oven Bread which I found particularly inspirational. Your description of how lovely it would be to have the freedom to bake bread each day and deliver it to your neighbors motivated me to give my own bread making another try. Of course Rhodes Dough will always be my go-to for cinnamon rolls (at the very least). So I thought I’d share 3 recipes that have been successful since beginning this little Southern Plate incited baking spree. The following are recipes I’ve made several times with consistent results and I wanted to share because you make like them too. Reading your blog has given me so many ideas over the past few years as well as courage to try things I previously may not have :) Like taking the time to make my own bread dough!

    This basic white sandwich bread is my go to Rhodes Dough alternative: turns out great even with AP flour:

    This french bread recipe turns out well but I particularly found the part about adding steam to your oven helpful.

    This Depression Era recipe come from Cooking with Clara on YouTube (though I’m giving you a recipe rather than a video to watch). Personally, I make up this GIANT batch of dough and use it to make 7 or 8 unbaked pizzas for the freezer rather than bread itself. It’s great!


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