Profile Segment on WAFF 48 Bobby’s Bama

    Special thanks to Bobby Shuttleworth for coming out to visit with me and doing this segment!
    (May take a moment to load)


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  1. Gerry Schipper says

    Wow Christy!!! This was great to see. A TV SHOW!!! How great that would be! But you have to be sure to go cable so everyone can get it…not just local! Good luck! Gerry

  2. Joe Carpenter says

    As a native of Huntsville myself, it is so very good to see someone do so well and rise to the top. I am rooting for you and hope to see you on TV soon. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family.

  3. Marianne says

    You are looking fantastic on that TV girlfriend!!! My only hope is that when you do get that TV show, I’ll be able to watch in over here in Georgia, LOL. Best of the Best to you and yours Christy. Keep doing what ya do cause it’s one fantastic ride you are on, may it carry you far so you can continue to grow and prosper.
    And Sandi, my bags are already packed and on that train!!!!!

  4. LaFern says

    Yay, Christy! Just think, we call all say “we knew you when” after you are famous nationwide for your great recipes and cooking skills! Girl, you are not just getting there…you are flying!


  5. elaine raye says

    The video is great. You came across as gracious, but still “everyday” and that is what we all like about you and your recipes. I don’t want to cook things I don’t have the ingredients to make or the smarts to pronounce them.

  6. Linda says

    I am so proud of you!!! If you have a tv show, I hope we can see it here in TN!!!!
    I have too many cookbooks now, but yes, I’ll make room for one more when your next one comes out!

  7. Becky says

    You have 15 million readers???!!! Oh. My. My sister found you right after she got married and moved across the country to the south. Being a good little sister, she introduced me to you right off the bat. I can’t believe I’ve been here almost from the very start! Nor can I imagine my kitchen without Southern Plate and Christy. Both of those names have become part of the kitchen vocabulary of my whole family. And of course, as my sis and I plan our yearly visit to her house, Southern Plate is on the menu. : ) Thanks!

  8. Peggy in Ohio says

    That was just great! You are always so focused on your family. Maybe that will help us other stay at home moms get a bit of credability and respect for what we do.
    Love so many of your recipes.Keep up the good work and God Bless you and yours.

  9. Katie says

    Congratulations, Christy! I didn’t realize what a HUGE following you have, and it has as much to do with your wonderful personality as it does with your fabulous cooking. I hope to see you on your own TV show soon. You’d be a breath of fresh air!

  10. Jana Macfadden says

    It seems like just yesterday that I met you at a Red Hat convention in Texas. Later particiapated in your Virtual Shower and now look at you. I’ve been following you for a long time now and couldn’t be prouder of you. I wish you only the best for you and your precious family.

  11. Sammie MacFarlane says

    Congratuations Christy and to your precious Christian family…the warmth of each of you makes me coming back for more. I just was able to purchase your first cookbook and am looking forward to your new one.

  12. Michele says

    So neat to see you just exploding in popularity and for others to get to share in your joy. It is incredible to watch your dreams and talents take you to new horizons. Keep it up!!!!!

  13. NanasOven says

    Am very excited for you. Hope to see you on Food Network soon. Your recipes remind me of my mother’s cooking, just plain good country food favored with love. Nothing better.


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