Tender Babyback Ribs- in the oven!


Don't miss a single post - Subscribe by e-mail (It's FREE!) I planned on having this post up this morning but got sidetracked by so many lines of tornadoes that I eventually just gave up and took shelter with the kids. We're currently in between a few lines and have a little bit of calm before the weather kicks up again and I got to thinking about how awful it would be if I died and never got ... Continue Reading

7 Great Recipes for Leftover Ham


Don't miss a single post - Subscribe by e-mail (It's FREE!) I'd love to hear what you had for Easter dinner in the comments section below! I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday. We had a great day at my mother's on Saturday, complete with dyeing Easter Eggs, egg hunts, and a wonderful Easter meal (starring Ham, of course!). Then we came back here for our flashlight Easter Egg hunt in the ... Continue Reading

Taste of the South Photo Shoot


I've been busy this week and it's all thanks to you! Taste of the South asked what food blogger you'd most like to see in their magazine and because of your response, they contacted me to write a feature in the August/September issue. I was so thrilled to join them on a photo shoot this past Tuesday in Birmingham. We had a great time hanging out and nibbling some of my recipes that will be ... Continue Reading

No Bake Cafeteria Peanut Butter Bars


Don't miss a single post - Subscribe by e-mail (It's FREE!) I'll be at Southern Living all day today and tomorrow filming a new series of webisodes I'm hosting for them called Quick Fix Suppers. To see behind the scenes throughout the day, join us over at the Behind The Scenes With Christy thread on the Front Porch by clicking here! Note: anyone can read our forums but you must register in the ... Continue Reading

Easter Menu Ideas 2011


Be sure to join the Southern Plate family on Facebook or come sit a spell and chat with us on the Front Porch - we'd sure love to see you there! Easter is big doings in the South. I'm not sure if it is as big elsewhere because, well I've never been anywhere but the South on Easter morning. We wake up early to find what the Easter bunny has left us, head off to church, and then to my mother's ... Continue Reading

Springtime Lemon Recipes- and a Birthday Wish we won’t forget!


Jyl's Favorite Lemon Meringue Pie With Cookie Crumb Crust Some people in this world take care of others. Chances are, you're one of those people. The ones who step up to the plate when things need doing. When your Mother gets sick, when someone gets hurt and needs help around the house, when folks fall on hard times and need just a little help getting by. There is always someone who, ... Continue Reading

Tater Tot Casserole – And Going North


  Mama used to say "If Christy gets it in her head to do something, she's gonna do it or die". Of course, nobody knows me like my Mother does and I have to admit that she is right on that one. I don't mean to be that way, it causes me far too much strife on any given day. I've lost a great deal of joy over the years simply based on the fact that I get an idea in my head and then turn ... Continue Reading

Aunt Sue’s Orange Juice Cake ~ From Danielle Dykman

pa and ma

I’m so very honored to have a chance to know each one of you. We’re a rag tag family made up of good hearted, hard working, life triumphing, loving people and when we come together on Southern Plate the atmosphere is truly amazing to experience.Today’s recipe and story are yet another perfect example of that. I’ll send out another call for submissions in a few months or so to email subscribers but ... Continue Reading

Front Porch Fruit Salads


These little frozen gems come to us courtesy of Granny Jordan's recipe box. She was known for her frozen salads and her personal favorite were the frozen Cranberry Banana Salads which she always kept on hand. As good as those are, I think these are my favorite though. They just taste so summery! If you've had about all you can take of dreary skies and cold days this is the taste that will perk you ... Continue Reading

Launch of Southern Plate Front Porch Forums


Exciting news! Southern Plate has grown by leaps and bounds and with that, the need for a community has really grown. Welcome to The Southern Plate Front Porch Forum,  A place where we can all gather, chat with each other, ask questions, share recipes, and more! I hope you'll join us today. We already have over 800 posts just by our "soft launch" and with this post I expect our Front Porch ... Continue Reading